Another chapter while I have some free time!

Lea: (Groan)

NM: You seem to forget who's in control here

Lea: It's not like it's a slave and master relationship

NM: (Tugs on string and Lea begins to dance) you're right, now dance! You need to know how to later!

Lea: Meh

NM: (Pulls out gun and shoots near Lea's ankles)

Lea: (Furiously begins to dance)

Don't worry, we don't hate each other, we're both just incredibly lazy!

Let's begin!

I looked around to see that I was in the same void I was in when I tried to summon my weapon, except all the weapons and gems were gone. I looked around before remembering what happened.

"I guess I poofed…" I mumbled. The void actually had an edge this time, so I went to it. It was shaped like my gem and I could see the outside world through it like looking through glass. I saw Pearl standing there, still terrified by the bloody mess. She reluctantly picked my gem up and ran to the temple. The others stared at her.

"Where's Lea?" Amethyst asked before seeing the gem in Pearl's hand. "What'd you do to her?"

"I didn't do minute she was standing there and the next…" Pearl looked sick at the memory. I began to focus on recreating my body. I thought about projecting my form like a hologram and my gem began to float out of Pearl's hand and glow. I felt my body begin to take shape when, suddenly, it felt like it wasn't me controlling it anymore. I felt limbs, torsos, hands, and feet all sprouting from my gem and attempting to take control of my body. It was as if something was trying to escape.

But what?

My wings sprouted again, this time painlessly, and I regained control of my regeneration. The light surrounding me disappeared, leaving me there to fall on the ground. All that had changed about me (besides the wings) was that I changed my shirt from black to a teal/ cyan color and there was a black star on the back of it.

I landed on the ground and looked first at Amethyst, then at Pearl. Pearl opened her mouth, probably to ask what happened.

"Don't ask, I have no idea." Amethyst walked up to me and high-fived me.

"Good job! You regenerated for your first time and didn't screw it up!" Pearl just stared at me.

"What's wrong?"

"That's not what's supposed to happen." She said in a hushed tone.

"What?" I asked. She pulled out her spear just as Steven and Garnet both walked into the room. She lunged for me and tried to stab me. I lept out of the way and Garnet and Amethyst held her back.

"What's gotten into you, Pearl?!" Amethyst yelled.

"Pearl! Stop!" Steven cried as he grabbed the end of her spear to try and keep her from swinging it.

"Amethyst, didn't you see it?!" Pearl demanded.

"See what? All I see is you going crazy!" Amethyst replied.

"Garnet, did you see it?" She asked, starting to calm down. Garnet shook her head.

"But I do see the fact that someone else should probably be training Lea." Pearl sighed, putting her spear away. She gave me a look that said 'I still don't trust you'. Right back at ya. Steven grabbed my hand and began dragging me towards the door.

"Let's go hang out a bit!" He said. "Amethyst, you coming?" He asked.

"I don't know…"

"I'll bring some food."

"Deal!" The purple gem said with a huge grin. Steven grabbed a bag of chips and a picnic blanket and we all went outside. While Amethyst at a bag of chips (bag and all) Steven called Connie and told her to come over. She showed up after a few minutes. I waved at her.

"Hi there!" I said. I held my hand out for her to shake. "I'm Lea." She shook it.

"I'm Connie. Nice to meet you!" Steven pulled out his phone and it looked like he was typing something, then Connie pulled out her phone and smirked. Steven began playing some rock song on his phone.

"Come on Lea, dance!" He said. I sighed, getting up and starting to dance. I saw Amethyst out of the corner of my eye dancing a few feet away. Steven, you are an evil person. Connie put her foot out and tripped Amethyst.

"Whoops." She said in a totally sarcastic voice. Amethyst was falling and I reached out to catch her. We both laughed as our gems began to glow. I watched a white light consume my body and the world faded to the water-like void from earlier.

"Steven, that was genius." Amethyst said. We were both floating in the void thing. "So, any name in mind?" I just looked around in awe.

So this is what fusion is like…

"Zircon." I said.

"How come?"

"It's what my birthstone was." I said. She smiled.

"Zircon, I like it!" Everything faded again. I opened my eye and looked around. I was a bit taller now, the parts of my body that were a normal tan color were now purple, and my hair had grown exponentially. My bangs were black and the hair on the top of my head was purple. It was in a ponytail and the first few inches were black with the rest (reaching my waist) being purple. I was wearing a black tank top, black shorts, and grey leggings with stars on the knees. Steven and Connie both looked at me.

Like it?

I heard, freaking out a bit.

Calm down, it's just me...we can hear each other's thoughts when were like this, one body and one mind.

Makes sense.

"Sort of giant woman!" Steven said. I was probably somewhere between seven and eight feet tall, so I was probably taller than Garnet, but as fusions go not that tall.

"Sort of?" I asked. "Come on, I'm taller than you two." I said. patting them both on the head.

"So, what's your name?" Connie asked.

"Zircon!" I said proudly. Steven and Connie looked into each other's eyes and Connie smirked.

"About your height comment earlier…" She said and there was a flash of light, revealing Stevonnie.

"Who's taller now?" Stevonnie asked. We both immediately marched up the steps and went inside the house. Garnet was standing there, wondering what was going on.

"Which one of us is taller, Garnet? Help us!" I said. She smirked.

"Well, I don't know, let's see." Garnet lined us up, side to side. I felt Amethyst try to cheat by standing on tiptoes, but Garnet pushed my head down. "Hm, you're both the same height."

"Seriously?!" I asked.

"Yep~!" Stevonnie said, smirking. I felt myself being consumed by the void again.

"That was interesting." Amethyst said.

"Who would've thought they'd be as tall as us?" We both laughed before the void began to fade. I saw the room again, but this time I was shorter and Amethyst was in front of me. I fell over because we were in the same positions we were in before fusing and Amethyst was kind of heavy. She landed on top of me and decided to make me her seat.

"Steven! Connie! Get over here and hold her down!" Amethyst yelled. Garnet sat on me too.

"Garnet?! Seriously?!" She smirked.

"Oops." That was totally Ruby talking. I felt my wings twitching in annoyance and spreading little black feathers everywhere as if they were shedding. Steven sat on Garnet's lap and Connie sat on Amethyst, adding more weight to the pile. Pearl came out of her room right at that moment.

"Hey Pearl! Get over here and help!" Amethyst said. I scoffed.

"She wouldn't add any weight and you know it."

"True." Garnet said. Pearl sighed and sat on my leg.

"Is this how you do it?" She asked.

"Yeah, but you make it kind of boring." I said. Pearl sighed again before getting up.

"Anyway, if you're all done messing around here, we have a mission to go on!" Steven's eyes lit up.

"Yah! Magic quest!" He said, bolting up. The others all got up and went to the warp pad, even Connie. Amethyst looked at me.

"You coming?"

There we go! Chappie done!

Took me a month, yeah…

NM: (Looks up) not as good of a cliffie as last time, but still a cliffie...kinda…

Lea: So...fusions?

NM: Yep!

Okay, I have fanart of Zircon and of another fusion called Black Pearl (stupid name, I know…) and if you want to see them then let me know and I'll post 'em on Deviantart! The account name is Nurse-Medusa and there I can post pics of Zircon, gem Lea, and Black Pearl! Just let me know if you want 'em!

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