AN: This is a story I've started and restarted several times. It changes a little each time. it's been a awhile since I thought about it. But I'm trying it again. And, like every time before, I'm doing it a little differently.

Lily Evangeline Frost could very clearly remember the day he came to live with them.

It was mid-summer in the magical realm where she lived with her parents. She was ten-years-old, and it was so hot in her neighborhood that day, everyone was inside. She had been painting in the kitchen with her mom while they waited for her dad to return. Her mom had painted a tower in the woods, while she had painted her dog, Rosie. There were no words between her and her mom, and with no kids playing in the street, it felt to her like the whole world had gone quiet. She remembers feeling excited, but oddly nervous. Some deep part of her had felt like something wasn't right. She couldn't understand what.

Her dad had left early that morning, kissing her on the forehead and rushing out the door. Her mom had told her a week before that she had a brother her age, named Alex, and she knew her dad was going to go pick him up. Lily is confused by this. Her parents have made it clear this boy was Dad's child, a son he had with his ex-wife Elsa Arendelle the infamous Snow Queen. They said the Snow Queen had kept him hidden away, within her prison cell, and made it so almost no one knew of his existence. She had overheard her parents say only Elsa's family had known. The only times Alex had left that cell was when he left with the Queen of Arendelle, who agreed to hide him when monthly cell inspections took place. She remembers her father wondering out loud why The Queen didn't tell someone about Alex. She remembers even more clearly her mother telling him she must have had a good reason, that she was a good person.

Lily had been prepared, knowing how her new brother had been treated, to love him with all her heart. Her parents have always said that love can mend a broken heart. So, she had thought, if she loved her brother enough, he would feel better. She wanted to make him part of their family, and be the best sister she could. She knew that he would probably be home-schooled like her, and that he might need her mom's attention more than she did. She had plans to paint with him, and share her favorite foods with him, and help him in any way she could.

When her dad returned, she finally got to see him. He had her dad's blue eyes, just like she did. He was very pale, and very thin, and his hair was the same shade of light blonde the Snow Queen had in the pictures she'd seen. She had smiled at him and said hello. He didn't smile or say hello back. She wanted to show him his new room. His room had light blue walls she'd helped paint, and a white bedframe just like hers, only with a pale blue bedspread. She saw he didn't have any bags, which had made her sad, but she thought his room might make him smile.

She wanted to grab his hand to lead him upstairs, but she thought he might not want her too. She had wanted to hug him too, but she didn't think he'd like that either. So, she told him to follow her, and she ran up the stairs. He had slowly followed behind her. She opened the door to his room, right across the hall from hers. She can recall showing him his bathroom, and his bed, and then the closet. She had wanted to show him the rest of the house next. She had wanted to introduce her dog to him, and mom's lizard. She didn't get to, however. When she showed him his closet, a walk-in closet with a door that locks, he had turned and locked himself in, before she could even ask what he wanted to see next. She had knocked on the closet door, asking him if he was okay. Her parents had come into the room, and told her he might want to be left alone. That she could show him the house later. She understood. She would be a good sister later, when he was ready. She would show him everything, and love him, an let her dog lick his face, when he's ready.

Four years have passed. She wonders if he'll ever be ready.

AN: I feel like I needed to try this, one last time. There are characters here who have lived in my head for years, and I need to make my peace with them. Trying to write this story again, that's the only way I can. I hope anyone who reads this, who probably never read my first or second drafts, enjoys it.