A lone figure looked down from their broom, watching the people gathering in one area and wondering what was happening there. Even from this height and distance she could feel that these were all spiritually aware (if not very powerful) humans and muggles. Making sure no one was there to see her, the girl grinned and touched down at the half-way mark, and by Merlin was the stairway long! None of the staircases at Hogwarts were this long! Though had there been a stairway from the entrance to the topmost floor then it would probably reach about this length.

She joined the crowd of gathered muggles (all of them seemed to be men, how disappointing) rather easily. Her youki was carefully concealed behind her maho or magc and reiki. Currently, she was dressed in a short kimono/ninja outfit hybrid which was all pale colors that matched her hair and eyes. It was styled similar to a recent female ninja character from an anime she'd fallen somewhat in love with (for no reason other than the violence, honestly!) immediately. Her brother never understood her love of dressing up in cosplay which she only recently picked up due to discovering anime, but then again he liked to wear torn up black leather and pointy hats which she couldn't ever really understand. Even if she did have an outfit that was a white/inverted version of his.

Both her and her brother were rather known theives back in Makai, though her brother more so due to his partnership with Youko Kurama. She was often jealous that he'd landed a partner like THE Youko Kurama, since she'd been a sort of super fan of the older yokai's (she had wanted to have his babies). Then there was the heist gone bad that nearly killed her twin, her other half, the only one that she couldn't bear to live without. She rushed to his side using a trick the twins had learned for just such an occasion and used up half her life force to keep him alive long enough to flee with his soul to ningenkai and into two soul-less human bodies of unborn humans. Kuronue and Shironue were reborn as humans about eight months later, being nearly two months past the due date, on July 31 at 11:59pm.

While her brother had gained notoriety for his more flashy thefts, Shironue was a phantom thief, leaving no traces and not being seen. She also only stole from those that truly deserved it, or that pissed her off or offended her. She still couldn't figure out how they ended up in England of all places, seeing as Japan was the only place in the world other than China with openings between Ningenkai and Makai. A commotion nearby pulled her from thoughts of the discrepancies with their escape from Makai.

She turned her attention back to the people around her when they suddenly grew silent and expectant. Jasmin, the name she was given by her human parents whom sacrificed themselves to protect their children, slipped easily through the crowd of humans to get nearer to the front. She was curoius and bored enough to try finding out what this gathering was about. She had also felt something calling to her here among all these people. An old, short, woman appeared from within the temple, and when had those doors been opened? Had she not been so skilled at sensing others' strength and reiki/youki and had she not looked into the humans with spiritual powers thus known about Genkai-shihan, she would have likely dismissed the old woman and left.

However, she was in fact aware of just how powerful this diminuitive woman was and could sense the woman's reiki. The fifteen year old-looking, youkai-reborn-as-a-witch sucked in a breath when she understood what was happening here. It helped that she'd heard whispers from the others gathered here about becoming Genkai's deciple. 'So the master is seeking a student to leave her skills to.' She wanted to leave right there, since she had no need for the old human's techniques nor any interest in them, but the same feeling that guided her there told her to wait and stay. The feeling in her gut had never steered her wrong so stay she would.

The first round was... a drawing of lots? She arched her brow but lined up to get a piece of paper all the same, careful not to touch any of the other envelopes the lots were sealed in. Once everyone had one, Master Genkai called out to open the envelopes. She carefully opened hers and found...