This is my first time publishing a story, I love to write but have been nervous about others reading them.

Anyway, this is based on 'The Legend of the Seeker' series but from an original characters point of view

I will publish the first few chapters to see what you guys think about it

oh one more thing, i suffer from dsylexia so any spelling mistakes i do apologise


I always knew I was different, I never fitted in well anywhere I went, sure the people were kind and were grateful for my assistance, but I could see uncertainty in their eyes. I didn't have any memories before 2 years ago, I remember just waking up in the middle of a battle field surrounded by the dead. I covered in blood with an empty quiver strapped to my back and a sword in hand, I remember looking in the reflective steel and seeing my face smeared with so much blood that I couldn't even make out the colour of my eyes. And yet I did not scream nor did I panic, I just rose to my feet and started walking. Leaving behind whatever chaos I had survived. I don't recall how long I walked before I found a river, I removed my quiver and sword and dove straight in, holding my breath trying to remember who I was. Nothing. After I had washed off all the blood I could and drying my clothes, I sat on the bank not knowing what to do next. Did I have a home? A family? Why couldn't I remember? But most of all, what do I do next?

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes blinking in the sunlight as it came through the window, sitting up I checked my surroundings as I always did, same room, same village, door still bolted shut, sword by the bed and dagger beneath the pillow. Exhaling I stood and walked over to the window pushing it open on old creaky hinges, a blast of fresh air filled the room. Looking out across the small village, it must be barely after sunrise, some of the villagers were up and moving around starting work. This had been my place of rest for three months now, its name was Dain. A small area of Kelton in the Midlands, it was peaceful. But it was not my home, the villagers kept their distance from me as best they could, I was a stranger to them an outsider, I ran a hand through my hair.

"Alexios! Alexios!"

I looked down to where the voice was coming from, a small boy with blonde hair stood in the middle of the street, Caleb.

I smiled at him, he was one of the very few people in this town that would talk to me, but he was the only one who liked talking to me. he was a good kid, kind to all he met.

"Caleb, what are you doing out this early?" I questioned

He beamed back at me "Father is out farming and mother is running the stall in the market, can we go train now" after a moment he added "Please"

I sighed, he was about 8 years of age, and when I first came to Dain I had saved him and his mother from some bandits, who ambushed their cart. So we became friends and a deal was formed, I would teach him how to defend himself if he taught me about the midlands history.

"Give me a moment Caleb and I will be down" I stepped back into the dusty old tavern room, grabbing my weapons and my jacket, Locking the door behind me. Passing the sleepy inn keeper on my way out the door who grunted about my rent.

Caleb and I walked to our regular spot in the hills, it was close to town but no one ever came out this way. I set down my sword by a rock and sat upon it, Caleb leaping up next to me, I turned to him.

"right where did we leave off last time?"

His face conveyed a slight confused look, so I continued

"we covered D'Hara and Darken Rahl, the war, and the seeker …"

"oh yer" he almost bounced out his seat "next I was gonna teach you about Aydindril and the mother confessor" he took a moment, his brown eyes concentrating "at the moment, Kahlan Amnell is the mother confessor and she is helping Richard Cypher"

"the seeker" I interjected, he nodded

"all confessors are women, all born from other confessors and erm… oh yer they have the power to confess you, which means… they make you good and you will do what they say"

He started playing with a weed he had pulled from the crack in the rocks, twirling it in his fingers

"I saw the mother confessor once, she was really pretty, her and the seeker helped our village from the D'Harans, they were very brave, I saw the seeker use the sword of truth, they were kind to me and my family" he threw the weed behind him and jumped of the rock "Alexios can we train now, I'm bored"

I smiled at the boy's small attention span and his enthusiasm "very well Caleb"

"YAY" he picked up his wooden sword and swung it towards me.

We stayed out there for a couple of hours before I said about getting back, he had improved on his defence. It was impressive how quickly he caught on. As we made our way back down the hill I could hear cheers coming from the market place. Caleb started off at a run towards his mother's stall, she greeted him with open arms and lifted him up into the air. Walking into the hustle and bustle of the crowd I could see they were all looking in one direction, I made my way through, the people noticing that it was me gave me room to move, I hated the way their stared sometimes. I was still an outsider. I gave up and went to the tavern, buying a flagon form the barmaid who seemed to be disappointed by missing out what was outside.

"what's all the cheering about?" I asked taking a gulp

She gave me a look that I should have known, but she told me anyway

"They are cheering because the Seeker and the mother confessor are stopping in town for the night" then she muttered something under her breath and turned away. I thanked her sourly and returned to my room at the end of the second floor corridor, I could still hear the villagers outside. Opening the door I stripped off my sword and jacket dumping them I on the bed, walking over to the bowl filled with water and the cracked mirror on the wall. I cupped my hands and pulled the now cold water over my face, feeling the coldness was quite refreshing on this hot day. I looked up into the mirror, the green eyes I once found so unfamiliar gazed back at me, my deep black hair stuck out at odd angles. I know it was my reflection but i never felt like the real me, I always felt that something was missing.