When do we start. That is a question that should be asked more than it is. Never give up hope . If you lose hope you have lost the battle before it has begun. If you are in the dark there will always be the light. Never give up on yourself before you can give yourself a chance. When in the dark look for the light . these are the words I used to keep myself going from day one to the end but what I am about to say are the words I had not listened to and faced the concequences. Hero's pushed away people because although love is good it has to sides. Love is a weapon and a practice. I made the mistake of not listening to this and lost the love of my life in a war that I had started. You can wish on that little star all you want it can only take you half the way.

I miss the sky. I haven't seen it in over 6 months. But my training is almost over. I am in the Dwarven city of Orzommar. I am a skyscraper. In order to become a skyscraper you must first train to be a rouge. Skyscrapers can have every type of skill for warriors , rogues , and even mages. I have already completed my rogue and mage training. I am in Kian Shan to finish my warrior training. In Kian Shan are the best berserker's out there. My training should be finished in 3 days. Then I can finally go and save my home. The alien age in the capital of Ferelden, Denerim. I am not an elf though. Not a full elf anyway. I am what many refer to as a mud blood. I am elf , human, dwarf, and qunnari. The basic discripttion of the elven city home is the alien age. The Dalish are wandering elves who try to take back their old ways.

My master, Ogren, is not the most sober person in Orzommar but he is the best berserker here. "Well time to get up mudblood." The old red haired dwarf shouted. If only I could kill him for saying that and then flirting his ass off with me I would instantly.

"I'm up I'm up. Would it kill you to sober up for one day at least" I shouted back, rolling myself off the bed.

" I couldn't live with myself sober" he replied.

I whispered to myself " how you live with yourself drunk is what amazes me. But of course you can fight pretty well , for a drunk". We finished the training that day.

"Well that was a bit earlier than I expected" he said. I was excited. No wait, I was estatic!

"Free at last" I thought. But little did I know that that was just the beginning of a long, hard journey. They always say ,We all shall fall before we stand.