Oct 10, 2018

So, I promised myself I'd never put my stories on Hiatus, but, things have come up and I'm doing just that. Therefore, I feel you all deserve a heads-up.

The basic rundown is: I'm working through a serious traumatic incident. I'll be starting therapy next week. Am I sure that will help me? No, but all I've tried to do on my own hasn't succeeded either, so I'm willing to try. Because I'm working through this, it's started to bleed into my attempts at writing, which, in turn, is making all my stories WAY darker than I want (by a lot). That's why I've been putting off posting any new chapters. With that in mind, I'm postponing any updates until next year (January). Of course, if I get inspired, I'll update, but I'm giving myself some breathing room to just focus on healing.

I'm sorry. I know how we all feel (myself included) about the dreaded Hiatus sign, but I feel it's necessary.

Please, keep me in your prayers.

I'll see you all in January. :D