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Rating: M

Warnings: Will have shounen-ai (boy x boy) and/or yaoi later on. If that's not your thing, either skip through those parts or don't read at all. Characters will become OOC as the story goes on.

Summary: Naruto, finally fed up with everything, decides to work alongside Nagato to realize their goal of true peace for the Shinobi world. Along the way, they take part in their clan's lineage and in new-found strength the Akatsuki's ambitions are changed and recognized. (No Nagato death after Pein arc and most Akatsuki members are still alive.) Pairing: ItaNaru with Nagato x Naruto on the side and one-sided SasuNaru later on

It was another cheerful and bright day back at Konoha as everyone was helping each other mend the broken village left from Pein's assault. While everyone was left in total and utter gratitude towards the rambunctious blonde shinobi they used to all hate for his bijuu passenger, no one knew what truly went down when Naruto came face-to-face with the real Pein and Konan. No one knew that Nagato had walked away from the village; weak, but alive.

As news about Sasuke had spread to every major hidden village about his abduction of Killer Bee, Konoha spread the word that Sasuke was officially not to be protected or brought back alive. This news reached the one person it shouldn't have: Konoha's number one most unpredictable shinobi.

"There must be some mistake! After all this time, their willing to give up Now?" Naruto asked incredulously, glaring at Sakura, Sai, and the two Kumo Nin that delivered the message.

"He's now an extremely dangerous criminal, boy, and he's taken our master. He could be dead already for all we know! Your 'friend' isn't worth the trouble. And he CERTAINLY isn't worth saving from himself." The female Kumo Nin appeared as if she'd go up in flames any second.

Seeing the expression on Naruto's face, eyes downcast and bangs just barely casting a shadow to hide his conflicting emotions, Sai placed a hand on his shoulder and spoke up. "I believe in Naruto's nindo, that he always keeps to his word. And Naruto said he'd be the one to take care of the matter. Even if things have progressed like this, we all owe it to him to trust he can save Sasuke, like he's saved many and all of us numerous times."


As Naruto looked up, trying to see if he could believe Sai's words, he saw Sakura in deep thought. She said something under her breath, something for only her to hear, and that's exactly how it was. Both Naruto and Sai now looked worried for their nakama, but as this was happening, the other two ninja 'poofed' away.

"They left! How are we supposed to follow them now? We don't know how to get to Iron Country, much less where the summit will take place." Naruto tried to conjure up his best smirk, "Relax, Sai. I've taken cautious measures. I have two bunshin following them, and if they notice the clones, they won't notice the tracker I placed on them." Luckily Sakura didn't hear any of their plan and was still in a daze. That night, Sai, Naruto, Yamato, and Kakashi left for the Iron country to try to meet and plead to the Raikage to forget about going after Sasuke.

"Wait. Any closer and those three will be able to sense us. The blizzard is masking our chakra signatures for now but we don't want to be too reckless." Kakashi's words of wisdom annoyed Naruto. He just wanted to hurry up and give his two sense to the Raikage, not play a one-sided game of hide-and-seek.

Naruto ticked his tongue in annoyance and stayed back. Suddenly, the three Kumo ninja stopped in their tracks, looking from side to side. The Konoha party thought they were noticed, but a few seconds later, two more figures could be made out in the oncoming snowfall.

"That's the Raikage. Let's hurry." Kakashi led them out into the snowy clearing, almost in a battle formation as if expecting a fight to go down, and they all immediately turned around to meet the newcomers.

"You! Why are you here? Did you follow us?" The female nin with the apparent anger issues pointed her finger towards the group in disbelief. "I need to speak with the Raikage." Naruto stepped forward and suddenly there was a pleading tone to his voice. "I know this is a complicated matter, and I know your brother was taken, but please let Uchiha Sasuke go. Please let Konoha, me, stop him. It would benefit you more if you looked for Killer Bee instead of trying to hunt down Sasuke. Akatsuki doesn't kill the jinchuriki until the full removal of the bijuu inside, which lasts at least three days." Naruto paused and took a deep breath, completely solemn by this point. "Please, Raikage-sama, let him go..." At this point the Raikage had turned away and Naruto quickly dashed in front of him, doing what no one would expect for someone like him to do; drop to his knees and beg, pleading with his head buried in the cold ground. Eyes widened and the Raikage seemed to think for a second, but walked away after giving a final 'No.' After a moment, as the Raikage turned his head to spare the blonde a glance, words came out of his mouth without his realization. "However, I will spare him for now, unless he crosses paths with me." With that, he walks away with finality in his step as his followers were close behind.

"Lift your head, Naruto." Kakashi, along with Yamato and Sai, were crestfallen at the young shinobi's actions. And for a minute, all had debated whether or not Sasuke really deserved Naruto's help and loyalty after everything he'd done. After all the pain he put his friends, and most especially, Naruto, through.


The five Kage and the two close followers each of them had brought had convened an important meeting. One that would change the shinobi world as they knew it.

Meanwhile, Taka team had infiltrated the Summit and attracted the attention of the swarms of samurai inside, along with those five Kage.


"Who are you?!" The Mizukage was, for lack of words, fed up.

Pulling off the twirling, orange mask, his one sharingan eye shone brightly at everyone left in the room. "I am Uchiha Obito. And I work for Uchiha Madara himself." Gasps would've been heard all around, had it not been for the suffocating room that seemed to have all the air sucked out at once.

"We'll stay here until tomorrow and the storm lets up." Yamato inspected the upper floor of the old woman's residence, who was so very kind as to let them stay for the meantime.

Naruto almost tripped over his own two feet as he slowly made his way to a corner of the room, devoid of all emotions as well as energy.

All of a sudden, a figure in an Akatsuki's cloak and half scarred face appeared by the window, holding the familiar mask of Tobi's by his side.

So it only took me six years or so but I've finally started my first story! I wrote this when I was about to fall asleep so I got lazy with some of the important scenes and tried to skip over them. For now it will be in canon but soon it will diverge from what really happens. Please feel free to leave a review or criticize my work. And let me know if I should put this in someone's POV or switch it around, or not.