The Divorce

Chapter 1

Kate's P.O.V.

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As this is one of those stories that looks at both characters over the same time periods some of the dialogue is the same or very similar. Please forgive me for this. This covers all seasons as it starts before Joanna Beckett was killed and goes forward to Season 8 as Captain Gates goes back to IAD

My name is Katherine Beckett and I had just enrolled at Stanford University in August 1997 on the Pre Law Course as my ambition at the time was to follow in the footsteps of my Mother and Father and become a Lawyer my ultimate aim was to become the first female Chief Justice.

The first week was mostly a case of learning to find my way around the campus and the adjoining area.

My roommate was a pre Med. student Lanie Parish who also hailed from New York, she turned out to be a real party goer and soon managed to get us invites to several Fraternity parties that were taking place over the first week of the semester, it was at the second of these that I met HIM.

HIM being Richard Rodgers who would eventually turn into mystery writer Richard Castle. But more importantly to me the Beat Friend that I would ever wish for and also eventually my husband.

I was feeling somewhat abandoned as Lanie had hooked up with one of the Frat. brothers and disappeared, three or four of the guys at the party had tried to hit on me, but none of them were of any interest, until HE came up to me as I sat on the doorstep. Why I decided to let him get past the initial chat lines is a bit of a mystery to me, even to this day, as his lines were no better or worse than the ones I had already heard that evening, it must have been some sort of a chemical reaction. After a couple of hours or so of us just talking; flirting and teasing one another, I discovered he was 22 and was in his second year at Stanford. He asked if he could walk me home, my head told me to turn him down but my heart said 'Yes please,' someone had once told me to listen to my heart. When we got back to my dorm I fully expected him to ask if he could come in, however to my surprise he didn't, after a few more minutes talking he hesitantly said he had really enjoyed our evening together and asked if he could see me the following day, not wanting to seem too eager, because that was how I felt, I thought about it for at least 20 seconds and said "Yes." We arranged to meet the following evening at a local Burger Bar. He then kissed me on the cheek and watched as I went inside.

After the dinner date we were just about inseparable about the only times we didn't see one another was during the night and during our classes, he was studying Classic Literature and I was of course Pre Law.

As we both came from New York we naturally flew home for Christmas together. We had stayed in California for Thanksgiving Day which was when we first slept together, how we had managed to last that long I will never know but that Thanksgiving Day was the best one I had ever experienced.

Christmas was a round of us both meeting and getting to know each others folks. This was when I first met his daughter Alexis who was 3 years old she was being looked after by his mother whilst Rick was away. He had told me one evening early in our relationship that he had been married and divorced to Meredith and that he had a daughter. Surprisingly this didn't freak me out, I had never had much to do with young children and I would have expected it to. When I met her I fell in love with her straight away and we got along like long lost buddies.

The next twelve months seemed to flyby Rick managed to get his first novel written and published and this proved to be a success by rising to No 3 in the New York Times Best Seller lists. When we returned to New York at Christmas we both knew we were in love with one another and it didn't come as a surprise when he proposed after dinner on Christmas Eve, I of course had no hesitation in saying, "Yes" and he placed a beautiful Solitaire Diamond ring on the third finger of my left hand. We announced our engagement on Christmas Day, and told everyone that we were not planning on getting married until I had finished at Stanford.

Rick and I along with the rest of our families celebrated New Years Eve in Time Square.

On January 2 Rick flew back to Stanford as he needed to get caught up on his revision, as he was due to sit his Finals in a few weeks and had been somewhat distracted from his studies during the past twelve months.

On January 9 1999 my world was turned upside down when my mother's body was discovered in an alley, having been stabbed to death. My father and I had been waiting for her to join us for a final meal at our favourite restaurant before I returned to California the following day. When she didn't turn up we both ate and returned home, where we were met by a Detective John Raglan who informed us of her death. After the police had departed and I had managed to calm myself down a little I telephoned Rick. He answered the phone in a cheerful manner, but I quickly cut him off by saying with tears streaming down my cheeks "Rick I need you, the police have just been and told us that my mother was attacked and murdered tonight while we were waiting for her to join us for a meal before I set off back to Stanford."

Ricks immediate reaction was "Kate I am so, so sorry. I really liked your mother and was looking forward to seeing her again when we came home for Easter." He then said "I'll get a seat on the next available flight tonight and should hopefully be with you before lunch time tomorrow.

At 12.0clock the following day the doorbell rang and I went to answer it and there was Rick, he threw his arms around me and pulled me into his body, he then gave me one of the most loving and tender kisses I had ever experienced in my life.

The next week passed very slowly and painfully as arrangements were being made for the funeral. The day of the funeral was a typical day for the time of year as it was overcast all day, although the rain did manage to hold off.

The service and burial took place in the afternoon and I made it through with the strength of Rick by my side, he managed to sooth me and encourage me in the quiet manner he displayed when needed, and I found that I loved him even more for the support he had given me.

Unfortunately for me he had to return to Stanford a couple of days later. I went to JFK with him to see him off and I cried bitterly as I watched his plane climb into the sky and head off West. I felt like I was losing a second person in a month, I had told him that I would return to Stanford at the end of the following week.

When the day came for me to go back I found that I couldn't abandon my Dad as he was already starting down the slippery slope to alcoholism.

I phoned Rick and told him my decision I emphasised that I still loved him and that I still wanted to marry him, I told him about my Dads problem and said that I was abandoning my plan of being Lawyer and was going to transfer to NYU and study Criminal Justice with a view to eventually joining the Police Force.

When Rick returned to New York it was with a First class degree in Classic Literature. He had had another Mystery Novel published which this time had gone to No 1 in the New York Times Best Sellers list. It was also getting attention overseas as it reached No 5 in the Times Literary Supplement Best Sellers list in London.

His Publishers were now wanting him to do Book Signing tours and eventually he had to agree to a 14 day tour of the West coast and Mid America along with Texas and finishing in New York.

As I was in the second year of a three year course, having got a one year credit because of my grades at Stanford, I encouraged him to go. The time whilst he was away passed very slowly and by the time he got back I was getting desperate for his strong arms to enfold me and to take me to his King size bed and for us to make passionate love, this took care of most of the first weekend he was back.

Over the next eighteen months I had to suffer him being away on tour a further five times, however there was always the catching up to look forward to when he returned.

When I graduated from NYU I went, the following week, to enrol at the Police Academy and I was very lucky to secure one of the last two places on the intake for the Fall, As I was being processed I noticed that there was another young woman of about my age also signing up. I thought to my self that she was extremely beautiful and that I wished that I was half as good looking. What I didn't know until sometime later was that she had seen me signing up and had thought to herself, 'I wonder who she is she is incredibly beautiful and should be a Model or a Lawyer rather than a Police woman, I wish I was half as good looking.' The woman I had seen was Jo Martinez who was eventually to become one of my best friends.

As Rick and I had agreed that we would marry as soon as my time at University had finished we started making plans for our wedding which we wanted to take place before I started at the Police Academy, we settled on the last Saturday in August. The day was bright and sunny and the day went off without any hitches.

I started at the Police Academy in the second week of September, the only draw back was that it was a residential course and I would therefore be away from Rick for six month apart from the monthly weekends off. All students where housed in halls of residence and had to share rooms. I was paired with a Jo Martinez, when I met her I recognised as the girl who had signed on at the same time as me. We soon became firm friends. One of the first things I told her was that when I had first seen her I had thought to myself I wished that I was half as beautiful she was. She then told me that when she had seen me, she had had exactly the same thought.

The intervals between the monthly weekends off seemed never ending, when I did get home most of the weekend was given over to my little girl and most of the rest of the time was spent in bed with the love of my life.

At the end of the six month course I finished at the top of the year, with Jo being just 3 marks behind me in second place, this was the first time in the history of the Academy that two women had taken the top two places.

At the leaving ceremony we were informed of our placements, I was allocated to the 12Th Precinct and Jo went to the 11th Precinct. We promised one another to keep in touch. However Jo soon met Sean who she married a couple of years later, for some reason Sean and I never got on and Jo and I started to drift away from another.

When I started at the 12Th as a patrol officer, Mike Royce was assigned as my Training Officer. Over the next two years he taught me everything there was to know about being a cop, rather than the basic paper pushing they taught at the Academy. I threw myself into the work with enthusiasm,

One day I was sent to the records room and I happened to find the file on my mothers killing. This raised my curiosity and I started sneaking into the records room to study it after my shift was over and it was often going up to 11.0clock before I got home. The late hours did not do anything good for my marriage as Rick started sniping at me that he and Alexis only saw me for a few minutes each day as all I wanted to do was drop into bed when I got home and sleep through until the following morning when my next shift would begin. This led to us arguing almost incessantly whenever we were together. he even accused me on a couple of occasions of having an affair with Mike Royce. Which was unfair as I would never do such a thing when I was married.

The situation apart from short spells did not get any better over the next eighteen months. One evening Captain Montgomery discovered me studying my mothers file and gave me a lecture that I needed to put the case behind me as it was ruining not only my marriage but my health as well.

I managed to do as he had said and things started to improve between Rick and I. That was until I was promoted to Detective, I was the youngest woman ever to receive this promotion in New York City Police Force history. I started to throw myself into the work as I felt that I needed to prove myself and I started working late, sometimes I stayed at the precinct all night and I usually forgot to let Rick know. This once again led to us arguing and rowing most times we met. I moved into the guest room but eventually even this became too much and I decided I needed to get away from the Loft as I was afraid of the impact it must be having on Alexis so I moved out and went to stay with Lanie until I found a place of my own to live.

I soon settled into a routine of Home, Bed and Work. Lanie periodically called me out on this and made me have a night out with her and her girl friends, we would talk for long hours mostly about my problems, she kept trying to get me to go back to Rick, but I knew that he wouldn't have me back as we had burnt too many of our bridges in the last few month.

After a year of being apart I one day received divorce papers from Rick citing Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage as the reason for the divorce petition.

The hearing of the petition was set for the end of the following month.

I did not contest the Divorce petition nor did I attend the hearing as I felt that there was nothing more to be said, I told my Attorney that I didn't want to put in any claim against Rick for a split of his assets nor did I want to claim alimony.

Six weeks after the hearing, the Divorce was granted and I was once again single, I cried myself to sleep that night as I felt that I had just lost a major part of my heart and soul.

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