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The group of four were running on the roof of the castle, headed for the tower at the other end from the tunnel they had just left from after the quick defeat of Seiryuu. About halfway to the opening to the tower, Yusuke's pocket communicator gave off a ring that meant Botan was calling them. Yusuke's face paled at the news of Keiko-san being targeted by makaichu-controlled people. Kuwabara was also there with the two girls, acting as a kind of bodyguard. Half-way through the report from Botan, there was a noise and it suddenly cut off.

"Oi, Botan! Botan, answer me!" Yusuke near-growled at the continued silence until a hand on his shoulder calmed him down.

"Don't worry, Nii-san and Kazu-kun will protect them. Nii-san won't let anything happen to them.." With a grin of confidence directed at Yusuke, the group silently agreed to hurry up all the same. They had almost made it to the door leading into the final tower when a veritable army of plants-shaped-like-people appeared from either side from openings. Jasmin grimaced.

"Damn... Looks like some wizard made inferi and combined them with Devils Snare or something... Think fire'd work?" Jasmin commented. Neither of the other males had a reply to that so with a shrug, Jasmin whipped out her wand and yelled out in parseltongue (spells in parseltongue were more powerfull and they could use the boost for this many plant-people), "Confringo" The spell created a burning opening in the ranks of plant people, but before they could go anywhere more showed up and filled in the holes. "Kuso."

Jasmin really didn't want to do this, she REALLY didn't but... "Okay. Looks like they won't stop coming anytime soon... Yu-kun... I'm gonna send you up to that window 'kay? We'll follow behind in a moment." Getting a confirming nod from Yusuke, Jasmin levelled her wand at Yusuke, happily noting the lack of any flinch that showed more than words just how much he trusted her not to hurt him while not in a spar where anything goes. "Ascendare." She intoned, mind focusing on directing his flight path to land on the window ledge that she had pointed out to him before.

"Get going, Yu-kun. Kurama-san, Hiei-kun you two should get up there too." Jasmin only waited for them to do so before casting the Fiendfyre spell. It would burn through the ranks of plant people far better than anything and wouldn't stop even if she weren't there to personally control it. That accomplished, Jasmin pulled out her broom once more and flew up to the top room of the tower, rather than climbing through it and meeting any other possible plant-men.

-With Yusuke-

Yusuke ran up the towers staircase, thanking Jasmin in his head for the lift up to that floor. He arrived after a few minutes to hear a creepy melody coming from a male shrouded by shadows. On a large screen behind the figure was Keiko, Botan, and Kuwabara, running from and/or knocking out people that were being manipulated by the makaichu and Bug Flute. Yusuke let out an angry growl at his childhood friend being targeted like that.

"Beautiful tone, don't you agree? I thought of making it your girlfriends requiem. I am the Four Holy Beasts' Leader, Suzaku." The now-revealed male spoke up once the shadows withdrew to reveal him to Yusuke. A Bird fluttered over and landed on the blond yokai's shoulder.

"And I am Murugu." Yusuke was only mildly surprised at the female voice coming from the apparently-not-a-normal-bird.

"This is a rare opportunity. Take a look at your girlfriend as she is hunted down." Suzaku was looking all smug as he spoke, but Yusuke had to laugh at the assumption. This wiped the smirk off Suzaku's face. "What's so funny? This girl is important to you, no?" Yusuke's laugh cut off fairly quickly. Had it not been such a real threat to his childhood friends life the laugh would have lasted longer, as it was...

"That's just Keiko. She's not my girlfriend." Yusuke's declaration seemed to shock the two, guessing from their expressions. "She's important to me, yeah... But not my girlfriend in any way other than being a friend that happens to be female." Yusuke smirked here. "Also, I trust that Kuwabara will protect them both."

"Also, Nii-san wouldn't let the innocent Keiko-san get hurt. He's also watching out for the town. Same as Siri." Jasmins voice drew the attention of both males to the window from which she was entering. "And Yu-kun is mine... Keiko-san is ill-suited for his life-style anyway." Yusuke would have protested just a year ago, when he still felt romantic interest in Keiko, but his meeting with Jasmin and the training at Genkai's had helped him see that the love he held for her was more familial and not romantic. He'd yet to really tell Keiko though, since he only just returned from Genkai's and this whole mess happened.

"Hand over that flute now." Yusuke spoke up. "And I'll let you get away with only being half beaten to death." Jasmin frowned slightly, not really seeing any reason to spare this moron's life, but letting Yusuke handle it.

"And, if I say 'no'?" Suzaku's expression was serious, which made Yusuke also turn more serious than before. 'Ooooh, is it wrong that I find that expression delicious on Yu-kun?' Jasmin mused to herself while waiting for the two to duke it out. She wouldn't interfere unless either there was an opportunity to snatch the flute or it looked like Yu-kun was about to die.

"I'll kill you." The words sent pleasant shivers down her spine and Jasmin discreetly fanned her face. Her attention went to the screen, where Keiko and Botan were being attacked by that arse Iwamoto. 'Oh I am soo pranking that prat next chance I get, doesn't matter if he can't remember what's happening here.' She missed the next words that set Yusuke off, but soon she noticed Yusuke trying to punch the blond-prat. She had to admit, it was mildly impressive that he managed to block those punches with but one hand.

She watched as Suzaku jumped into the air to dodge a final punch and Yusuke gathered Reiki into his hand. Her eyes widened along with Yusuke when Suzaku deflected the energy blast and yelped as she dodged out of the way of it. She had been hovering there since the start of the fight. 'Hmmm... perhaps the ground is safer?' With that thought, Jasmin landed off to the side away from the opening in the room's ceiling.

Jasmin admittedly lost interest in the fight for a moment there, until 'Ankoku Raijin-ken' was announced and Yusuke was hit by it. His scream drew her attention back to him.

"Yusuke!" She stepped forward a half-step, before restraining herself. He was able to get back up and she relaxed slightly, though she couldn't help the slight face-fault she did at seeing Yusuke put his shoes onto his hands. 'I really hope he's got something valid planned to counter the lightning attack. When his shoes were destroyed by the lightning, blue light revealed that he was using his Spirit Energy to block it. Jasmin chuckled, then outright laughed. "Oh Yu-kun... That's certainly an interesting way of fighting..."

Her attention was drawn to the screen once more, so she just barely missed the chance to 'Accio' the blasted flute to her. She cursed mentally when she realized it. Then she cursed aloud when she saw Suzaku-baka using a 'spell' that let him make six copies of himself. Yu-kun was now facing off against seven instead of one. She'd heard of that particular skill before, but never one that was able to create so many 'clones' of themselves. "Yu-kun, mind if I join in now?" She didn't want to interfere unless he was alright with it. But wouldn't listen to his protest if his life should be truly on the line.

"Yeah. If you could.." Yusuke didn't sound too pleased, but neither was he really against the help. He trusted Jasmin to have his back in a fight like this. He held no delusions that he might just need her help to survive this. Just as she reached his side, the six Suzaku's fired their attack, which Yusuke managed to fend off five of. One went for his back, but Jasmin blocked it with a quick transfiguration that caused the floor to rise up in a giant hand shape and block the lightning.

The attack was mostly deflected, and Jasmin had enough time to tackle Yusuke out of the way of the remainder of it that passed the hand. A small bit of it managed to touch her ankle though and Jasmin grit her teeth as pain raced through her whole body. It wasn't half as bad as she'd felt just that last school year at the graveyard and certainly not the worst she'd felt in her past as Shironue, but it was pretty high up there. She actually screamed in pain from the worst of it.

Meanwhile on the screen, Keiko and Botan were trapped in a room with a group of people trying to get them.

In town, Sirius and Harry were separately taking down the makaichu and people controlled by makaichu as non-fatally as they could for the people that were otherwise innocent of wrong-doing. Kuronue finally made it to the school in time to get the girls out of there, while Kuwabara was knocking out people loitering around the school that were also possessed by the insects.

Jasmin and Yusuke had been caught and were forced to watch what was happening with Keiko and Botan while being electrocuted by the Suzaku's. Jasmin apologized to Yusuke for getting them caught like that, she felt like she was being a burden like those animals that called themselves her relatives always called the twins as being, but he'd brushed off the apology with an easy 'don't worry about it.' and slight grin. Of course they both got an increase in electricity for their carefree-seeming conversation, but it was worth it really. She also grew bored after a while and began devious plotting for revenge should Suzaku survive their fight while Yusuke was remembering the training from Genkai.

Jasmin's mental plotting was derailed when Yusuke's reiki exploded and broke them free. Jasmin grinned, though worry glinted within her eyes, as that kind of power couldn't have come from nowhere. She worried about him using up more energy than he could spare. Suzaku tried using his Ankoku raijin-ha again but it looked like he'd used up too much power as well, for nothing happened. Yusuke took that chance to fire the Shotgun at them and hit all seven Suzaku at once. The main Suzaku was blasted into a wall and dropped the flute when he landed.

Jasmin was ready this time and called out "Accio Bug Flute" catching the blasted thing before the bird yokai could interfere. She tried to crush it with her hand, but was lacking the physical strength for it in her mostly-human body. She turned her head at the slight thump sound and cried out Yusuke's name when she saw him collapsed where he had been standing. Jasmin had a thundrous look on her face as the bloody bird laughed obnoxiously for it. She non-verbally sent a Sectumsempra at the annoyance.

Then she erected a barrier of shield spells around herself and placed the bug flute on the ground. Jasmin gleefully cast an overpowered Expulso, redusing the flute to pottery shards. Just in time, it seemed, because Keiko, Botan, and Harry were trapped by their pursuers. Harry didn't really have any wide-spread stupifies and casting that many would tire out his magical core too much to be any use if he missed any of them.

She dropped the shield spells and rushed to Yusuke's side, only to be kicked into the wall by a furious Suzaku.

"You... Damned wench! You've ruined my plans!" Suzaku was too angry with her to pay any attention to Yusuke. Jasmin smirked, deciding to taunt and give her boyfriend a little recovery time.

"It's what I do best! Well, that and stealing... and Quidditch... You wouldn't know what that is though, too bad for you." She gave him her pattented Slytherin-worthy smirk. "I'm good at being a thorn in the sides of power-hungry idiots like you!" She cackled at the end, coming across as more than a little unhinged, but not finding it in herself to care at this point.

Suzaku became angered at her superior attitude and was about to hit her again when Yusuke gained his attention with his words.

"Hey teme... You're opponent is me!" He had managed to stand up and still look rather cool, in her opinion, even while beaten up like he was. Suzaku scoffed at his bravado.

"You are too worn out to pull out even another one of those attacks of yours." He spoke with disinterest in Yusuke and was about to turn back to deal with the girl that so annoyed him when Yusuke spoke up again.

"You're pretty beaten up yourself there." Suzaku chuckled and stepped back, one arm raised and suddenly Youki was coming out of the downed copies and returning to Suzaku. His wounds healed even the clothes looked fresh and undamaged. Jasmin groaned a little, as he was back to near-as full health, while the two of them were in serious trouble it seemed. Then Suzaku made six more of himself again and Jasmin really felt like cursing her luck or banging her head against a wall, because seriously, was the Potter Luck seriously that bad?


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