SeoHyun was stunned when she pulled a guitar case then opened it to find a beautiful guitar inside.

"Da... it's beautiful, but... I don't play guitar." she said in confusion

"I'm going to teach you." Charles clarified "If you want to learn."

"I do!" SeoHyun said with a huge smile "thank you, Da"

She hugged him and he returned it. Her coming into his life had changed so much about who Charles was and how he looked at himself. He had, at first, seen himself as a killer and worried that he would taint her innocence, but it was becoming clear to him that she didn't see a killer, she saw her father, the man who took care of her and loved her.

It took a little while to convince SeoHyun to wait until after dinner for her first guitar lesson. Charles had to look into a few things before he could start as she was opposite handed from himself. He soon learned that all she would need to do was mirror him and she would be fine.

Dinner was delicious and afterwards SeoHyun and Charles sat together in the living room with their guitars going through the basics of guitar playing.

SeoHyun smiled brightly, this was her home, her family and she never felt safer. She loved being able to learn from them even trivial things. They had also found that she had a love of baking and cakes were something of a specialty of hers. She had taken some cake decorating classes in Missoula with Sage and loved it. She had spoken of studying baking in college and turning that into a profession of sorts. Charles and Anna were supportive of her ideas and told her that she could do that if she desired and they would be there should she need help.

They had also learned early on that SeoHyun had a very respectable soprano range and in practices her bright crisp high notes often contrasted surprisingly well with Charles' deep, rich baritone/base notes with Anna's alto providing a nice middle ground to create a unique and gorgeous sound. That was what led to them walking up to the stage to join a visiting Samuel in a quartet, Samuel filling the high male vocals. SeoHyun had to fight down the nervous butterflies as she tried not to lose her dinner. She had never done a performance like this, sure she wasn't alone on stage, but she had the most important part most of the time meaning she couldn't make too many mistakes.

The music began and soon they had built into a beautiful rendition of Carol of the Bells that brought everyone to their feet by the end.

SeoHyun couldn't wipe the smile from her face as she returned to her seat, the performance had gone beautifully.

"You did great, SeoHyun." Bran said.

"Thank you." She replied.

"What is it with Cornick's and exceptional musical talent?" Samuel wondered idly.

Bran wanted to scold him for arrogance but he had to admit that observation was true. He was a very good tenor as was Samuel; Charles made an impressive baritone/base. Anna then came in, her alto range was exceptional. Then SeoHyun was brought in rounding everything out with a surprisingly respectable two and a half octave soprano range that with training would only sound better.

"This has been a good Christmas," Bran admitted "and they'll only get better from here."

The End…