Naruto Uchiha

I was thinking about possible story ideas and I came up with an idea while reading a story where Madara helps raise Naruto. I thought to myself, what if Mikoto and Fugaku adopted Naruto after the Kyuubi attack. What if Sasuke and Naruto grew up like brothers? How would that change the course of history?

Read and find out…

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In the village Kohohagakure, things were in chaos. The reason for this was that the Kyuubi no Kistune was attacking the village. Normally, the Kyubbi would be sealed within a human known as a Jinchuuriki, but a mysterious masked man had taken advantage of the Jinchuuriki going into labor and had ripped the Kyuubi from the seal and set him upon the village.

Normally the Kyuubi wouldn't dream of attacking the village and was actually on good terms with the person he was sealed with, but the masked man placed him under a powerful Genjutsu and sent him on a rampage. Now, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki were at the outskirts of the village, having managed to contain the beast and were preparing to seal it away. Minato made a string of hand-signs and a complex sealing array appeared around him and Kushina.

"Kushina," said Minato, "I'm going to have to use the Shiki Fūjin to seal away the Kyuubi's Yin Chakra while I seal the Yang chakra in myself."

"Minato," said Kushina, "please think about this. Using that jutsu would cost you your soul."

"It's the only way," said Minato, "I'll seal him in our son, Naruto to protect the village. I can seal some of our chakra into him as well to give him a message when he's older."

"…Alright," said Kushina, "but if you're going to seal him away, then let me help. With my clan's techniques, his entire being can be sealed away."

"Alright," said Minato, "let's begin."

As Minato set up the seal, Kushina used her ability to create Chakra Chains to hold the Kyuubi in place. Minato then placed their son on a raised pedestal in the center of the array. Kushina made several hand-signs and the sealing array for the changed and gained several added layers to the sealing formula.

"Ready, Minato-kun," said Kushina, "please hurry."

"Right," said Minato as he made several seals with his hands, "Uzumaki Style Fūinjutsu: Ten Trigrams Supreme Seal!"

"NO!" roared the Kyuubi in defiance, "I will not be subdued!"

The Nine-tailed fox lunged forward, aiming to impale the infant on the stand with a claw, but his attack was stopped when Minato and Kushina moved into the path, given strength by their desire to protect their only child.

"Na-Naruto," gasped Kushina as she held the massive claw back with her body as it impaled her and Minato. She could feel her life slipping away, so she wanted to say one last thing, "be strong. Your life will be hard, but you are the son of the Yellow Flash and the Red Hot Habanero. Grow up strong and become a fine man. I love you, my sochi."

"Naruto," said Minato as he prepared complete the sealing and seal a fragment of his and Kushina's chakra into him, "I hope you can forgive me for this one day. I hope you live a good life, and always know, you are my greatest joy and treasure."

With a mighty roar of defiance, the seal sucked the Kyuubi into the body of the infant Naruto, marking his stomach with the Ten Trigrams seal. With the Kyuubi gone, Minato and Kushina fell to the ground as the last of their energy faded and their souls passed on into the Pure Land. Moments later Hiruzen Sarutobi and several ANBU arrived on the scene, witnessing the remains of the Kyuubi's sealing. Solemnly, picking up the crying infant, Hiruzen headed to summon the council for an emergency meeting while the ANBU took the bodies to a more secure location for their funeral preparations.


"Hiruzen," said Danzo as the former Third Hokage walked into the Council Chambers, "why have you summoned us at this time? And where is the Yondaime?"

"The Yondime is dead," said Hiruzen solemnly, "he gave his life to defeat the Kyuubi and seal it away in his own child."

Hiruzen held up the now sleeping form of Naruto, "This child is the savior of our village. He is the only thing keeping the Kyuubi from destroying us all."

The chamber was silent for a moment before a voice from the Civilian side yelled out.

"So the demon is now in the body of that child? Then lets kill him and be rid of the demon forever!"

Shouts of agreement cried out from the rest of the Civilian side if the Council, but Hiruzen shut them all up with a blast of Killing Intent.

"SILENCE!" roared the old monkey, "I will not have you speaking this way about this child! In the absence of Minato, I will be taking my old title as Third Hokage, and I hereby place a law that places the truth about this child's condition as an S Ranked secret. Anyone that speaks of it will be executed! This child is not the demon. He is the savior protecting us all from the demon."

The council was silent, but even an untrained eye could see the hated glares that were being leveled at the infant in Sarutobi's arms.

"So," said Kano Shinji, a portly shopkeeper on the Civilian Council, "what are we to do with it? Put it in an orphanage with other children?"

Hiruzen glared at the man, but couldn't do much, as he had not really broken his law despite his thinly veiled insults to Naruto.

"That will not be necessary," said a firm voice from the Shinobi side of the Council.

The people gathered turned and saw that Fugaku Uchiha had risen to his feet to address the group, "My wife was close to the boy's parents. I'm sure she would love to take him in."

"Uchiha-sama," said one of the female Civilian Councilmembers, a restaurant owner by the name of Misha Konota, "are you sure about this decision?"

"I am quite sure," said Fugaku coldly, "unless you are implying that my thinking might be flawed in some way?"

The Councilmember paled. The way that Fugaku's response was given, any objection to his decision would be an insult to him, and she didn't want the wrath of the leader of Konoha's Military Police Force turned on her.

"N-never mind," said Misha as she backed down, "forgive my objection."

"If there is nothing else," said Hiruzen, "this meeting is over. Uchiha-san, if you would remain behind, we will finalize the details about the adoption."

"Thank you, Hokage-sama," said Fugaku.

With that, the Shinobi and Civilians filed out of the council chamber, leaving only Fugaku and Hiruzen.

"Uchiha-san," said Hiruzen, "while my question lacks the insult that the Civilian Council had, I must ask, are you certain about this? The child is a Jinchuuriki. The people will likely see him as a pariah and the demon reborn. The people will want to make his life a living hell."

"I am sure," said Fugaku, "the child is a hero for containing the beast within himself to protect the village. Mikoto and I shall raise him as our own alongside Itachi and little Sasuke. I will make sure that my clan treats him like the hero he is."

Hiruzen smiled at that, "Thank you, Fugaku. But I would like to keep the truth of his heritage away from Naruto until he reaches Chunin. His parents had many enemies and I would wish to protect him from them. He will have the name Uzumaki instead of Namikaze, alongside your clan name if you wish."

"In that case," said Fugaku as he took Naruto from Hiruzen's hands, "I welcome you to our family, Naruto Uzumaki Uchiha."