Naruto Uchiha

Chapter 42

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As the smoke cleared from Naruto's summoning, Orochimaru couldn't help but feel a small amount of concern as he faced down the two massive Toad Summons, one of them being the Boss Toad himself. The fact that the blond brat housing the Kyuubi had proved not to be just a mere annoyance and had summoned the second Toad was not making him feel any better. Jiraiya he could take, even with Gamabunta summoned, but a two against one fight like this, especially with his Chakra still partially sealed and his current injuries…this would be tricky.

"Orochimaru," growled Manda from beneath the Sannin's feet, "you'd better be able to pay my tribute in double if you expect me to take on two Toads."

"Of course Lord Manda," rasped Orochimaru as he faced down Jiraiya and his student, "it will be done."

"Naruto," said Jiraiya to his student as the combatants prepared to move, "while I'm impressed that you summoned Gamaken, Orochimaru is an enemy beyond anything you've faced before, so stick close and be careful."

"Right," said Naruto.

"How touching," sneered Orochimaru, "but the end result will be the same. Kabuto!"

"Hai, Orochimaru-sama," said Orochimaru's right hand as he made several hand-seals, "Suiton: Mizudeppō!"

Gamabunta jumped into the air to avoid a blast of pressurized water that the Oto-nin shot from his mouth, with Gamaken opting to use his shield to guard against the attack, keeping him and his Summoner safe as both Naruto and Jiraiya weaved hand-signs of their own.

"Katon: Gamayu Endan!" yelled Jiraiya as he breathed out a gout of flame that ignited a stream of Toad Oil that Gamabunta spat from his mouth, creating a blazing wave of burning oil that shot at the Snake Sannin and Manda. The Boss Summon tried to escape to safety as his riders leapt away and used Shunshin to escape, but four stone monoliths rose up around him and shot bolts of lightning that shocked the massive snake, keeping him trapped.

"Raiton: Shichū Shibari!" yelled Naruto as he maintained the technique, trapping Manda long enough for Jiraiya's wave of burning oil to crash down on the Snake Summon. As flames engulfed the Boss Summon's form, Orochimaru leapt toward the descending Gamabunta and nimbly dodged a swing from the Toad's sword, running across the blade's flat side to get to Bunta's head where his former teammate was waiting.

"Sen'ei Jashu!" yelled Orochimaru as he summoned several venomous snakes from his sleeve and sent them flying at Jiraiya, but the Toad Sage countered by extending his hair and hardening the locks into razor sharp iron spikes with his Chakra and wrapping it protectively around his body, causing the snakes to be impaled on the spikes as they struck him.

"Ninpo," said Jiraiya from the protective cocoon, "Hari Jizō!"

Retracting the cocoon, Jiraiya whipped his hardened mane forward, launching a barrage of razor-sharp hair-needles at the Snake Sannin, "Hari Jikoku!"

Orochimaru leapt back to avoid the attack, leaping off Gamabunta to land atop Manda's head as the Snake Summon shot out of the earth, having shed his skin to escape the inferno that Jiraiya had thrown at him, but before he could move, Gamaken leapt down behind the massive serpent and stabbed his Sasumata into the ground, pinning the Snake's tail under his weapon's spokes as Gamabunta swung his blade down at Manda's head. The Snake Summon twisted his body to avoid the slash and managed to grab the blade with his mighty jaws, ripping it from Gamabunta's grip and hurling it at Gamaken's Sasumata, knocking it and the sword away from their wielders, and giving the colossal serpent the opening it needed to lunge at Gamaken and his Summoner.

Upon seeing the massive serpent rapidly approaching, Gamaken raised his shield in an attempt to protect him and Naruto, but the Blond Jinchuriki was more than capable of defending himself as he pointed his hands at the colossal serpent, his Rinnegan blazing in his eyes.

"Shinra Tensei!" yelled Naruto as he shot out a wave of force that slammed into Manda, sending him sprawling across the dirt, with Orochimaru leaping off as Kabuto leapt up from the ground to land on Gamaken's head with a Chakra Scalpel ready.

No longer having his Bijuu cloak to protect him, Naruto was forced to jump back, barely dodging a swipe from Kabuto that tore a slash across the front of his outfit, leaving him with a shallow cut across his chest, as he quickly drew his tanto from its sheathe and breathed out Futon Chakra onto the blade, forming a scimitar-like weapon. Naruto then went on the offensive, attacking Kabuto with his new weapon, but his inexperience using such a weapon began to show as the Oto-nin was able to weave around his wild slashes, forcing Naruto back onto the defensive as he received several more cuts across his body as he dodged strikes from Kabuto's Chakra Scalpels.

Thinking quickly, Naruto weaved several hand-seals as Kabuto moved in for the kill, channeling Chakra into his lungs in preparation for his next attack.

"Fūton: Toppa!" yelled Naruto as he breathed out a blast of wind that sent the Oto-nin flying off of Gamaken's head, but Naruto wasn't done as he weaved more hand-seals, preparing to use his next Jutsu.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" yelled Naruto as he breathed out large fireball that grew in size as it mixed with the remnants of his previous Futon Jutsu and flew at Kabuto, forcing Orochimaru's right hand to perform a quick substitution that allowed him to escape with minor burns from the attack.

While this had been happening, Orochimaru and Manda had gone back on the offensive, attacking Jiraiya and the still as of yet disarmed Gamabuta. Manda was keeping his fellow Boss Summon on his toes so to speak as he lunged forward, snapping at the Toad Summon, forcing Bunta to leap into the air to put distance between them, but Orochimaru planned for that and quickly weaved hand-seals before shooting a bolt of lightning from his hands, "Raiton: Gian!"

Jiraiya had been weaving hand-seals and slammed his hands into his stomach as the bolt of lightning shot at him, launching a blast of compressed air that slammed into the lightning bolt, detonating it in an explosion that nullified the attack, "Fūton: Renkūdan!"

Gamabunta was quick to follow up on the opening Jiraiya had just created for them, spitting out a wave of viscous syrup from his mouth that covered a large portion of the ground around Manda, slowing the giant serpent's movements as its body got caught up in the sticky liquid.

Acting together with Gamabunta, Jiraiya weaved several hand-seals as Gamabunta spat more oil onto Manda's slowed form while Orochimaru leapt away to safety, the Toad Sage's hands becoming a blur of motion, before blowing out a cloud of grey ash that obscured the Boss Snake before clicking his teeth, creating a spark that ignited the ash, creating an explosion that was augmented by the flames igniting the oil coating Manda's body.

This gave Gamabunta enough time to land an grab his blade while Manda was again forced to shed his skin to escape the blazing inferno, though because of this the colossal serpent didn't have much time to react as Gamabunta brought his blade down on the snake, impaling Manda through the mouth, nailing him to the ground.

"Damnit," rasped Orochimaru, "Kabuto, to me!"

"Not so fast," growled Jiraiya as he appeared next to Orochimaru via Shunshin, a Rasengan charged and ready, "RASENGAN!"

The spiraling Chakra sphere slammed into the treacherous Sannin sending him flying across the ground before coming to a stop as he slammed into a boulder, creating a spiderweb of cracks across the stone surface.

"Orochimaru-sama!" exclaimed Kabuto from where he was combatting Naruto, before delivering a powerful kick to the blond that sent him tumbling aside and utilizing a Shunshin to dodge a swing from Gamaken's Sasumata and to close the distance between him and his master.

"I'll get you to safety," said Kabuto before making several quick hand-seals, "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

A large serpent appeared in a poof of smoke and promptly wrapped itself around the two Oto-nin, before vanishing again in yet another poof of smoke, taking the two humans with it. Breathing a sigh of relief, Jiraiya went to check on Tsunade and Shizune, with the two Battle Toads poofing away as well as they undid their Summoning. Shizune was in bad shape, but it looked like she would pull through due to her doing some emergency self-treatment via her Medical Ninjutsu skill. Tsunade however, was in a bad way, her body frozen and her eyes vacant as she trembled due to the blood on her, her hemophobia in full effect.

"Damnit," swore Jiraiya as Naruto limped over, obviously drained, and low on Chakra from his fight with Kabuto, "this is not how I planned things going."

Turning to Naruto as he heaved Tsunade onto his back, not even trying to cop a feel, partially because he knew Tsunade would castrate him with a dull rusty spoon if he did, he handed his student a Soldier Pill and took one for himself, "Go help Shizune. We need to get back to town. We've got a ways to go to get back to Konoha."

So to any that think Orochimaru was too easily beaten here when he is, in canon, much stronger and more skilled than Jiraiya without the latter using Sage Mode, remember this: at this point in my fic, Orochimaru is suffering from injuries dealt to him by the Raikage and the Hokage's seal interfering with his Chakra flow, meaning he can't use his more powerful Jutsu and is limited physically due to his injuries as well, so he wasn't performing at his best, while Jiraiya, unlike canon, was not hindered by the poison Tsunade drugged him with to mess with his Chakra.

Sorry for the wait for this chapter and I hope you enjoyed it.