A I finally sped through the trees they were nowhere insight, I listened for any sign of either women, a scream echoed through the quiet forest, I bolted in the direction of the noise. The screaming grew louder, it was pain filled. I darted threw the last few trees skidding to a halt, before me the two women struggled to get the upperhand, I could see blood on both of them. I watched as denna skilfully missed an attack from Kahlan and was able to snake her arm around so her agiel pressed against Kahlan's side. The screeching echoed out and Kahlan's knees buckled under her, she cried out her daggers falling from her hands. A malicious smile crossed Denna's red lips, she looked up as I approached slowly watching the scene infront of me, Denna laughed

"Finish her with me Thanatos, prove yourself" she released Kahlan for a moment before grabbing a handful of her hair forcing her to look at me, tears streaming down her face.

"do it now Thanatos, kill Kahlan Amnell" she yelled

I snapped my head up to Denna as she taunted me to kill the mother confessor, I could feel the darkness within me the yearning to kill the one in white, to watch her life drain from her eyes. Her eyes that were watching me waiting for me to make a move, but I couldn't, I could not move forward, I just stood there blade in my hand.

" I knew it" Denna spat "I saw it last night, when you stopped me"

"quiet" I growled not wanting to hear her taunting, but Denna continued

"I saw it in your eyes, you weren't stopping me for the Lord Rahl"

"I said be quiet" I raised my voice

"you didn't want to see your precious Confessor hurt"


"YOU LOVE HER!" she screamed, her agiel pressing against Kahlan's pale throat, the confessor cried out in pain. Her eyes rimmed red, contrasting against the blue of her iris. My chest pulled in pain

"STOP THIS NOW" I ordered taking a step forward, blade raised. Denna rolled her eyes

"I. AM. YOUR. MISTRESS" she yelled "YOU. WILL. DO. AS. I. COMMAND" with each word she struck the confessor with her weapon. I couldn't take anymore, the darkness whirling in my chest erupted and I lunged forwards, colliding with them both. All three of us tumbling to the floor, I was instantly on my feet shoving the one in red violently against a tree, Denna let out a gasp of air. She tried to push me back but it was no use, my hands curled around her throat, tightening. My body shook uncontrollably as a red haze covered my eyes, my hands tightened again. She struggled against me, her nails dragging through my skin but it was too late. Her eyes widened in fear, then there was a loud crack and she went limp in my grip but still I held her by the throat, I couldn't let go, she had taunted me, gone against my orders, tried to control me.


"Alexios let her go"

"Shes dead"

I could hear the words but it was like I was no longer in control of my own body, I was still shaking. Denna's eyes had rolled back as her motionless body just hung there in my hands. I felt something on my shoulder, another threat. I dropped the corpse and whirled around pushing the threat back grabbing my sword from the floor, I was on top of them in seconds my blade pressed against her throat, blood trickled down her skin.

"Alexios, it's me" Kahlan's voice cracked, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. "please"

Suddenly the haze cleared and I could see the woman in front of me, the blue in her eyes, her pale skin streaked with tears, her lips quivering.

What was I doing?

Who was i?


Or Alexios?

"who am I?" I whispered

Kahlan's brow knitted together,

"you are Alexios, and you are brave and strong, kind and" she placed a hand on my chest "I believe in you and the strength you have to be the man you were always meant to be"

Her hand felt warm against my chest but it was also calming, I looked into her eyes. I felt so conflicted part of me couldn't remove the sword from her neck, and the other half couldn't believe what I was doing, this is Kahlan Amnell the purest and most honest woman I have ever known.

Suddenly the air was pushed from my lungs, a sharp pain in my chest, Kahlan's eyes widened

"NO!" she screamed but the sound was beginning to fade, I looked down the point of the sword of truth coming from my chest, coated in blood. A single drop falling onto the white of Kahlan's dress, then the weapon was gone, pulled from my body. I could taste the coppery flavour form in the back of my mouth, my body fell limp, I rolled to the floor. The rain fell through the trees landing on my face as I looked up at the canopy, small hands pressed against my chest and there she was Kahlan Amnell with the bluest eyes I'd ever seen, even when they were wet with tears.

"oh my spirits, Alexios!" her voice was breaking

Another figure came to stand behind trying to pull her away, my eyes could not see anything but Kahlan, it was like nothing in the world mattered now and I supposed nothing did, it was like everything was becoming clear, the dark fog had lifted.

"what have you done Richard"

Kahlan pushed at the figure, I could hear his voice but could not make out his words, but Kahlan turned back to me

"he saved my life" her voice was soft, her hand pressed against my cheek, it felt slick against my face.

"Alexios, your Andolian, heal yourself" she pleaded

I inhaled as much as I could my words coming shakey and broken

"can't… sword of… truth… enchanted… this is it" my breath rushed out of me, my throat filling with blood, I tried to cough it away but more filled the space. Looking up I could see the panic in Kahlan's eyes, trying to find a solution to an unsolvable problem.

My vision was getting blurry, lids getting heavy, it was like I couldn't breath, I was drowning from my own blood filling my lungs. Suddenly she leaned in her lips pressing against, it was soft and barely there but it made my heart soar. I forced my eyes to open but it was no good, I couldn't see her, the pain was growing, my vision gone, I couldn't breathe. Blackness took me.

Was this the end? it was strange it was like I was falling, but I knew I couldn't be, surly I was still lying on the forest floor. There was a green glow below me, it was getting brighter, a moaning echoed as I got closer to the glow. I could see bodies below, writhing, colliding together. Then I was on the ground, dust swirling around me, I jumped to my feet as the figures around me moved closer, they were all unclothed and pushing one another, pain contorting their faces, it took me only a moment to realize where I was.

The underworld.

So thats my first story, for those who have persevered with the story i really hope that you have enjoyed it, please let me know what you think.