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In the Girl's Dorms…

Lily and Mary are able to find their room in the girl's dormitories building rather easily. Lily fills their silence with friendly babble, and once Mary has stopped thinking about 'stupid Brianna Black' she joins in on the blonde girl's lighthearted chatter. When they arrive at their room, they can hear someone moving around. Mary knocks, loudly, on the door.

Lily has never seen the strawberry-blonde, green eyed girl who greets them before, but there is something familiar about her, something she just can't put her finger in. The girl pushes up the baggy sleeves of a dark blue sweater to extend her hand to the two girls standing in the hallway.

"Hi, I'm Allison Arendelle-Bjorgman, but you can just call me Ally. Were you two assigned to this room too?" the girl asks. Lily nods and smiles, setting down her suitcase and her dog, and shakes the girl's hand.

"Yeah, we were. I'm Lily Frost" Lily introduces herself, still unsure where she'd recognize this girl from. Her nose seems kind of familiar. Or maybe her smile?

"Mary Dunbroch-Hadden, pleasure to meet you" Mary adds. Unlike their encounter in the entrance hall, the brunette seems genuinely pleased to meet their shared roommate.

"Awesome! Looking forward to rooming with you. Wait…Lily Frost you said? Are you related to Alex frost by any chance?" Hmm, what is so familiar about this girl?

"Yeah, he's my bro- my half-brother. He's here at this school actually" Lily corrects herself. She's willing to respect the very clear message Alex has sent her.

When Ally slams a fist into her hand, both Mary and Lily are surprised. The sudden violent action from the otherwise friendly girl is completely unexpected.

"I swear! That boy is really frustrating sometimes. He never even mentioned he was coming here. I must have mentioned every month for the past year! I'm going to slap him next time I see him. Maybe I'll at least hug him first…no, slap then hug." The more the girl rants, the more confused Lily gets. She clearly knows Alex, but Lily's never seen her. Ah! Maybe… this is one of his cousins?

"Oh! I'm Alex's cousin, by the way. I guess we've never met before now." Ally picks up on the poor blonde's confusion. Lily's eyes widen in surprise, her previous theory confirmed, but before she can continue their conversation Mary speaks up.

"I don't mean to be rude, but can we come in before you two continue this? I want to pick a room before Brianna shows up" the visibly irritated brunette says. Ally, sensing the other girl's impatience, moves out of the doorway.

"Oops! Guess you have been standing out there for a while. Come in, the dorm is amazing." Mary smiles appreciatively, and quickly disappears inside the dorm. "This is your first year here, right, Lily?" Lily nods. "Ok, let me give you a tour then!"

Ally leads Lily inside, where the blonde gets a view of a nice kitchen area, a bathroom of some sort, a living room area, and two closed doors on either side of the dorm.

"We have a microwave, a fridge, and a sink, and there's in an oven down the hall in the girl's common room's kitchen." Ally points out the chrome plated microwave and sink, nestled between cozy wooden cabinets, and the simple fridge right next to them. "None inside the dorms, which is understandable. We have a couch and several chairs, and a nice tv in our living. Everything in the dorms can be customized using the magic decorating app on the dorm tablet. The bathroom has two toilet stalls and three sinks, as well as two showers. But if there is any sort of hold-up there's a community bathroom in our hall as well. There are two bedrooms inside our dorm, with three girls to a room. "She finishes, pointing out the closed doors.

"Wow! This is amazing! I can't wait until everyone else gets here. I wonder how the rooms will get divided?" Lily wonders out loud, blue eyes sparkling with joy. Mary peaks her head out from behind one of the previously closed bedroom doors, and provides an answer to Lily's question.

"Any chance I can convince you two to room in here with me? I think Brianna and her evil posse are all in this dorm." Ally gives a quiet hum of agreement, and moves her suitcases from the couch to the room Mary choose. Lily does too, after directing her dog into the room.

"I'd be happy to room with you. But what's wrong with Brianna and her friends?" Lily asks. Mary snorts, an expression of disdain on her freckled face.

"They're awful, nasty girls. All of their parents are villains who went on to become dark spirits, and terrorized all sorts of innocent people before they were imprisoned. They're total freaks, too." Lily frowns, but decides not to comment. Brianna certainly seemed a little rude, but she'd hardly say she was evil. Maybe Mary just didn't like her very much personally. Besides, Alex's mom was a villain, and Alex wasn't evil. He was just… distant.

The trio settles into a peaceful silence as they begin to unpack. The bedroom has a bed in all but one corner of the room. Each bed comes with a bedside table and a set of drawers for clothes, as well as a desk and chair. The other corner has a small sitting area with a couch, coffee table, and rug. Directly between the sitting area and one of the bed corners is a closet for the girls to share. Further inspection of the closet leads the girls to discover there is a wall of shelves, opposite a wall with two racks, one on top of the other, for hanging clothes.

After they've put away their clothes and stylized their beds using the tablet, the girls head back to the living room to see if their other three roommates have arrived. They enter the living area just in time to see Brianna Black and two other girls enter the dorm.

"Ahh, home sweet home. Looking forward to rooming with me all year, hot-head?" Brianna taunts casually. Lily gets the strangest impression that the words are more of a greeting than anything else. Something about the lack of malice in the girl's expression gives off a more casual air. Either way, the words cause Mary to huff and, without so much as greeting the other girls, head back into the bedroom. Brianna laughs. An auburn-haired girl, standing to Brianna's left, makes a disapproving clicking noise as she smooths over her green and white sundress.

"Now, Brianna, let's not pick fights on the first day, hmm? I know it's hard for you to resist being a wild delinquent but at least try". The pale ravenette only rolls her eyes in response.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever." Brianna turns to focus on Lily and Allison. "Hey blondie. Who's your friend?" Lily blinks, startled by the sudden attention. Ally, sensing her new friends startled silence, introduces herself.

"I'm Allison. It's nice to meet you. We already took one of the bedrooms, I hope you don't mind". The auburn-haired girl speaks up again.

"Oh, no trouble at all dear. Prevents Bri from riling that Mary girl up any further. I'm Hannah Westergard, I don't believe I've met either of you before" Hannah looks at them with clear green eyes, a polite curiosity present in her expression.

"It's my first year here, Lily's too. I hope we can get along, since we'll be rooming together." Hannah looks at Brianna and the girl leaning against the doorframe behind them before replying.

"I hope so too. Bri, why don't you come get settled in with me. Mora, why don't you introduce yourself." Hannah moves towards the other bedroom, nightmare princess in tow. The third girl straightens up and fully enters the room. She's tall, taller than Hannah and Brianna, with warm brown eyes and wild dark hair, dressed in a pair of casual looking jeans and a white t-shirt. She smiles at Lily and Ally, and they smile back.

"I'm Mor'ana, but you can call me Mora. Hannah said I should warn you I'm a bit of a slob. It's nice to meet you both. I'm gonna go unpack" the girl introduces herself, her tone relaxed. She too leaves the living area, and Lily and Ally soon follow suit. The two trios spend the rest of the night in their respective rooms, and don't speak again until morning.

Lily thinks this year is going to be amazing. Her roommates are a little more…cautious.

In the boy's dorms…

Alex left the main hall quickly, feeling no need to hang around Lily and her new friends or those other two, Brenna and Damien or whatever their names were. The quiet, red-headed one is in the same dorm as him, and is currently trailing awkwardly behind him.

The boy is to nervous to make conversation, which is for the best. Alex has no desire to talk to his half-sister's new friends. Or anyone else. He just hopes the rest of his roommates will leave him alone too. She has always told him friends are pointless, just like family.

When the two of them reach their room, they find the door already open. Two of the four other boys that will be sharing the dorm are already inside. Unfortunately, Alex recognizes them both. What a bother.

"Ah, Alex! Ally just texted me that you were here too. I haven't seen you in months now." Caleb, his strawberry-blonde, brown-eyed cousin, greets softly. Caleb is, by far, the calmer of his cousins. It could be worse, he supposes. No, the second person is the real issue.

"Alex Frost. What a true displeasure. I hope you won't be causing any trouble. I'd hate to have to report you" Ah, Lucas Ryder. His father thinks he knows what's going on. She's always said he doesn't have a clue. What does it matter either way? Lucas is just a boy acting like a man, a pest at most. A mosquito, she'd compared him to, once.

"No, I'm not planning on it." If he's no threat, Lucas shouldn't bother him.

"Good. You, ginger. You and Caleb will be rooming with me." Lucas states, leaving no room for refusal. The brown-haired boy shoots a glare over his shoulder at Alex, brown eyes dagger sharp, and enters the bedroom on the left. Lily's friend is far too timid to object, and Caleb, ever polite, won't either.

Good. Maybe the other boys will be more likely to leave him alone.

Ah. Speak of the devil.

The grey-eyed teen from the main hall- Damien, Drake? D-something- and another teen. The second boy is clearly not entirely human. His eyes are a reddish-brown color, the color of dried blood. His skin is pale, with a slight grey tint and silvery patches of scales in random spots along his arms. His hair is unnatural too, dark grey at the tips before transitioning to white and finally to the same reddish-brown of his eyes along the tips.

"Ah! It's nice to greet you. I'm Derek!" The boy greets with a small wave, tone cheerful but words somewhat off. The curly-haired boy sighs.

"Nice to meet you, Derek. Not greet, meet." The Derek boy blinks in confusion.

"Are they not the same? Why can't I say it like that?" Grey eyes blink back, unsure how to respond.

"Well- I- I don't really know why. You just don't say it like that." The strange boy seems placated by that answer.

"Okay, Darren" Ah, Darren. That's his name. Darren, as he now remembers is his name, seems to recognize Alex just then.

"You were there with Rapunzel's daughter. Frost, right?" Alex nods. Darren makes a low hum, needing no further comment from Alex.

"Are we going to be sharing a sleeproom?" Derek asks him, eyes bright and earnest in a way that reminds him of Lily. Hopefully the boy isn't quite as annoying.

"Yes." The scaled boy seems pleased with that answer.

"That's good! Me and Darren have some weird habits so I hope that's okay." Alex doesn't really care. As long as they're not too nosy. Maybe they'll let him use the closet.

"Well then, let's go unpack. You coming, Frost?" Another nod.

The three of them enter the room, checking out the dressers, beds, sitting area, and closet in relative silence. Derek pulls a pile of blankets from his luggage, and arranges them in a nest like shape at the foot of his bed. Darren pulls another two out of his bag and passes them to the hybrid boy, before continuing to pull out a few plain button-down shirts and simple pants, and a set of what looks like potion ingredients.

"Just let us know if anything bothers you. We will get along that way, yes?" Derek says.

"Alright." Is his only reply. Followed by "I'm taking the closet". He'd somewhat expected a strange look, like the one Rapunzel tried not to give him, but his new roommates only nodded silently. Alex is relieved to find his hopes for peace will most likely be granted. He moves the pillow into the closet, and unpacks the rest of his clothes into the wardrobe next to the empty bed. Having completely unpacked, he leaves the bedroom for the living area. Darren and Derek seem content to stay behind. Good.

The only other person in the main room is Caleb. His cousin is seated on one of the couches, his dark blue jacket unzipped and hanging loosely around his shoulders. His cousin looks up from his phone as Alex settles down on a separate couch. The smile that graces Caleb's face is gentle, just like him. There is a cautious curiosity in his eyes though, an unspoken question that hasn't left since…well. Whatever. Caleb keeps his questions to himself and he never offers any answers. She wouldn't like that much, him giving those answers.

"I'm glad to see you here. I had a feeling you'd be enrolling" His cousin's intuition is always rather on point. Alex, though never one to take notice of other people's quirks, was always of the impression Caleb was… off. There was a part of the boy that was never quite fully present.

"I'm sure you did." Caleb smiles.

"I hope everything works out. I hope you make the right choices." The words are vague. Whether or not they were meant to be said out loud is hard to say. The younger of the Arendelle-Bjorgman twins was prone to speaking without realizing it.

Of course, even Alex could tell by the knowing look in Caleb's eyes, that the words were not entirely unintentional. Well, it could still be a bunch of nonsense. Alex is never one to worry about choices. Somebody already takes care of those for him.

There are no more words between them. The evening passes quietly in the boy's dorm. The only change is when the two boys from Alex's room briefly leave to have dinner with a group they refer to as 'the girls'.

Eventually, everyone gets ready for bed. Alex's new sleeping mates come back and settle in with no further words directed at him, for which he is relieved.

Alex supposes this year will be alright. It's just school, anyway. What does he care.

That's all the main characters. Anyway have a favorite? A least favorite? I have small story arcs in my head for most of them so we'll see how that plays out.