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Where you are at every second of each day, is where you were meant to be. The people you interact with, whether they stick around or disappear, they were meant to be there. Everything in existence has its purpose… its meaning. That's my answer for everything. It's the most logical, I think. And for the most part, I know that I'm right. I don't believe in coincidences.

Walking through the crowded streets of New York City, I ponder on those theories that I live by. These people around me, moving hastily to their unknown destinations, they're supposed to be here. As a matter of fact, someone is supposed to drop something, causing a millisecond of a delay in their trip. And the guy whose shoe I just stumbled over, who is now frowning back at me and cursing loudly, that was a stall that was meant to happen. It's not time for him to be at his destination yet. And I'm not supposed to be at mine, just yet.

Instead of hanging around to offer an apology that he will more than likely not accept, I keep walking, pushing through all of those people who all oddly seem to be coming at me instead of walking in the same direction as me. Another thought comes to mind but, I quickly push it away. I need to stay focused on my surroundings and my destination. I need to get home.

I make it to ground level and wait among others for the next train. This would be my second time riding the subway. My second of many more rides to come, and it wasn't looking any better than it had this morning. Everybody looked the same. Strangers. Crazy and dangerous people of New York. They could be criminals disguised as anyone. They all looked exactly like my uncle Alaric had described them. As a respected detective for the NYPD, it was of his demand that I not trust anyone. Not even that friendly hot dog man on the corner of 7th and 9th.

Stepping closer to the waiting block, I observed exit opportunities in the rare event that I had to make a run for it. Just in case there was some random shooting spree. But before that could happen, the train finally arrived and I felt relief. I moved with the waiting crowd to one side so that others could unload. And then it was our turn to get on. I felt chills. A simple brush of someone's coat sent me into overdrive. This was something that I knew I would have to get used to. Being in close proximity of strangers, and them touching me without thought. It was all too much to take in for this small town girl.

There was nowhere to sit and no pole to occupy, as ironic as that sounded. Panic was setting in and I could feel my heart pick up pace. I didn't want to risk falling when the train took off. That would be embarrassing and I'd probably hurt another innocent bystander. This thought gave me a brief moment of pain as it had indeed happened this morning. I turned and looked, turned … looked. Nothing but space, people and my impending disaster.

As the doors closed, the lights flickered and I closed my eyes. We started moving, and I could feel myself falling back. It was happening, I was about to bite the dust once again. How classy!

But I never reached the ground. Instead, I felt a soft grip on my left elbow and I was steady, balanced. It was a safe feeling, and I could hear nothing but the sound of my breath. I prized this moment. But eventually, reality hit me, and that feeling of safety turned into alertness. I felt fire in my chest, and my heart began to race even more. Because one thing had not been clear, "Who in the hell was holding my arm?"

Author's Note: If you're reading this, then it means that you've successfully finished the beginning of a masterpiece. I've been working on this story for years to come. I love Kat Graham as an actress and as a person – she is beautiful. So I had this story come into my thoughts, she was the person I saw for the main character. I originally had different names for everyone but all of my characters mashed so well with the cast of Vampire Diaries, I figured why not. And as I started to write, things got easier and smoother. As a head's up, here are a few things to look forward to… changes and explanations that will help my Vampire Diaries fans follow the reading:

Bonnie is the main character. Caroline is her roommate. Damon is the stranger. Alaric will make several appearances as Bonnie's uncle (he's married to Bonnie's "aunt"Abbie – as you know Abbie is Bonnie's mom on the show) – stay with me. Elena will not be in this series… sorry, not sorry. Stefan will appear but not as Damon's brother. And last but not least, Marcell – who, is from the Original's series. He will play Bonnie's coworker and love interest. There will be several other appearances but for the most part, I wanted you to be able to follow the story and understand that this not Vampire Diaries – I'm only borrowing the characters and their personalities. Next chapter coming real soon!