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The Endless Sky

My heartbeat accelerates as my steps pound against the pavement. The chill night air invades my lungs, and I see my breath clearly in front of me. My legs and arms are burning with strain, and I push my body, my legs, to move faster faster. I blink tears out of my eyes, I need to stay focused. In the distance I hear car horns, and see white beaming headlights travel across newly paved asphalt. Just a little farther, just a few blocks away. I whiz past a familiar vandalized red stop sign, its metal stem still bent from the car crash a few days ago, its face still scarred from the touch of fire. Suddenly I am aware of the piercing pain in my side, and I realize I've been breathing with my mouth open. Not a good idea in these types of getaways. I clamp it shut and breathe deeply through my nose. I'm not exactly sure how long I've been running like this, an hour, maybe more? It seems endless.

Winter was in Boston, Massachusetts. Everywhere you go, the buildings, cars, pavement. All are blanketed with fresh white snow. People go to and fro wearing large double-breasted coats, long patterned scarfs, pants, boots, and earmuffs. It is the perfect season to break out ice-skating shoes, skis, or just sit by a cozy fire place, book in hand, music playing in the background. I was looking forward to all these things the moment that I got off of school, but instead, I am spending my evening like this. Running.

More than once, my body has begged me to stop. To take a break, recover my wits and my strength, but then familiar footsteps behind me remind me that if I do, I'm dead. My own will power to keep going is the only thing that is keeping me alive at this point. Behind me, a man follows, and has been following me. Honestly, its a miracle that I'm still going, much less he. He must have been on a track team at one point in his life. Correction. I think he is still following me. I haven't looked back in ages. I can't, because if I do, I'll lose track of what's ahead of me.

Although an hour or so back, I heard a sort of muffling, and the footsteps stopped just for a moment before returning. And somehow, this time, they seemed lighter. Like the person all of a sudden started half-flying half-running to catch me. One more thing, the person got faster because I could hear the steps closer, even clearer, and I could feel the vibrations. I sped up then, and since then, my body won't stop aching everywhere, my chest won't stop burning, my breathing won't get any easier.

This guy started following me on my way home from the last day of school before winter break. At first I hadn't noticed, until I saw something attached to his waist that glinted in the sun. He was carrying a sword. From what I recall, he has light brown hair, and dark purple eyes. I don't know if he is wearing contacts or not, but he just looked absolutely evil. I didn't need to question whether I should run or not. I don't know why he is after me. I just flung my backpack at his face, and took off. But I don't know how he has held off this long. I've given him a hard time though. I ran through a rose garden in the park (I had pants on so it didn't really hurt.) I've been twisting and turning in all kinds of directions…but nope.

Another thing I don't get is that it's like nobody has noticed that I am being chased by a psycho maniac. No cops, no firefighter, no random people helping out, or at least tripping the guy. Nope. No one is helping. It's as if they haven't noticed him at all, but when they see me running frantically, they shoot me looks of bewilderment. Like, why am I running so fast? To get away from him! I want to scream. I feel like maybe this guy is just my imagination, and I'm suffering from schizophrenia or something, and I just think someone is behind me when he isn't.

However, my backpack had actually hit the guy. I don't think material things can hit illusions. That is my logic as of now. As of now though, I'm just trying to get to the police station.

My thoughts interrupt my running speed. I know because when I feel a hand grab me from behind, my heart nearly jumps out of my chest, and electricity runs up my spine. I turn around, not bothering to look at the guy for very long before my fist connects with his nose, and he stumbles backward. I'm about to kick him too, but he says, "Oww, should have expected that," an he sounds like a teenager. I blink, and on the ground is a boy with slightly disheveled brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has a look of pain on his face, and his nose is turning slightly red from the hit I gave him. He wears blue Vans, a pair of denim jeans, and a white long sleeved T-shirt. Still, his clothes are muddy, and his jeans a little torn. His shoes are completely covered in oil and grease.

I look down at myself, and see that I look worse. My shoes look the same, covered in black grease (I ran trough a parking lot, and there was a puddle of it so I ran through it). My jeans are even more torn, my red blouse covered in some thorns at the bottom, mud, grease, and water. My hair is a tangled mess. My hands share similar qualities.

I'm surprised to find this boy here. I am sure that someone else was following me before. I go toward him. "Who are you? Why have to been following me?" I ask sternly.

He lifts his hands in a "I mean you no harm" gesture and gets up. "Sorry, didn't mean to frighten you. My name is Pit, I've been trying to get your attention. The only way was to follow you, but jeez, you can run. I don't remember the last time I've had to run so fast for so long. If I'm exhausted you must be ready to collapse."

He is right. My body is starting to give out on me more and more, my adrenaline slowly stopping. "Mine's Alice, but you aren't the man from before. Why are you trying to get my attention?"

He sighs, "No, the man from before was actually not a man he was kind of a monster, I'll explain later. Just know I took care of him for you, I should have known that it would happen at some point…well no worries, I guess. I've been trying to find and catch you all day. I need to tell you something important Alice."

I shake my head, "I'm sorry, you're saying that the man wasn't a man at all, but a monster? That's what you said right? Well, I have some news for you: they don't exist. And right now you chased me all this way to say something to me? What is this some cruel joke?"

He stands up quickly, "No no not at all! I'm telling the truth, see what happened is…"

I cut him off. "You know what? I don't really want to know, I just want to go home, and I have no idea how I am going to explain this to my mom….for all I know she is worried sick right now…I don't have time for this."

He takes me by the wrist, but hesitates a little. Probably because I nailed him in the face the first time he did that.

"Listen to me. You need to believe me, you are in serious danger right now."

I scoff, "I'll say it again. There is no such thing as-"

I don't get to finish my sentence because I hear screaming and we both turn around quickly. In the sky I see about five pink giant eyeballs, with yellow-tipped tentacles coming out of their backside resembling those of octopi. Their eyes are a deep blue with an underlying green. They scan the crowd and have created quite a commotion but do not seem to have located their target, that is…until they see me. All five of them float toward us.

Pit focuses his attention back to me, "You were saying?"

"Shut up and run." I mutter while pulling him, my body aching all over.

He resists, which I really don't understand. I turn around, "what are you doing?" I ask.

"I need to go back and take care of them before they hurt anyone." He says dashing off and not giving me a chance to question what in the world he is thinking.

I speed up to catch him, but it drains me completely. I already used most of my energy. He stops suddenly. He grits his teeth and takes off the bow and arrow that he has on his back. I never noticed it until now. The curved bow almost looks like two curved blades that attach at the center. They are outlined in yellow, but colored in royal blue, and where they come together is a brown woven space. While Pit holds it, I can make out a red pentagon shape on the back of his hand with a gold insignia. Two floating gold rings form around his forearm. He touches the bowstring and a bright blue arrow forms. It almost looks like it's made of light. He pulls it back and lets it fly at one of the creatures. The thing is taken by surprise and it disintegrates on contact. Four remain.

They shoot out a purplish projectile at Pit, who dodges swiftly as explosions shake the ground. He notches three arrows on his bow and brings down three more. One left. He does a 360 scan of the sky and finds nothing. I have a horrible thought.

I slowly turn my head and the air is sucked out of my lungs. I am face to face with it. It charges its shot ready to fire at me, but a blue arrow whizzes past my ear and hits it right in the center of the eye. I run fast before it explodes and gets slime all over my pants. I don't look where I'm going and I crash into Pit, knocking him, yet again, on the ground, and his bow skids across the pavement. I get up quickly, flustered, and go to pick up his bow. When I do, it is heavy in my hands, but somehow the grip feels just right. I shake my thoughts.

"Here, and uh sorry for running into you..." I hand it to him as he gets up.

He glances up at me, and takes it. "Thank you, and it's fine, no worries."

"You believe me now?" he looks directly at me now. The sun starts to set, and illuminates his blue eyes.

"I don't really have a choice now do I?" I say blankly.

He crosses his arms, "No no you don't."

He stares at me with confusion.


"Nothing," he starts, "just you're not in shock. Even after you didn't trust me. You aren't pummeling me with questions, or looking at me like I'm a freak…or…" he mumbles the last part. I make out, "swooning over me…"

I try not to smirk. I just nod. "Yea well, I actually have a billion questions I want to ask, but I figure asking them isn't going to help much. I'm not in shock because this isn't…isn't the first time something like this has happened to me. I just…don't know what to do now. I'm sorry for this, but why did you come looking for me?"

He sighs, "Well, like I said earlier, I need to tell you something important, but we should go to wherever you live first. So your parents can know. And, thanks by the way, for not being like the others."

I have an urge to ask others? but I shrug it off. "That's my specialty. Come on, I'll show you where I live."