The first chapter of the new series Ghost: Days Gone by.

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1: Beyond the wall.

There was something defiantly wrong with this planet.

Nero Ghost has walked for days, looking for signs of living life besides the fake Titians and what he found was beyond his expectation.

A Giant wall.

With a giant hole in it, like it had been kicked by something big.

He walked in and saw what appeared to be a village of some sort, it was completely abandoned and human corpse were everywhere and not to mention the fake Titians were everywhere, probably looking for a meal.

He raided the houses for supplies and was shocked to find the only piece of technology he could find was a news press machine, most didn't have technology at all in them!

There wasn't even a microwave!

It was like he stepped into a weird version of the middle ages.

Anyway, there was no one around but he got lots of supplies that he took back to his make shift house.

He had changed his looks, after quickly realising that his looks were unnatural to the human corps he came across.

His white hair and eyes defiantly draw attention so he had changed his hair to black and made it grow a bit so he could tie it back. His eyes were brown and his face was much more on his mother's side in terms in looks.

If he did find someone alive, he wanted a face that was friendly and trust worthy but also attractive to the eye.

He had plenty of information from the human corps.

Apparently they were all from the an organisation called the 'Survey Corps' an organisation that was said to be humanity last defence against the Titans.

He scoffed, not one of them had seen a true Titan before and they were basically killing their own species.

It seems the humans on this planet, actually think they belong here.

They think this is earth.

It was so far from the truth that it wasn't even funny.

Apparently the humans only had a one hundred year history and before that time, all records were lost.

It was obvious, someone had played with the people from that time memories and someone wanted them to be kept on this planet.

He thought that the truth would be pretty devastating if it got out and might result in a large number of the population committing suicide.

He still hadn't found his own kind yet.

Could it be there were infiltrating were the humans were?






It has been half a year since the day he had arrived on this planet.

He had taken up, farming and in his spear time, he would try and see if he could reproduce some of the technology back on earth.

So far he had finished with a microwave so he could heat some food and had managed to create electricity so he could charge his phone and have a working light bulb.

He went outside to the field to check on the vegetables.

He had to eat.

So far he had planted, watermelons, cabbages, carrots, strawberries and of course the thing he couldn't live without.


He was just about to collect some strawberries when something came rushing out of the trees.

Is that?

He looked closer.

It was a human!

A human that was alive!

He could have done a jig right there.

It seemed this human was male and had brown eyes and blond hair which had a middle parting and a bun folded at the back to keep his hair up.

Currently the man looked like was running away from something.

Out came a human titan that was much more human than the ones he accounted before, this one had intelligence meaning it was not a mindless beast like the rest of them.

There was a human inside it.

His hands flexed on reflex seeing the female Titan that was trying to kill the man.

He wondered if he should save the man.

This could be a golden opportunity to get into were the humans lived.

He leaked a bit of his power out of his body.

Annie Leonhart in her titan form, eyes widened, the man she was about to kill had disappeared before her very eyes! she looked for him everywhere but he had truly gone.

She was forced to turn back.

Meanwhile the man Eld Jinn couldn't believe his eyes, the female titian seemed to not be able to see him!

He was right in front of her for goodness sake!

She had turned to leave.

Hope bloomed in his heart, something had happened and he had somehow escaped death.

He started laughing hysterically, he couldn't stop the laughs, he was going to live for another day! He was so out of it that he opened his wound and fall unconscious to the floor.

Ghost looked at the unconscious man and decide to extend his influence all around his farm so the man didn't have to be in his sight 24-7.

He picked the man up and carried him into his house.

# 4 hours later#

Eld Jinn opened his eyes, immediately he know he wasn't in his own house.

The bed was way too comfortable.

The ceiling was fully furnished and was painted white with several coatings.

Who's house was this?

He turned his head to find his chest was bandaged and the covers he was under where fluffy and light.

He had never seen as thing like this.

He always slept on covers that were made up of pig skin or something but this seemed to made out another material.

Suddenly there was the sound of approaching footsteps and he tensed, automatically reaching out for his blade only to realise it wasn't there.

He felt naked and helpless.

The figure drew in closer and he got a good look at a boy that couldn't have been more then 17 with black silky hair and brown chocolate like eyes and the boy was a looker.

He had never seen such a pretty boy in his life, he could bet by the time, the boy finished puberty he would defiantly turn a lot of heads.

They boy didn't look like he could hurt a fly.

Little did he know, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Ghost put on a weak boy act and looked at the man that was occupying his bed with relief.

"Mister, your awake!" He shouted with joy.

The man tried to sit up and Ghost rushed to his side, to help him up.

" Where am I?" Eld asked.

" You're in my house, it's on a farm" Ghost answered back, meekly.

" Wait. There are no farms inside the wall!" Eld said, suddenly having a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Ghost gave him a look of surprise. "What are you talking about Mister? Were not inside a wall. There isn't a wall for miles around"

They were outside the wall!

Eld forced himself to calm down, wondering how he could sleep so peacefully when Titans could come and grab him any minute while his guard was down.

Ghost watched the man try to calm down in amusement. He wonder how the man would react if he told him, Titans won't come after him and instead ignore him?

"How are we still alive?" Eld asked, truly puzzled, how can someone live outside the walls?

" It's because of a special ability I have." Ghost said, gaining his interest, there was no way he would tell him that he was of similar species to the 'Titians' that's why they don't attack him.

"Special Ability?" Eld asked, with interest.

"Every since I was born, I had this ability to keep Titians out. I can spread my ability over a wider area that's why no Titan takes any interest in me when I walk by" Ghost said and Eld was stunned.

He had somehow stumbled his way onto a gold mind that could help them in the war! With that ability their mission rate success rate would be much higher and the death rate would be almost nothing!

He had to take this boy back with him.

" Boy what's your name?" Eld asked and Ghost pushed down the urge to rip the man heart out of his chest for calling him that.

" Fideo Ardena, sir" using Fideo name without shame or remorse.

" Fideo, huh. My name is Eld Jinn. Would you like to come back with me after I heal?" The man asked.

He shook his head, he wanted humanity to struggle a bit before he even thinks of walking to the front door besides he didn't want his freedom to be ended by stuck up asses.

The humans were at war and letting a prize like him go on checked was like signing it's deaf warrant. He would be watched twenty four seven and not to mention kidnapped on a regular bases by people that want to use his ability. "No thank you sir. I do not think the city life is for me. I was raised here and I like the open air and freedom" he said.

Eld know he shouldn't push, all he can do is inform the others about this place to give people hope that it was possible to live outside the walls.

" Do you want some a watermelon sir?" 'Fideo' asked.

Eld blinked, "what on earth is a watermelon?" and Fideo stared at him like he was joking.

" Your serious!?" Fideo exclaimed and then went into hysterical tears. "You poor man! You've been depraved of some much! I'll cut you some watermelon" and with that the boy disappeared and reappeared with some ball of some kind, it was green patterned with a knife on the side.

Fideo used the Knife to cut a small section off it and Eld eyed the red that was in the middle of the slice, like expected it be poison.

"You have to eat the middle part, although I something's eat the skin too." Fideo said and brought the piece up to the second in command mouth.

Eld eyed it warily.

"Come on, stop being a baby. It's not poison, I promise" Fideo said and Eld took a small bite.

He was assaulted by what could only be described as watery goodness.

"This is really good and what do you call this, again?" Eld said, taken another bit.

"Watermelon, they only grow in the summer and under certain conditions." Fideo cutting another slices for himself too.

Eld, thought no wonder there was none behind the wall, there was hardly anywhere for plants to grow and to grow specific fruit like this was next to impossible.

" I have strawberries too, do you want some?" Fideo asked and Eld gave him a blank look.

This was going to take time.

Eld munched on something small but it was the perfect mixture of sour and sweet.

It was delicious.

"What is that?" Eld pointed to the microwave and Ghost pushed down his irritation in having to answer so many question.

"Oh this?" Fideo got up and walked to the microwave. "It's my newest invention. I call it the microwave! It heats up cold food for you in minutes" he lied smoothly, he then demonstrated by pouring a can of soup into a bowl and putting it in the Microwave and Eld watched in fascination as the middle part lit up and the bowl itself was spun around.

After ten minutes, Ghost got out the bowl with a towel and then handed the bowl to Eld to touch.

Eld looked at him, like he was joking, fully expecting the bowl to be still cold. He touch it and a surge of heat rush through his fingers and he drew back.

He looked at the new heated bowl in awe.

With this invention, the age of using fire to heat up things was over.

"And you made this?" Eld gestured to the small machine in the corner.

"Yeah, I've got tonnes of ideas and I'm working on something I call 'Car' to get around, it's should be much faster than any wagon" Ghost said, looking revolutionise the world, he might let the humans live when he's done with them.

Eld painfully got up and walked himself over to Ghost and looked over his shoulder to see a very detailed diagram.

"Amazing" that was all he could say, this boy was a genius and if this worked, maybe one day, they could finally outrun the Titians and get to their destinations much faster too.

Ghost yawned and Eld suddenly noticed the bags under his eyes, clear signs of all nighters.

"You must have pulled an all nighter with all those ideas popping into your head. Don't worry about me, sleep" Eld tried to reassure him which was ridiculous easy because Ghost suddenly got up and disappeared. The next thing he heard, was loud snoring.

Eld shook his head in amusement and went to look through Ghost other 'inventions' and was amazed time and time again.

If he could show people one of these, he thought.

He had no idea, that one lazily white eye was watching him.

# A couple of days later#

Today was the day, he would be returning.

It was a weak full of shocks when he came across a Titian who was just sitting in a field of corn.

It was ignoring him.

He almost had a heart attack and tried to test his luck against the Titan and poked it in its side, preparing himself encase it grabbed him.

The Titan did nothing and kept on staring out into space!

Ghost watched the scene highly amused from a far while Eld was freaking out and trying to get the Titan attention but it was no use.

Eld mind was blown, Was this the kid power!?

Thinking about how amazing it truly was now that he was up close and personal to a Titan that wasn't trying to eat him.

For the first time in his life.

There was nothing to be afraid off.

Ghost loaded the wagon with several vegetables and fruits so that, the humans were sure not to forget him.

" Well this is goodbye Eld-san" He said.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with me?" Eld asked for the sixth time.

He shook his head. "My home is here"

Eld sighed. "Fine but are you sure I'm safe on this thing and no Titan will come after me?" he asked with wary. He would much have prefer to have the kid with him to guarantee he wouldn't die.

"A hundred percent. It should last until your inside the walls so sit back and enjoy the view" Ghost grinned, Eld still looked a bit terrified but he pressed on and started what Ghost called an 'Engine' and it started moving.

Ghost smiled and waved as Eld disappeared from view before he dropped it and gave the direction which Eld want a cold dead stare.

# Capital #

The watchman couldn't believe it.

There was someone approaching the wall with a strange machine that seemed to be carrying something.

Usually when your outside the wall for more than Twenty four hours.

Your classed as dead.

The guards noticed the Watchman reaction and peaked through the small door and almost had a heart attack when a living human was coming towards them, all smiles and completely unharmed.

They opened the gate for him and Eld was taken inside where a large crowd seemed to have gathered and was looking at him in shock and astonishment.

The machine stopping in the middle of square.

"State your name" a Survey Corps commander said, seeing the uniform the man was wearing.

"Eld Jinn" Eld replied and many gasped, the man showed have been dead, how did he survive beyond the walls for so long?

It was unheard off.

It was then people noticed the wagon that was behind him and looked into it, shocked to find fruits they had never seen before.

" Eld-san, what are those?" the commander demanded.

Eld smiled and picked up a strawberry.

"These are fruits that grow outside the wall. Get this. This is called a 'Strawberry' try one" he tossed one to the commander who looked at the fruit with weary before taking a bite out of it and was surprised by its flavour.

The people crowding around after seeing this and were prompted to take one after another and they two tried it, they too were shocked that it tasted good.

"And this!" Eld got out a knife and they all tensed and he rolled his eyes before taking out a watermelon and cutting it into several pieces and giving them out and the ones who had them, exclaimed how good it was and juicy.

"This is called a watermelon and it too grows outside the walls!" Eld exclaimed feeling like a preacher.

"Eld is that you?" his wife said, in tears that her husband had come back alive.

" Yes it's really me Abigail. I've returned home" He said, he never thought he would see his wife again and they held each other hands and looked longingly into each other eyes.

It was sweet.

There was a cough.

Eld turned to the commander.

" Sorry to break up this reunion but I would like to ask you how you managed to survive over the walls and how you got these fruits" The commanders said, in a stern tone.

Eld grinned.

"Well it's quite a story."

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