The Divorce

Chapter 9


It was late on Monday afternoon before Rick could send off a text to Kate about their coffee date as he had been called into Black Pawn by Gina and Paula to discuss the launch and a book signing tour for his next novel which was due out at the end of the following month. Gina wanted him to agree to a two month book signing tour which would start in New York then criss-cross the country to the west coast. After that the tour would go to Japan and China followed by New Zealand and Australia then across to South Africa and up into Europe, the details of the cities to be covered hadn't been fully finalised yet, and finishing off in New York.

Rick would have the previous year accepted this with a minimum of fuss, but this year it looked as though things in his personal live might well be changing for the better, the problem was he didn't want Gina and Paula to know anything about this at the moment as he didn't want to jeopardise any possibility of Kate and him getting back together, so he prevaricated and asked for the rest of the week to think about it and to talk to his family, he promised to speak to them again on the following Monday.

As he got back to his car he sent off a text to Kate saying.

Kate. Sorry for the delay in sending this, have been stuck in a meeting with the Evil Twins all day. Can we meet tomorrow about 12.00 at our usual Starbucks for a coffee? RC xxx

After about ten minutes his phone buzzed to let him know he had a reply, when he opened it he read.

Rick, I was beginning to worry that you had changed your mind. I'll see you at Starbucks at noon and you can tell me all about your meeting. See you tomorrow KB xxx

When he got home he prepared dinner for himself, and his mother. He knew he would be getting the third degree about yesterday evenings date with Kate. Sure enough as soon as dinner was finished his mother started questioning him, What had Kate worn? Where did they go for their meal and what did they have to eat? Those were the easy questions, what he wanted to avoid at the moment was what they had talked about, obviously the conversation would have centred on them, Rick didn't want to commit himself to answering her questions on this just yet as he wasn't 100% sure of how Kate felt. He knew that he wanted to commit to her. Did she really as she had said want to do the same to him?"

Meanwhile at Jim Beckett's apartment Kate sat on the couch in his living room with a cup of coffee staring sightlessly at the TV her mind was a million miles away as she thought over everything that had been said the previous evening. She thought that she had been fully open with Rick, leaving him to have no doubts about her sincerity in wanting them to reconcile.

She knew that she had probably got at least one ally in the Rodgers/Castle family in Martha who she had, ever since her mothers death, looked upon as a second mother and had tried to keep in contact with her regularly since she and Rick had split up. With Alexis she wasn't quite as sure, but thought she could count on her support, she had whenever possible tried to attend her schools extra curricular activities and she still liked to think of herself as a substitute mother to the young woman.

After a time she realised that apart from the lovely meal she had enjoyed last evening she hadn't had anything else to eat, apart from a slice of toast and butter. She therefore decided that she had better think about preparing a meal for her and her dad, looking through the cupboard she saw that there were the ingredients for one of her Lasagnes. The meal was in the oven when her dad got back at about 7.0clock.

Jim walked in saying "Hi Katie bug how was your day?"

Kate said "I have just been lounging around as it was almost quarter to five this morning when I got home after talking to Rick."

Jim said "How did that go?"

Kate replied "Very well, we cleared the air between us about many things. I have spent today considering everything that was said both by me and by him and have reached the conclusion that we are both wanting to be together but it may take a while for everything to fully mesh together, anyway we are meeting again tomorrow lunch time for coffee and to talk about things further then."

At that moment the smell of a cooking lasagne caught her attention and she remembered that she hadn't yet put any garlic bread in the oven, she did that straight away and twenty minutes later her father and her were enjoying a lovely meal, they kept their talk for the rest of the evening off Rick.

The following morning Kate arrived at Starbucks just as Rick pulled up in his brand new red Jaguar XE S which had all the extras. He had first seen this model on a TV advert whilst in England on his last book tour and knew he had to have one. Kate thought what a beautiful shade of red it was and that it would match the dress she had worn on Sunday night perfectly.

As Rick got out of the car she walked up to him and said "Hey Babe, She thought to herself 'Did I just call him babe?" love your new car, can we go for a ride in it after lunch?"

Rick was thinking to himself "Did Kate just call me Babe?" he said "Sorry what did you say"

Kate told him and he said that he would love to have her go for a drive with him in it.

As they entered the coffee shop Rick said "Usual coffee? Do you want anything to eat with it?"

Kate said "I would love one of those Ham Salad Wraps"

Rick went to the counter and ordered a Grand Skimmed Latte with two pumps of sugar free Vanilla and an Espresso for himself along with two Ham Salad Wraps.

Whilst eating they talked about the previous evening, and found that they were both on the same page about getting back together, they both wanted it and neither of them was really wanting to take things slowly as they agreed for two people who were in love they had already spent far too long apart. both of them admitted that they wanted to be together as soon a possible.

When they had finished lunch they went out to the Jaguar, and to show how much trust he had in her Rick handed over the starter fob and said "You drive."

Kate looked at him in awe and said "Are you sure? This is a brand new car"

He grinned and said "If I can't trust a police trained driver with my new car who can I trust? You won't usually let me drive anyway!"

Kate hastily got into the driving seat and started the engine before he could change his mind. When she had got used to the feel of the car she let the speed build up and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. When they arrived back at her father's apartment building she said "Wow I haven't had such a fun afternoon since I can't remember when. Do you want to come up for a coffee?

Rick replied. "That would be lovely, thanks."

As they were sat on the couch enjoying their coffees, Kate's father arrived home and said "Hey Katie, Hello Rick I was wondering who that beautiful car outside the front door belonged to."

Kate said "It's Rick's new car, Isn't it fabulous?"

Soon afterwards Rick decided it was probably time to leave as Alexis was due to Skype him in the next hour or so to let him know how her weekend had gone, and he didn't want to miss her. Kate walked him down to the car and on impulse kissed him tenderly on the lips. When they pulled apart Rick said "I'll phone you later on."

After this date they started seeing each other everyday.

When Paula phoned Rick that evening about the book tour he had told her. "Paula whilst I will agree to tour for two months I want the tour to be split into at least two parts as I don't want to be away for that length of time all at once."

Paula said "Why not?"

Rick replied "Because of changes that hopefully will be taking place in my personal life."

Paula asked "What things?

Rick said without thinking "Kateā€¦..." He immediately thought to himself 'Bugger I didn't mean to say anything about Kate yet. Perhaps she won't pick up on what I just said.'

No such luck, as soon as the word was out of his mouth Paula said "Who is Kate?" as the only Kate she knew of in Rick's life was his ex-wife.

Rick was acting rather like s deer caught in headlights as he tried to think how he could get out of this one, he eventually came to the conclusion that honesty was the best policy so he owned up and said "My ex-wife, Kate. We have decided to sort ourselves out and to get back together.

Paula thought to herself 'Gina is just going to love this, as it's going to completely ruin the playboy image we have been trying to cultivate whilst he has been single.'

She said to Rick "Let me run this past Gina tomorrow and I will phone you about this time, to let you know what has been decided."

Rick realised he still hadn't told Kate about the book tour and decided that now was as good a time as any and so he phoned her straight away and told how things were at that point, naturally she wasn't very happy but she did say she understood especially when he told her he was hoping to split it into at least two separate tours, thinking back Kate remembered the catch up sex they had enjoyed when he came home after each tour and thought to herself that is one tradition that they would be definitely reviving.

The next evening Paula rung Rick back and told him that Gina had reluctantly agreed to the tour being split one half before Christmas and the other after.

That weekend, which was the last before Kate went back to work on the Monday, they were sat on the couch at the loft when Rick looked at her and said "Lets get married next Saturday." Kate looked at him and said "Are you serious?

To which Rick replied "I've never been more serious in my life. I love you and as far as I know you love me. I can't see any reason for us to wait any longer can you?"

Kate told him "I would love to get married next weekend, but you will have to do most of the arranging apart from getting the wedding outfit, as I will be back at work this next week."

Rick said "Leave everything to me."

On the Monday morning Kate started back at the 12th. When she went into see Captain Jo Martinez "She said Detective Beckett reporting for duty."

Jo said "Hi Kate it's good to see you back, how are you?

Kate replied "I'm great. I have one favour I want to ask of you. Are you and Henry doing anything on Saturday?"

Jo said "Nothing apart from the weekly shopping, why?

Kate said "Rick and I are getting married that day and I would love you to be my Maid of Honour."

Jo immediately jumped up from her desk grabbed Kate in a big hug and said "Of course I will. Which is rather funny because I was about to ask you to be my Maid of Honour when Henry and I get married at the end of next month."

Kate said "You're on I would be honoured."

That week was a very busy one for Rick organising the wedding and reception they had agreed to restrict the number of guests to about 50 and he had to contact them all either in person or by text or email. He arranged for the wedding to be held at the same church as they had used for their original wedding ceremony, it was to take place at 2.00pm followed by a reception at the Waldorf Astoria. the catering was to be arranged by Maddie Queller. He arranged for the florist where he had bought most of the bouquets and floral arrangement over the years, once again to supply the bouquets and button holes. He also asked Alexis to act as his Best Man,

When Saturday came round it proved to be a bright sunny day and the wedding went off without any hitches. Kate wore an elegant cream trouser suit that showed off her slim figure to perfection. The couple had each written out their vows which when they recited them brought tears to a number of the guests eyes.

After the wedding meal the couple took to the dance floor to dance the first dance to You're in my Veins. Everyone who watched them do the dance agreed that they were watching a couple who were utterly and deeply in love with one another and who would stay together ALWAYS.

The End.

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