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Rating: M

Warnings: Will have shounen-ai (boy x boy) and/or yaoi later on. If that's not your thing, either skip through those parts or don't read at all. Characters will become OOC as the story goes on.

Summary: Naruto, finally fed up with everything, decides to work alongside Nagato to realize their goal of true peace for the Shinobi world. Along the way, they take part in their clan's lineage and in new-found strength the Akatsuki's ambitions are changed and recognized. (No Nagato death after Pein arc and most Akatsuki members are still alive.) Pairing: ItaNaru with Nagato x Naruto on the side and one-sided SasuNaru later on

The unmasked figure that stood before them cast a smug look in Kakashi's direction, choosing to make himself comfortable on the windowsill.

"You...not possible..." Everyone turned towards the silver haired jounin.

"Are you Obito?" Kakashi's eyes were widened and he appeared as if he broke into a cold sweat. "Now what do you think?" The one called Obito then turned his head towards the group. "It seems it's time to tell you of my plan. Tsuki no me; it will soon be accomplished."

"What the hell are you talking about? Who really are you?" Naruto glared at the unknown man.

"Just as you heard. I am Uchiha Obito, a former teammate of your sensei Kakashi and partner to Uchiha... Madara." He paused on the last word to build up suspense, amused as he checked everyone's reactions. "I wanted to share some information with you, which is why I'm here. You wanted to know about Sasuke right? Why he chose to go against Konoha after his revenge?"

After he received slow nods, he continued. "To do that, I'll have to explain about Itachi, and therefore I'll have to go back to the beginning... the very beginning. At one point, there was one bijuu wreaking havoc on the world. No one could stop it as everything was constantly destroyed in its wake. Then came one very important shinobi: the Rikudou Sennin. He believed in peace and founded ninshuu, which is the origin of ninjutsu, a spinoff of his teachings. He had become this bijuu's jinchuuriki, and as it had ten tails, it was known as the Jyuubi. At one point he separated the Jyuubi into nine counterparts, known as the nine bijuu today. That had occurred near his death, but earlier on he had two sons that bore and created a destiny that has transpired throughout the leading generations. The elder son craved power, which lead to hatred. The younger; love. Each inherited different powers from their father. When it came time for the Rikudou Sennin to choose a successor, he chose the younger. This choice lead to the two brothers to fight to the death, and throughout time this same instance has happened a couple of times. One such time was Madara and Senju Hashirama. I take it you know that story at least. However, you might not realize that you, Naruto, and Sasuke are bound to this destiny as well. Sasuke's nindo is hatred. The things that happened to him just served as an excuse to act upon it. When he killed Itachi, I told him the truth of what really happened; why he killed off his entire clan."

At this time, Naruto looked as if his feet were about to give way, and he collapsed on the hard, wooden flooring, beads of sweat trickling down the side of his face. The rest of the group didn't look any better, but they were all waiting in anticipation.

"Simply at the time, the Uchiha clan were growing in power. They wanted to stage a coup d'├ętat and take over Konoha. The elders and Sandaime Hokage knew of this and had Itachi work as a double agent. If the Uchihas went along with their plan, a war would break out. Itachi wanted to protect Konoha, which is why he agreed with the two advisors and Danzo and completed his mission that night. The Sandaime Hokage didn't agree to this, wanting to talk to them first and settle the matter diplomatically. However, being a double agent and also living with them, Itachi knew they would not agree. With the accession that Sasuke would be spared, he killed off the Uchiha clan and deserted the village. He later joined the Akatsuki to keep tabs on it and attempt to protect Konoha that way."

"If Sasuke found all this out, why is he acting like this then?! Why does he want to destroy Konoha?!" Naruto wasn't the only one exasperated at this point.

"That's simply who he is. It is his hatred, only this time the excuse is to avenge his brother's suffering. Now, would you like to know what my real plan is?"

There was deafening silence before any noise was ever made. Everyone still held obvious looks of shock and disbelief.

"...What plan? Are you saying the Akatsuki's goals up to now, everything they did, had another reason to it than gaining control of the nine bijuu and holding them as an assurance policy?" Yamato was the one to speak this time.

"Ah, that's correct. Nagato never knew and just kept the organization running to spread peace in the image of pain. My real goal is Tsuki no me. To become the jinchuriki of the Jyuubi, and then cast a powerful genjustsu reflected upon the moon and onto the world. I'll have everything united; one peaceful world where no fighting or problems can breakout."

"But that will just be a lie! How will that be peace if no one can act upon their desires or dreams? What would there be to live for if everything is fake?" Everyone was agreeing to Naruto's outburst, apprehensive if not scared at Obito's words.

"There is no other way. Desires and dreams are what bring negative emotions and actions. And most people will agree that a world with no suffering is the utmost desire. Fake? They wouldn't car about that if they were tasked with giving an answer. Now, will you hand yourself over to aid in my plan? I'm sure your master would've wanted this as well; to create the peaceful world he spent his whole life searching for."

"Ero Sennin would never want something like that! We won't let you have your way!"

"Then so be it...but I hope in the upcoming events that you'll see the error of your ways." With that, Obito slowly dissipated in air as his body could be seen twirling into the mask by his hand, that vanishing as well.

With his departure, Naruto's thoughts tried coming together, but with the thoughts came the overwhelming emotions and his vision started to blur as his body collapsed completely. The other three huddled around him to see if he was alright, worried expressions etched on their faces. Sai grabbed a futon and laid it out as Kakashi picked up the blonde's body, carefully lowering him onto it. The group stayed like that for awhile.


"So it is true?!"

"Ah." Danzo only had a couple more eyes open with his Izanagi jutsu and he was getting really nervous. Never did he imagine this troubled boy would become strong enough to put him in this predicament.

Uzumaki Karin, who had sensed the difference in Sasuke's chakra a while ago since the fight at the Summit, realized that she'd be crazy to follow Sasuke any longer just because of a stupid crush. Just because she followed Orochimaru didn't mean she was malevolent or evil in any way. Sasuke was turning into someone even more dangerous than Orochimaru, and his personality wasn't helping. Karin was now sprinting off into the neighboring woods as she made an attempt to flee while the fight was occurring.

As Danzo used the last sharingan eye, Sasuke took this chance to form his chidori into a sword as it entered into an exhausted Danzo's chest. Stepping back from the impact, Danzo spurted out blood from his mouth as his clothes were starting to get soaked in his liquid life force. Falling to his knees, the sword was removed from the aged man as Sasuke sauntered over to his opponent. With the last of his strength, Danzo conjured up a forbidden jutsu that cursed Sasuke, as it was a direct hit to the raven's body. With a look of triumph and accomplishment, Danzo took his last breath as his eyes glossed over and his body fell to the dusty, dirt ground.

A/N: This will be where it starts to differ from main events in canon. Also, the already dead Akatsuki members aren't going to be still alive in this story like it said in the summary. They're going to come back later on, though. Sorry for the spoiler!