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We Play to Win

Chapter 1

Donna walked into her apartment throwing her keys across her dining room table. She looks over to the kitchen realizing she cant remember the last time she ate. Heading over to the fridge she contemplates how much effort cooking will be and quite frankly today all she needs is a large tub of ice cream. Pulling out her favorite 'I'm depressed and have shit to mope over' chocolate and banana ice cream that she highly recommends, popping the lid she curls herself up on the couch. Feet digging into the soft cushion.

Panic attacks. She knew he wasn't himself but panic attacks. How did she not know? Of course Louis has been occupying her time and she doesn't have that many run ins with Harvey these days, but she's Donna. She should have known.

Bringing another too large spoon full of ice cream to her mouth , she delicately licks away almost falling bits of chocolate. He said the attacks were because of his mother not her. Yes, its not because of her. They started the same time you left Donna don't be stupid. Coincidence maybe? Yes. He's made it all too clear he just pities her and doesn't see her in "that" way. He only cares that she's not there for his every need anymore. Its only about Harvey, and will always be about Harvey.

That's what's different with Mitch. she don't have to tell herself to watch what she says when she's with him. He tells her how he feels straight up, no peeling every layer of Harvey's onion heart just for him to admit he cares. He's sweet, he's honest, loves baseball …..he's always asking what she thinking and he's sweet. Yes. Very sweet. Donna lets out a heavy sigh she realizes she's been holding in for a while. You have Mitch stop thinking of Harvey Donna. The boys have sorted out their beef so there's no more reason to need to think about him.

Donna looks down. Half the ice cream tub is finished. Staring down into the half empty tub Donna thinks just how pathetic she is at this moment. Hearing Harvey pour his heart out just touched a nerve. She just needs sleep and tomorrow she will be just as Donna as ever.

Harvey practically rolled out his bed. Two hours. That's all he'd gotten in. Today's going to be a long day, he thought as he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror. Noticing his droopy eyes and wrinkles around his forehead, he turned the tap on , cupped his hands and threw water on his face. He wont admit it, but he's let himself go these past two months. Saying out loud those things to anyone let alone Louis was hard for him to do. To get it thrown right back in his face was another thing.

Yesterday the Partners had all voted against the 3 month suspension and to his surprise Louis included. The relief he felt was indescribable, he doesn't think he would even have the energy to fight his suspension. Walking over to his closet he chooses his favorite Armani suit. Hoping that his exterior looks way better than what he feels right now. That's Harvey's game. Fooling everyone into thinking he's as confident as ever. Since he started therapy, he's now able to at least see his game. Before, it came all too natural to him to push his feelings so deep he didn't even notice why he did the things he did. One being hiding behind his expensive suits and cologne.

knowing Ray will arrive soon Harvey quickly puts on his watch and gives himself a glance in the full length mirror.

"You are Harvey damn Specter. Best closer in New York." he whispers to himself before he confidently walks out the door.

Donna looks up from her desk. Her Harvey radar is beeping. He's walking from the elevator's towards his office. The first thing she notices is his Armani suit. Shit , Donna thinks. He only wears that suit when he's had a bad morning.

What if he had another panic attack this morning! No one would be there to help him. He probably didn't have any skanks over , she can tell by his demeanor he hasn't been with anyone but Esther that one time. No Donna, that's not your problem anymore. I'm sure he has it handled . Yea right.

" look Donna I know you're still mad at me but I know what a mistake I made and I promise you I've woken up. I'm not going to go after Harvey anymore." Is someone talking to her?

A bang on her desk shakes her from her thoughts . Louis is looking at her with a confused expression on his face.

"hmmm?" Donna looks a bit shocked Louis is standing right over her.

Louis sighs. He knew Donna was a ball of fire but he cant lose her , he will do whatever for her forgiveness.

"fine , I will go personally apologize to Harvey… again." with that Louis heads in the direction of Harvey's office.

Donna slaps her palm against her head she didn't even hear Louis never mind see him coming. Get back in the Race Donna.