The Growth



Ivy was as shocked as everyone else when the news began reporting the plants attacking Amity Park, albeit for different reasons than the rest (Another, there is another, I am not alone anymore, my dream can be more than a dream at last). She couldn't believe that there was someone out there that felt the same as she did, that could do what she did, that wanted the same thing she did (A paradise, a world with no pollution and no cities and no people and no freedom for the oppressors).

Leaving Gotham and heading to the small Illinois town as soon as she could, she was delighted to find not one but two kindred spirits, enjoying herself more than she ever had before while helping her cause. Heroes like Batman were ineffective against the trio's powers, escaping but never defeating them as their territory grew and their offspring flourished under the combined might of their parents (He was slippery, so slippery, even now when her might far surpassed his own, but she did not worry).

Everything was perfect. (She should have worried, they all should have)

And then came the winter boy. (The freezing one, the great destroyer, the hero)

Danny Phantom they called him, rejoicing as he froze the earth beneath them and killed her children.

She hated him, for destroying both her work and the new family she had created, for taking away what she saw as her only real chance at happiness. He took Undergrowth (her accomplice, her partner, her love) and her apprentice, who was almost the daughter she never had, leaving Ivy alone once more (Alone, alone, always where she seemed to end up, always what she seemed to be destined to be at the end of the day).

Undergrowth was gone (where exactly she didn't know) and Sam was lost to her, the girl's memories having disappeared as well as her powers (for what did it matter if the girl she had been was not really the girl that she truly was, the girl she had always been before all the destruction and pain and power had changed and molded her into a newer, darker, Sam).

Ivy stayed though, changing and blending in so that she would have the chance to get close to Sam and find Undergrowth, knowing that she needed the power they gave her as much as she needed the kinship. Sam's friends were strange, but it was all worth it when she discovered that the girl's abilities had only been weakened instead of obliterated altogether (A chance, a chance to grip the past with thorny claws and wretch it into the present no matter how difficult it might be).

Then came the discovery of the Ghost Zone, where everything she had planned seemed to fall in place and hang right in front of her eyes (Her love, her daughter, her children, her power…it was all finally possible).

Just a little drabble that's been floating around in my head for a while now. Don't expect anything else to be posted after it, just wanted to get the idea out there. It's been sitting on my idea blog for a while now and I couldn't just let it sit there any longer haha hopefully someone likes it enough to pick it up and write an actual story!