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Chapter 2: discussion, fight, question –Hikigaya side

The afternoon after Hikigaya left

The girls just sat down after he bolted from the room leaving everything behind including his most prized possession, his bag and the equipment he used which was neatly packed and put into the corner. The girls finished the packing and picked up their bags still thinking about the song that were sung to them, both sock that it was a confession song and that he could sing and play guitar the girls were about to leave when their teacher Shizuka Hiratsuka blocked the door.

"girls I know your confused by what just happen as am I, but I want you all to meet me here tomorrow, ok" she said looking at the other 5 girls in front of her and sighed as she let her students out and picked up the amp and Hikigaya's items before returning the amp to the music room and getting in her car to leave.

On the other hand as the girls left the room they all looked at each other with a glare and other with a loathing fashion

"Yumiko, Yukino, common stop let's all go home together" Yuighama said as she tried to keep the peace between her two best friends getting a 'humph' from both of the she pulled they by the arms and left the school at as a trio trying them to become friends. As for Kawasaki and Iroha they just walked in the different directions with Iroha going to the student council room with a sad smile on her face as she could see her sempai but also the fact that he wasn't just hers. With Kawasaki going to Keika from daycare think about the confession that came from Hikigaya Hachiman and what she was meant to or what should she do about it.

Back with Hachiman

"What do you mean accidently" the voice on the phone spoke back.

"well what happen was I was playing a warm up song and I heard the door open to where is was playing, so when I finished I took my iPhone out a glanced at it so I could see who it was and it was the 6 people that I'm in love with, man I sound like an idiot, no I sound like you, Issei, man I hope you didn't infect your brothers with your stupid ideals about Harems and shit" I screamed out at him though the phone although I didn't mean it.

"What do you mean dumb shit, I have you know I have one and so does Tsukune and Rito" he relied with an angry kid like voice that hasn't got his way.

"Anyway what should I do? Actually don't answer that you will be me a dumb answer put Tsukune on the phone" I said

"No, not yet I want to tell you something first, do you know why I wanted a harem?" he asked to which I said no

"Well it's because I hated seeing people sad unless it's me, so that everyone will be happy, I never wanted to see a girl cry, it's a man duty to make sure girls don't cry, think about it, anyway…" he said as he started rambling on and on about why harems are the best. I reeled back not sure how to respond after that was he being truthful or was he just spouting shit, but I did spark my thoughts about my situation.

"Yo Issei put Tsukune on the phone" I demanded once more before he faded from the phone.

"Yo 8man what's up" I heard from the phone it was Tsukune, thank god that I will have someone with common sense in love or so I thought

"I need some help with woman and since Issei is a dumbass talking about polygamist world where you can have more than one lover, and I can't talk to Rito he's too shy so I thought I could talk to you about what I should do?" I asked giving my reasons for talking to him

"Well let me ask you this you do you like, and tell me your reasons?" he asked me. I thought about it for a moment and instantly felt conflicted inside although when I originally thought about it, the Ice queen Yukinoshita came straight to mind but as I thought more and more images came flooding to my head standing next to her was Iroha, then Yuigahama then Hiratsuka, then flowing them was Kawasaki then finally Mura but why did I think of them all, why did I confess to them, after all their no friends, their only acquaintances. They will only laugh at me and mock me, and reject me just like all the other woman in my life.

"You know Tsukune I really like them but I'm afraid of what they will say" I blurted out what was on the top of my head

"hahhahah" I heard him laugh, what was funny, dick, "man you haven't changed one bit 8man, but I'm asking you why do you like them what makes them special to you, think about it why do they mean so much to you that you would consider them more than friends, people you care very deeply about, people you love and want to spend your days with, let me tell you a tale about Tsukune Hyoudou, you see this man got sick on the day of school entrance exams so he couldn't do his exam and because of that would be held back a year by being sick one night when his mother and father were home his parents got a flyer from a priest showing a school were entrance exams don't matter, this man entered that school and ran across 5 stunning ladies , but at years end he left and went back to the local school with his brothers. During his return home these girls missed him a lot and chased after him to his home town with the prospect of finding him. Upon finding him they all confessed their love for him, this man conflicted met with them and broke down in front of them telling them why he couldn't choose them as he believed in a traditional relationship and that meant one only the girls looked at each other and all hugged him saying they don't care for a traditional relationship as long as they were with him they were happy, the man still lightly conflicted agreed and over a period of weeks to months has grown to love them all equally" Tsukune finished his long speech and took a breath before continuing .

"Well what I'm trying to say is that love doesn't need to be traditional anymore but that's us you know, anyway when you see them next tell them how you really feel tell them why you all should be together and love will prevail. Sorry man got to go Mikan says dinners ready and its Italian night" and with that he hung up. Before a text came though 'yeah I forgot to mention that Rito also has one to'. I put the phone on my table next to my bed and started to get undress out of my uniform putting on a light shirt and a pair of breezy shorts, sort of like the one basketball players use, and started thinking about what Tsukune said. 'Love doesn't need to be traditional anymore' 'so that everyone will be happy, I never wanted to see a girl cry, it's a man duty to make sure girls don't cry' I reach for my guitar to find it not in my room any more, panicking I checked the room before tracing my steps now realising I left it in the club room with the girls So I walked out to the couch with my iPod putting on a playlist of persona 3 and 4 songs and Kingdom hearts play list, probably my most played playlist, I sat down and looked at the ceiling repeatedly thinking about what they boys said.

'Man what am I going to do?' I thought to myself as started going through my memories of my time with them although with one of them it's only recently, but in my mind we made a connection, I sat there for a while lightly napping I awoke to the sound of the door opening and closing 'ahh Komachi is home' I though as I laid back down the instrumental version of simple and clean came on and I shed a few tears, think about the statement that Issei said, that bastard, the dumbest and hornyest of the that family told me something that tore at the heart 'so that everyone will be happy, I never wanted to see a girl cry, it's a man duty to make sure girls don't cry' the phrase kept repeating as thinking about how horrible I am only thinking about my feelings when, these girls also have feelings too, the song switched to Sanctuary- Utada Hikaru and I suddenly shed a tear which didn't go unnoticed by Komachi as she dashed into her room and what seemed like seconds later what next to me on the couch.

"Big bro what's wrong" she asked not seeing me shed a tear in two years she was generally concerned, I looked at her with a looked that screamed what do I do and help me.

"Nothing Komachi" I lied as she looked at me like she could see right through me.

"So who did you ask out?" I panicked as she said that, containing to stare at me she smiled when she saw my actions "so who was it: Yui, Yukino, Saki, Iroha, no not your teacher" she asked me after a moment of not budging she bugged me with a constant phrase "brother tell me" I sighed and gave into the nagging little sister, getting a funny reference from her "brother, do you like my sunglass" as she pretended to slip of her sunglasses

"Komachi do you remember what I was like in middle school downward with woman other than Haruna, Yui, Risa and Mio"

"Yeah you were constantly rejected and mocked and would be sad every day and night until you met them why?" she said putting her finger to her chin.

"Well let me ask you this, what did you think I did?" I asked her now smiling which made her happy but slightly creeped out as my smile is not the best I don't smile very often

"You asked a girl out, my question is which one, brother" she asked again hopping up and down on the couch, dam Komachi this is my love life why are you all excited.

"Well all the girls you said plus one" I quickly said with my head down

"So Issei when did you get in" she giggled out as I glared at her "no but seriously who did you confess to Yui or Yukino, hehhe having a big sister is going to be awesome" she giggled out again

"Komachi, I was serious" I snapped at her, she turned to me that's she said it looked the dead and the face asked.

"Really? Wow brother that's impressive looks like the Hyoudou's are rubbing off on you, particularly Issei" she breathed out standing up and staring at me "well brother what every you do I will back you up, the only thing I have to say is don't my them cry when you tell them" and with that she ran back to her room.

I pick up my paused ipod and switch songs from the playlist to from the soundtracks to some Australian Rock, funny enough Rito enjoyed this music a lot. I started dinner bubbling up the pot to make a British Dish as I am currently reading Sherlock Holms novels. Waiting for the water the boil I start to sing to song that was on called Mystify- INXS, as I was singing I started to think about the girls while singing with the girls rotating in my head although the upbeat tempo of the song kept me cheery on outside, inside I was slowly braking apart trying to deciding between the 6 girls, but the one though kept creeping back into my mind from my early youth from when I asked one of the girls in my class out 'Who could love a best so hideous and ugly'. I tried to push the horrible mocking out of my mind as I tried to focus on the positives of what would happen and who would I pick.

The water finished boiling and I snapped out of my negative thoughts and I put the potatoes in the boiling water and started cooking the sausages, focusing on the music for a second I realised it changed from Mystify to Bow River- Cold chisel. Listing to the song I imagined myself sitting in one of those old muscle cars on the outskirts of a dusty town, which I imagined was my old life that I always wanted to escape from to my paradise which is describe in the song as Bow River, which seemed to be down this dusty endless road in the middle of nowhere. Before long the song changed again and I checked the potatoes that were now cooked I started to mash then placing it with the sausages were ready placing them on the plate I boiled our jug to make gravy to complement the dish.

"Komachi, dinners ready" I called out as I turned of the music and put on the TV, she skipped out to the table extremely happy even more so than usual

"So what's up" I casualty commented as I put the gravy and Komachi's plate before going to get my own and well as the forks.

"Nothing much, just ben thinking" she said trying to be sneaky but failed like lupin the 4th failed to get the abilities of her grandfather.

"You were talking to the girls weren't you" I stated pointing my fork at her a lightly waving it around before putting it back into my mash.

"What brother how did you know" she said as she smiled at me but I knew that smile anywhere she was trying to hide what she had done.

"Don't worry Komachi, your brother promises that he will not hurt the girls in anyway, and make them and you happy, ok" I lied right to her well only partially as the first two lines of what I said was true, the other one was a full blown lie as this was not a manga, light novel, anime or game, this was real life and everyday people get hurt, usually me and I never minded It was the only way to make people I cared about in secret, it didn't matter who I was making happy, me getting hurt was the way of life.

We finished our diner, did the dishes and had our showers before sitting down and watching TV for a bit before going to bed. Nightmares plagued my dreams of my rejections and mocking as well as my future confessions getting mocked at and being laughed at every day until I finished. The nightmares didn't last long but the nightmares were rotated between memories and the girls with it being some memories and then one of the girls before stopping and starting again with a different girl.

I woke up the next day and did my daily routine before heading out to school witch Komachi on the back of my bike I stopped at her middle school and dropped her off who took her bag and said one thing before she left, "don't just make sure their happy make sure you are too, brother" and with that she left. I biked to the school were I put my bike in the rack and headed towards the staff room to collect my belonging that I left behind yesterday. Funny enough Ms Hiratsuka did look me in the eye and barely said anything I thanked her and left towards the class room. As I entered I was three gazes that were upon me when I entered leave me. As I thought I reset the relationship and probably made them hate me. 10 minutes passed as Ms Hiratsuka walked in an announced

"Anyone in the Service club I have to inform you that the club is not on today" what?

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