A Naruto story: the path

Death was the end or that was what most people believed but for me it was only the start of something new. This is a fact because right now I am dead. The lost thing I remember was taking my last breath in the hospital surrounded by my family. I had been born with weak body and most people thought I would not make it past childhood but despite my body I had a strong will to live and made it all the way to my 18th year before my body finally gave out. My life wasn't as bad as most people would think, sure I spent a lot of time in the hospital and the drugs were a pain but overall I was a happy person who in joyed life as much as possible. One of the main things I loved was reading comics and manga. I know it sounds silly but many a time I wished I could have been born in one of the worlds in the stories I had read. I would be my own hero and not the lackey or sidekick of the main character and if she or he needed my help I would jump in but until then I would do my best to leave my mark on the world so when my time came my name would not be forgotten. Little did I know that fate had heard my plea.

I was formless in a world of nothingness. I had no idea if this was heaven, hell or even limbo. My only comfort was that I was still able to think and that mean that even in death I still existed but the question was what I am I doing here or does this happens to all people when they die? As if to answer my question the world around me began to change. In a heartbeat I was no longer in the void but in a beautiful room of stone pillars and white marble floors. It was roofless and all I could see was endless stars. As I floated around the room I became aware that I was not alone as I heard a noise at the very end of the room. So I made my way over there.

At the end of the room sitting in a throne like chair made of white marble was the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She was a mature woman with tan skin, dark hair with silvery highlights, with deep green eyes and full red lips. She was dressed in a purple dress, purple shoes, and a golden headband and golden cuffs on each of her upper arms. The aura round her spoke of power and gentleness like mother looking out for her children. I did not know if she could hear me or not but I asked my question anyway.

"Who are you?" I asked her. She looked at me with a smile and spoke in a soft but musical voice.

" I am Kami or God in your language. Welcome to my domain mortal soul. I am sure like most of your kind you have questions. So by all means ask."

"I will hope you will forgive me for my bluntness Kami but why I am here. I'm sure you have better things to do then talking to me like ruling the universe, making planets and stuff."

"You are correct in a way. Most of the new comers when they get here are taken care of by my servants and meet me later when they are ready. The only ones who meet me first are the ones I have a special purpose for. That is the reason I am talking to you now and not later but you and all new comers are worth my time and I make it a point to talk to you all because I care about you all."

"It nice to know you care but you said a special purpose. What can someone like me do for an all-powerful being like you? Your Kami all you have to do is snap you fingers and things get done."

"There are rule that all beings like me most follow in order to keep the worlds in balance. To break this rule will have negative effects on not just your universe but others"

"There's more than one Kami out there and what rule? I asked surprised.

"While I am in charge of this universe there are others that command their own and we work together and help one another in a time of need. As for the rule we are not allowed to directly interfere with the people that live in our universes. People have the right to make their own choses in life without us getting in the way. Free will is important to us."

"Ok, what is it you want me to do?

"There is a loop hole in the rule that let us send in agents from the land of the dead back to the living world to take care of problems that need handling. Another Kami from a different dimension has asked me for help and you are the best choice for this mission. As only a few souls have the ability to move between dimension and you are one of them."

I was in shock from her words. What kind of mission could she have that would need me? I was a sick person who never got into a fight and if I did I would go down in one hit. All I did in life was go to school and read in my spare time. I am far too weak for something like this.

"I know what you're thinking and while your old body may have been weak the new body I will make for you will not be. All agents are trained before they are sent on missions. So you will be prepared for where I am sending you. The place where you are going to is the world of Naruto. As you already know about that world you'll be going to. It will easy for you to get things done." She said amused.

"Wasn't that just a story and why send me there? I mean I read the story from the beginning to the end. Naruto saved the world with his friends and lived happy ever after with woman he loved and became Hokage. What is the point in going there if the story is already over?"

"What no one knows in the living world is that most of the comics and manga's of your old world are based on the lives of people from other dimensions. The people who write these stories often have the ability to subconsciously tape into these places like a radio and use them for their own ideas. Weather they know it or not some of the worlds they think are fake are often real. As for the story you read, sometime the writer will change things to their own likings then put in the cold hard facts if the story does not fit into their point of view. The manga you read in your old world is greatly different then what happened in real life." Kami said sadly.

"How is it different then what I read?" I wondered out loud.

"I think it would be better to see you what the world of Naruto look like now with your own eyes. So you can see with I mean." As she said this she waved her hand and a T.V. screen appeared before me.

What I saw made me sick. The elemental nations were in ruins. The once proud ninja villages and the cities around them were nothing more than broken husks. What I saw next would have made me throw up if I still had a body. There was death everywhere. The numbers of skeletons were beyond count. In that moment I knew the truth. The world of Naruto was dead. I could not bear to watch anymore and turned back to Kami. She looked at me with a sad face.

"I knew something would be bad because you said you needed me to be your agent but I had no idea it would be like this. How did it become like this or did Naruto fail?" I asked as I did the best to keep my emotions in check.

"What you saw was the end result of the battle between the ten tails and the people of that world. Naruto was the child of prophecy and his destiny was to seal the beast away and bring peace but do to outside forces Naruto destiny was thrown off and ultimately he killed it instead of sealing it. A upon its death the natural energy it gave off mix badly with the planet's own energy causing a global disaster and turned the world into what it is now." she explained.

"What outside forces were you talking about? Who screwed Naruto out of his destiny?" I questioned in a foul mood.

"The one responsible was Yama the god of darkness and evil. His goal is to bring chaos and death to the worlds we protect. The Kami of the other dimension told me what Yama did to cause this. He killed off most of the people Naruto would care about as well as making sure those key events that would shape Naruto life did not happen or that they did not go the way they were meant to. If you want just view the screen and you'll see an example."

As I turned back to the screen it had changed. On the screen was a man dressed all in black with a little blue haired girl under his arm. It took me no more than a few seconds to figure out who the girl was and what was going on. This was the child Hinata kidnapping scene from the anime and manga. As I watch I see Hiashi Hyuga running forward to save Hinata and kill the cloud ninja with the gentle fist but to my shock the cloud ninja shrugs it off like nothing, breaks Hiashi arm and then hits him in the face with enough force to knock him out. With him out of the way the cloud ninja disappears with Hinata. Before he is gone I see his eyes they are pure black. This was the first of many different scenes to come. In once seen I see Naruto's teacher Iruka killed by a black eyed Mizuki. As the watch I see Naruto's friends die or disappear one by after other toil he is all alone and the cause is always a man or woman with black eyes.

"As you can see by their eyes, Yama has been taking over Naruto enemies for a short amount of time so his goals can be met. Without his friends Naruto never become the man he was meant to be and that is why I need you. The Kami of that world will turn back time in order to keep Yama from winning but it can only be done once for Yama will be able to stop him from doing it a second time. So we need to make the first time count." She said with fire in her eyes.

"I am willing to help but how are we going to go about it. This will take a lot of planning and care if I can only do it once." I said worried.

"We will get to the planning stage as soon as I give you a new body and you finish your training for the mission. Before I make you a body there is a few things I would like to ask. Do you want to look like your old body, if not I will make it up as I go along, you can tell me to change anything before I'm done and what genes should I use for your body? As you can guess most bloodline powers are hereditary and in order for me to give you those powers I need to use the D.N.A. of a person who has it in their family. There is no limit, so you can pick any one you want but remember that as soon as your new body is done and you leave that is the body you are going to live in for the rest of your life. So choose carefully.

"Can I float around for a bit and think about it before I give you an answer?" I requested.

"You can think as long as you like. In this place time has no meaning. That is why you will train here and not in the living world as it would take to long for you to master the skill you will need to survive. If you had been training in the living world you would have die an old man before you were done" she joked as I floated off.

I guess it was a good thing time did not move. As I read in the manga it took years of training just to be a Jonin rank ninja and even longer to be a kage level one. The only ones to get a high rank sooner than normal are prodigies. I need to get to the highest level possible before I leave or I am going to get my butt handed to me on a plate by the people I have to fight but I will worry about that later. Now who to pick? I could go with what most people would pick and go for someone with the Rinnegan, Byakugan or the Sharingan but most people who use them become dependent on them and get lazy and don't learn anything new. What I need more then power is lineage. I need the blood of someone the leaf village can trust and fight beside and has the lowest number of members so I don't get bossed around by some clan head when I show up.

That cut down the number of clans I can pick from. The only clans that have a deep enough connection to the leaf and have the lowest members are the Uzumaki and Senju clan since there is only one member in each right now. Both clans have good points. The Senju have tremendously strong chakra and chakra reserves; have been called the clan of a thousand skills and been well rounded in all ninja skills. The Uzumaki have incredible longevity, life force and recuperative powers. Their genes should be all I need to have a strong body but what about the powers? I want the wood style but there is one power I want for myself and that is the ice release that belonged to the Yuki clan that Haku was a part of. I had always believed that Haku could have been a legend in his own time if he had not died so soon. I will bring great honor to him and his clan by using his powers to save the world. As for my old looks I want to live in the future with a new look then live in the past in my old one. It's time for a fresh start.

I fly back to Kami and told her my decision on what I wanted.

"you want to use three clans is fine but we're going to have to come up with a back story as to why you have Senju D.N.A. seeing as there is only one in the world that has it and she did not have children. The best person I can use would have to be a distant cousin of Hashirama Senju. That way I can give you the wood style and stop people from wondering where you got it from. I will use my power to alter the records in the Senju compound and in the leaf and have they say that said cousin disappeared on a mission and was never heard from again and change the family tree in case Tsunade checks for herself. The other two clans are easy as all I need are two pure breeds from the Mist and whirlpool." She explained as she waved your hand and a mirror appeared to replace the T.V. screen from before.

"The mirror in front of you will let you see what your new body will look like. As I said before I can make any changes you like now. So make sure it is to your liking for as soon as I put your soul in this body the changes will be permanent."

As I watch a body slow appears. It naked as the day it was born. The fact that it was only a few seconds does not matter. I felt weird seeing what I was to become from the outside but I got to say Kami did a fine job. The body was pure muscle. Every inch was toned to perfection without a sign of fat, with a six pack and side abs most men would kill for. The face was handsome with deep green eyes the color of jade, a straight nose and white even teeth. The hair was a dark red and the skin had a light tan. I looked at it from head to toe and stopped between the legs and stared. I turned to Kami.

"Yes, is there something you want to say?" She asked with a mischief in her eye.

"Not that I mind but don't you think that is over kill?" I asked. If I had been a live my face would be beet red about now.

"You forget who I am and trust me your future lovers with thank me for giving you a desert eagle." She said with a straight face but the mischief was still in her eyes.

"Well leaving that a side, I got to say you did a great job. You don't have to change anything I will take it as it is. Most men would have to spend months if not years in the gym to have a body like this but I guess I need a body like this if I am going to stop an evil god from dooming the world" I said lightly.

"When Yama takes over a body he can push it beyond it limits making it very hard to fight him. Any normal person fighting him would die in minutes. That is why you need this body and why I am going to put you through a hell of a lot of training so you can stand up to him. The good news is that he can only stay in control for a short time before the body rejects him and won't be able to jump into a new one for a few months after wards. This will give you time to heal if you need it." She said.

"So how do I get into my new home?

Kami waves her hand again and I watch as my new body step out of the mirror like it was never there. Once it steps out cloths begin to appear on its body. A gray t-shirt and black sweatpants are now covering it.

"All you have to do is fly straight into it but it will take some time to get used to it since you have not been in a body for a while now. Once you feel that everything is in order I want you to walk back to the front of this room and step through the door that just appeared. It will take you to a place where you will learn all the ninja skills that the world of Naruto has to offer and as well as put you in real live battles so you do not freeze up at the worse time, deal with emotion pain when it comes to kill people and how to enduring pain. If it gives you any comforts as you train just remember you are fighting for the lives of millions of people in need. I have done all I can for now. We will meet again when your training is done." Kami said as she faded from the room and I was alone.

I fly right into the heart of my new body. I don't know how long it took me to move. To me it seemed to take forever. At first it was a weak twitch here or there but as time passed I grow stronger and soon I took my first new breath of live. I could feel my beating heart. I have never felt more a live then in this moment but soon my happy moment was replaced with determination. I was here for a reason and now was the time to man up and get started. I made my way to the front door. When I got there I put my hand on the nob and before I turned it I looked back one last time.

"Until we meet again Kami" I said as I turned to nob and step out and closed the door behind me.

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