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Chapter 24: what that one crowed hour had built

Weakness it's what makes a person stronger or so they say, as I reflection everything, everything I've done is falling around me, it's something that not new to me but at times like these, I need a foundation much like games this is the pivotal point in dating sim where there is a wrong ending choice and you click it and now you're stuck and you're watching the bad end, the mistake that many people make, I myself am included, I am human.

History is humanities own worst friend as we repeat mistakes that we should have learned from history though all we do is study it and make mistakes, much like I have in these past few months, as the old me was a hopeless romantic when I was younger, and a great time categorised by the word summer as it represents: warmth, fun, enjoyment, happiness but as usual people decided I wasn't meant to have summer and it, and it wasn't the first time this has happened as my whole life up until 2nd yeah of junior high and even then I still unhappy despite having actual friends and not just people who wanted to use me as a punching bag and a source of entertainment.

Despite all of this I keep living and I don't look back unless I need it to prove a point, speaking of looking back this yeah, I have changed from a cold asshole who wanted to be by himself, to an asshole with friends that like me for not to sound cliché but me, it's an interesting thought that one event changed me, that one crowded hour when I joined the service club.

I looked around my room once more and more then I hate to admit I felt kind of lonely, not that needing to depend on friends or want to socialise with them, it's just I miss the useless drabble that floats around the club, not that I care but refreshing to hear even if it is annoying.

"bro, what you doing?" My cute little sister asks me as I look at her who seems to be too close for comfit.

"nothing" I say as I push her away and get off my bed before I hear the door knock, it seems that the time has come, the change is inevitable, one that I'll have to accept in time, opening the door I see they girls outside with different expressions on their faces as they all look at him.

"Hachiman" Yukino said as I just looked ahead still deep in thought about my situation and what I should say before I was snapped out of thoughts by another voice.

"can we come in?" Yumiko said as I regain my bearings in the world.

"yeah, sure" I mumble out as I move aside for them before we go into the lounge and sit down.

"so…" I start out railing off as I didn't know how to start this mine field of a conversation.

"Hiki why did you leave without us that was so rude" Yui says as I look away sheepishly as a here a giggle from everyone.

"what was that" Saki says smiling.

"what do you mean?" I ask confused on why Saki ask what was that.

"well you never look bashful or so show any signs of cuteness like that, so its surprising for you to do that" Yumiko said as I grumble out words under my breath about not being cute or anything alone those lines.

"it's only a joke don't take it too seriously" she says as I look at her unamused.

"so why did you come here?" I ask finally managing to start the important conversation.

"well we came here for you sempai" Iroha says cutely as I sigh she won her roll for cute check

"I'm sorry for leaving but it seems like you were all busy" I state while technically I'm not wrong it wasn't the reason I left.

"that's understandable we were bickering amongst ourselves" Yukino says as the tension in the air drops and Iroha gets up before jumping on my lap and lies angst me shocking me and the girls.

"so when are you going to choose me sempai" Iroha states as she looks directly at my eyes forcing me to look away.

"common Iroha, don't tease Hiko/Hiki" Yui and Yumiko says as there is just a big smile on their faces.

"well this seems like everyone his having fun, my big bro and my big sisters" my sister says as she come out of nowhere.

"Komachi" Yui says as everyone looks at her.

"well it's not official yet were just waiting for someone to ask us" Saki says.

"so he hasn't said anything, despicable" Komachi says laughing.

"he certainly is interesting any man would be all over us if we were like this but he is not" Yukino stated as they pseudo mock me.

"he is just a sweet in the sour" Yumiko said as I smile and ready my counter

"well I muse the guy your talking about Is just waiting for some special people and he won't take less than perfect in his eyes" I say properly quoting some poem as they look at me.

"well I have to ask then are you that man" Saki asked as I shook my head.

"I'm just a friend of a friend and an acquaintance of the guy your looking for, but he'll be back soon, after he learns to thaw himself" I say about myself as I remember why I put in the service club, as Miss Hiratsuka states 'fixing his rotten personality' which has happened to a degree not though its more I've have friends that like the way I am.

"so when can we see that man, I want to tell him something that he owes me" Yukino states as I look at her.

"Owes you what?" I asked confused on what she was talking about.

"if I remember correctly when you first came to the service club Miss Hiratsuka stated that we were to have a competition on who would help the most people would get to order the loser around. In that completion I won so I would like my prize of ordering him around by having him go on a date with everyone one at a time expect for Yumiko" Yukino says as Yumiko looks at her.

"what why can't I have a date" she says angrily at her rival/friend.

"because it is my reward and I get to make the conditions" she states as she flips her hair in a victorious way.

"dam you Yukino" Yumiko says before looking at me.

"Hiko, do you want to go on another date with me?" she says as she tries to overcome Yukino's restriction on no dates for Yumiko, I look away as she looks so good and I had to control my emotions.

"ok" I say as Yukino looks at her like 'despicable' before she stands up and grabs my hand launching me off the couch.

"well let's go right now" she says as protest sound out around the house from the other girls.

"don't forget to pick up dinner" Komachi says as we leave the house and head down the street.

"Yumiko" I state as she smiles at me.

"I just wanted to really talk to you alone" she says as she looks down.

"and?" I question her.

"I want to tell you about my past and I want to talk about our future" she says as she opens up to me and she starts telling me her past and house she was bullied for being fat and ugly.

'I really pick them don't I' I think to myself as I hear her tale, it's not too similar to Yukino, but as I think about all the girls and not just Yumiko, I see the similarities they were either bullied or neglected by others 'just like myself' I think as we walk down to the local supermarket to pick up tonight's dinner which I am making.

Finishing up her tale Yumiko looks at me expecting me to say something "it's good that you got over your bulling" I threw out a clichéd line as she looked at me and playfully frowned.

"common Hiko your meant to say that it never happens again as long as you're with me" she states as I look at her and shake my head.

"you don't need me" I say as I feel a punch to my shoulder.

"don't say that, I want you around" she stated she grabbed my hand again this time I could feel her warmth off her hand, I was weird but at the same time it was interesting as everything around happing around us from where we were to the sun setting made this pseudo-date very clichéd.

It was a nice time talking to someone other than Yoshiteru about light novels and manga as a found out through Yumiko herself she like stuff like that, reaching the store I was at a blank on what to buy and make.

Standing around at the front I was thinking about what to have when a suggestion from Yumiko hit my ears.

"what about Pasta" Yumiko said as I nodded.

"that sounds good" I say as we head to pick up the groceries before leaving to go back home.

"Hachiman" she says to me as I look at her.

"yes?" I ask.

"what's going to happen, you've only got a few weeks left" she says as I stop for a moment, that's right there is only a few weeks left the end of the year and the graduation from 2nd to 3rd years will happen.

"Well… I'm screwed I haven't decided but I can't" I say as she pouts at me.

"well make up your mind, you know how we feel about you, now all you have to do is say it" she says as we walk to my house still talking about light novels. Entering my house, I see more people here then usual as my parents were home.

"hello boy" my father says to me as I put the groceries away.

"dad" I say as he looks at me closely and laughs creeping me out.

"so have you done it yet?" he says as I look at him unamused as he looks at me and shakes him head with a smile.

"common boy I didn't teach you to be shy, go on" he says as I get everything ready for making dinner as everyone is in the lounge as the night progressed on with everyone getting along before too long everyone had to leave escorting them home I keep the theme of the afternoon and went with Yumiko.

Getting to her door, we stood outside in the warming weather.

"so you came with me huh" she says.

"well I got to keep consistence somehow" I jest as she just smiles at me before she pulled me in for a kiss and not just one on the cheek.

"so how was that" She asks me as she stands there with her hand on her hips and a smile on her face, she still in rival mode.

"it was …" I was lost for words as I didn't know how to respond.

"perfect" she said as she went inside as I headed home before it was too late.

The next day

It was a day full of quiet events as they hatred for me suddenly died down again though the group wasn't still out of the woods yet. Today is the day, it's almost time for me decide and I finally chosen, well I've always had the answer just never the courage but today was that day, walking into the service club like usual, I announced that I was choosing today.

"really?" Iroha said as I nodded as everyone looked excited.

"well I chose all of you" I say as everyone looks at me before laughing.

"we already knew that" Saki said as I look at everyone confused.

"then what were you hoping for?" I say.

"which one of us is number one" Yui says as I just look at them in disbelief.

"you're kidding right" I say as they shake their heads as I sigh.

"well in all honesty it has to be tie" I say as a shout echoes through the room.

"between who?" Hina asks.

"Yumiko and Yukino" I say.

"ahh they Y's" Hayato said like it was common knowledge.

'shut up pretty boy' I think as I look out to my friends and see a future were the old me isn't any more but one filled with shity knowledge and friends.

time in the service club continues getting better every day with fun and friends and lovers.

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