Hi, this is my second attempt at a story and I hope you all like it. I noticed the character Kiki that was in the first movie wasn't in the second, so I decided to make a story as to why she wasn't in there, sooo here it is. BTW I don't own anything

It was another great day at the beach, everybody was singing and dancing and having a good time...well almost everybody.

Kiki was sitting on her bed at her house staring at the ceiling. Lately she hadn't been feeling...like herself. Life had been feeling so boring and dull, and she's tried to talk to her friend's about it, but they weren't much help, all they did was suggest she go surfing, but she didn't even feel good enough to do that, and she was beginning to worry that she was becoming depressed, and so were her friend's. Well, friend. Kiki didn't have many friends, all she really had was SeaCat and though he's great, even their friendship seems kinda strained.

Kiki sighed and got up from her bed. Maybe SeaCat was right, maybe she just needs to go surfing and clear her head.

Kiki grabbed a surfboard and was about to head out when something caught her eye. It was a bracelet she found on the beach last night, It had pearls all around it with a flower in the middle, until now she hadn't paid much attention to it, but for some reason the nagging feeling in her stomach made Kiki walk over to her nightstand and slip it on.

Running out the door Kiki went and did what she did best:Surf! Surfing had always made Kiki feel free and happy and after surfing for an hour, she was starting to feel like her old self again.

But after a while the waves showed to be to tough to ride, Kiki turned to paddle back but as soon as she turned around, a huge wave crashed down right on top of her and knocked her off her board. Kiki tried to fight the waves but they were to strong, she needed to get to surface, and fast, she was being tossed around and almost hit her head on a rock, and finally she was able to swim up. Kikis head burst through the water, gasping for air. After she was done panting she started looking for her board, though it was most likely destroyed. As she looked around Kiki noticed a few odd things. One was that after that huge struggle, the water was perfectly calm and when she turned around, her house wasn't there anymore, but replaced by other odd looking buildings, and odd looking people.

This didn't even look like her world anymore.

Soooo that was the first chapter, sorry if it seems to rushed, I promise the second chapters WAY better. Until next time!