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"Regular talking."

"This is a person's thoughts.

"This is a person's conscious."

"This is telepathic talking."

1st Mr. Bubo: English. Everyone has that except Angela.

2nd: Math. Gohan, Nikki, Penn, Sharpener, Erasa, Angela, and Videl./ Josh, Sano, and Mikey are in another class together.

Lunch: Everyone

3rd Vegeta Gym: Angela, Videl, Erasa, Josh, Gohan, Mikey, Sharpner, Penn./ Nikki and Sano.

4th History. Everyone

This is block scheduling. Each is long but I won't be writing about every minute in every class like I may skip over a class sometimes. This is just so that you guys know when I put 1st block or 2nd you know where everyone is.

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Last time on Can Two Wrongs Make a Right?

"Zangya, but you lovely brats will know me as your queen. Well, for the time being," The orange haired woman said as she stood in front of the nervous class.

The young woman approached the crowd of students, her walk was slow and calm but that emotion was not going through any of the students. Everyone student's heart was beating faster than imaginable and they were either sweating or losing their breaths. The students who were the most stressed out were Josh and Gohan.

The teen cyborg who had a Galick Gun in his hands was currently deciding whether to fire his blast or power down. The teen turned his head to Gohan who was sitting on the right side of the class. Gohan felt Josh's stare and he turned to him.

"Should we fire?" Josh mouthed to Gohan.

Time slowed down. The teen Saiyan suddenly felt his heartbeat slow down and he could literally hear it in his heart. Gohan gradually looked away from josh and he laid his eyes on Videl. On the outside, Videl looked just as if she were walking through the park, but Gohan knew Videl and he could tell she was scared to death. Gohan turned his head back to Josh and he shook his head no.

"Why aren't we attacking? We could catch them by surprise?"

"We can't! If we fire now, then we could start a battle that could cause major casualties, and I'm not letting that happen," Gohan said as the ball of light between his hands died down into nothingness.

Josh felt Gohan's power diminish and he sighed deeply. "I hope you know what you're doing Gohan," Josh thought as he powered down.

"Now boys, would you like to give a little introduction?" The blue skinned woman asked. The man with a beard stepped up with a dark grin.

"Of course, my name is Bido the conqueror," Bido announced with a cocky voice.

The tall man with a sword strapped to his back stepped forward. "I am Kogu, the master swordsman," the man with the sword revealed his identity.

"I am the master of minds, Bujin," the short male introduced with a psychotic laugh at the end.

Zangya gave a satisfying smile at the fearful faces worn by the students. "Good job boys, I think you actually made a few of these brats pee their pants."

Videl scrunched her face as her fear slowly began to be overtaken by her anger. "What are you even doing here!?" The teen yelled at the invaders, her rage leading her to stand up.

Everyone's attention turned to Videl, who was quickly pulled back into her seat by Gohan. Erasa gasped at Videl's outburst while Josh fixed in his seat ready to attack if any of the aliens made a move.

Zangya grinned at the teen girl. "Mm, it seems like someone has gained a little courage." Zangya's grin slowly fell to a frown as a faint red aura surrounded the woman.

With useable speeds, Zangya dashed towards the raven-haired teen, her movements quick and decisive. The class gawked for air as the lead woman stood in front of their savior's daughter. Josh practically stood up in his seat, ready for battle.

Videl felt herself tremble under the immense power that was standing before her. The daughter of Hercules fight or flight instincts were flaring at the moment. Should she stand up and fight? Or keep her mouth shut and do as the woman said.

Before Videl could act a figure suddenly appeared in front of her. "G-gohan?"

Zangya narrowed her eyes at the teen who had appeared in front of her "What do you think you're doing?"

"Standing, sorry is that against the rules, ruler?" Gohan asked with a sarcastic tone.

Zangya felt her eyebrow twitch at the teen's disrespect. "Hm, you think I would appreciate someone's humor when they're facing me, but I don't."

"Well, do you think I appreciate someone coming into my school and trying to take it over?" Gohan asked not letting Zangya gain any ground on him. The orange haired woman began to get angry at the teen's actions.

"Look, kid, I suggest you go back to where ever you came from or this could get ugly."

"Funny, I was about to say the same thing." Zangya began to get so angry that she felt herself lose control over the situation.

The class was surprised, to say the least. They all knew Gohan could be a little and scary and a bit insane, but this was on a whole new level.

"Who do you think you are!?"

Gohan leaned ever so closely his eyes burning the color teal. "Death."

Zangya took a fearful step back, her breath catching any words willing to come out. The curly haired woman looked intensively at Gohan before jumping backwards, landing next to Kogu.

"Something… something is off with that boy, keep an eye on him." Zangya whispered in is ear.

Kogu nodded slightly but his main focus was on the green haired student who was in a battle stance. "Oh I'll be keeping a close eye on him," Kogu said with a devilish grin.

"Okay, since you brats wanna' know why we're here, I'll tell you," Bido said with a smirk plastered on his face.

Bujin approached the tall bearded man. "Bido, Master said not t-."

"I know what master said, but he isn't here is he?" Bido questioned.


"Then there won't be any problems with telling them," Bido said as he faced the class.

The two aliens thought that no one could hear them talk but Gohan was secretly listening with his amplified hearing.

Gohan shut his eyes and he slowed down his breathing.

"Josh!" Gohan shouted telepathically.

The teen cyborg jumped in his seat at the sudden voice of his friend. "G-Gohan? How are you in my head right now?"

"A trick I learned from my Dad but that's not what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Okay, then what did you want to say?"

"Well, I just heard the enemies say they have a master."

Josh thought for a moment until something clicked in his head. "That must be the large power level we felt earlier."

"I was thinking the same thing. Hold on, though, those idiots are about to tell us their plan."

Gohan and Josh snapped back to reality and focused on the invaders.

"So, our orders are to find and eliminate one teenager with the power to destroy worlds, and me and my companions here believe that being is in this room."

The class began to look around eying every person in the room trying to find who had the immense power. Josh and Gohan eyed each other both of them knowing that they were speaking of Gohan.

"Now that you know our little plan we're going to need that said person to reveal themselves," Zangya said.

No one moved. The class stood completely still no one dared to make a move, so they wouldn't accidently make themselves out to be the wanted person.

"Mm, no one has anything to say?" The class remained unmoving causing Zangya to become angry. "Fine then! If you don't want to make yourself known, then we'll just force you to come out."

Zangua slowly stuck her right arm out and pointed it at the class. The hand began to glow red until a ball of energy appeared in her hand making the class flinch.

The teen's eyes were wide open their hearts beating a million miles per hour. Gohan suddenly felt Videl grab his hand tightly. He felt her hand shaking in fear.

"G-Gohan, I-I'm-," Videl started.

"Ssh, don't worry, I'll protect you," Gohan assured her. Videl felt herself relax and she moved closer to Gohan.

"Dido," Videl said with a smile.

"Listen, I know you're in here. We may not be able to detect your energy exactly, but I can feel the energy radiating off of you," Zangya said. Even after Zangya spoke no one responded or made a move.

"So, you think this is a game!" Bido said as his rage began to come out. The students flinched at how harsh he spoke.

Mikey began to sweat, his heart beating a million miles per hour. He had been secretly checking his phone every other minute and the heat sensors he had picked up verified that the police had been completely defeated.

Sano had the job of watching the city from his phone. The thing is, Sano regretted ever looking at the phone. The city was in complete chaos; heat sensors were all over the place. Most of them were located in banks which basically summed up where the criminals went.

At the end of it all, things were about to get a whole lot worse. For everyone.

Hercule city entrance.

The mountains on the outskirts of Hercule city were being shaken by the flight of a large blue man. The male was flying towards a specific building in the desolate city. How chaotic the city was giving the man a warm feeling inside and a drove a smirk up to his face. He loved the fear that spread across the city and it brought great delight to him.

The man smirked as he spotted his destination. He descended towards a silver warehouse and he entered the building. When he walked in he spotted a cloaked figure standing on a podium.

"Ah if it isn't my alien friend, Kojick is it?" The hooded man said with his arms wide open and a deranged smile on his face. The man growled with anger evident in his emotion.

"My name is Bojack, peasant," Bojack said with a deep and gruff voice.

"Tomato toemato," The figure said as he picked up a bottle of wine with a glass. "A glass?"

"Stop these games Tao!" Bojack yelled as he blasted a hole in the wall. "Why did you send that transmission to my ship?"

The figure revealed to be Mercenary Tao let out a large sigh of disappointment. "Hm, what a shame. I thought you would have more patience than this." Bojack growled again, a blue ki ball forming in his right hand.

"But, since you've come so far it is rude for me to not tell you. The reason I've called you here is that I believe we have a common enemy."

"You mean…" Bojack began to speak but was cut off by Tao.

"Yes, the power signal that brought you here. The owner of the signal and I have had a run in before and let's just say, revenge his burning in my heart.

"So why not destroy him if you wanted revenge?" Bojack questioned.

"It's not as easy as you may think. This boy has incredible power and as defeated even the strongest this world has to offer. If I were to fight him on my own I would surely be defeated," Tao said his voice filled with anger and sorrow.

"Haha, you pitiful human. You can't even defeat your enemy so you sit in this dump and drink your sorrows away," Bojack laughed at Tao's expense.

"Actually, I've been doing much more than sitting and drinking," Tao informed him as he walked over to a table and grabbed a TV remote. He turned a TV on that was sitting on a desk a few feet over from Bojack.

On the television set was the chaotic Hercule city. The TV showed the police station being gunned down and tanks blowing buildings to ashes. "I have united almost every gang and criminal this city has ever seen and imposed them on the city."

"Hm. Not bad Tao looks like you're not as useless as I thought."

Tao smirked at Bojack. "So now that you know what I'm capable of, I'd like to form a sort of alliance."

"Oh, and what are the conditions of said alliance?" Bojack asked.

"There is only one condition and that is that you will destroy the power signal. To help you do that, I will provide you with the necessary tools."

Tao walked towards the back and grabbed a white box. He turned back to Bojack and stood in front of the alien.

"I have already provided you with the attack on the city to distract the police and anyone trying to stop you from your goal. But to pinpoint where the energy signal is, you'll need this." Tao said as he opened the white box.


"You look rather confused my friend so how about I explain what this is to you? This is an alien object developed by what seems to be a very advanced race, it's called a scouter. It will help you detect the largest power level in the world or in a classroom," Tao said as he handed the machine to Bojack.

Bojack inspected the red scouter in his hands. "I've heard plenty about the scouters. My question is how did you get one?"

"An alien landed here years ago, and as usual caused trouble. I inspected the battle between a man named Goku and what seemed to be his twin of some sort. During the fight, the aliens' scouter fell off and I acquired it and left before I could be seen."

"Interesting. That takes a lot of guts, Tao," Bojack said as Tao nodded at the compliment. "Hm, okay."

Bojack got up and walked over to the bottle of wine that laid on the table. The blue man grabbed a wine glass in his left hand and held the bottle in his right.

"Okay to what?" Tao asked concerningly.

"Everything, seeing it as you keep up your attack and hand over the scouter."

Tao smirked and said, "Anything you need as long as you finish off the energy signal."

"Oh, that is the least of your problems. You do know after I'm done with this planet it will be destroyed."

A crazed smirk came upon Tao's mouth, "The only thing that I have to live for is my revenge after that is completed… well, you get the point."

"Good," Bojack said as he looked out the window. "Be afraid Hercule city, be very afraid."

Orange Star High- 1:00 pm

"Hickory… Dickory...dock… the energy signal ran up the clock. The clock struck 1:00 the energy signal, was done, hickory…dickory…dock," sung Bido in a deep and demented voice.

The class shook in their seats. The only noises that could be heard were hyperventilating teens, and chattering teeth.

"You know what Zangya, I think the energy signal is playing games with us?" Bido questioned.

"I was thinking the same thing," she responded.

"Well, since this being likes games how about we play some?" Kogu suggested.

"Hmm, that sounds like a splendid idea." Zangya looked towards the sea of students her eyes filled with hatred.

"We're gonna' play a game of hot potato," Zangya said as she turned her glowing red hand into an energy ball.

"Gohan, that ball has enough energy to destroy anyone in this classroom if it explodes,"Josh telepathically communicated to Gohan.

"I know, just be ready to fight."

"Hmm I choose you and you," Zangya said as she pointed at two of the students. The two students were Nikki and Mikey.

The class gasped as Kogu and Bido disappeared to where Nikki and Mikey were sitting. Angela felt her heart drop to the ground as she watched Mikey be grabbed by an alien invader.

Sano felt his anger rise as he witnessed Bido hold Nikki like she was being arrested.

"No y-you can't do this," Angela said as Mikey was taken to the front of the class.

Tears leaked out of the young girls' eyes as she witnessed him be thrown to the ground. Anglea looked to Gohan with pleading eyes begging him to save Mikey.

Gohan clenched his fists his rage was begging to overcome his mindset and that was not a good thing at the moment. "Let him go," The teen Saiyan said as he stood out of his chair.

The class was again shocked.

"What does this lunatic think he's doing?"

"He's going to get himself killed."

"Oh no, Gohan's too cute to die!" Were the thoughts running through the students' heads.

"You know what. I'm sick and tired of you always interrupting me!" Zangya shouted. "Put the nerd back and bring me him."

Kogu walked up the brown stairs and dropped Mikey onto the ground where he sat. Angela quickly scrambled from her seat and over to Mikey where she dove into his arms.

"M-Mikey I w-was so scared that you were g-going to die," Angela choked out as she cried into Mikey's shirts.

"So was I, but I'm am okay," Mikey assured her as he hugged her back.

Kogu then vanished behind Gohan grabbing his two arms in the process.

"Gohan, you can't do this," Videl pleaded against his actions. Instead of saying a word Gohan just smirked and stared into her eyes as Kogu teleported him to the front of the room.

In the seats to the right of them, Josh was grabbing his fist in anger. His head was cocked to the left as if he was about to snap.

Nikki was being roughly brought down the stairs. She struggled to break free, but Bido was too powerful for her to break his grip.

Seeing enough, Josh began to stand up but was stopped by a hand who tried to pull him down. Josh looked down to see Erasa trying to stop him.

"Don't," Erasa said in just one word that meant a million things. A tear fell down the side of the teen's face.

"I'm sorry, but I have to," Josh said. The teen stood up his fist clenched.

"Take me over the girl," Josh demanded, his arms up in surrender.

Zangya eyed the teen carefully. "Why?" The blue skinned woman questioned.

"Why not? Are you afraid of me," The teen cyborg asked eyeing Bido on purpose

Bido growled silently at the teen's snarky comment. "I say we take him instead. This unruly behavior should be punished," Bido offered as he stared down Josh.

"I'll have to agree; get him," Zangya ordered. Without a second thought, Bido flew towards Sano and he dropped Nikki in front of him.

Sano rushed to Nikki and he wrapped her in a warm embrace. Nikki placed her head-on Sano's shoulder as tears escaped her yellow eyes. Sano strengthened the hug and he held her like his life depended on it.

"S-Sano they're going to kill Josh," Nikki cried into Sano's shoulder.

"Josh is a lot stronger than he looks Nikki. He'll make it out, we all will," Sano promised.

After dropping off Nikki, Bido vanished behind Josh. The crazed alien grabbed both of Josh's arms and placed them on his lower back. Bido then teleported to the front of the classroom next to Gohan.

Zangya smiled and took a small breath. The orange haired women began to circle around the two teens her walk slow but smooth in every step. Zangya stopped walking and she started the two down.

"So, who would like to go first?" Questioned the beautiful alien.

Gohan chuckled and looked at Zangya. "I'll go first."

Zangya smirked as she began to throw Gohan the ball. "Oh, Gohan your way to kind, I'll go first," Josh insisted.

"No, I'll go first," Gohan responded.

"No, I'll g-."

"Silence!" Zangya roared. "I don't understand why you two continue to treat your imminent death as a game."

"Well, you did say this was hot potato which is a game," Josh countered.

With those words, Zangya's anger had reached the limit. "I am sick and tired of you insolent children!" Zangya yelled as a red aura blazed around her body.

"You think everything is a joke, well let's see if you'll be laughing about this," Zangya said as she looked to her associates. "Psycho now."

The group of 4 quickly moved into a circle around Josh and Gohan. Before either of the two could react, purple threads shot out of the assassins' fingers. The purple attack wrapped around Gohan and Josh's body causing them to scream out in pain.

The attack was so powerful that it began to bring them to their knees. "Aghh! W-what the hell is this!?" Gohan screamed in agony.

An evil smirk appeared on Bujin's face. "Pyscho threads. They wrap around your body and drain your energy until you either die or pass out. Oh, and the best part is, if you try to escape then you'll feel even more pain!" Bujin explained as he laughed at them.

"You… s—sick bags- ahh!" Josh screamed out in pain as he dropped to his knees. A medium sized cut appeared on his arm, blood oozing out of the cut.

As the torture was carried out the students in the crowd could only watch their friends being killed. Videl felt tears starting to form in her eyes but she quickly wiped them away.

Erasa, on the other hand, didn't have the strength Videl did and tears began to fall from her eyes and on her pale cheeks. Nikki grabbed onto Sano and cried deeper into his chest, wishing not to witness the torture of her brother.

Angela who was holding onto Mikey looked to him. "Mikey, what happens if Josh and Gohan d-die? What'll happen to us?"

For the first time in his life, Mikey didn't have an answer. "I-I don't know."

The more and more she watched Gohan scream in agony the more anger and sadness came out. The raven-haired teen balled her fist her tolerant levels dropping with every passing second.

Having watched enough Videl stood from her seat and prepared to fight for her city, for her school, for her friends.

"No, don't!" A voice yelled in Videl's head. The teen stopped in her tracks the sudden voice scaring her half to death.

"W-what 6th-?"

"Videl don't do it!" The voice cried out again in pain.

"G-Gohan is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

"How are yo-?"

"There's no time to e-explain. You just need to trust me."

"Trust you how?" Videl answered, her voice skeptical.

"You have to let this happen, you can't interfere.

"No! No way."

"Videl plea-."

"No! Gohan, they're hurting you and I can't…" Videl said as she couldn't get the rest out.

"Agh!" Gohan screamed in agony as he finally dropped to the ground. Zangya cackled as Josh and Gohan laid on the ground, seemingly helpless.

"T-trust m-me,"Gohan pleaded as the telepathic connection cut out. Videl stared at Gohan tears forming and falling down her cheeks in synchronization.

"You better not die on me." Videl dropped in her seat her fist still clenched in unleashed anger.

Back in the front of the classroom laid Gohan and Josh on the ground. Zangya saw this and she couldn't help but break out into a smile.

"I think they've seen the true seriousness of the situation," Zangya said. The group released their attack on Gohan and Josh.

"Hey Bido, this one looks like he's still got some fight in him," Bujin said as Gohan struggled to his feet.

"Oh, he does. Well, how about we take all the fight out of him." Bido snuck behind Gohan restrained him. Bujin walked to Gohan where he stood in front of him.

"This'll teach you some respect!" Bujin said as he punched Gohan in his stomach. The teen Saiyan gasped for air as he received the blow.

"You and everyone on this wretched planet will feel the power we hold." Bujin landed another punch this time hitting Gohans' ribs.

On the other side of the classroom Josh was on one knee breathing heavily. Kogu walked over to the kneeling cyborg and he stared down at him.

"Every time you humans try to stand up," Kogu kicked Josh in his abdomen sending him crashing into the chair where he sat at. "We'll just kick you further into the ground."

Erasa was thrown to the ground by Josh's fall and she sat on the floor watching his body ay like a corpse.

Kogu flew towards Josh and when he arrived he was floating over him. "I can tell by your movements, your stance that you are a swordsman," Kogu said as he drew his sword from the holster on his back.

"It's a shame that we'll never get to fight. But who knows, we may battle eventually, in the afterlife that is!" Kogu said as he laughed loudly.

"You humans will all perish! Now, say goodbye," Bujin said as a glowing purple aura surrounded his right.

"Say your prayers human," Kogu said as he raised his sword. Kogu drilled his sword downwards as Bujin threw his fist at Gohan's stomach.

Time suddenly slowed down for everyone. In the front of the room, Zangya smirked widely at her success. Nikki reached out for her brother as Sano held her back from jumping on him. Angela turned her head away from Gohan hoping to miss the crushing blow being dealt. Mikey, on the other hand, could only watch as his best friends were about to die.

Erasa and Videl could only stare as they people they cared for were killed in front of them, or so they thought. Gohan and Josh were sick and tired of being pushed around, of being treated like dirt. The restraints on their powers were dropping quickly.

As Josh took one look into Erasas' light blue eyes and Gohan into Videls' cerulean eyes, something snapped.

Time started to speed up as Bujin's fist and Kogu's sword came in contact. However, before Bujins' fist could hit Gohan the Saiyans' own hand stopped the punch.

"W-what?" Bujin questioned as he stared into Gohan's dark eyes.

"H-how?" Kogu asked. His sword had just been stopped by Josh who was blocking the attack with his bare hands.

"Enough!" Josh and Gohan screamed.

Gohan broke his other arm away from Bido giving Gohan free reign to do whatever she wanted. The teen Saiyan punched Bujin in his abdomen stunning him from the severe amounts of pain he received. Gohan then swung Bujin in a circle until he threw him into Bido sending them both flying into the bottom part of the stairs. The demi Saiyan got into his fighting stance ready to defend his world.

"The people of earth are a lot stronger than you both believe," Gohan informed them,

Above them, Josh used his dormant strength to push Kogu's sword upwards which threw Kogu off the stairs and onto the ground below. Josh set his hands on the ground and he jumped up landing on his two feet. The teen cyborg observed the situation and he came to one conclusion. Josh went into his bag and grabbed his capsule holder and he took out the capsule farthest to the right.

Josh clicked the capsule and after the smoke cleared a black sword in a white holster appeared. Josh clipped the holster around his chest and he jumped down on the floor.

"You were right Kogu, I am a swordsman," Josh said as he drew his sword from its holster. "And it looks like we'll be having our battle sooner than expected."

"I'm definitely okay with that," Kogu said as he readied his sword for battle. "One of us will die today."

"You first," Josh fired back.

As Gohan fought the invaders he received a telepathic message.

"I'm on my way brat. Oh, green bean and tri-clops are coming with," a deep and angry voice reported.

"Took you long enough. I called you 20 minutes ago."

"Be lucky I'm coming at all brat." The voice said as it cut off communication.

Gohan ducked a punch from Bido which gave him room to backflip next to Josh in the middle of the room. As Gohan arrived Josh kicked Kogu in his gut sending him skating backward.

"Reinforcements are on their way," Gohan informed Josh. The two demi-humans were being circled by the invaders so they went back to back.

"How long?" questioned the teen cyborg.

"At least 5-7 minutes."

"Damn it," Josh cursed.

"I know, 5-7 minutes without using our powers is going to be one hell of a challenge," Gohan said.

"Please, your hearts probably beating faster than you can feel it and your adrenaline is through the roofs."

"Hm, your right, and that's what I love about a good challenge," Gohan said with a smirk on his face.

"Well then, you ready to fight?"

"Always," Gohan said with one word as all four invaders attacked them.

"Agh!" Gohan and Josh yelled as they attacked the aliens.

The battle to decide the fate of earth had begun.

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