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"So to sum it up. Not only is Levi alive but working with an unknown group of Titan shifters that are coming to kill us all in a month time? and the old man we were guarding was really the Ape who was kicked to death?" Edwin Smith, the commander of the reinstated Surgery Corps said in disbelief.

The whole thing sounded like it just came out of a storybook and how the hell was Levi alive!? There was no way to escape except through the front door, he even checked them personally himself.

"I know this is hard to believe but the fact that this new group is indeed that large is possible, making it possible to carry out the threat. We need to alert everyone to this very real threat!" Henge said, she and like everyone else was taking it hard that their apparent dead leader was not only alive but also trying to kill them.

"Was that really Levi? You said, he called you human, right" Edwin said, he refused to believe it until he had something like a blood test or DNA sample that said, this person was really Levi until then this person just looked like the captain. "Did he refer to you by name? You said he called a Titan shifter 'Master'. Do you really think THE Levi would lower himself to having a master?" his words struck home and they were suddenly uncertain about this 'Levi' guy, for all they know. He either stole the body or was actually one of the Titan shifters. "I will inform everyone of this threat and we will be ready for them when they show up. The human race is not doing to die on that day instead we will concur and advance"

12: The end of the 10 years war.

Sapphire could feel something special was happening today, her mommy and daddy were all dressed up with smiles on their faces.

"Daddy, Mommy why are you so happy?" Sapphire asked, completely oblivious to the mass slaughter both of her parents were going to commit in a few hours.

"Baby, today were going to finally finish and go back home," Abbey said.

Sapphire eyebrows came together as she thought, wasn't this their home, though, could there be another home?

" The home were talking about is not the place we are right now but a place where Daddy and Mommy grow up. It had lots of sweets and candy and even lots of toys. It's called Earth" Nero continued seeing the confusion on his little girl face, he couldn't blame her after all she was born here and had never even gone outside to see beyond the walls.

Sapphire eyes light up just like Abbeys as she thought about this place called 'Earth'. It sounded like a heaven to her and asked. "Can we go there now?"

Abbey looked on amused before she said. "Not yet, let daddy and mommy do something then we head right on over to Earth. You get to meet your two Grandpa and Grandma. Instead of one set, your special and have two! You even have an uncle that is a bit older than you. You can play together" and Sapphire beamed, she always wanted a playmate around her age and the adults around were just weren't cutting it.

"And guess what?" Nero said leaning in catching the one-year-old attention. "Today you get to see what daddy and mommy are doing but it's top secret that means it's a secret between us three," putting a finger on his mouth and Sapphire did the same, she was going to keep the secret and find out where her parents go, every day.

Suddenly a very old man came in front of them and when he saw Sapphire his eyes twinkled and he stroked his white-bearded. "You must be the little girl. I've heard so much about, I'm here to show you what your daddy and mommy have been doing so come along with me and let's have a great view" said in a sagely tone, him and the other elders were too old to do battle but that didn't mean they couldn't advise the next generation.

Abbey gave her daughter an encouraging push forward and Sapphire walked to the old man who took her hands and led her away.

" Well I'm not looking forward to killing my own kind but this needs to stop" Levi said, appearing in a modified version of his Chaos custom which made Ghost pale at what Levi had done it, it wasn't that much different than his Survey Corps uniform.

"Breath in and out" Abbey instructed in a soothing tone as she rubbed her future husband back in what she hoped was a soothing way.

Ghost did as instructed and released the tension in his body before saying "Did you really have to change it? I really worked hard on the designs!" and Levi left.

# Time Skip#

Today was the day.

The battle between Humanity and Titan was finally coming to an end.

The fog was extra thick, making it a perfect environment for something sinister to come out of like many of the horror movies.

"Okay man, It's our job to make sure, none of the enemy gets anywhere close to the wall" The Commander in charge of the wall said to his soldiers who said "Yes Sir!"

Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps as many strained to see beyond the fog.

They had expected at most ten or fifteen.

What they got was so much more as the entire Titan army came into view and started walking towards the wall with their blasters and weapons.

"Fire!" One commander yelled and the rest loaded their cannon balls, the cannons went off and blow one Titan head clean off however the rest kept going without sparing the downed Titan a glance, making them believe these Titan weren't bright.

The down Titan head grow back much to the horror of the soldiers on top.

"Fire!" multiple cannons were firing cannon balls, but the army just kept on coming and coming and before they know what was happening, the army was outside the wall!

They had expected for one Titan to kick a hole through the wall like Colossal did, to let the other smaller Titans in.

The Titans were climbing over the wall.

"God, lord" one soldier said, he couldn't believe his eyes, the Titans were actually climbing the walls!

These Titans weren't idiots.

These were intelligent.

A shiver went through every person that was a soldier present there.

Suddenly a Titan hand was present and grabbed a soldier.

The hand was sliced off.

The soldier was released but he had pissed himself in the process and was trembling in fear, he really though he was going to be eaten.

Too bad more hands came up , followed by faces and bodies and no matter how many they cut down, twice as many would come up and even started grabbing the soldiers that were in the air, decreasing the numbers drastically and letting the other Titan free to get on top of the wall and devour the Soldiers like chickens while the rest of humanity watched the horror of what was right in front of their very eyes as many of the soldiers screamed and shouted for help.

It was horrific.

The Titans had finished their snack and was ready for the main course.

The rest of humanity inside the walls.

People just stared at the monsters that were coming towards them and had invaded their sanctuary.

Suddenly the ones who could fit into the walls, stood in front of the crowd that gathered and did nothing.

No, they were waiting for something, they parted like the red sea and Nero Ghost walked down causally with Levi in his modified Chaos Uniform trailing behind him.

"Greeting humans." His voice was cold and seemed to be broadcasted all over. "Too long have you inhabited this planet. We are taking it back and no matter how much you fight and scream that this is your planet and were completely nuts. Ask yourself why have you only got one hundred years of history? It doesn't matter now, you will all die today" and the rest of them paled.

"Levi" Ghost said and those who hadn't seen Levi were suddenly directed towards him who stood next to him. "Give me my black box. I'm sure this will come in handy"

"Yes Master" Levi said and what came out of Levi mouth was truly unbelievable and many wondered if this was some dream they were having so that it was only a matter of time before they woke up.

Too bad this was not a dream.

Levi handed Ghost the box his parents had given him on one of his birthdays, people took a step back as the box suddenly turned into liquid and wrapped itself around Ghost into a very familiar battle armour.

" Attack and fill your stomachs!" Ghost yelled and all the Titans grinned while the rest of humanity was begging someone to save them.

Their prayers were answered in the form of Eren transformed while the rest of Levi squad backed him up.

That was until, Eren and the others saw the quantity of their opponent.

Who were intelligent.

Not one of them was going to make it out alive.

"Eren good to see you again" Ghost said, voicing dripping with sarcasm before he turned into Fideo and even did the voice making many eyes widened, realising they were all deceived. "Humans weren't meant to tamper with nature. You will die by my hands today Eren Jaeger"

Eren got into a fighting stance while the rest of the military prepared for war and evacuation of the people.

"Elder Miller" Ghost said, addressing one of the three old man. "May you do the war cry"

Elder Miller was beyond happy to do this one last time and let out an inhuman roar.

The war had begun.

Titan rushed into the crowd and started picking up humans even the babies and devouring them.

Eren and his team were trying to keep as many away from the crowd of people will Edwin group was chopping down Titan necks one after another.

But there was simply too many.

No matter what they did, a human would be eaten to the point the crowd stopped being a crowd and ran in different directions in fear.

Eren was suddenly sent flying from behind, knocking him to the ground.

What the hell hit me! He thought and when he did see, he almost let out a growl.

Nero Ghost in his Titan form stood there in a mocking fashion.

It was time for them to throw down.

Meanwhile Levi was going in with the slaughter and used his fast speed to cut down anyone in his path, when they saw Levi kill his first opponent they know, he was serious about killing them and many had started aiming guns at him.

Titans appeared and picked them up, their screams joined the hundred like them and where silenced the same way, some even were openly killing people in their humanoid form, having stole some casual clothing from the dead human corps.

Sapphire looked down at the scene and thought those people that were screaming and being chased around looked a lot like ants and what was that red stuff they were letting out?

Abbey was currently using her size to step on a couple of humans and used them as if she was walking down a cat walk.

It was literally hell for the humans who were on the other end.

Edwin was calm and composed despite the numerous death that made themselves know through the sound of eating and screaming.

As long as there was at least two people, humanity could rise again.

He was suddenly knocked off his horse and when he looked up, he was stunned to see none other than Levi in front of him with a blade ready to strike him down.

"Levi?" Edwin said, not believe his eyes, Levi brought the blade down on the man he formerly respected and Edwin managed to dodge out of the way.

Misaka was having her own problems, she was surrounded by six Titans everywhere she looked, she know a miracle had to happen fast or she would join the rest of humanity.

Too bad, there was no such thing and both of her arms were crushed making them useless and even to her last breath, she still fought back until she was reunited with Eren mother.

"MISAKA!" Armin shouted, seeing Titan swallow her whole, he was so distracted that he didn't see the two Titans that had snuck up behind him and when he did it was too late, both of his blades were snapped before he was eaten with his head dislocated.

Jean was facing a similar fate like both Armin and Misaka but he was stepped and instantly killed.

Levi was still trying to kill the man and yet Edwin was not a commander for Survey Corps for nothing and hid himself well, his legs were useless in this situation because Levi had broken them before the mission to reclaim Wall Maria.

He would use his brain and traps to his advantage.

He didn't see the Titan that had opened its mouth and was swooping down on him.

Edwin was killed before he even know what was happening while Levi saw the Edwin headless corps and walked away to kill someone else.

Ghost smirked which was still a frown and said "All your allies are dead. You're the only one left give up and maybe we will be merciful"

He's lying! They can't be all dead! Eren thought, they would clear this all up and laugh together when they get back but first it was time to take this person down.

By using his weight against him.

Eren ran headfirst towards the Titan, what he didn't expect was to be grabbed and held tightly before being pressed against Ghost porcupine skin and rubbed against it, feeling every spike piercing his skin, he kept in his screams.

He wasn't going to give the bastard the satisfaction.

"It's about time, I take my people DNA back from you" Ghost said putting his right hand on Eren head and Eren screamed, he felt like his whole being was being ripped apart, he was in so much pain that he didn't notice that his Titan form was becoming undone and falling off like clay to reveal Eren in his human form.

Eren eyes widened before he bit his hand.

Nothing happened.

No this cannot be happening! He screamed, what had the Bastard done to him.

Ghost opened his mouth wide ready to eat Eren who cursed his name to the very end until he joined his fallen comrades.

With nothing to stop the Titans, it was only a matter of time before the Titans picked off every last one of them.

# 2 hours later#

Ghost burped, his stomach was full. His stomach was bloated from all the bodies he had eaten before he felt the remains raise from his stomach and he puked the rest out leaving blobs of human body parts.

He wasn't the only one as thousands were left by the others.

He sat on a pile of human corpses, coving in blood from head to toe as the box reverted back into its original form.

Not one human being escaped the slaughter.

He heard footsteps coming towards him and he didn't bother to look behind him to know it was Abbey with their daughter Sapphire who was looking at the corps blobs in curiosity wanting to poke them.

" Well it seemed you've eaten four times as much as me." Abbey joked, she too was covered in blood from head to toe. "I need to take a wash fast or I won't get the blood out of my hair since it dries fast."

"Daddy, there were two of you!" Sapphire shouted, Ghost would explain to his daughter when she was older and he ruffled his daughter hair and said. "That's another part of Daddy that has to be kept a secret. If people know, they might take daddy away and do horrible stuff to him"

Sapphire looked pale at the thought of people hurting her daddy before she swore in her heart, she wasn't going to tell anyone about this.

"Levi are you still alive?" Ghost asked and turned around to see a bloody Levi coming towards him, already cleaning his blades.

"Just send that thing you were talking about and let me see what Earth is really like. Hopefully the other powers are not completely useless" Levi said, secretly looking forward to the other chosen people.

"Daddy, mommy are we going to the place called Earth now?" Sapphire asked.

Ghost smiled and said.

"Yes, sweetie. It's time to go home"

The War was over.


The war is over and Nero Ghost is going home with a family in toe along with Levi! It is time to end this part here and see where the years takes me in making the fourth and final part of the Ghost series. Review? Fav and follow!