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"-Shorin vs Jasmin, Begin!" Genkai called out across the field, the two combatants far enough from the onlookers that they wouldn't get caught in the crossfire. Shorin got into a strange looking pose, but Jasmin didn't let it throw her off and got into a relaxed-looking pose that was easiest for her to move into a defensive or offensive position.

They had been moved to a marsh that was once a battlefield. All around them she could see the souls of those lingering and their despair was almost distracting. The loose spirit energy was able to be absorbed by all of them to recover their strength, though Jasmin needed to recover magic, not reiki or youki, and this was useless to her other than as a youki boost.

The two combatants circling for a moment, assessing their opponent. Jasmin knew she might need to pull out all the stops on this fight, since she knew her opponent was a demon of decent strength. Jasmin readied her youki, this time not even bothering to disguise it, and launched the first attack. She was not one for hand-to-hand fighting, but rather long-range with the whip and close-range with a sword. She kept Shorin at a distance through the sudden appearance of her 'Ivy Whip' which would strike out at him like a snake if he got too close.

Shorin seemed to grow restless, or careless, as he ran forward. He dodged her whip surprisingly well and she had to dodge some rather week punches. It looked like he was just some weakling human with the display. Still, she retracted the whip and continued to dodge until he seemed to realize it wasn't working and he pulled out a technique that summoned fireballs. Jasmin's eyebrow arched regally, reminiscent of a certain 'Greasy Dungeon Bat'. She dodged the fireballs and taunted her opponent while doing so. Then the little turd began chanting something, and she knew instinctively that it would cause her trouble. She pulled her whip out again and had him wrapped in it in seconds. The whip also forced his mouth shut to silence the chanting.

"Sorry gaki, I'm not in the mood to play with you. Should I squeeze the life out of your frail body? Or will you show yourself for the monster you are, Rando!" She heard a soft gasp from Botan and the reactions of Yusuke and Kazuma at her declaration but ignored them. Her focus remained trained on her opponent. To emphasize her point, the Ivy tightened its' hold on the weak-looking 'Shorin', enough to break more than a few bones in the human body along with suffocating him.

After what seemed like an hour, 'Shorin' began cackling evilly as his youki leaked out around him and his figure shifted. He grew in height until he was about the same height as Yusuke and his hair grew out until it rivaled her own length. A strange marking, which she soon identified as that of a spider, covered much of the male's face. The newly revealed Rando broke free of the Ivy Whip seemingly easily and the fight continued in earnest, though shortly in she cast a silencer on the annoying male demon as his voice grated on her eardrums even worse than Kazuma's and Ron's, even more than Lockheart and the man was horribly self-centered and a conceited git! She only barely managed to avoid his spider-thread trap and the whole being hung from a tree to feed some pet Makaigyo... Not that Makaigyo would have tried to eat her of course.. Anything that tried to eat either her or her brother tended to be poisoned thanks to the venom in both their blood.

Most things knew already that they were poisonous, as they (according to some snakes she had met after second year) gave off a smell of poison. See, her and Harry had both ended up poisoned by the Basilisk and Fawkes hadn't shown up to heal them after dropping off the Sorting Hat and blinding the Basilisk. Rather, their Demon Energy had undergone a change with made them able to produce poison in their blood. It was not able to be used offensively by them, but Harry was practicing with it to make his own style of fighting. As Kuronue hadn't really learned anything to do with manipulating his youki before they 'died' and were born to the Potters. Some things didn't care about the poison or couldn't tell either because they were too stupid or had no sense of smell or were unable to 'smell'/sense the poison.

Her moment of introspection cost her, as Rando landed a decent hit on her with another of his pilfered skills, this time the Spirit Gun they had only seen during Yusuke's fight against Kibano. Shironue grunted as she landed and bounced once. When she got back up, there was an evil glint in her eyes which sent shivers down everyone's spines, even Genkai and Botan. The girl grabbed her kimono and ripped it off to show that underneath was a ripped, white leather vest which was only held together at one point and which revealed a toned, pale abdomen and a single pendant between ample breasts that Yusuke flushed remembering the feel of being pressed into. Around her hips rested a dark gray cloth over white pants. The pants and vest were artfully ripped in a few places and on her feet rested open-toe sandals (white version of Kakashi's shinobi sandals). The outfit was an inverted somewhat feminized version of the outfit Kuronue wore and was known in Makai.

She pulled out a tattered-looking white-gray hat from a small pouch, which didn't look like it could hold anything larger than a little money, and placed it atop her head. She pulled her ponytail through an opening at the back of the hat and smirked darkly at the paling Rando.

"So brat, ready to die?" She spoke in a deadly calm voice, not sounding much different, but her whole aura screamed 'danger, flee for your life'. She didn't let the male respond, striking fast as a snake and unleashing a flurry of attacks. Rando fought back just as furiously, though he was clearly shaken by her appearance. Some in Makai thought she should be named 'white snake' instead of 'White Crane'. After taking more damage than she really should have, Jasmin finally knocked the little brat demon out. She had had to use more Youki than she thought would be necessary.

"Winner, Jasmin! Next match, Urameshi vs Kuwabara!" Jasmin headed over to the sidelines as plopped down ungracefully, breathing heavily. She really had gotten out of shape if this tired her out. Shironue sighed, looks like she was going to train up her stamina some in the next few months if she wanted to improve past her previous skill level. She was still not at her old level either! Shironue barely paid attention to Kazuma and Yusuke's fight, already certain of the victor.

Sure enough, Yusuke was declared the victor shortly into the fight. Kazuma had been KO'd only five minutes in, even with his Reiken. Both her and Yusuke were rather worn out though, so it would be an even fight at least. She stood across from Yusuke once Kazuma was dragged off to the 'sidelines'.

"Ready?" She asked Yusuke. He nodded with an excited glint in his eyes that she could tell had to be mirrored in her own. The second Genkai declared the match begun, the two rushed forwards and began a fist fight that both thoroughly enjoyed. Despite her dislike of such brawls, Jasmin had no youki or magic to call on and Yusuke was out of Reiki as well. Finally, after about twice as long as the fight between Kazuma and Yusuke, Jasmin was caught off guard after a stumble and lost the fight with a short-lived loss of consciousness. Or what she thought was short-lived... Turned out it was closer to a half hour (whereas she thought it was merely five minutes). Kazuma was still out like a light, but not severely injured at least.

Neither was she, as she had a demon's toughness on top of what little training she had in martial arts giving her more durability than regular humans. "So Yu-kun won then? He's to be your deciple? Cool. Mind if I stay-" She abruptly cut off mid-sentence when she caught sight of a white blob flying closer and closer. "Hedwig!" She called out and raised an arm to let the snowy owl land. "What are you... What have you there?" She took the letter from her brother's owl and opened it one handed, not jostling the owl in the slightest. Jasmin read the letter looking pensive.

"No luck huh? Poor Nii-san... Do you mind letting me write a reply girl?" She asked the owl, seemingly forgetting the others, who were openly gaping at the owl (or not gaping in Genkai's case, just a raising of eyebrows), that apparently delivers letter. Hedwig hooted her agreement and hopped up onto the girl's shoulder so the girl's arm was freed. Jasmin reached into the pounch at her hip, arm disappearing up to the elbow almost and pulling out a quill and parchment a few seconds later. She penned out a quick reply, using no visible source of ink thanks to the self-inking quill, and placed it into the envelope her letter arrived in. She re-addressed it to her brother and tied the letter to the owl's leg. She put the owl back onto the forearm and flung it up to help the owl launch into the air.

Hedwig winged her way back to town and to wherever her brother was. Jasmin watched her go until she couldn't see her anymore and turned back to the still-in-shock group. "Sorry, brother was just telling me he's failed to find his mate so far and was calling it a night and asking where I was.. I told him I'd be training alongside someone for a time and that there was no sign of his mate near here either..." Jasmin replied with a slightly shy-looking smile. "Oh yeah, Genkai-shihan, is it alright if I train here as well?"

"Hey, what the hell Jasmin! That bird carries letters? And I don't want to train! I was going to go to the Tokyo Dome!" Yusuke spoke first, and his interest in the Tokyo Dome caused her eyebrow to raise.

"Well, I could always get us tickets for a later event if you want..." Jasmin offered, as the tickets didn't cost all that much really. Seeing Yusuke perk up at the idea made her grin. She wasn't one for watching competitive fighting (or sports for that matter), but if it made Yusuke happy, then it was worth it. "But you'd have to train here for now, because this skill will come in handy one day fairly soon..." Her words rang of prophetic surety. She didn't 'see' it so much as felt that he would need to train in Genkai's ability if he was to survive whatever comes their way.

Yusuke groaned but agreed to training and Jasmin grinned at him. Genkai spoke up then.

"Very well, you shall join this dimwit boy in his training!" Genkai declared. So started the training month from hell, as both Yusuke and Jasmin took to calling it. They returned to town together, but Jasmin had to go assure her brother she was fine, since he'd sent her a worried message after the near month of silence on her end. Yusuke and her agreed to meet up later that day though.

Their relationship had progressed to actually being boyfriend-girlfriend by human standards in the time at Genkai's, though romance was hard to do while dead tired after each day of intense training. Still, they were well on their way to being fully intimate. Best part was neither of them was into the cutesy dating thing at all, no sickeningly sweet nicknames or overly PDA, or puppy-dog-looks at eachother. In fact they acted like good friends more than a couple. If Yusuke tended to be a bit over-protective at times, or if Jasmin mother-henned him when injured, neither was going to bring it up or anything. They worked together well, able to spar or fight together against another opponent.

Jasmin was in the middle of explaining her training to her brother when she tensed and looked up. Harry seemed to sense it too, as he stood up alongside her. Silently the twins decided to head in different directions as there were two places a strange feeling cropped up from. Jasmin headed to Yusuke's position. When she arrived, she saw him use his shotgun on a group of humans possessed from some kind of demon insect. She landed beside the two in time to see a poorly disguised youkai be discovered by the two boys. They chased after him only to have Botan pop up and knock him out with a bat.

"Wao, nice home-run Botan!" She spoke up and laughed as the boys noticed her finally. "Yo, Yu-kun. Long time no see, Kazu-kun." She greeted, grinning at Yusuke. They turned their attention to Botan and Yusuke asked what she was there for. She then launched into detailing Yusuke's next job as Reikai Tantei.

"I'll help!" She offered after Kazuma offered his help as well. "Kazu-kun, why don't you stay here and help Botan-san?" Jasmin pointed out that Botan would be alone against the bugs, and convinced Kazuma to remain behind. She grabbed Yusuke and pulled him into the opening Botan revealed to them after she handed Yusuke the compact-communicator and Yusuke remembered leaving Keiko at the theatre. He asked Botan to tell Keiko about what was happened before they left for the Labyrinth Castle.

The fall would have been worse had she not pulled out her broom in time to slow them enough to land safely on their feet. Shortly after arrival, they were swarmed by a bunch of weaklings, and were fighting them off as best they could. The swarm was enough to overwhelm them though. Then, when Jasmin was about to call out a big move, two balls of light appeared and chased off the swarm.

"What was that just now?" Yusuke questioned. Jasmin was about to reply when another voice spoke up.

"It must be hard with just the two of you, Shall we lend a hand?" The voice was youngish, male, approximately their age.

"If you had trouble with those small fry, it's clear how shallow your powers run." Another voice spoke up, also male and also somewhat adolescent. Both possessed Youki though, so she couldn't rightly guess at their age from their voices or appearances once they located the source of their voices.

The two figures were standing on a tree beside them. Yusuke recognized them instantly, if the little sound he made was anything to go by, and the two jumped from the tree to land before them. The taller of the two had a red school uniform on and red hair with green eyes only a shade lighter than Harry's emerald eyes which reminded her of plants and nature rather than emeralds and peridots. The shorter was dressed all in black save for a white scarf and white headband tied around his forehead.

"K-Kurama and Hiei!" Yusuke's exclamation drew her attention faster than you could say 'quidditch'. The redhead greeted Yusuke, and she decided that he was Kurama. Meaning the short one was Hiei. She took in the boy's rather attractive features and tentatively brushed her youki against his, sensing plants and foxes before retreating. This action was caught by the red head for she found herself pinned in place by a sharp green gaze.

"Sorry... I had to check it, but no way! Nii-san will be so upset I found you first! Long time no see, Fox-sempai." She grinned at Kurama. His eyes widened at the nickname, for only one person had called him that. Ever.

"Shironue? Is that really you?" His voice was slightly wondrous, surprise evident. She grinned and tipped her hat at him, as she had gone with her usual outfit of vest, pants, sandals, and hat.

"Yup, Nii-san will be glad to see you alive too." Her words saddened and seemed to anger him, though hope soon blossomed as he thought of the meaning.

"He's still alive? I thought..." Kurama couldn't finish for the words seemed lodged in his throat. She smiled sadly and nodded.

"We almost didn't make it, to be honest. I had to sacrifice a good deal of my own life force to save Nii-san and find us human bodies to be born in. Luckily i found a set of twins that would not have lived for us to inhabit." She looked him over again, smirking slightly. "It would seem that we were not the only ones to inhabit human forms... I would like to ask what happened, but perhaps we should focus on this task first? Then I can take you to Nii-san and go from there?"

Yusuke spoke up then, asking how they knew each other, and that prompted her explanation of how she and her brother were Demons that had had to fit themselves into human bodies or they would have died, and that her brother had been partners (putting emphasis on partners to indicate it was more than thieving partners) and she knew of Kurama through him. Then she was introduced to Hiei, whom seemed to respect her at least a little for her being like Kurama.

What followed was Yusuke asking why the two were there, which Hiei explained Koenma had sent them because 'he couldn't rely on the two of them' and Kurama explaining that their helping would earn them their freedom. They had to explain that to Jasmin, as she hadn't been there when Kurama and Hiei stole artifacts from Reikai. She whistled in appreciation for the gutsy heist.

"Damn, Nii-san would have loved the idea of stealing from Reikai." She grinned at the thought. Hiei then interjected that he was only in this for the treasure it was possible to find, which Jasmin responded to with a grin. "You'll have to share with me, Hiei-kun. I am after all a thief myself." Hiei ignored her statement and challenged Yusuke. She sighed and soon they continued on. The entrance was rather ostentatious, and near the end of a tunnel some eyeball thing greeted them. They were given an explanation which was annoyingly reminiscent of Voldemort's speeches. She didn't react in time to stop it from moving a lever that caused the ceiling to come down on them. The eye ball explained that they would slowly be squished if they remained like that.

Jasmin rolled her eyes and held on to the ceiling alongside the others. The eyeball told them that only one who would betray their friends would survive the 'Gate of Betrayal' [Uragiri no Mon].

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