Hello all! Here we are with the final chapter of Shinrai Atsune's request! Sorry it took so long. For this chapter we will be focusing on Fem!Ventus X Terra set in the final battle of Birth by Sleep. Hope you all enjoy it and I still claim no ownership. Everything Kingdom Hearts related belongs to Square Enix and Disney.

Terra was facing the hardest battle of his life. He never thought he'd have to fight against Master Xehanort, one of the men he looked up to. But there he was desperately dodging attacks from millions of old keyblades in the middle of the desert-ridden graveyard. Master Xehanort watched him from atop a pillar, seemingly amused by Terra's struggles.

His female companions were having just as hard a time as he was, if not worse. Aqua had immediately become swamped by hordes of unversed too powerful for even a Keyblade Master to handle. It hadn't been long into her battle before she was knocked unconscious and nearly ripped apart by the monsters. This left Mickey as her only defence against the unversed.

Ventus had been duelling Vanitas for some time now. She was trying her hardest not to use any offensive maneuvers in order to prevent the creation of the X-blade and Vanitas wasn't taking it lightly. The evil masked boy was throwing everything he had at her from throwing the stray lifeless keyblades at her to blasting dark energy at her. Ven was quickly running low on energy and she knew she wasn't going to last much longer.

Terra himself was scaling the pillar Master Xehanort was on, his Keyblade in hand and ready for battle. Xehanort himself simply smirked and chuckled as Terra got closer and closer to him. It only meant that he was getting closer and closer to his doom. It was inevitable.

Just then, Terra jumped up on to the top of the pillar, glaring at Xehanort with a deadly, threatening look in his eyes. But, Xehanort seemed unfazed by the silent threat.

"Well, Terra. You've certainly improved." The elder Keyblade Master chuckled darkly as he summoned his Keyblade to his hand. "There's still time to change your mind, you know. Join me, Terra. Together with the X-Blade we will conquer the worlds! And see what lies beyond another Keyblade war!"

Terra responded with a snarl. "Never!" He growled. "I'll never help you start a war! Not after what you've done to Master Eraqus - no, my father. I'll never forgive you!"

Master Xehanort responded with another bone-chilling chuckle. "Very well, if you won't join me willingly, then I guess I'll just have to take your body by force! Yes, I will need a stronger, more youthful body if I am going to see what lies beyond the Keyblade war." The elderly Keyblade Master laughed evilly, summoning his dark Keyblade to his hand.

Terra cringed a little at the thought of Xehanort taking over his body, but he shook it off and pointed his weapon at his former mentor. "I won't let that happen! Just go ahead and try!" The brunette snarled angrily.

With that, Terra and Xehanort charged at each other with all their strength. Terra found himself fighting harder than usual because he knew what was at stake. If he let Xehanort win it wouldn't just be him and his friends who would suffer, but the countless other worlds too. No matter what, he would keep pushing himself to fight harder and harder. He knew he had to push himself to his absolute limit. But despite his best efforts it seemed Xehanort wasn't getting weakened at all.

"Don't you know this is futile, Terra?" Laughed Master Xehanort. "Why don't you just give in to me?"

"That'll never happen!" Terra snarled through gritted teeth.

"Terra!" A voice exclaimed fearfully. Terra turned his head, finding one of his friends had scaled the stone pillar in an attempt to help him. Like Terra and Aqua, she was dressed in full-body keyblade armor but hers was green, blue and black. Her hair was short and blonde done in a half-ponytail and her eyes were blue.

"Ven?!" Terra gasped in surprise. "What are you doing?! Get out of here!"

The younger blonde girl shook her head in protest. "No I can't! I have to help you!"

At the sight of his former apprentice, Master Xehanort smirked darkly. "Well, isn't this a pleasant surprise?"

"Get away from Terra, you monster!" Ven screamed as she raised her Keybkade and rushed towards Terra's side. But, before she could cause any type of damage to her former master, she was attacked and grabbed from behind.

Seeing the scene unfold before him, Terra released a gasp of fear. "Ven no!" When the dust settled, he clearly saw Vanitas standing behind Xehanort with his hands tightly holding on to Ven's wrists, holding her hostage against his chest. Her keyblades had disappeared and she was clearly struggling to try and get away from the dark boy.

"Hey! Stop it! Let me go!" Ven squirmed.

"Sorry, not a chance, Ventus." Purred Vanitas, leaning his masked face closer to her, sending a shiver down her spine.

While Terra stood there in fear for his friend, Xehanort laughed darkly and evilly. Now he had Terra right where he wanted him.

"My my, now this is quite the predicament, isn't it, Terra?" Grinned the dark Keyblades Master, amused as he watched the young girl try to struggle against Vanitas.

Terra snarled at the old man in anger. "Xehanort, what are you doing?! Let Ven go!"

But Master Xehanort simply laughed at him. "So sorry but that's not going to happen. I still need her to complete the X-blade after all. So no, I won't be letting her go anytime soon. But, there is a way you can help her."

"And what would that be?" Questioned Terra cautiously.

Xehanort grinned. "Give yourself up to me. Allow me to take over your body just as I wished.

"And if I don't?" Challenged Terra.

"Then as soon as I'm done with her, I'll have Vanitas destroy her." Xehanort's grin grew wider as he saw an expression of despair creep up onto Terra's face.

"Terra! No you can't! Don't worry about me! You can't let him take your body!" Ven protested.

"Shut up girl!" Vanitas snarled as he roughly twisted her arms behind her back and pushed her to her knees, caused her to release a cry of pain.

Terra clenched his teeth as he looked between Master Xehanort and Ven. He knew letting the wicked man take over his body could only mean horrible things for the world's but he still couldn't stand the thought of Ven being in danger because of him. He couldn't stand seeing her hurt. No matter what, he had to keep her safe.

Sighing in defeat, Terra allowed his armor to dissapear and dismissed his keyblade. "Alright, Xehanort. You win. I... I'll let you take over my body. Just please don't hurt Ven."

"What?!" Ven exclaimed as she struggled to try and move out of Vanitas's grip but was unable to. "Terra what are you saying?! Why would you do that?!"

Terra gazed at his friend sadly. "Because you mean the worlds to me and I can't stand the thought of you in danger. I'd gladly give up my heart if it meant you'd be safe. Because that's how much I care about you.

"Terra..." Ven murmured, honestly touched.

But, the moment was interrupted by Vanitas's dark laughter. "As touching a moment this is, it's making me sick." The dark boy groaned. "Can we hurry this up?"

"Yes, of course " Xehanort smirked pointing his weapon directly at Terra. "I hope you had fun while you could, Terra. Not to worry, your body will serve me well."

Taking a deep breath, Tearra spread his arms wide and closed his eyes, ready for impact.

But Ven found herself unable to accept her friend's fate. Time seemed to slow down as Xehanort was about to penetrate Terra's heart, she couldn't bear to have this happen. And just before the dark Keyblade Master could harm Terra, Ventus broke free of Vanitas and rushed to Terra, grabbing him and summoning her keyblade glider.

Thing started moving so fast for Ven. Once she had grabbed Terra, she had soared to where Mickey was hauling an unconscious Aqua and teleporting away with the star shard. She followed the blinking light of the star shard straight back into space.

But all that adrenaline soon caught up to he and before she knew it, her entire world had turned black.

The next moment her eyes opened, she found herself in the familiar space of Merlin's house in Radiant Garden laying on a soft bed. Slowly, Ven sat up on the bed and looked down at herself, finding that her armor had been dismissed, leaving her in her casual clothes.

"What? How did I get here?" Wondered Ventus out loud.

"I brought you here." A familiar voice spoke. Ven looked to the other side of the room, finding Terra sitting in a chair near him was two ther beds hosting sworn-out Aqua and Mickey. "It was the closest world I could get to from the Keyblade Graveyard."

Seeing him, Aqua and Mickey were safe, Ven couldn't help but smile. "I'm so happy everyone's okay."

But Terra released a sigh and started walking towards her. "Ven, what were you thinking?! Why would you risk yourself like that? What if you hadn't gotten away? You would have been in even more danger than you were before."

"I couldn't just stand there like a weak hostage!" Protested Ven as Terra sat down next to her. "I can't stand the thought of you being in danger either. I... I love you. I mean, I-" she stuttered and blushed.

But, before she could say anything else, Terra grasped her shoulders and pulled her into a deep kiss on the lips. Ven seemed a little stunned at first but soon relaxed into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his strong body. Too soon their kiss ended, leaving them both to look into each other's eyes.i

Terra blushed. "I... In case it wasn't obvious; I love you too." He said. "I was so scared when Xehanort and Vanitas threatened you, I wanted to do anything I could to save you."

"We'll defeat them." Ven reassured him. "But we'll do it together."

"Right. Together." Terra nodded as he and Ven kissed again.

And so ends Genderbent Hearts! This was a hard request to write, but I had fun with it :) I hope you all enjoyed it, especially you, Shinrai Atsune! See you all later!