Title: Behold, the Power of …

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Harry Potter universe. This is done purely for my own entertainment, and hopefully that of others.

Notes: Drabble, exactly 100 words.


"I can't believe that worked!"

"Of course it worked, Ron!" Hermione said smugly.

"Truly you've defeated the Dark Lord?" Albus Dumbledore asked in shock.

"Yep," Harry replied. "We tricked Malfoy into having a Death Eater Christmas party and had Dobby smuggle in some tainted food."

"Yeah, but who knew that Voldemort could be defeated by a compulsion charm, a potion to induce severe lactose intolerance, and a big block of briere?" Ron asked again, still in disbelief.

"So the power he knew not was dairy?" the Headmaster asked for clarification

"As the commercials always say, 'Behold the power of cheese!'"


Author Note: Sorry, I couldn't help myself! I got the idea and couldn't let it go. I don't know if they have these commercials in the UK or not, but at about the right timeframe storyline-wise of the final books, they got played to death around Christmas in the US...

Published 08/12/2015