This is a Lab Rats Fanfiction with the pairing Chase/Adam. It just popped into my head, its 4:02 in the morning and I have just watched Bionic Action Hero and this idea wouldn't leave me alone. This takes place when they think Chase is dead.

Adam couldn't believe this. Chase…dead…he'd never thought about that. Sure he didn't think most things before they happened but he still never thought this was possible. Adam barley paid attention when the words slipped out of his mouth. "I never got to tell him I love him."

Bree looked over at her brother when he said this. She knew that his feelings for Chase were more than brotherly or as a training partner. She felt sad that Adam had never got to tell Chase his real feelings. Adam even acted like Chase was unimportant to him, which was the opposite. If Adam was smart and careful about anything it was not letting Chase know how much he cared about him. Bree thought this was stupid; he should at least let Chase know he cared, even if it wasn't how he cared.

After they find out Chase is Alive when Adam and Chase are alone.

"I love you too, you know," Chase said.

"I never said that," Adam replied.

"Yeah you did, and I'm saying I love you too. You also mentioned regretting hitting me so much?" Said Chase a teasing grin on his face.

"Uh, remind me, what else did I said?"

"Relax, I won't hold it against you or tell anyone. All you said was that you loved me and felt you were a bad brother," Chase smiled at him. "For the record I don't think you're a bad brother, a little annoying sometimes but you're not a bad brother. And I love you."

Those words despite the different meaning made Adam's heart beat faster, "I love you too," he answered without thinking. He did a lot of things without thinking.

"I know," Chase replied.

Later on, after the big fight

After Adam had told Bree everything, she suggested he be nice to Chase, at least then he could get close to him in a brotherly way. Adam was worried about this because Chase was smart and the only reason he didn't know Adam was in love with him was because they never spent much time together. Bree reluctantly agreed to go with them to watch after Adam and make sure he didn't say or do anything to even hint at the fact that Adam was in love with Chase. Ugh, she just could not get any time away from her brothers! Still she was glad they were being nice to each other, and what Adam didn't know was that she was not going to go with them to make sure Adam didn't say anything, she was gonna make sure he did because Bree was sure Chase liked Adam back.

With Chase

Adam and Bree were keeping things from me. I knew they were. I was suspicious the moment they asked me too hang out off the island—just for fun they said. We never really hung out much anymore, both working together and living together, it's not like we don't see each other. I agreed to go with them, just to see what was going on and to have a night off. I may be a workaholic but that doesn't mean I don't like to have fun every once and a while. Just not too much fun—that doesn't make me a buzz kill! It makes me safe!

Once we got to the place they were taking me Bree left, and Adam started acting nervous and twitchy. "What's wrong Adam?" Chase asked.

"Bree left," Adam blurted out.

"I'm sure she's fine, we can do stuff without her, we got the whole day after all," Chase said, taking Adam's nervousness for brotherly concern.

"Yeah, she's fine," Adam nodded. "It's not Bree I'm worried about, it's me."

"Well let's go grab a bite to eat, I'm starving."

"Me too."

Later on After Adam admits to Chase he likes him romantically because I can't think of how that would happen and this is fanfiction so it doesn't matter

"So you like me?" Chase asked. Adam nodded. "Why?"

Adam wasn't expecting that," Why not?"

"You—you—you're always teasing me—and throwing me around—and acting like you don't care!"

"I know, that was to hide how I really felt about you and I got carried away. Plus before I did it in a brotherly way I couldn't just stop when I fell in love with you," Adam admitted.

"You're in love with me—like really, really in love with me?" Chase asked.

"Yeah," Adam looked down at his feet nervously, Chase stepped closer to him.


"Ok what?"

"We can try this relationship. I've been having feelings for you too—recently and we should try it," Chase answered. Bree squealed, ruining the moment. They looked at her.

"I knew it! I knew you liked Adam!"

They rolled their eyes at their romance crazy sister and walked out of the crowded, loud resteraunt, holding hands. She squealed again and followed them.

I started this after I had first watched the episode and am just now finishing it. There will probably be more chapters I'm not sure yet. I just wanted to write this because I love this pairing and when the boys finally admit to each other that love one another how can I not write a fanfiction about it! I know they meant brotherly but how I must pretend otherwise for the sack of OTP's. I must go now there will be more later!