Lucy and Robert held onto each other, rolling around on the sand of the beach they had visited shortly after security check. The two had taken one of the jeeps to the Northern part of the island, before going on foot to watch the sunset. Both sat out on the white sandy beach, side by side as Robert undid his gun holster, and put his arm around her. Together the two stared out at the orange pinkish sky, just beginning to see the first few stars appear as the last of the light danced over the golden water. A warm breeze blew through the air, and Robert leaned his head against hers.

"Quite a sight huh?"

Lucy found his hand, squeezing it before turning her face upward and kissing him. The two began kissing franticly, mouths opening and closing as Robert gently laid her backwards. The two continued to kiss as stars started to twinkle in the sky. Faintly in the back of Lucy's mind, she thought to herself as Robert's hand traveled up towards her breast, that she was the luckiest person in the world. That she loved Robert so much, it almost seemed dangerous. As he laid on top of her, his weight crushing her down on the soft warm blanket of the sand, Lucy felt her entire body on pin pricks. She moaned from beneath his lips, which seemed to devour her. Hands roaming, she clutched onto the back of his shirt, before arching her head back, feeling him trail down her neck, and in-between her breasts.

Finally he lifted his head, his cheeks flushed, his brilliant blue eyes sharp with hunger. Looking down at her, he smiled.

"I love you Lucy…"

Lucy smiled up, running her hand up through his thinning hair.

"I love you too…"

With that, Robert leaned down, kissing her again, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. At this exact moment it seemed as if nothing could touch or hurt them. But faith was waiting for them.

Robert was killed three months later.

Present Day

"So what do you think?"

Owen asked standing on the platform that overlooked the raptor pen. It was a blistering hot day, and seemed insane to think they were in late December. The sun blazed down, as the young man squinted, wiping his brow before looking over. Lucy stood leaning against the railing. In her late thirties, Lucy had somehow shaken the hard years of grief that had piled on in her twenties, and left them behind as well as many other things. She was still pretty, showing her mother's Japanese side with her almond shaped eyes, and her tanned dark complexion. Her hair was tied back tight, wearing shorts, and a tied off blouse. Wearing boots, she sighed staring down at the raptors. For the last fifteen or so years she had lived on the island, in the very same trailer she had originally stayed in when the first park was in the works.

She was rarely seen in the park, and only called in to consult with. The entire staff knew who she was, and allowed her to keep to herself. She was involved in the beginning when the park first began, insisting on security to be locked down, as well as fail safe plans. Twice she demanded on trackers implanted on the animals, as well as bigger paddocks being made for them. Rumors of course flew around, but Hammond had always honored her wishes. In fact, a good portion of the trainers had her to thank for being the unseen person that always spoke up, looking out for their safety.

When Hammond finally passed, Masrani brought in several original park members including Dr. Wu, and Lucy. Both Masrani and Lucy became good friends, and he trusted her to keep an eye on things and to be brought in for help whenever needed. Besides that, she kept to herself. She stayed in her trailer, spent evenings working out, and sitting out at the lake. Whenever she was radioed in, she took her jeep in, drove in, spent a few hours in the park, before going back. She had befriend Owen who was brought in from the Navy. As much as Lucy hated the raptors, she had been called in twice to oversee the training. As much as she hated to admit it, he had been making great progress with them. Sighing, Lucy, who still wore her engagement ring from Robert leaned forward, showing no fear. She stared down at the creatures and shrugged.

"I think that Hoskins is bad news, when I pulled up I saw him leaving. Bugging you guys again about the military program?"

Owen sighed.

"Man won't let up. Glad to see I'm not the only person who feels that way."

"These animals aren't weapons…and should never be completely trusted. Forgive me Owen, but as much of a bond that you have with them, they are blood thirsty creatures, nothing more…nothing less. Make sure ACU is always on alert, mostly with that snake in the grass around."

Smirking, Owen clapped Lucy on the back.

"Come on, it's almost lunch time, I'm buying the beer."

Smiling, Lucy turned and followed. On the ride back, Owen rode his bike ahead of Lucy's jeep towards the lake. Owen's place was right across the lake from hers. Going to Owen's, Lucy parked, and sat down on one of the lawn chairs, looking out at the water before Owen came over, handing her a cold bottle of beer.


Both clinked their bottles together, before Owen sat down beside her in his own lawn chair.

"So plans for today?"

"Hopefully working on my bike until I get called back. You?"

Lucy gazed out at the water. "Might go down to the beaches on the North side."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, today is a friend of mine's birthday…"

Owen saw Lucy playing with her ring as she drank, sighing he motioned with his bottle.

"Muldoon, you're fiance?"

Lucy looked down at her ring and sadly smiled.

"Yeah, he would have been sixty-nine today…crazy to believe that. The one birthday of his that we were together and celebrated we went down to those beaches together. God, seems like a lifetime ago, I was just a kid…"

"You don't talk about him much."

Lucy took a drink of her beer and sighed. Owen closely stared at her.

"I read all the books, Robert Muldoon was one Hell of an amazing game warden, a legend."

Lucy sadly smiled.

"You would have gotten along with him really well. I know he would have liked you, even if he would have thought all this bullshit with those raptors were crazy…"

"Can I ask you…"

"About his death?"

Owen dropped his eyes.


Lucy took another drink before shaking her head.

"I'm sure you all ready know, God knows it's been written about enough. The raptors attacked him, and good old In-Gen covered it up."

"Why come back, work here?"

"I know how it looks, but there came a time when I was face to face with John Hammond again. I blamed him for everything. Robert was everything to me, and losing him made me go down a very dark path. I was given a chance to give up and keep going down that path…or live the rest of my life at peace where I shared a brief, but happy time with Robert. I rather be here to help, instead of pretending to be blind to how my uncle played God and put that power into other's hands."

"How can you even look at the raptors, mostly after what happened…"

"Those animals are dangerous, and shouldn't be trusted…but they aren't the ones that took Robert from me. I can stay angry the rest of my life, bitter and killed with regret, or try to make a difference. I know if it was the other way around, Robert would still be at it, trying to protect and help."

"He sounded like an amazing guy Lucy."

"He sure was…"

Finishing her beer, Lucy smiled and handed him the empty bottle.

"I gotta get back, I'll see you later."

"Bye Lucy…"

Smiling, Lucy winked before getting back into her jeep and heading to the beaches. Less than a half an hour later, Lucy parked and went on foot. Finding herself to the private beach, she sat down, stretching out and looked at the crystal clear water. This was a place she often when to whenever she missed Robert, which as of lately seemed more and more. Sitting there, Lucy remembered spreading Robert's ashes here shortly after she came back.

She often sat there, listening to the waves, and spoke out loud as if he was here. Less than two months ago she went to the mainland to her doctor, to check about how blurred vision, nose bleeds, and how dizzy she got in the morning. After a series of test, she came back with a secret. The doctors said there was treatment, but nothing was certain. She had a brain tumor, nearly the size of a baseball, and growing. The doctors said without treatment they gave her six to eight months tops.

This was her last Christmas.

She hadn't told a soul, and wasn't planning on it. She wanted to live out the rest of her life peacefully on the island, and die where Robert had. Then, maybe, just maybe…she could be back together with him after all these years.

Today her head ached, and her eyes watered. What she would give to see Robert again. Tilting her head back, she closed her eyes before her radio went off, cracking and snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Lucy? Come in Lucy!"

Lucy took her radio and pressed down.

"Lucy here."

It was Owen, his voice filled with panic.

That night…

Lucy had joined up with Owen and the others after a team was sent out to use the raptors to hopefully track down the loose dinosaur. It was happening all over again, and within just a few hours the park had gone to complete and utter Hell.

Lucy had rode into the jungle, and had hitched a ride back. Claire, and her two nephews had run out with them, and they had witnessed Hoskins get attacked and killed by one of the raptors. The moment Lucy saw this, her eyes widened in terror and she took hold of the boys and ran out with them. The two boys who had no idea that earlier they had stood in the very garage which was the last place Lucy and Robert had once stood together, saying their final goodbyes to each other in.

As they ran down the steps of the visitor center, Owen in the lead, and Claire behind them, Lucy felt her heart and head pound. That's when one of the raptors pounced out of nowhere, going straight towards the youngest boy. Lucy saw this and moved fast enough, pushing him forward. With that the raptor jumped, ramming Lucy down. Falling down hard, Lucy turned slightly as the raptor was on her.

Owen tried to turn, to help but Claire grabbed her arm and screamed. Lucy rolled away, only to feel the raptor's fangs dig into her, causing her entire body to fill with white hot pain. Rolling again on the broken glass and payment, she felt it's claws go onto her when a terrible roar filled the air and the raptor jumped up leaving her. Lucy laid to one side, feeling her own blood soak down against her, it was hard to breath, and she couldn't feel her body from the neck down.

Watching, she couldn't believe her own eyes. In less than ten minutes, its as over. A silence filled the center. The T-Rex slowly walked off, before the raptors hurried away. Owen ran over, kneeling.


He gently turned her over, her neck was wounded, bleeding badly, her entire shirt soaked as well as the blood pooling around her. Claire held onto the boys as they slowly came over. Owen tried applying pressure to her bleeding neck, which seemed to have a pulse to it. Weakly, Lucy stared up, blood dribbling out from her mouth. It was over. Looking at Owen, then drifting her eyes over to Claire she remembered being that young once, being in love, and having her entire future ahead of her. Laying there, she weakly squeezed Owen's hand with her own bloody one.

"Stay…together…for survival…"

With that her gaze drifted, and she went still. Right before everything faded to a peaceful black, she could hear Robert's smooth, and calm voice calling her.

"Come on Lucy…come on home…"

With that, Lucy had died.

Claire lowered her head weeping before Owen sighed, reaching down he gently shut her eyes before sitting back. It was over, the incident of 2015.

Somewhere, far and long ago, Lucy opened her eyes again. She was young again, and laying in her bed inside her trailer. Feeling warm sunlight drift in from the blinds, she stretched, turning over before seeing Robert laying beside her. His eyes shut, his face handsome and peaceful. Instantly, Lucy smiled. She was home. Reaching over, she gently stoked his face before his beautiful blue eyes opened, looking at her. Smiling, Lucy stared at him, knowing that wherever they were, they were together.

The End

- Hope everyone enjoyed. Thank you for all the reviews. This was my third and final Muldoon story in my Muldoon trilogy. I would love to write another with his character in the future so we'll see. Thank you everyone and most of all thanks to the late Bob Peck. Forever and always a clever man!