"I knew Darana was badass with daggers but this is rediculuse" I said as she slashed through creatures more gracefully than any elf or qunnari.

"Wait did you just say Darana " the man said.

"yeah, why?" I replied curiously.

"as in Darana Fellow ?" He asked. He sounded really suspicious.

"I have no clue why" I said.

"because I was, never mind "he said as she turned around with her clothes drenched in blood.

"You are a grey warden I presume" she said brushing herself off like the blood was just dust.

"yes why" he answered. With his blonde ponytail you wouldn't think he was.

"how are you a warden and yet you don't know that those things are dark spawn spirits" she said, crossing her arms in attempt to control her temper.

"I have never heard of such a thing " he said, practically accusing her of lying about something she hadn't even said yet.

"You need to catch up a bit on the latest dark spawn for mages" she said, turning around.

" Well madam I thank you for the help. I must ask what is your last name?" He asked her. She turned back around with a suspicious look on her face.

"fellow why" she said curiously.

"I was told to deliver this to Darana fellow it's from the hero of Orla in wistiput fortress " he said, handing her a letting with a small package.

"thank you but why would she send something to me"

"because she heard of your skills on the battlefield and heard about your cousin Luna " he said, looking down at his feet.

Daran's point of view

"Whose Luna " Keran asked.

"my cousin the person I've been after this entire trip "

"what happened "

"We don't have the time for this " interrupted the warden.

"he's right we need to get going "

"who are you anyway?" Keran asked.

"My name is Anders "

"as in the mage that helped the warden commander defeat the mother that was making the dark spawn smart" I said concerned.

"That's the one " so he joined us on this little trek to save Luna. Maker only knew what we would find there or he would have never left to deliver the message. But what was running through my head wasn't who he was but what he appears to be. He seemed harmless, peaceful, but only I could sense the power beheld by the Spirit of justice that controlled his faded mind. I still feel bad about him not being able to dream. Those were the only things that let me live. Poor poor Anders.

Keran's point of view

Makers breath. Now I know 2 people who knew the hero of Orla. But what I didn't know was that Darana is related to the hero of Orla, the hero of ferelden, the warden commander, Marin hawk, and the inqisitor. Wow. Just another reason to fall in love for her.

" fall for who" she asked.

"Ah, what fall for what who why!" I said alarmed.

"You were thinking aloud Keran. You need to keep an eye on your thoughts. You never know who will hear them." She said so wisely.