Don't panic, it's not a real chapter!

Those who've accidentally, or even deliberately, found themselves on my profile, may have realised I'm remastering this story. It's, well, it has its good points, but also its bad ones, and the remastered version will hopefully have more of the former and fewer of the latter. In addition to A Cadmean Victory Remastered I'll also post A Taste of Ismenian Water Remastered and, if everyone's are keen, I might dig out my old plans for the sequel, Lethe's Lament, and we'll see where that leads...

The entire story will be on Patre0n as I build my new page on the site up. If you're interested, do take a look at my profile, the details are all on there.

I'm posting the remastered version on my patre0n for free alongside my original work and various other bits and pieces as my page progresses (these are unfortunately not free). If you just want to hop across and read, by all means do, but if you want to make a contribution, become a patron and part of the writing community I'm trying to build, then you're more than welcome and very much appreciated - it's early days at the moment, but I've got high hopes!

I'll also post the first few chapters of the remastered version here on this site, mostly just because I love to tease! ;)


P.S. One more time, just to be extra clear since a few people in the comments seem to really be struggling with the idea and wanted to make snide comments. While the fanfiction pieces are on patre0n, they're still free to view. So the remastered versions of A Cadmean Victory A Taste of Ismenian Water are FREE. My original content and all the stuff I've spent an awful lot of time building, planning, and learning to build and plan, are the parts that aren't free and lie beyond the patron barrier. If you want to see those or support me, which I do very much appreciate as creating them does take both a lot of time and effort, then please subscribe to whichever tier you like best. If you're not interested in any of my original content, the community, or supporting my writing, then please don't subscribe and pay. My fanfiction's non-profit, because not only is that kind of the whole point of fanfiction, but I'm 99% sure it'd be illegal for me to charge!