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Kenny P.O.V

My new opponent! She looked worthy at least, she wore a chest plate and gauntlets as well as black combat boots and a blue skirt and her stature was strong, in a way she reminded me of Kurosaki. But what really mattered was her strength, I'd grown bored of chasing Kurosaki and with no worthy opponents, I was itching for a fight.

"Have fun Kenny!" said Yachiru, jumping off my shoulder and running over to a large lump of rubble to watch. The other members of my squad also backed off, knowing what was about to take place.

We stood staring at each other, sizing one another up. Getting bored of the silence, I spoke,

"So you're squad 12's new experiment? Well I'm captain of squad 11, Kenpachi Zaraki. Who are you?"

"I am Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail mage and I can assure you that I meant no harm. I do not know how I got here and would like nothing better than to be back at the guild but I will assist with the repairs of the buildings I destroyed before going back"

"Tch, you talk too much," I snorted "Just hurry up and draw your weapon"

"Pardon?" she inquired politely. But I could see that she understood how serious I was about this fight and what it meant if she accepted my challenge. The expression on her face changed from one of polite curiosity to the look of someone confident they could win but wary of their opponent nonetheless.

"So that is what your subordinate meant. You wish for us to battle? Very well then, I accept your challenge"

I struck at her, and my zanpakuto hit the rubble. I came around for another swing but she dodged again. Landing several feet to me left, she held he hand out, palm forwards and an intricate red circle appeared. I pivoted to face her but the circle was gone, in its place a sword. How the hell it happened I had no idea but that didn't really matter, now that she had weapon the fight could really begin.

This time when I swung she parried. On the scariness scale her expression rivalled Unohana's as she swung viciously at my head. Laughing, I blocked her easily and pushed her blade away before taking a jab at her unguarded side. Suddenly, my strike was blocked by another sword. She jumped back, a blade in either hand, before striking again. It continued on like this for several minutes before I started to release my spirit energy, increasing my attack power. Her motions came to a sudden halt as she sensed my increasing power. This time I lunged first, aiming at her side. She brought both swords up to block my zanpakuto, and although she managed it, my strike was more powerful than she expected and she was pushed backwards slightly.

"That all you got, fairy girl?" I asked her, wanting to provoke her into using her power to attack.

Instead of saying anything, she yelled, "RE-QUIP! HEAVEN'S WHEEL ARMOUR!"

A golden glow surrounded her, along with a sudden surge of her strange power. Finally, my opponent is starting to reveal her strength. Although I have no idea what 're-quip' was I didn't think it was a kido technique and she certainly didn't have a zanpakuto. Something new then? And heaven's wheel armour? I didn't know what that was either.

When the surge of power faded so did the bright light. She still had a sword in each hand, but their shape and appearance had changed. So had her armour. Instead of a chest plate she was now wearing a full, armoured skirt and for some reason she had wings and a headband, all in matching silver and grey. I laughed, that thing may look flashy but all her vital areas were exposed, there was nothing covering her stomach area at all.

I grinned and raised my sword but before I could make a move dozens of swords appeared around her, spinning in a circular formation.


The swords stopped their circling and flew towards me instantly. I leapt out of the way but she'd somehow gotten behind me and attacked.

Ikkaku P.O.V

Ever since she'd 're-quipped' into that armour, Erza was keeping up with the Captain. Her fierce determination to win was not unlike that of Ichigo. Speaking of Ichigo, where had he gotten off to? I signalled the rest of the squad to continue searching for Ichigo. The kid was definitely Yoruichi's student, we had yet to catch him he was so fast.

I took one last look at the fight. It hadn't really progressed much, they looked slightly less energetic but both were still fighting strong. Sighing enviously, I turned and flash stepped away. Maybe I'd just fight Ichigo when I found him. If I ever found him.

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