Harvey watched as Donna walked hurriedly over to him through the raining rose petals. Frowning in confusion as to what she was doing, he heard her whisper 'fuck it' before she was invading his personal space and yanked his head forward with her hands to meet her lips.

He responded immediately as her lips touched his. All the ups and downs, the hot and cold, the yes and no he's been receiving from her battered him up. But this, the way she makes him feel like home, the way he cant think of anything else but her, it was all worth it. He would go through all those panic attacks and self-loathing moments again if it meant he got to be with Donna at the end.

Their kiss was aggressive, like Donna was claiming him, nothing like his compassionate one from the night before. Reaching his hands up to her face he gently pulled her lips off of his, not wanting to end it but needing to know what this meant.

Harvey's mind was racing a million miles per hour as he thought about what happens from this moment on, his whole life basically in her hands at this point.

"Donna" Harvey says looking deep into her eyes for an indication on what she was trying to tell him with this kiss. He has to know if this was for real, because he can't beat around the bush with her; it's either all or nothing. His heart can't take in between any longer.

He's shown her how he feels, told her and practically got married to her along with Mike and Rachel. In between does not exist in his future of them.

Donna rolled her eyes at him, but a playful smirk on her face, specifying exactly what this meant. When it dawned on him, his eyes lit up like it was Christmas morning with an innocent smile pulling at his lips.

She had chosen him? She was really his? From this moment forward they were….a couple? Harvey's brain ran through all these questions he's wanted to answer yes to for so long. Smirking at the fact that their lives would be a 100x better from here on.

"Shut up." Donna whispered as if she was in his head too, watching his adorable face take this is all, she dove back into him, crashing her lips against his so he couldn't try pull away.

She wanted to stop thinking; she just wanted to feel what she has craved. By kissing him she's forced herself to take this leap, not being able to turn back on her decision now, not that she really wants to anyway but a part of her is chicken shit scared when it comes to Harvey.

Despite her initiation of the kiss, Harvey took full control thereafter. Biting her bottom lip then pecking her a couple times before slowly kissing her again. Like he was making up for all these lost years of not getting to kiss her good morning, quickly kissing her when he bumps into her at work, and teasingly bite her when they bicker , cuddled into each other on the couch, over something most probably trivial.

Donna finally pulled back and watched as Harvey's eyes remained closed. Opening slowly as he composed himself from the effect she had on him. She shook her head at his cheeky look once he laid eyes on her, butterflies tickling her insides as she teasingly stared back at him.

No longer the unsure, oblivious Harvey who ignored what he felt and searched for an easy exit. What stood before her was the man that would forever make her weak to her knees, his confident smile and loving eyes ,quick wit and gorgeous jaw line all laid out in front of her… for her , and only her.

Donna took a step back putting distance between her and Harvey, knowing the rest of the party's eyes would start to roam as the wedding car pulled away with a roar. Her and Harvey have never been the type for PDA with previous relationships, sure she would hold her previous boyfriends' hands or peck them on the lips in public but she never liked to be attached to someone's side, she loved her independence and she also knows for a fact that Harvey would drop kick any woman out the door the second she invaded his space without him instigating it. But the way her body feels like it's being pulled forward at her retreat from him, like two magnets attracting. It's going to be hard for her to not want to be enveloped in him all the time.

Marcus stood at the bottom of the stairs amongst the crowd of people. He drifted from the conversation him and Louis were currently having and noticed his brother missing. Discretely scanning the area he found Harvey and Donna standing next to each other still by the chapel door, bodies slightly turned to one another as they watched Mike and Rachel's car drive off. Marcus could see Harvey was desperately trying not to smile, Marcus definitely knew that look.

When they were kids Harvey always had it stuck onto his face every time he got something his way. A memory popped up in Marcus's head of when Harvey had to share his bike with him because he had broken his, they fought almost every day because of that bike. Harvey was angry not only because he had to share what was his, but also because Marcus would probably get a new one and not him. But his face lit up just like the one he's wearing currently when their dad brought home a new bike for Harvey so Marcus could get Harvey's old one.

Ignoring Louis's statement about the current economics of the restaurant business, Marcus politely excused himself and walked up the chapel stairs to Harvey and Donna. Catching his older brother's attention as he approached, he gave Harvey a knowing look which earned him a slight smirk in response.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look?" Marcus said to Donna as he stopped on the step just below the couple.

"You did, but you're more than welcome to say it again…it's hard for most to resist this beauty." Donna replied with a small smile and a shrug like this was a common occurrence. Her words intentionally teasing at Harvey who stood beside her.

"Well then ..." Marcus started, glancing to Harvey quickly to give his brother a playful look. Marcus wondered if Harvey had finally got her. By the look he had on earlier he was pretty sure Harvey swayed her but it was always fun to prod a bit.

"You are the most beautiful woman here, you look ravishi…" Marcus felt his brother lean closer, obviously seeing the need to end his little childish game of 'poke at Harvey'.There was no doubt Marcus thought Donna was beautiful, she was a goddess more like. But Marcus knows he has the most beautiful woman in his life already and has only one intention right now. To see his big brother finally admit he's whipped.

"Shouldn't you call your wife?" Harvey interrupted him sharply, standing tall as if his younger brother couldn't get a rouse from him. Marcus loved to toy with him; ever since they were kids he found fun in provoking Harvey. Being the oldest Harvey always felt he had to take things seriously but Harvey could always make a little time to knock his brother back down in their little games.

Donna arched her brow amused by their antics but also Harvey's quick response to Marcus's compliment. She always could tell that it made Harvey uncomfortable to hear other people complementing her but this was the first time he has ever stopped them, and it being his own brother too. Like he is any threat Donna thought to herself jokingly.

Marcus laughed at Harvey's response, then slowly nodding at him before jogging back down the stairs to leave.

Donna looked at Harvey questioningly before she started to walk down the stairs to Rays car. She came with Rach and her plan was to just hitch a ride with someone to the reception, so Harvey came in pretty handy right now.

"Is this your first protective boyfriend moment?" Donna asked turning her head back to him as he followed behind her. Everyone was walking along the street to their respective cars or taking photos by the well-manicured front garden of the chapel.

"Boyfriend?" Harvey smirked to her, feeling like he was back in school asking the hottest girl out.

"What. Did you think I kiss people like that to declare friendship." Donna said, rolling her eyes at him and stopping in her tracts to see his reaction.

Harvey frowned and quickly shook his head as an image of all the people she's friends with receiving that welcome by her.

"You will have no friends then. Only me." Harvey said affirmatively. He moved past her to open Rays car door for her to get in, glaring at her like she had no choice in this matter.

Donna smiled immediately, wondering if he noted what he had actually said.

"Sure thing, friend" Donna winked and strolled past him getting in the car.

As Donna scooted over to the farthest seat, Harvey looked to the chapel sighing heavily, thinking that there's no way that they can be friends, and will ever be just friends.

"Hey friend, can we get going, I'm meeting a guy there," Donna interrupted Harvey's thoughts with a twinkle of pleasure in her eye.

"Donna!" Harvey groaned from outside the car. She couldn't keep in her laugh when his head popped in her view of the open door. He leaned down with a 'don't test me' look , his tuxedo jacket pulling open as he rested both his hands on the car roof while his eyes stared her down and his jaw firmly clenched.

'NO way in hell' he told himself and brought one hand down to lift his index finger and shake it in front of her telling her 'no', as she pouted in response.

All ray heard was a squeal come from Donna after the sound of the back door of his car close. He wasn't sure what that meant. He had never heard that come out of her mouth before but the echo of Harvey's light chuckle following put a bright smile on his face. 'My man!' he said to himself laughing as he nodded his head in success. Ray pulled off for the Plaza hotel, reveling in the moment that Harvey had finally woken up and gotten his girl.

Harvey took a large gulp of his scotch as he sat at the bride and grooms table. He noted he needed another drink when there was no more liquid flowing into his mouth. Putting the glass down, Mike who sat on his left, nudged him to concentrate while the whole party laughed.

Donna was currently killing her speech. Harvey had sat down 2 minutes ago feeling confident with his when the second Donna started hers he had signaled to the waiter to top him up.

All his time and effort on his speech trying to make it as special for Mike as possible completely over shadowed by Donna in just one sentence of hers.

Sure he expected it, after all she was Donna. But could the woman just not let him be better at one damn thing! He thought grumpily, trying to catch the waiter's eyes for yet another drink.

Harvey had tried getting Mark's (the waiter) attention three times now. Soon he would have to throw his glass at him so the idiot could get the hint. At another loud laugh and applause from the wedding guests as Donna made a joke about Harvey, he rolled his eyes and just stole Mikes, who which of course was too enthralled with Donna to even notice.

"To Mike and Rachel!" Donna finished as she raised her glass in the air. She looked over to the boys seeing Mike question Harvey where his drink was, with Harvey shrugging it off like he had no idea while he sipped his 'own'. Donna smiled as Harvey met her glance, he narrowed his gorgeous brown eyes at her with playful anger and she winked at him in response.

Donna felt Harvey's hand catch hers as she stood watching Mike and Rachel dance as Rachel's parents started joining in at the right of the open space. Smiling up at him he returned it as they moved into the space for their turn to dance too.

Harvey was nervous to say the least. The last time they did this they were both pretty drunk and in no better words, 'uninvolved'. He wanted to pull her into him but with all these eyes trained on them, he didn't know what to do. It would be obvious to everyone if they danced like they both wanted, that they were a couple. They hadn't discussed the specifics of their relationship yet, and now wouldn't be the best time to reveal that they were together. Harvey knows Donna also wouldn't want to divert the attention from Mike and Rachel to them.

As the guests all seemed to join in, the dance floor was full with moving bodies. Harvey inched a little closer to Donna, wanting more contact as this one hand on her mid back and other holding her hand to the side thing was not working for him. Plus they were now lost in the crowd of people.

Donna snaked her hand that lay in his up to meet her other behind his head. He rested his now free hand on the small of her back. Both smiling to each other before Donna glanced around.

"Harvey." Donna said pulling her head back so she could look at his face fully as they slowly swayed to the sounds of Ed Sheeran.

"Mmm?" he responded happily.

Donna motioned her head to her right for him to look at something.

Harvey turned to his left to see Louis standing by himself by the dessert table watching 90% of the party dance, the other 10% being him, and Rachel's great uncles and aunts who were content in sitting and watching the 'youngsters'.

Looking back at Donna faking that he didn't quite catch her drift, she smiled sweetly at him, lightly begging him for something he doesn't want to do.

Ignoring her completely he pulled her against him like he didn't see anything. He heard a light chuckle escape her lips at his antics and she pushed from him again. Now creating a space between them as she detached her arms from around his neck.

"Seriously. Again! It's not my fault he has no social skills with women." Harvey said more disappointed that he can't have her close rather than actually being annoyed.

"Please." Donna said now desperately. Saying it more as a sorry rather than asking for permission. As she took a large step back from him Harvey sighed.

"Once again you're leaving me for him." Harvey said frowning that they are having a moment but she is putting Louis in the way.

Donna looked at Harvey, pursing her lips with attitude that he would bring that up. A dash of challenge crossing her facial features.

If that's how he wants to play. Fine. Donna thought as she turned to walk away.

Harvey rolled his eyes realizing his joke didn't go quite as he planned. Then again he didn't really anticipate what any outcome would be. But he has a feeling she's going to make him suffer for bringing that up, and he is weirdly excited to see what happens.

"Donna come on..." Harvey teased trying to grab her arm to pull her back but she ignored him and waited for the couple in front of her to move slightly so she could get past.

"Is this our first fight?" Harvey said jokingly at her. Making fun of this match that has just begun, mimicking her 'firsts' from earlier.

Donna squeezed her lips tight but they lifted slightly to the side, her fake anger almost breaking into a smile as she turned to him one last time before moving to go to Louis.

Harvey watched as she walked away to go chat with a lonely Louis. She had a huge heart, he had to admire her for it. Despite the fun she was having, she found an opportunity to brighten someone else's day too.

Harvey was about to head to his seat when someone tugged his arm. Turning in confusion he was surprised to find one of Rachel's aunts standing in front of him, a flirty look on her face.

Without asking for permission she grabbed him and threw his arms around her to dance. Harvey didn't mind this; he was of course a gentleman and would dance with any lady no matter her age if she asked. But he felt this was more than just a dance to her.

"I saw you earlier. You are one decadent man." Aunt Lily said looking lovingly at a blushing Harvey.

As the song ended and half of the people moved off the dance floor, Harvey thanked the heavens that he could just politely thank her and move to safety. But she held onto him tighter waiting for the next song to start. Harvey looked over the short woman, with faded red hair resting fluffily on her head.

His eyes finally found Donna as she stood talking to Louis. Her body faced Louis as she spoke animatedly. Distracted by her, Harvey almost forgot he was dancing with this lady until she turned them around , resulting in his back facing Donna.

Looking down to Aunt Lily, he proudly thought that this was probably the best dance of this lady's life and that she would be very popular at her tea dates with her friends when she tells them of her experience with the sexiest man alive.

"Is there a lucky woman? Or do I still have a chance." Aunt Lily said naughtily and grabbing Harvey's ass with her left hand quickly before bringing it back up to his neck.

Harvey was mortified. He had just been inappropriately touched by a 70 year old. Completely stunned he stumbled to his words as he slowly turned them around as they danced.

"I...uh ... I do. Unfortunately?" Harvey squeezed out awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. He looked up to see Donna standing by herself with a glass of wine in hand and a huge grin on her face. Harvey quickly motioned to her with his eyes to come save him but she instead watched him further as she took a long sip from her glass. A mischievous smile playing at her lips

Rolling his eyes at her he looked down to Lilly, smiling apologetically, but not really, at his revealing of his committed status.

"Well that's alright darling, all the …" aunt Lilly started looking him up and down hungrily before continuing

"Sensual ones are always picked first." She said as she rubbed her hands up and down the top of his collar bone.

Harvey let out an awkward laugh at this, how do you even respond to that! He thought as he wanted to peel her cougar hands off of him. Mike had warned him that Rachel had some needy aunts but he would never have guessed the extent of this need.

"I'm very sorry to interrupt but I need to steal Harvey for a second."

Harvey's eyes grew in delight as Donna finally ended his punishment. With a relieved expression on his face he smiled at aunt Lilly as she let her vice grip on him go.

"I have a feeling that's going to be you in 30 years." Harvey joked as they strolled away from the dance floor towards the bar.

Raising her eyebrow at him with a disgusted expression she slapped his arm playfully as he laughed.

"It means a lot to us that you're here" Rachel said as she and Mike approached Jessica standing at the corner of the black and gold bar.

Without breaking her concentration across the bar she replied pleasantly.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world." Smiling to herself at her double meaning.

Mike hugged Rachel to his side, kissing her lightly on the head as he caught sight of what Jessica was focused on.

Donna and Harvey stood facing each other, a teasing smile on both their faces as Harvey leaned on the bar but more importantly closer to her. Mike had never seen Harvey look so happy. His smile reached across his whole face as his eyes sparkled as they fixed to Donna.

Looking back to Jessica with a nod Mike realized she had known all along as she didn't even seem slightly shocked at how Harvey and Donna have been acting with each other today.

As much as Donna and Harvey have been 'trying' to hide it, everyone had noticed that something was going on.

"You knew didn't you?" Mike asked her somewhat impressed that she had seen what Donna and Harvey have hid from themselves and everyone else all these years.

"The moment he introduced her" Jessica replied now turning to the newly married couple smiling.

She remembers the way Harvey was so excited to show Donna where they would work. Jessica didn't understand at first why he fought so hard to have Donna at the firm but when Donna stood in front of her that first day, with a cocky smirk on her face. Jessica knew from that moment it was game over for Harvey. Donna would give right back the shit he gives her and he would never be able to look at another woman the same.

"It was obvious." Jessica finished now facing Mike with a testing expression, seeing if he had been observant enough to notice.

"Well... yea if I think…. Wait!" Mike started, thinking back to all the times he questioned the way they looked at each other or why Harvey was so tough when it came to Donna, but Mike realized something else now too.

"Your favorite couple. You were talking about them!" Mike exclaimed, remembering when he and Rachel joked that they were Jessica's favorite couple at the firm but it seemed another couple had years' worth of more points over them.

Jessica laughed and nodded as she glanced one last time to Donna and Harvey. Grabbing her drink she smiled in the glass at how much Harvey had grown, and how grateful she is that Donna had been there every step of the way in making him who he is today.

"What's with the smug look?" Donna asked as she stood next to Harvey at the bar. She's sure she just teased him about the type's he attracts and he should be grateful for her charitable actions of being with him, but despite her top of form jabs he was far too happy with himself.

With a light shrug he turned his body to her as he leaned on the bar. His face lighting up as he took in her beauty, loving the thought that he can admire that face every day now without being worried that he might get caught staring or worse, actually admit he liked the view.

Smiling brightly at her Harvey leaned his head closer to her teasingly.

"I won" he said cockily, basking in his victorious plan. A plan that seemed to change drastically with each stage but results still yielding exactly what he wanted, Donna by his side for the rest of his life.

Donna couldn't help but shake her head at him, impressed he had the guts to say that considering him knowing she is no one's prize but smiling at him as she licked her lips and titled her head up to him as she thought of how wrong he was.

Donna stepped closer to him, now inches separating their faces from touching. With her typical Donna attitude she whispered playfully.

"That was warm ups. The game has only just started."

Harvey laughed and picked up his drink, clanging it to the glass that was cradled in her hand. Smirking at their toast to a lifetime of bickering, teasing, joking and downright pulling whatever stunt they can to get one up on the other.

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