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Chapter 4

I remember looking up at the blue sky, sometimes decorated with white fluffy clouds, or stormy gray ones. Sometimes the sky was black too, it reminded me of a dark bedroom, with the stars illuminating it like nightlights spread around every corner. Whenever I would see the clouds though, I would imagine that they were like soft, cotton beds, if you landed on them, it would be like landing on an extremely fluffy pillow. I finally accepted the idea that I would never be able to feel them, touch them, or check to see if my hypothesis is correct, even though I've been told by science that clouds are freezing cold, nothing at all like how most imagine them to be. So I was forced to just wonder. Never in my lifetime did I expect to be able to do anything more.

As I fly with Pit up through the sky I realize I can do just that. I extend my arm as far as it will go, my fingers too, as they grace the very clouds that were forbidden to feel. Science is partially true. I start to sense cold on my fingers, but not icy cold, a certain cold that is almost warm and inviting. I laugh. My hands slip right through the clouds, like wind. Surprisingly much better than my image of them, I decide. I pull back, my hand now slightly covered in water.

It takes us a while, but when we reach it, I catch my breath. This must be it, I think. Skyworld. It's more beautiful than anything I've imagined. Prestigious temples and buildings are in their place on pieces of solid ground that float effortlessly in the sky. All kinds of flowers, plants, shrubs, decorate the outside of them too, and vines hang loosely off of the suspended platforms. Clouds are scattered here and there, tinted a slight orange and pink from the reflection of the sun. In the center is a magnificent temple, with a statue of a lady with long flowing hair and large feathered wings. Her dress almost touches the pedestal, and she holds a tall staff, with a sort of orb in the middle.

We land nearby. "Wait here," Pit instructs me, and flies off. I take the moment then, to study my surroundings. He left me close to what appears to be a sort of house. Although it does look more like a cottage, with smoke rising from the exterior of what I'm presuming is the fireplace. Each window is carefully lined with maroon curtains on the inside, from what I can tell. Their color matches that of the front door. A small garden really makes the house look like a home. Daffodils and Zinnias outline the outside walls, a large maple tree in the front, and a stone walkway, too lined with a variety of blossoms. No garage though, I guess in this place, there is really no need for cars. It's not like they could drive them in midair. Through I'm curious how non-angels get around…if there are any here.

The house itself is a nice shade of badge, warm and inviting. It reminds me of mine. I suddenly feel a pair of eyes watching me, and I glance toward the left most window. A little girl, her hair in pigtails watches me carefully. She lifts her hand in what I hope is a wave, and I return the gesture. She smiles, and steps away from the glass.

I walk to where there is almost no more ground, but only sky, and what seems to be miles and miles of clouds underneath. I sit, and let my feet hang over he edge. I've never been scared of heights. Truthfully I love the feeling because I thought it would be one of the closest things to seeing what the world would be like if I could fly.

I feel a current of air against my clothes and I turn my head. Pit is back.

"Ok," he says, "Come with me."

I do. I take his hand for the second time, and we head toward where the statue I had seen earlier is. We land on the steps of the temple.

"Lady Palutena wishes to see you now," Pit informs me.

"The goddess?" I ask, wanting to make sure.

He nods. I walk up the steps, and wonder why he doesn't follow me, but I suppose this is something I have to do on my own.

I manage to find my way through the halls once I arrive inside the building. I find a set of large elegant wooden doors and decide this is it. I push them open, surprisingly not heavy.

Sitting at a glass table, I see her and she stands up to greet me. The statue does not do her justice. She is more than beautiful. Her hair is a light green, so long it reaches her ankles, and she wears a sort of gold crown on her head. He eyes match the exact color of her hair, her face just the perfect width and length, her lips a nice shade of pink. A large golden pendant goes around her neck and comes to the center of her dress. A white tunic embroidered at the edges with red and bright yellow. Even more gold jewelry adorns her arms, wrists, and the mid section of her dress. Her shoes are variant. One mimics the pattern of ballet shoes, and reaches up to just below the knee, with an underlying lace sock that extends to her mid-thigh. The other only goes to below her ankle, where above is yet another gold ankle bracelet.

"Hello Alice," She says softly, "It's nice to finally meet you. I'm the goddess of light, Palutena, as you may already know."

"Um, hello Lady Palutena. Likewise, but I'd like to…"

She intervenes, "Know some more information? Yes, I would imagine so. Would you like to sit down? This may take some time."

I nod, pull out a chair, and sit beside her.

"Before I start, would you like anything to drink? Are you hungry?"

I shake my head, "No, thank you, except, could I get some water?"

"Of course."

She snaps her fingers, and a glass appears on the table.

I smile, and take a sip.

"Ok," she starts, "I'm sure your mother already told you about your…heritage. So I will inform you of what is occurring at this moment on Earth. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, has decided to…expand, I think is the best way to put it, his empire. He plans to do this by taking over the entirety of Earth, and killing off most of its inhabitants. Some of them, however, he has transformed, so to speak. He has infected them with his darkness, and now their purpose is to exterminate the rest of the humans, and if any angels get in their way, them as well. Pit and... I suppose you could refer to the other as his brother, have been fighting off some of these turned humans on Earth, and the monsters that Hades has sent with them. Still, this is not enough, and I can only help so much. A god's or goddess's powers are limited when intervening directly with the happenings on Earth. Also, as you might have guessed, many of the other gods are unwilling to aid the humans at this time. The only ones that are willing as of now are Phosphora, and oddly enough, Poseidon. I'm still trying to convince Viridi. She still wishes for "nature" to take over, so she doesn't have many problems with the extermination of mankind. Though I'm sure she is teasing me on the matter, she's told me once before she never wished for the killing of humans by Hades to use them for his own advantage."

"I understand," I say, "But, I am a little confused. When Pit found me, he said there had been "others" what does that mean?"

She sighs, "Your mother told you how you are half-angel yes? Well, even if your father was the only loyal angel, this doesn't mean he was the only angel to have relations with humans. Others too, had children that were half. Those children were the "others" Pit spoke of. Let me explain something to you. Since you are half angel, you too, will be immortal, unless either of two things happen. One, I, or any of the other trusted gods have reason to strip you of this, or if you are lost to us because you are…killed."

"Killed?" I gulp.

"Yes, I'm sorry to say, that is why we lost the others. Hades, he went after them, and was far from merciful. Still, you are a little different. You have more power than the rest. I'm afraid your mother did not know the entire story. Your father, not only was he the only loyal angel, he was one of the original angels, one of the five chosen to be the guardians of the light. See, before I came to be, in essence, there of course existed the everlasting battle between dark and light. The gods chose to appoint five angels to guard light. Light can represent many things. Hope, purity, dreams, morals, chances, "good," so to speak. They protected these things, and kept the world and heavens in balance. Now, that duty is shared among the gods more than with anyone else."

"So what does this mean for me? Since my father was one of these five?" I inquire.

"Well, in order to protect the balance, each angel had a unique talent, all manifested upon the light power that I possess now. I'm not completely familiar with the capability of your father, or the five original abilities. They were much prior to my time. But I can tell you that you might have the capacity to control the light to some extent. It is up to you to discover the potential of your skill."

I look down at my hands, "Wow, that's…amazing."

She smiles, "Yes, yes it is." Her smile fades into a frown, "Unfortunately, Hades is becoming more powerful. Gaining help from other evil deities, our forces have been holding them back for quite some time. Ten years, in fact, and now we need your help more than ever. I am providing you with the opportunity to train here, in Skyworld, and to fight to save your home."

I laugh, "Sorry, I'd love to, it's just odd. I grew up reading comics, watching movies about super heroes, come to save the world, protect us from evil. I never imagined I'd actually have to do what they did. It's a little scary, I'll admit. Uprooting this information about myself. Fighting the underworld god. I do have a few questions."

"I comprehend. It is a big responsibility. Yes, go on." She replies.

"First, today, right after school, this one person started chasing me. He had dark purple eyes, and carried a sword, but other than that, he appeared human. I think Pit told me he "took care of him." Are these the humans you were talking about? The ones that Hades transformed to use for his own benefit?"

She takes a deep breath, "Yes, sadly."

"Ok, second. Pit dropped me off on one of the floating platforms, and in the house I saw a girl. Who else lives up here in Skyworld?"

"Oh," she begins, "Yes, no one but Pit, his brother, and I, and my army. But the little girl, Pit saved her about two years ago from a burning house. He told me he couldn't leave her. Convinced me to let her stay since she had lost her family, result of the Underworld Army. Something is unique about her though, I haven't determined what it is exactly. We will see in time. The rest of the houses were for the angels that used to live here…" her voice trails off.

I nod, signaling that she didn't have to finish.

"Well," she claps her hands together, "Will you stay and help?"

"Yes," I say confidently. "I'll help."

"Excellent," she grins, "You may take your pick of the houses. There are fresh clothes in each one, and tomorrow you can meet Pit for the beginning of your training."

"Thank you," I tell her. "Oh, one more thing, I'm sorry."

She waves her hand, "No it's, what is it?"

"I was wondering how I was going to get around, since I can't exactly fly."
She gasps, "No, no, you can fly. You have wings."

"What?" I say, confused.

"Pardon me, I forgot to tell you, you do have wings. Born with them in fact, but your father knew how to hide them. I can reveal them for you."

My mouth flies open, "Yes! Please! I can't believe I've gone all this time…not knowing."

She laughs, and waves her hand from left to right. She takes my wrist, and guides me toward a full-length mirror and I almost pass out. Behind me are two large white-feathered wings. Not completely white though. Near the top they are tinted a slight blue. I move them a bit, still not believing. I touch them with my hand, strong and soft.

"Do you wish to try them?"

"Are you kidding? Um, sorry, yes I'd love to!"

We make our way out of the temple. I see Pit sitting on the steps, fumbling with his laurel crown. I tap him on the shoulder.

He turns around, and smiles. He stands up, "I'm guessing everything went good. Wow, you're wings are incredible."

"Thank you," I reply, trying not to blush, "Will you help me fly?"

He smirks, "Of course."

We walk to the edge, looking down at the clouds.

"Do you know how birds teach their children to fly?" he asks me.

"Of course, they just nudge them off the…oh no."

Before I can resist, he pushes me off, and I'm falling. It takes me a minute to realize, I need to extend my wings. Once I do, I just try and balance, with a bit of trouble. I look to the side, and Pit is right there.

"Good job, usually with the others I had to help them before they fell all the way down."

I grin, "I'm not afraid of heights though."

"True, now come back up, I want you to meet someone."


It takes me a few minutes to figure out how to fly up, but I get it and we land next to Lady Palutena.

"Have fun?" she asks.

"Of course." I beam.

Pit grabs my arm, "Over here, he's probably down in the training hall still."


Palutena waves us goodbye for now.

Pit leads me to another platform, completely covered in vines.

"Doesn't seem like there is anything here," I point out.

"That's what we want you to think," he simpers.

He pulls one of the vines on the floor, and a sort of trapdoor opens, revealing stairs going down.

"How thick is this platform?"

"Thicker than you think," he replies.

We head down, and I start hearing some clangs. Metal against metal.

"Yep, he's here alright," Pit confirms.

I cock my head, but follow until we come upon a large flat surface, almost like an arena.

Pit leads me to the center. There, is someone I recognize. Someone who I never thought I'd meet again, full of mystery. The person that came to my rescue almost two years ago when I was fourteen.

"Hey Pittoo," Pit says.

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that Pit-Stain," the angel replies, still not looking back from where he is adjusting something on his silver bow.

"I want you to meet someone," Pit provokes him.

He sighs, "What is it now? Another angel come to help us?" he says with a sarcastic tone.

He turns around then, and looks at me. A recognition passes between us, and Pit notices.

"You," I tell him, "You saved my life."

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