It was Friday and Jade was getting to go home. Shabnam had promised that she would be there when the IV was getting taken out and then she was allowed to take Jade to her house until 6 o'clock when her foster parents would return and pick her up.

Jade woke up and ate her breakfast. She knew that she needed to do exactly what the nurses and doctors told her or she won't get to go home.

Just as Jade was finishing her breakfast, the door opened and Shabnam walked in.

"Mum" Jade said smiling. She lifted her arms up and wrapped them around Shabnam when she was close enough.

"Hello sweetie, are you excited to be getting home?" Shabnam asked. Jade nodded.

"Do you want to start getting ready?" Shabnam asked and Jade nodded.

"Mum" Jade said and Shabnam looked at her.

"Once we go back to your house, can I please have a bath?" Jade asked shyly. Shabnam nodded.

"Of course you can, sweetie" Shabnam said moving a strand of Jade's hair out the way.

"I'm getting my IV out today so that means I can have a proper wash" Jade explained and Shabnam nodded.

"That will be good" She said and Jade nodded.

"Would it be easier to just put your gown on?" Shabnam asked and Jade nodded.

"I don't like it though, it's very thin. I feel like everyone can see me naked" Jade said and Shabnam laughed slightly.

"It's only me though" Shabnam said and Jade nodded.

"I know but it's when the doctor comes and Derek will be there this time" Jade said.

"Jade, you are 7 years old, you have nothing to hide" Shabnam said.

"I still don't like it. You wouldn't get changed in front of a doctor or Derek so why do I have to?" Jade asked.

"When I had Zaair, I was sitting on the bed with my legs up with no pants on" Shabnam said and Jade made a face.

"Exactly, you just have to put up with it. I didn't particularly want people looking at my bum, did I?" Shabnam asked and Jade giggled before shaking her head.

"What about when you had me?" Jade asked.

"I was alone" Shabnam said.

"Was it scary?" Jade asked and Shabnam nodded.

"It was very scary, I didn't know what to do but I couldn't stop it" Shabnam explained. Jade bit her lip and looked down.

"Come on sweetie, into the gown" Shabnam said breaking the silence.

Jade nodded and did what she was told. Once she had the gown on, she got comfortable on her mum's knee.

The doctor came in and Derek was close behind.

"So I just have to do some tests and take your IV out" The doctor said and Jade nodded.

She did her physio and then they took some blood. Jade didn't like this bit but at least she had her mum to hide her face into.

Then it was time to remove the dreaded IV.

"Can you take your gown off" The doctor asked. Jade looked at her mum who smiled encouragingly. Jade did as she was told.

"Can I lie on my mum again?" Jade asked and the doctor nodded. Jade lay down on her mum and the doctor quickly removed the IV. Jade had tears running down her face and buried her head into her mum the second it was away. Shabnam wrapped the gown around the girl's shoulders and rocked her.

"So, I will just go and sort out the discharge forms. Derek if you could come with me? And then you are free to go" The doctor said and Jade smiled.

As soon as the doctor left, she started packing.

"Someone's eager" Shabnam said.

"I want to go now" Jade said as she threw everything into the suitcase. Shabnam smiled at the girl. It pained her to see the little girl with so little belongings. She didn't have anything that was special, that was only hers. Shabnam wanted to change that.

Shabnam helped the girl pack everything and carried the duvet for her. They opened the door and were met by the doctor.

"All sorted" He said and Jade smiled.

"Come on then, Mum" Jade complained as she felt that Shabnam was walking too slowly.

"Okay" Shabnam said "I best get going, someone isn't wanting to wait" Shabnam said smiling. The doctor and Derek nodded before Shabnam ran off.

Kush picked them up. Shabnam made sure that Jade was buckled up before sorting herself out.

They arrived at Shabnam and Kush's.

"Where are we?" Jade asked.

"This is my home" Shabnam said.

"But it's not the house we were in last time" Jade asked confused.

"I know, that is my dad's house while this is me and Kush's" Shabnam explained and Jade nodded.

"Okay" She said before following behind her mum.

"We have a surprise for you" Shabnam said and Jade looked at her unsure.

"What is it?" Jade asked and Shabnam smiled.

"Close your eyes" Shabnam said. Jade did as she was told. Shabnam placed one hand on her daughter's back and then the other holding her hand and guided her to the room.

"Open your eyes" Shabnam said. Jade opened her eyes. She burst into tears.

"Oh sweetie" Shabnam said feeling bad.

"Thank you so much" Jade said putting her arms around her mum.

"It's okay, baby" Shabnam said.

"I also thought you might like this" Shabnam said handing over a blanket that was on the bed. Jade smiled and took it from her mum's hands. She lifted it up to her nose.

"It smells like you" Jade said and Shabnam smiled.

"I have been sleeping with it for the last few nights" Shabnam said. "Anytime you are upset or scared, I want you to cuddle up with it and then you know I will always be with you"

Jade nodded.

"I don't want to leave you, can I just stay here? I have a bed now" Jade said.

"Oh baby, I know it's hard. Hopefully you can come soon though" Shabnam explained and Jade nodded.

"Every time I'm not with you, I'm scared" Jade said and Shabnam's heart broke.

"Oh my baby girl" Shabnam said before rocking the girl. She had tears streaming down her face.

"Let's give you a bath, eh?" Shabnam asked wanting to calm the girl down. Jade nodded and allowed her mum to carry her to the bathroom. Shabnam turned on the water before she started taking the girl's clothes off.

"I don't want you to leave me" Jade said.

"I'm right here baby" Shabnam said. Once the bath was run, Shabnam helped Jade to climb into it.

"This is so nice" Jade said as she started to relax. Shabnam smiled and watched the girl carefully. She then got some kids shampoo that she had bought in case Jade ever stayed over. She started washing the girl's hair.

Once her hair was washed, Shabnam started washing her body.

"Are you okay with me doing this?" Shabnam asked and Jade nodded. She liked it. She liked being babied.

Once she was completely washed, they sat for about 10 minutes or so. They just spoke, Jade smiled as she listened to her mother speak.

"Come on you, the water is starting to get cold" Shabnam said and Jade sighed. She stood up and Shabnam wrapped her up in a towel and lifted her out the bath.

"Shall we go through to my room, it's warmer?" Shabnam asked and Jade nodded. She allowed her mum to carry her through.

Jade got dried and changed back into her clothes.

"What do you want to do?" Shabnam asked and Jade shrugged.

"Can we go to the park?" Jade asked and Shabnam nodded.

"Sure, but you have to do as I say?" Shabnam said and Jade nodded.

"Good girl" Shabnam said as they got their jackets on. They headed to the park, of course Shirley and Dean just had to be leaving.

"Jade" Shirley called. Jade looked at her mum and held onto her hand tightly.

"It's okay" Shabnam said rubbing her thumb on the girl's hand.

"Shabnam, you can't hide her from us. She is our family too" Shirley shouted.

"Shabnam, let us see her" Dean shouted. She could tell he was going after her. Dean grabbed Shabnam's arm, not hard but firmly. Shabnam shrugged it off.

"Mum" Jade begged. Shabnam looked at the girl and in one shift movement, the girl was on her hip.

"You are scaring my daughter" Shabnam said as she tried to walk away.

"Come on Jade, it's me" Dean said as he put his arm on the girl's arms.

"No" She cried.

"Dean, please" Shabnam said trying to get passed. Dean sighed and moved away.

"Let's go to the park now" Shabnam said putting the girl down. Jade nodded and held onto her mum's hand.

They played at the park for a while before heading back home. Shabnam could tell that Jade wasn't right.

"What's wrong?" Shabnam asked.

"Well, you know how Dean is my dad" She asked and Shabnam nodded.

"Did you love him?" Jade asked and Shabnam shook her head.

"I was silly" Shabnam said.

"How can you have me then?" Jade asked and Shabnam looked like a deer caught in the headlights. How was she meant to answer this?

"Em" Shabnam said.

"How could you have a special kiss with him to make a baby if you didn't love him" Jade asked.

"Well, sometimes you can pretend he is someone else and then you can have a special kiss" Shabnam tried to explain and Jade nodded.

"How was it bad that you had a special kiss before you were married?" Jade asked.

"It's hard for you to understand just now and it will make more sense when you are older, but in my religion you aren't to have a special kiss before you are married. It shows that you love that person and that you saved yourself for him" Shabnam explained and Jade nodded.

"Okay, do I have to wait until I'm married to have a special kiss?" Jade asked.

"It's up to you, when you are a lot older I will speak to you more about it" Shabnam said.

"Why not now? How old will I be?" Jade asked.

"Because you are a little too young to understand. And it depends, we will have quite a lot of grown up talks as you get older" Shabnam said and Jade nodded.

"Will I get to have them with you?" Jade asked leaning against her mum and Shabnam nodded.

"I hope so baby" Shabnam said.

"I want to play with your hair" Jade whispered and Shabnam smiled. She took off her head scarf. Jade leant against Shabnam and played with her hair.

"That's dinner, girls" Masood said and Shabnam nodded.

"Let's eat sweetie" Shabnam said Jade nodded. After they had eaten, Jonathan came to pick Jade up.

She was a bit emotional about saying goodbye to her mum but knew Shabnam would pick her up from school on Monday.

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