Chapter 15

The Third had left his office in a hurry not even bothering to see if I was following him. I stayed long enough to close his office door before following after him at my own pace. The plan I had set in motion a few months ago was bearing fruit. I had just turned the corner when a fist came at my face. After catching said fist in my hand and seeing who was on the end of it I sighed.

"Again, I don't see you for months and the first thing you try to do is hit me in the face. I think its time for you to take up another hobby Tsunade." I said to her

"After what you did to me in that hotel room your lucky I'm not trying harder." Tsunade said as I let go of her fist.

"You make it sound like I got you drunk, had sex with you and left before you woke up. Not that I would do something like that I like my women sober and feisty in bed." I said amused as she blushed. She looked ready to make a remark but I cut her off.

"As much as I would enjoy going a few more rounds with you(in more ways then one) things in the village are about to change in a big way. So if you want a front row seat you should follow me to the council room where the Fire Daimyo is waiting." I said. She gave me an annoyed look before we walked together to the council room.

The council room was packed when we arrived. The clan heads, elders, and civilian council had all taken their seats at the table. The Hokage stood at the head of the table with the Fire Lord on his right. The Fire Lord had his samurai covering the walls of the room. The noise level in the room was low until we both arrived. Seeing Tsunade walk into the room she was greeted by the clan heads but the rest stayed quiet. Giving the more friendly people a small smile and ignoring the more rude people in the room she touched the surprised Third's shoulder before taking her seat as the head of the Senju clan. Once she sat I walked to the left of the Fire Lord and waited. The Fire Lord cleared his throat.

"I am sure your all wondering why you were summoned here and as to the nature of this meeting. You see a few months ago two things happened. One: I was given an importation file containing disturbing information about the leaf village and two: there was an assassination attempt on my life. The attempt was stopped and my life saved by the very same man who gave me the file in the first place. As I said before you have my deepest thanks Haruki-sama for the file and your wood clone saving my life." The Fire Lord said. Everyone looked at me shocked. I smiled.

"No thanks are needed my Lord. The Land of Fire needs its leader. With out you the land would be lost." I said. The Fire Lord looked pleased to hear that I valued him so much. A little flattery goes a long way I thought. The Fire Lord continued.

"The assassin was caught and interrogated for information on the one who sent him. It took some doing but the truth came out. Once we had all the facts the assassin was executed and I launched a full but discreet investigation on all things that have been happening here in Konoha for the last few years. Which brings us to the present as to why I am here. A number of people on this council have committed a great deal of crimes against not only the leaf but fire country as well and need to be punished. Let us begin." The Fire Lord said as he raised his hand and his samurai moved forward. A few try to fight but were brought down before they could pickup any steam.

"This is outlandish. I have done nothing to deserve this treatment." Hiashi said as he was held down on the floor by a samurai.

"While you may not have played a direct part you still have to take responsibility for the fact that your Hyuga elders tried to have me killed." The Fire Lord said.

"What!? That cannot be true! I would never let something like that happen. What proof do you have to say that my clan did this and for what reason!?" Hiashi yelled as everyone who was not held down looked shocked again.

"The proof is this" the Fire lord said as he snapped his fingers and a samurai unsealed a dead body from a scroll. The body was that of a Hyuga.

"This is Tokuma Hyuga. He was the assassin who tried to kill me on behalf of your elders and the reason he was sent was not because of the file which he did not know I had but because your elders thought that I was going to pass a law that would end any and all types of slavery in the Land of Fire. That also means your bird cage seal would be banned as well. If your elders had looked for more information before acting they would have learned that said law was false but seeing how far your elders were willing to go to protect their traditions I will inform them before they are executed that thanks to them the Bird Cage Seal is now outlawed forever. The seal is being removed as we speak. Haruki-sama had a seal made to make your useless so it can be wiped off with a wet towel." The fire Lord said.

"You can't my clan needs the seal to protect our eyes from being stolen." Hiashi yelled as his chakra was sealed and he was picked off the floor.

"If you cared about your bloodline so much as you say then your whole clan would wear a seal that protects not only your eyes but your bodies as well. The fact is your Bird Cage Seal has one major flaw. While it may make your eyes useless if stolen from your dead. It does not stop one of your clan members from having children against their will. All another village has to do catch a clan member alive and turn him or her into a breeding machine and your eyes are now theirs." I said as Hiashi quiets down after hearing that as he has no way to reply.

"However I have come up with a new seal to replace your old one that will protect both eyes and body from now on. Once it is placed on the back of the neck it will keep any Hyuga cought by any enemy nation from having children as well as making the eyes useless if taken from a living or dead Hyuga unless the eyes are being placed in the body of a living Hyuga. The new seal is complex enough that anyone who tries to turn it into a new Bird Cage Seal will fail." I said

"Hiashi Hyuga while you played no part in your elders plot against me your the inability to control them is also one of the reason to why we are here now. For your inaction I the Fire Lord here by strip you of your clan head status and sentence you to three years in the civilian prison north of the capital. The reason your being given a light sentence is because Haruki-sama spoke on your behalf and he only did so because of his friendship with your eldest child Hinata. Your brother has been picked to replace you as clan head and any heir to your clan will be chosen based on ability not birth from now on. Take him away." The Fire Lord said. Hiashi could only hang his head in shame as he was taken away.

"Moving on." said The Fire Lord as he looked at rest of the people held down by his guards.

"Elder Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane and all members of the civilian council but Mebuki Haruno are under arrest for blackmail, embezzlement, child abuse, selling information to enemy nations, abuse of power, and treason." The Fire Lord said.

"Lies! We have been loyal to the leaf village for decades. We put our lives on the line during the first ninja world war. We are being setup." Koharu yelled as she struggled in her chair against the ones holding her.

"She speaks the truth. We spent our whole lives serving this village and Fire country. Why would we betray it now after all this time? All we have done has been for the good of both." Homura stated calmly while two samurai held his shoulders.

"While I believe that you two were loyal when you were younger time changes people. It is because of your history that makes your betrayal that much harder to take." The Fire Lord said as he throw an open file on the table. Pictures of the elders meeting civilian council members in their homes and slipping fat envelopes into their robes before leaving.

"And there is this." The Fire Lord said as he held up two thick books. One new and one old.

"The Konoha charter? What does that how to do with anything?" Tsume asked.

"The old one he is holding is from me. I got it from Lord Hokage when I first got here. Its had a little wear and tare so I bought a new one to replace it before giving the old one back. It was while I was looking over the new one that I saw something strange. I could understand if a few laws were added over the years since the old charter book was many years old but some of the founding laws of the village had also been changed. It took sometime and research but I was able to find out when the changes were made. I thought whoever did it was very cunning but they made one big mistake when trying to change one big law." I said.

"What law was changed?" Shikaku asked me.

"The law of how long an elder can stay in power. The old book stated that longest any elder can still in power was during the term of two Hokages. The new book states that any elder would stay in power until death. Meaning they would stay in office even should the Third retire again or die and the new Hokage cannot replace them do to said law. Even if they prove to be more trouble then their worth." I said.

"But when was it changed." Inoichi asked.

"Its was changed after the death of the Fourth Hokage but before the Third took power again. The elders with the help of the civilian council used the chaos of the nine tailed fox attack to keep themselves in power. Going as far as to commit treason by changing laws only I and the Hokage together can change. It time for them to face the punishment for their crimes." said The Fire Lord.

"Civilian council for your crimes all your assets being it businesses, land property and any bank accounts inside and outside fire country are now seized by me. The only exception will be one home and one account will be given to your families that had nothing to do with what you've have been doing. Since I feel a quick death is to good for the lot of you. You will spend the rest of your lives in civilian prison. Take them away." the Fire Lord said. Most of the civilian were crying or cursing as they were taken away. The Fire Lord turned to the two elders.

"Because of your service in the first ninja world war, being the students of the first and second Hokages and your old age I will show some small mercy. Everything you own have been seized and you two are hereby banishment from the leaf village and fire country for the rest of your lives. Your families will be informed of what you have done. You will be given enough food and supplies for six months and a small amount of money from your personal bank accounts. Your chakra and any important information that you have on the leaf and fire country will be sealed forever. Should you try to remove the seal it will kill you. You have one week to get out of my country after that you will be killed on sight. Remove them." The Fire Lord said.

"These are lies! We're loyal! Loyal!" Koharu yelled as she kicked and screamed as two samurai carried her out by both armpits.

"This cannot be happening, This cannot be happening." Homura kept saying as he was marched out of the room.

"And then there was one." The Fire Lord said as he looked at Danzo. If Danzo was worried you would not have been able to tell do to the blank look on his face.

"Why do you look towards me my Lord? If I was guilty then why not have me held down like all the others." Danzo stated see as he was not being held by anyone.

"Your crippled Danzo. There is little point in holding you down since you pose little to no threat." The Fire Lord said. We both knew that was a lie but we wanted Danzo to think he still had an edge. So when he made a move against us we would have him dead to rights.

"Danzo Shimura. Many years ago you were placed in charge of a secret section of the Anbu called Root. It was after Uchiha clan downfall that you were ordered by the Third Hokage to disband. It has come to light that not only have you disobeyed that order but you have been using Root to further your own ambitions. You have used them to commit so many high level crimes that should anything that you have done be made public would lead to every nation declare war on us. A war we could never win!" The Fire Lord said in anger as he snapped his fingers and a samurai placed a number of black files in front of the Third. The Third turned paler and paler as he read.

"Where did you get those!" Danzo demanded see as he was busted had no reason to play dumb now.

"Are you high or really really stupid? From me you fool! As soon as I figured out how to get that seal off the tongues of your Root members it was easy for me to make them talk. Since they are not as strong as you thought. Once done with them I sealed them in a prison seal, replaced them with wood clones, then had them sneak into your underground base, steal all your files and leave fakes in there place. As of today your time of hiding in the shadows is over." I said.

"This is far from over! Root!" Danzo yelled. A lone Root member appeared behind him as he revealed the sharingan on the right side of his face. Before Danzo could make his move the Root member behind him put a seal on him sealing his chakra, kicked him hard in the nuts, uppercut him in the face when he bent over and finished him with a roundhouse kick to the chest that sent him flying into the wall. Danzo got knocked the fuck out to put it lightly.

"Yeah, like the real me said its over." the Root member said as he revealed himself to be my shadow clone and dispelled.

"Danzo Shimura for high treason and a number of other crimes you are hereby sentenced to life in Blood Prison. Your chakra will be sealed forever and a new version of your own root seal will be placed on your tongue to keep you from revealing anything that could hurt the leaf or fire country." The Fire Lord said to unconsciousness Danzo.

"Take him to Torture and Interrogation before he wakes up for a full body check in case he as anymore surprises." The Third Hokage order his Anbu. The Third turned to me after his men disappeared with Danzo.

"Where are the rest of Danzo's Root ninja and why did you not tell me what your were doing?"The Third asked me.

"Danzo had spies everywhere even hidden among your own Anbu. He would have gotten wise to me if I did. As for Danzo's Root after I figured out how to take his seal off I figured out how to turn it on long it enough to knock his forces unconsciousness. So I used a long term wood clone disguise as a Root member with orders to turn on the seals as soon as the Daimyo got here. The Fire Lord's army should be finished rounding them up inside their base by now. It would be a waste to kill them since its Danzo fault for brainwashing them in the first place but there my be some that are hardcore loyal to him and may need to be locked up." I said.

"Hokage-sama feel free to will deal with them as soon as this meeting is over." The Fire Lord said.

"Of course my Lord." The Third said with a bow.

"If the events of today have shown anything is that a change in the governing body of the leaf is needed. It is with that in mind I make the following changes." The Fire Lord said.

"One: after replacing the civilian council with people we will can trust they will focus on civilian matters only and will have no power to order ninja of this village around. Two: in order to lift some of the burden(paper work) from the Hokage. The Hokage of the village will focus only on shinobi matters and civilian matters(paper work) as well as the civilian council will be handled by the newly created position of Minister of Civilian Affairs. Three: The Minister of Civilian Affairs cannot change or make any new laws without the approval of the Hokage. Four: Minister of Civilian Affairs can only stay in power for 5 years and any replacement must undergo a number of tests before being appointed and lastly all laws passed by the elders and civilian council between the time of the fourth Hokage's death and now will be reviewed and removed if need be." The fire lord said. The Fire Lord then turned to the Third.

"Third Hokage while I hold great respect for you I believe it is time for you to retire once more. I want you to choose your replacement before the final round of the Chunin exams." The Fire Lord said.

"I can think of a few people who can replace me." The Third said with a smirk as he eye Tsunade who started to sweat.

"I trust your judgment." The Fire Lord said. He then look at the last member of the civilian council.

"Mebuki Haruno, as the only trustworthy person of the civilian council I hereby promote you to the position of Minister of Civilian Affairs. You will start your new position after the Chunin exams but be warned the Third Hokage after his retirement will be your overseer for a few months should he find you wanting you will be replaced." The Fire Lord said.

"I will do my best not to disappoint you my lord." Mebuki Haruno said with a bow of her head.

"Good, now before your all dismissed I want you all to know that any information revealed today about Danzo and his actions are now an S rank secret. Should you reveal anything you will be kill on the spot." The Fire Lord said in a cold voice. Everyone but me give a nervous Hai before leaving the room. The only ones left in the room were the Hokage, myself, Tsunade and the Fire Lord. Before I could walk out the Fire Lord stopped me.

"Haruki-sama, you have done a great service to the leaf and fire country and it would stain my honor if I do not reward you in someway. So I hereby give you all the assets that were seized today to do with as you please." the Fire Lord said with a smile. I bow to him.

"I thank you for your generosity my lord but I have no need for all that money. But feel free to give it to my cousin Naruto Uzumaki seeing as he has been ripped off many time by the civilian council and its about high time they paid him back." I said.

"Very well. Once all the assets have been liquidated which should take a few weeks the money will be place in an account with Uzumaki Naruto name on it." The Fire Lord said before leaving. The Third turned to me after the Fire Lord left.

"I will overlook you acting on your own on this matter since you helped solve a number of problems inside the village but there will not be a second time. So make sure you follow the chain of command from now on or you will be punished." The Third said in a stern voice.

"Of course Lord Hokage. It will not happen again." I said with a bow while I smiled. The Third gave my one final stern look before leaving.

"Your lucky. If the Fire Lord didn't like you so much and that the idea of you being punished would have turned the Fire Lord against him. I am sure the Third would not have let you off so easily." Tsunade said with her arms crossed under her bust.

"Politics. The wonders they can do for you if used right." I said with a grin while I secretly went over my plan's to do list. Lets see.

Take down Danzo check.(note: as seen above) I thought he would be killed. Oh well Blood Prison is good enough. At least I took care of the box of ultimate bliss before hand or Danzo could have used it to escape. The box is in the middle of the ocean somewhere inside a sealed scroll.

Frame the Hyuga elders, remove Bird Cage Seal, send Hiashi to prison for being a dick to Hinata when she was a child check. That part of the plan went well I thought as I remembered how I did it.

I started by kidnapped and brainwashing Tokuma Hyuga(I don't feel bad about it do to him being a rapist piece of shit who used the Bird Cage Seal to threaten women into sex) using genjutsu, seals and shadow clones transformed as the elders so he believed it was them giving the orders to kill the Daimyo. Then once he was ready I sealed him into a time release prison seal that would let him loose at the right time to attack the Fire Lord. I then had my wood clone save the Fire Lord at the last moment to win his trust. Using the now caught Tokuma Hyuga to point the finger at the Hyuga elders. The Hyuga elders go down for treason and the Bird Cage Seal goes with them. Hiashi goes down for not keeping a tighter leash on his elders.

Next, remove the civilian council from power check. Dealing with the civilians was easy. The civilian council was mostly made up of men with only Mebuki Haruno being the only female member. Since I already knew she was innocent after spending sometime with her and her husband while I trained Sakura. So I focused my time on the others. All of them spent time in the red lights district weather they were married or not. So I transformed myself into an Anbu and secretly visited all their favorite women and bribed them with the promise of enough money to retire on if they helped me. They agreed and placed a seal on the civilian members during sex. Once the seals were on I had complete control of them all. I made them reveal every dirty deal they made behind closed doors and every secret bank account they had. All this inform would be put into a file that I would later give to the Daimyo after I saved his life.

Setup and remove the Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane check. This part was a little tricky. Since the elders were on Danzo side that meant they had Root bodyguards. So I had to find, defeat and mind wipe every every last one of them or they would tip the elders and Danzo off that I was up to something. Once Root was dealt with I slipped inside the elder's homes and put some seals on them. After the seals were on I had to wait for the Daimyo to send his investigators. After they got here I used the seals on the elders and civilian council members to have them stage a show for investigators. The elders would head to a civilian member's house to talk about some made up back room deal, then take a large envelope full of money(which ended up in between the breasts of a number of women from the red lights district after I give them a long and very hard thank you for all their hard work) and headed home. The investigators would see and hear everything and report back to the Fire Lord. After they left I removed all the seals on everyone which made them forget everything they did while under my power, covered any tracks I may have left behind and waited for the fire works to happen. While I did feel a little guilty about what I did to the elders they did change the law to stay in power long before I showed up. So they would have gotten busted sooner or later. I thought sooner was better.

Lastly position of Minister of Civilian Affairs. It was an idea I give to the Fire Lord to help Naruto in the long run. With his work load cut in half Naruto would be able to spend more time with his future family after he becomes Hokage. Boruto would be happier with Naruto around more.

"Are you listening to me or are you last in your own little world?" Tsunade asked me amused.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I was just wondering how all these changes will effect the village in the long run. Anyway since the Third is going to have his hands full for a while it unlikely that he will be giving me any missions anytime soon. So I am going to head home feel free to come a long if you like." I said

"I have nothing better to do and I wonder what kind of house would the great Gray Lord live in." Tsunade saying the last part sarcastically. I roll my eyes as we leave the room.

The village air was filled with tense. It was most likely do to all the soldiers that the Fire Lord brought with him. Things should be back to normal in a few days I thought as I walked the street home.

Tsunade said nothing as she walked next to me. From the look on her face I think she was remembering her past here. It wasn't until we reached my house that a black hair woman holding a pig appeared.

"Lady Tsunade, where were you? I was looking all over for you." Shizune said.

"Sorry about that. There was a major meeting going on when I went to see the old man and I got pulled into it. If you want to blame anyone blame him." Tsunade said as she pointed at me. Shizune blushed as soon as she saw my face. I turned on the charm.

"My apologies beautiful. If I had known Tsunade was keep someone as lovely as you waiting I would have made sure she was on time. To make it up to you why not join us for lunch inside my home. Oh, forgive me as I have forgotten to ask your name." I said as I kissed her hand.

"My name is Shizune Kato." Shizune said with a red face. An anger oink made her look at her pig.

"And this is Tonton." Shizune said as she petted said pig as an apology. Tonton gave me an oink in greeting.

"I am sure you know who I am." I said as I stepped towards my door.

"Hard not to. Your name is Haruki Uzumaki Yuki Senju also known as the Gray Lord. Your name and skill are known world wide." Shizune said only to turn red again when I give her a look of pure heat after I opened the door.

"I am know for many things not just my fighting skills. Play your cards right and you may just find out how skilled I am in other things and trust me you won't be disappointed." I said in a voice that promise all kinds of wicked things.

"If your done flirting how about we go inside." Tsunade said sounding irritated but couldn't keep the small blush off her face. My answer was to get her a wicked smile and walk inside. They followed me a few seconds later.

"Nice place. You went with comfortable but tasteful." Tsunade said as she and Shizune looked around.

My house was made of white walls and wooden floors. The furniture mostly dark colored with black and brown being the most used. To make up for the lack of color I had a number of colorful paintings on the walls. It wasn't a palace but it was home.

"Thank you. Home decorating wasn't a skill I had so I worried a little but its nice to know that others like what I have done with the place. How is lunch?" I asked a clone that I had left earlier as he walked in.

"Lunch is done but seeing how you have guests you may have to take something from the refrigerator seeing as I only made enough for two." the clone said before dispelling.

"You use shadow clones to make your food for you and who else were you cooking for?" Shizune asked.

"Shadow clones are good for multitasking. Saves you time and gives you more free time to do the things you like. Makes me wonder why the Third never used them to do his paperwork. Would have made his life easier. As for who else I was cooking for would by my cousin Naruto. He visits now and then so I make more just in case. Since your my guests you can eat first and I will make something for myself later." I said as I lead them both to the kitchen/dinning room. Once seated I serviced them some homemade spaghetti and meatballs with bread on the side. They eat with gusto.

"That was wonderful. I never had anything like that before where did you learn to cook so well?" Shizune asked after eating.

"Here and there but don't think your done yet." I said as I removed a Red Velvet Cake from the frig. The faces they made as they eat was amusing and a little arousing(licking the fork that way is just so wrong) I thought. After the food was gone I cleared the plates and placed them in the sink. We moved to the living room couches where they seat on one and I on the other. I pour the three of us some sake that pulled from a seal.

"While I am sure the villagers will be happy to know that your back. It makes me wonder why your here now. From what I remember you said you hated the leaf. So why?" I asked Tsunade as I leaned back into the couch. She did not answer right away but focus on the sake cup in her hand.

"It was after you left that I started to reflect on everything you said. I thought about the person I was before and how she would have beat me half to death if she saw me now. So I spent the last few months slowly regaining the skills I had lost and getting over my fear of blood. The reason I came back to the leaf was to show that I have at last put my past behind me and am ready to move forward with my life." Tsunade said as she finally looked me in the eye. I could see the flame of determination in her eyes.

"Its also helped that all your debts were paid off for some reason. I wonder who could have done that?" Shizune said as she looked at me. I had a blank face and said nothing. Time to change the subject.

"The fact that your here now make me believe you have changed in a good way but I am sure you can guess that being here now also mean that you will be pulled into whatever changes that will happen in the next few days." I said. Tsunade just rolled her eyes and sighed.

"What changes?" Shizune asked as she petted Tonton on her lap. I give her a run down of what happened at the meeting and but leave out any info about Danzo.

"We have been gone a long time but I didn't think the village would change so much and do you really think The Third Hokage would pick Tsunade-sama as his replacement?" Shizune asked.

"Most likely it will be her. The number of people who could make a good Hokage right now is very low. There are a few besides her that could take the position but most have a flaw that makes them a bad choice. Shikaku Nara has the brain power but doesn't have the motivation or the fighting power needed to lead. Jiraiya has his spy work and as far as I heard he likes his freedom to much to be stuck behind a desk. Kakashi Hatake could do it in a few years if he get over his past and becomes stronger. So that leaves only Tsunade who has the mind, power and will to lead." I said.

"You didn't add your own name to the list. Why is that?" Tsunade asked while not looking happy at the thought of being Hokage.

"A few reasons. I don't have the leadership skills needed for the job. Village ninjas gain leadership experience as they go up in rank but I spent my whole life until a little while ago working solo outside any village system. Sure I can lead a team but a village not so much. The trust of the villagers is also important. I have been here only a few months and while the villagers respect me. I feel that they don't trust me enough to lead them. And above all else I could never put the village above my own morality(what I did at the meeting does not count). While I would put my life on the line for the village I would never sacrifice my ethics for it. To be Hokage is to put the village first and I can't." I said meaning every word.

"Can't or won't?" Tsunade asked with a frown.

"Won't. Even if I am a ninja there are lines even I won't cross. Not even for the village. You got a problem with that" I asked as I locked eyes with Tsunade. We had a stare down for a second before she turned away.

"No, I spent to much time caring more about myself then the village to talk. As long as you are loyal to the village that is good enough." Tsunade said.

"I think that is enough serious talk for today. How about I show you my green house it has a large number of medical plants you'll like." I said as I stood up. The other stood up as while and followed me outside.

We spent the better part of the afternoon talking about the plants I had and where I got them from. Tsunade even squealed like a fan girl when she saw I had a bush of Blood Orchids the most power medical flower in the world in the back room. I told her she could have some if she did me a favor. Asking me what kind of favor I told she would have to train Sakura and Ino in medical ninjutsu in my place do to my work load getting heavier and thus not giving me enough time to teach them. She agreed after I told her about their skill level. She and Shizune left after I gave them a few samples from some of my plants.

The week passed in a blur. I spent most of my time putting the final touches on my plan to deal with Yama. I did however manage to give the remaining Rookies their chakra suits the day before the exam. They were all happy to have them and would wear them during the exam. It was time like this when I see their happy faces that I remember what I am fight for.

The next day. The Chunin Exam start now.

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