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First Day pt 1

It has been three years since the death of Goku and life hasn't been going well. Gohan would often have nightmares often. Gohan would see his father just before he took Cell to King Kai's to save the planet. Then, it would switch to Cell doing his signature laugh and then his father would come in and shout horrible threats at him.

In his dream world

"Hello, Gohan, it's good to see you again," Cell stood in front of our young hero.

"Shut the hell up, I'm trying to sleep, if you hadn't noticed," Gohan fired back at the green android.

Cell started to walk towards the young half saiyan, and he had his cocky grin on. "Oh, Gohan, you don't miss your old friend, tell me how many people could say that they've had the pleasure of meeting you?" Cell questioned the teen.

"Why do you wanna know, Cell," Gohan asked with a very serious look on his face.

Cell smirked at the saiyans seriousness. "Because when I come back, I'm going to take my time killing everyone you know," Cell smiled at his statement.

"No you won't, y-you can't, you're dead, I killed you!" Gohan yelled at the android.

"Oh, Gohan, me and you both know that you didn't, so, how about you stop denying the truth and realize that I'm always going to be here in this world as long as you are." Cell laughed maniacally, and Gohan began to grab his head.

"Get out of my head Cell, GET OUT!" Gohan screamed at the evil android. Gohan began to get a pain in his head that was unbearable. Cell then walked up to the teen.

"I will, little man, but before I go, I wanted to show you a little scene I put together." Cell said as the image of him disappeared and the memories of the Cell games flooded in his head.

The images were of Goku just before he died, he had just said goodbye to him, and then he used his instant transmission and disappeared. The next one was when Cell came back, he was grinning at the half saiyan. Suddenly, a very familiar voice popped in his head.

"Hey, Gohan." Goku said with a smile on his face.

"Dad." The half saiyan smiled and started to run towards his father.

"Stop right there, don't come anywhere near me, you disgraceful piece of crap." Goku screamed in his serious voice, which was rarely heard.

"Dad, what are you talking about?" Gohan said in a sincere voice.

"You heard me son, wait, I don't even know why I still call you son, you're a disgrace to the saiyan race, and the human race you dirty half breed." Goku yelled at his son, who stood there in shock.

"Father, I-."

"No, don't speak, your voice irritates me how about you let me die again, that seems like the only thing you can do." Goku yelled with a hint of annoyance and anger in his voice.

In the real world.

The whole ground started to shake and some trees started to sway. Then there was a big shot of lighting and this woke up a mortified Chi Chi. After a few seconds she realized that it was her son, and he was going through another one of his nightmares. Chi Chi sighed and walked in to her sons room.

When she stepped through the door she saw Gohan in a fritz. Gohan's hair was shifting from Gold to black and it wouldn't stop. Anyone outside of the family, not including the z fighters, would probably be scared to death, but this was normal for her. The widow walked up to Gohan slowly. She did the only thing that would calm the young teen down. She started to caress his face with love and care. A few minutes, later the winds started to die down and the teen stopped shaking, and his eyes slowly opened.

"M-mom, what are you doing here." Gohan looked around and he then he sighed and looked outside his window. A few trees had fallen down and he put his head down in shame.

"I did it again, didn't I." Chi Chi regrettably nodded her head, but this only angered the half saiyan even more. "Mother, leave, I need some alone time," Gohan said.

"Gohan, I know you're angry, but we need to talk about something," Chi Chi said to her son with a stern tone.

"Whatever, just make it quick." Gohan sighed and sat up, awaiting the news from his mother.

"Now Gohan, I know you've had a hard time with the death of your father."

"That's an understatement," Chi Chi thought. "But you need to make friends so you're going to high school on Monday!" Chi Chi said with a smile on her face.

"You're fucking with me right?" Gohan questioned her.

"Son Gohan, I will not take that language in my household. Just because your some all powerful super saiyan doesn't mean that you can bitch at me." Chi Chi yelled.

"So you told me to not use that language, but you can." Gohan said with a hint of laughter.

"Gohan, you are going to school and that's the last we will speak of this!" Chi Chi screamed as she stormed out of the room,[ enraged at her son.

The half saiyan just sighed and laid back down, as he prepared to go back to sleep.


"Gohan, wake up, it's time to go to school." Chi Chi screamed from downstairs. Gohan just rolled over and dug his head in his bed.

After hearing no movement, Chi Chi was got angry and leaned down, whispering a message into the miniature Goku's ear. Goten smiled and he sped up stairs to Gohan's room, he jumped on his bed.

"Gohan, Gohan, Gohan, wake up, mommy says that if I wake you up, I get extra pancakes, so wake uuuuppp!" Goten screamed.

Gohan grunted and he, picked up the seven year old, who was still very hyper, and he set him outside of his room and then the teen saiyan slammed the door. Goten ran downstairs and he started to talk to his mother.

"I did it mommy, he's awake, so do I get my pancakes?" Goten asked with a sweet and innocent voice.

"You sure do, Goten, you sure do." Chi Chi grinned wildly.

Gohan walked out of his room with anger slapped right on his forehead. "Do I really have to go?" Gohan complained.

"Yes, you do, and you're going to be late, so hurry off." Chi Chi yelled at the super saiyan.

"What, no breakfast."

"No, your capsule is on the counter, so go," Chi Chi ordered her son. Gohan just sighed and grabbed his capsule. The teen saiyan the ran out of the door and flew towards the city.

Gohan was flying, when he heard a disturbance.

"What the heck, I'm already late." Gohan said to himself, as he flew towards the scene. When he landed he saw seven criminals all with large machine guns. The seven men were shooting at the cops and the cops were getting wrecked.

"Might as well stop them, but I really don't wanna make a legend out of myself, so how am I going to do this." Gohan wondered. "Well, I guess they won't notice me if I turn super saiyan..." Gohan gathered energy and turned into the legendary transformation of a super saiyan. He also took off his shirt for good measure.

The teen walked through the police blockade, against the chief and many other spectators pleads. "Hold your fire boys it looks like we have a brave man over here." The largest and toughest guy yelled as everyone stopped shooting to look at Gohan.

"So, big guy, I'm guessing you're the leader. How about you put down your guns and line up so that the police here can take you in." Gohan spoke with a tone that screamed I'm bored out of my mind.

"Who are you calling big guy," The man acctually took offense to that comment. "I'll have you know that the Grave men are a force to be recon with show em boys." The leader ordered as bullets began flying at Gohan at an alarming rate. Gohan saw the bullets going at a very slow motion.

"Okay, how should I stop these bullets, catch them, shoot them, or let them hit me. Definitely the last one, it will look way cooler." Gohan thought. Back in the real world, the bullets started to hit Gohan. But he stood there as he shook his head. When the bullets stopped everyone stood there in awe all except the criminals who stood there in fear.

Gohan smirked at their faces. "My turn," Gohan said with low and cold voice. Gohan punched the first guy through the wall of the bank. The teen saiyan then appeared in front of one of the crooks and then Gohan grabbed the gun and he bent it in half. He then punched the crook in the stomach and the guy doubled over and groaned in pain. The next two to bite the dust were standing next to the leader, they were taken out with a karate chop to the neck.

"Dude, let's get out of here, this guy is crazy." One of the guys said to two of them, they hopped in a car and then drove off. Gohan noticed them drive off, so he appeared to where they were going to be, the truck was coming right at him. Gohan stuck out his hand and the car came smashing into it.

"How should I defeat these guys. A. Open up the car door and knock them both out. B. I could use my ki to blow the truck up. C. I could lift up the car with one hand and look like a bad ass, C, definitely C."

Gohan lifted up the car and phones started to videotape and take pictures of this historic event. Gohan smirked and shook the car, the three criminals fell out. The police quickly arrested them. The last was the leader.

Gohan walked up to the boss and stood there with a cocky grin. "You can't defeat me, I am the strongest of all the Grave man." The boss man shouted. Suddenly, a girl with pigtails show up and she, looked at what was happening.

"Wow, w-who is that?" Videl questioned aloud, her cheeks burning red as the mysterious teen looked at her and smiled.

Gohan turned his attention from Videl and looked at the dumb bald guy."Yea, whatever, let's just get this over with, I have to get to school." The grave man leader whipped out his gun and started to shoot. Gohan used his ki to stop the bullets in mid air, everyone stood in shock.

The golden teen smiled as all the bullets dropped to the ground and Gohan just smirked. He then charged at the man who shot the bullets. The half saiyan elbowed the large bald man in the stomach, making the boss fall over and cry out in pain.

Everyone instantly broke out into cheers and clapping. Gohan just smiled and started to take off when. "You, gold guy, what do you're think your doing?" A raven haired girl said.

Gohan looked in confusion. "Um, saving people, is that a crime?" Gohan questioned the girl.

"Well, being a vigilante is and Hercule city doesn't like vigilantism," Videl told him with anger in her voice.

"Well, I don't care what about what you say, girly." Gohan fired back, as he got ready to blast off. "Oh yeah, and next time I see you try not to stare at me, you broke my concentration." Gohan then flew off to school.

Videl was left there, her cheeks redder than a tomato. "Chief, what happened," Videl questioned the large bulked up man with a mustache.

"Well, Miss Videl, that guy showed up and he was using incredible powers like he could disappear and reappear out of nowhere and then he could lift up cars with one hand and as you saw he can stop bullets with his mind," The chief explained.

"Okay, that's a little fishy, well, thanks anyway chief." After her words Videl threw a capsule on the ground and a jet plane appeared and she hopped in it and she took off.

Gohan dropped in front of the school's entrance and walked in. "Hello miss, I'm Son Gohan, could you tell me where my class is." Gohan talked in his old attitude, he didn't want the staff to think he was a delinquent.

"Well, Gohan, here is the list of your classes and the times you have to be there." The receptionist smiled at him.

"Okay, thank you, and have a great day." After saying that, Gohan wanted to slap, kick, and punch himself in the face.

"Awe, thank you, that made my day, bye honey," The lady said. The super saiyan instantly gagged when he was out of sight and walked to his class.

When the half saiyan opened the door, everyone looked at him, especially a certain blonde haired girl. "Oh, you must be the new student, you know we don't tolerate tardiness."

"Sorry, got lost," Gohan lied in his new sarcastic attitude.

"Of course you did, well, everyone meet our new student, he scored a 100% on the entrance exam." Everyone stood there in shock.

"What a nerd." A long blonde haired teen joked, which made everyone laugh. Gohan just shook his head and stood there, waiting for the teacher to interrupt them.

"Enough, Mr. Sharpner, now kid, tell us your name." The teacher spoke with a smile that screamed "I HATE MY LIFE."

"Okay, I'm Gohan, I like martial arts, and, well, that's it." The teen talked with a look of disinterested.

"Well, it looks like you are a real social kinda guy, well, choose any where you wanna sit." Mr. Bubo said.

"Hey, new boy, up here." A blonde girl shouted.

Gohan sighed and started to walk up the stairs. "It looks like the people here are so deep." Gohan thought sarcastically. The half saiyan took a seat next to the beautiful blonde.

"I'm Erasa." Erasa spoke, as she held out her hand.

Gohan thought about not taking her hand for a second but he decided that it would be messed up not to so he shook her hand. "Hi."

"I wuldn't shake his hand you might catch his nerdiness," Sharpner interjected.

"Sharpner be nice," Erasa said to her boyfriend.

"Don't worry about it, he doesn't intimidate me."

"What did you say punk," Sharpner said standing up. This caught everyone's attention.

Gohan saw what he did and he stood up too. "I said you don't intimidate me." Gohan said in a loud voice, making everyone oooed.

"Listen here bitch, you better watch who you're, talking to." Sharpner said.

"I'll talk to whoever I want, when I want and how I want to." Gohan fired back, as he took a step forward. Some kid had his phone out and he had an app that had one liners from vine. The next thing anyone heard was "Damnnn."

"Okay, you two need to stop this childish argument, unless you wanna go to the office," Mr. Bubo yelled. Gohan and Sharpner sat down, but Gohan was the only one with a smirk on his face.

Videl busted through the door and everyone turned their attention to her. "Sorry Mr. Bubo I had trouble with the police." Videl told him, while breathing heavily.

"It's okay, Videl, you can take your seat." Mr. Bubo spoke. Videl walked up the stairs and sat in her seat. She looked at Gohan and then the human crime fighter leaned in and spoke to Erasa.

"Who's the new guy?" Videl whispered in her ear.

"He's Gohan, he gets mad easily, so don't push his buttons." Erasa whispered back to her best friend, but Gohan could hear her with his saiyan hearing.

"So, Gohan, do you wanna know something about this girl right here?" Erasa asked.

"Yea sure." Gohan said like he didn't care.

"Well, her name is Videl, and she is the daughter of the famous Hercule Satan." Erasa said in a happy voice.

"Wow I-."

"What, can't believe that my dad is so popular and the strongest man on earth and now you wanna hang out with me just so you can get in with my dad." Videl snapped in a low voice that didn't draw attention.

"No, I was going to say that it must suck to be related to such a buffoon that walks around like he's the greatest in the world." Gohan said.

"Oh well I agree with you on the my dad's a buffoon part, but he is the strongest man on earth, so you better watch what you say about him." Videl told him.

"Yea right." Gohan mumbled under his, breath which, luckily, no one heard.

So, it seems like Gohan has already made an enemy on his first day. Well I hope you guys like my new story and I will still be doing Gohan tries to survive high school, so don't worry about that.