Island Nublar - 1992

Joffery was dead. Robert leaned against his jeep, rubbing his face in utter disgust. The raptors were loaded in safely now after their successful transport from site B. They had a crew of nearly thirty men on the loading team and still they hadn't been able to save him. Joffery had been working for Hammond ever since the island began development back in 1989. He was good friends with Robert, originally from Cuba and had been gatekeeper for all of the other transports. As careful as they had been, this still happened. Thinking of Joffery, he knew Hammond and In-Gen would have a nice big payoff waiting for his wife and children back on the main land. All ready he heard about how they were going to claim a wild lion had attacked and mauled him. His head pounding, he stood there watching the spotlights as the guards walked on the platforms above, electrical guns ready in case of attack. His back was killing him by being thrown back, his arms sore, and his heart heavy. He had insisted that for the first forty-eight hours there was constant watch on the raptor pen. Staring at it, he instantly knew what a mistake it was to have created these monsters.

"Oh my God! Robert!"

Robert glanced over to see Lucy in her boots running towards him. Lucy was a young eighteen year old intern that was Hammond's niece. She gotten the job on the island working in the lab just this past spring. Taking time off before college, she wanted to do a work study along side Dr. Wu with the genetic code filling they were currently working on.

Hammond had raved about his niece's work, claiming she had been the top of her graduating class, and would be the perfect piece of youth this place needed. She had stunning blue eyes, and rich dark hair. She was a complete and polar opposite to Robert, but the two had been sleeping together for nearly three months now. Robert had at first casually flirted with her, honestly not thinking anything of it. Time passed, and before he knew it he was falling head over heels in love with her. Lucy was feisty, happy go lucky, and a little spitfire. At first Robert thought the age difference as well as the fact she was related to his boss and friend of many years, might be a huge problem. Instead, they carried on their relationship right out in the open and Hammond never addressed it once. He suspected that he knew, but let well enough alone. Lucy was an adult now, her parents living on the East Coast. She was smart, independent, and had a good head on her shoulders. Robert figured that John liked him, and respected him and knew if there was honestly going to be anyone involved with her, it might as well be him. He had brought this up once to Lucy in bed who laughed shaking her head saying that her uncle just knew when he mind his own business. Simple as that. He had been married briefly in the mid 1980's, it ending very badly. He had dated plenty of women, but somehow Lucy was different.

She wasn't a kid, or a mid-life crises. She was simply a breath of fresh air that he needed, mostly here where all ready he felt as if Hammond's newest discoveries and research were becoming much too big for any of them to handle. Lucy shared the same thoughts as him. She thought it was wonderful what her uncle was doing, but agreed that the way they were going about this, creating deadly creatures who had been killed off millions of years ago, wasn't exactly the smartest idea. He often picked Lucy up whenever he was done at the labs. The two would have dinner, then go back to his bungalow, where usually one of them would sneak out shortly before dawn. It seemed foolish to be tip toeing around, but both understood how people talked. He had been looking forward to picking her up after all of the transports were done. Both had rooms in the visitor's center, but Lucy had a trailer at least a mile down the road near one of the bays. In fact a few members of the staff, mostly trainers, and construction crew workers had little trailers or bungalows all around the property of the main visitor's center before the paddocks began. Robert found himself spending nearly all of his spare time when he wasn't working in Lucy's trailer, usually drenched in sweat, exhausted, and laying either on the bed, couch, or floor drained from what seemed like hours of non-stop sex. She certainly had the energy of a teenager, and constantly he couldn't stop thinking how reckless and foolish he was being running around with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Still, ever since he started this whole thing with her, he hadn't ever been more context and happy. They were supposed to get together, head to her trailer, split a much needed bottle of wine outside on her lawn chairs, then what Robert was hoping was perhaps a blow job before he feel asleep with her in the back of the trailer, the tiny built in A.C blasting as they laid together in their arms. Watching her, she hurried over, throwing her arms tightly around him.

"I just heard, oh my God…are you all right?"

She harshly whispered against his ear, her arms holding him as she stretched to stand up against him. Smelling her faint perfume. Gently stroking her hair, he stared forward glaring at the giant raptor cage feeling his blood boil. Closing his eyes, he took a second before pulling back. Staring at her, he saw how conceded she seemed, as he continued stroking her hair.

"I'm fine…Joffery…he's dead."

"I know. I'm so sorry…"

Instantly she leaned over, and kissed him on the cheek.

"Can you leave?"

Looking over, Robert knew there was nothing more he could do. He had demanded that there would be full security until morning when he could come back on shift. All ready he knew Hammond, who was back in the states with his daughter who was currently going through a divorce. Robert had known John for years, and he understood how worried he was about his grandchildren. In-Gen would of course contact him about the accident tonight, and it would only be a matter of time before the companies, and lawyers, and all the bloody rest of it would come back. As always, Hammond and In-Gen would do damage control and yet another senseless problem where somebody lost their life would get swept under the rug. All ready this island seemed cursed, and the island wasn't even near to being ready. Two deaths so far. Just three months ago a young crew member was clawed badly by one of the raptors on site B, dying from his injuries before he was sent out by helicopter. John didn't seemed the slightest bit phased by this, and seeing that the man had no family his death was passed off as a careless accident that sadly couldn't have been prevented. Still, he knew better. From time to time Lucy and him shared the same exact thoughts over what they thought about the park, and what her uncle was doing. Both agreed it was beyond amazing what he was doing, but the fact Hammond was being so reckless. They both didn't believe with the way things would be going, if the park could actually ever get the proper insurance to cover the opening, or prevent anything further from happening. He knew tomorrow there would be a massive mess to deal with, yet at this exact moment all he wanted to do was block out those horrible blood curdling screams he heard earlier. Looking down at his arms, which were now wrapped around Lucy, he remembered how hard Joffery had fought to stay within his arms before getting torn out of them. Sighing, he nodded, holding her tight with one arm around her waist. "Yeah, let's go." He raised a hand to Marks, one of the lead guards on the platform.

"Call my beeper if there are any changes and remember, full guard until dawn!"

Marks nodded as he led Lucy to his jeep. Together, the two loaded in, as he put the jeep in gear and started down the dark jungle backroad. He got nearly a mile down the road when suddenly he had to turn to the side of the road and park. Lucy glanced over at him as he sat there, engine still running. Sitting there, staring ahead, Robert clutched the steering-wheel as crickets loudly chirped from the darkness around them. It was a hot miserable night, and the reality that Joffery was dead was truly hitting him. Sitting there, he stared ahead at the headlights cutting through the darkness before his face crumpled. Balling his hand into a fist, he struck the wheel over and over again.


He screamed. Slowly, Lucy's arms slipped around him. Her hands smooth, clutching his shoulder as she tried her hardest to sooth him.


Lowering his head, Robert for the first time in years began to loudly weep. Holding onto him, Lucy sat beside him allowing him to break down, crying, and letting it all out, before finally fifteen or so minuets later he collected himself. Embarrassed, eyes bloodshot from crying he turned towards her and sniffled before wiping his eyes.

"I'm sorry…"

Lucy smiled warmly at him, her fingers running through his hair before she gently rubbed his neck.

"It's all right…you want me to drive?"

Robert sadly smiled before shaking his head and putting the jeep back into gear.

"No, I'm fine…come on love."

Together they drove in silence, down the bumpy dirt road, all the meanwhile Lucy continued gently rubbing the back of his neck. Once he turned off, driving up the grassy embankment, they parked before he killed the engine. Sitting, he glanced over at her and smiled. Lucy had been the only woman he allowed himself to cry in front of. Even his ex wife, he never felt the same connection he felt with her. He knew she was still a kid, but she seemed as if she had a much older soul. She was always the one person in the past few months to really truly listen to him. That was comforting, and brought out a side of himself he never thought was possible at age forty-six. Winking at her, he gave a sad smile as the two climbed out. Both walked towards the trailer, before letting themselves inside. Off in the distance thunder sounded. Flicking on lights, Lucy dropped her bag as Robert sat down on the over stuffed couch, putting his head in his hands. Lucy's trailer was crammed pack, but in a very odd way cozy. There were stacks of books nearly everywhere. Her tiny table in the kitchenette was completely covered in lab and research papers and charts. She had half melted candles everywhere, and wind chimes hanging outside the screen windows. Robert often remarked that all she needed was so gasoline and the entire place would go up in flames. Still, among all the clutter and chaos, it had a warm rich inviting sense to it. In fact it reminded him of some of the small little shops and libraries he visited whenever he flew to London. Sitting back on the couch, he rubbed his face feeling the stubble, from badly needing a shave. Sitting forward, he felt the entire weight of tonight come down on him again as he closed his eyes and sighed. There before his eyes, he kept seeing that raptor's glaring eye staring back at him. He knew she was looking right at him, and she had been smiling. Lucy opened up for fridge, taking out two bottles of beer before kicking it closed. Walking over, she plopped down beside him and tried opening them. Glancing over, he smirked before taking both bottles and opening them. Handing one to her, he raises his bottle.

"To Joffery…may those bloody monsters all be destroyed."

Lucy nodded in agreement before clinking her bottle against his. Together they drank in silence, before Lucy snuggled in close to him. Resting her head on his shoulder, she sighed. "I'm so sorry…" Nodding, he tilted back his beer, putting his arm around her. Looking up, his heart ached.

"Come on love, let's get to bed…put this awful night behind us."

Later… Tonight they hadn't made love. Instead they laid in each other's arms, listening to the steady hum of the A.C as well as the crickets outside. Robert laid there, sweating lightly, only in his boxers as Lucy laid against him. Listening to her breathing, he gently petted her hair while staring up at the ceiling. He was exhausted, but knew he was too wired to sleep. Laying there, listening to her breath he thought of the tiny little box he had stashed underneath some of his clothes he kept here. He had bought it last time he went to the main land at an antique shop in one of the villages. The moment he saw it, he grinned knowing that was exactly what he was going to do with it. He had been trying to think of the right time to propose. Laying there, still hearing Joffery's screams, he held onto Lucy as tight as he could before shutting his eyes.

A long time afterwards, sleep finally overcame him and he drifted off, all the while never letting Lucy go.