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It was a normal day in the soul society. Meaning that the 11th division was wreaking havoc as they desperately tried to corner poor Ichigo Kurosaki into fighting their captain, Kenpachi Zaraki. Ichigo saw starting to get a little desperate as he was running out of places to hide. The only place that he hadn't hidden was the squad 12 barracks and that was because everyone there was basically a phyco and would like nothing better than to dissect him. As he ran, Ichigo took the time to think over the possibility of hiding in the squad 10 barracks, but ultimately, that was the most likely place for Yoruichi to be right now and he really wasn't in the mood to deal with her antics.

Ducking behind some bushes outside the squad 6 training grounds, Ichigo finally took the chance to have a rest. Panting slightly, he slumped down in the shade and relaxed. The cool breeze was a relief after the constant running and sitting in the shade like this was very peaceful. The shouts of squad 11 as they desperately searched for him faded away as the poor substitute soul reaper closed his eyes for a moment…

Ichigo's eyes flew open as a huge explosion came from the squad 12 barracks. He stood up quickly before internally cringing as his stiff muscles protested. After a quick stretch, he surveyed the situation. The fluctuations in spiritual pressure had ceased and he quickly deduced that most of the members of squad 12 had evacuated the premises however Ikkaku's spiritual pressure was rapidly approaching the explosion site, along with several others from squad 12. After scanning some more Ichigo's eyes widened as he felt what they had noticed before him. Another soul. Normally squad 12 would have to deal with this kind of thing as it was their mess but this was no ordinary soul. The spiritual pressure coming off it was immense, at least captain class, maybe higher.

Grabbing Zangetsu, he flash stepped as fast as he could towards squad 12's latest experiment.

Erza P.O.V

One second I was separating Gray, Natsu and Gajeel as they yelled pathetic obscenities at each other and the next I was flying weightlessly through a rainbow. The bright colours swirled around me as I tried desperately to think straight, but I was constantly being distracted by all the beautiful colours rushing past. Before I could get my thoughts in order I slammed into what could only be the ground. Hard. As the dust cleared and my ears stopped ringing, I pulled myself shakily to my feet and took in my surroundings.

I seemed to have landed in the ruins of a large building. However, at closer inspection the ruins seemed suspiciously new, maybe I destroyed them when I hit the ground, not that it really mattered, I just hope it wasn't a guild hall. After I hauled myself out of the crater, I gathered my thoughts and started to explore the wreckage. There was a lot of smashed glass and broken gadgets so maybe it was a science laboratory. Suddenly, a group of people appeared. The appeared to be wearing some kind of traditional black uniform and they all carried swords. The only one with strong magic energy was the bald guy with weird pinkish eye shadow at the side of each eye. As we stared one another down I felt the approach of another person with strong magic energy. Drawing myself up straight, I strode over to where the uniformed men stood and held out my hand,

"My name is Erza Scarlet and I apologise for any damage that I may have caused in my fall"

The bald man eyed me in a somewhat challenging manner before accepting my handshake,

"I'm Ikkaku Madarame of the 11th division and these are my fellow squad members"

As he prattled of names, numbers and the like I noticed another person with powerful magic energy approaching. I waited until he was finished, not having listened to any of it and asked,

"Are you expecting anyone else to pass this way?"

He smirked,

"You are a powerful new opponent, the captain is probably looking for a fight and Kurosaki ran off somewhere."

"Is there a reason for him wanting to fight me or is it some kind of training?" I was confused as to why a person that I had never met before would challenge me to a fight. Also, who was this Kurosaki person and did he have a good reason for running of was he just a coward?

My questions were answered a moment later when a tall black haired man with a little pink haired girl on his shoulder landed in the rubble and drew his sword.

Was it ok?