As Ivan sprinted away from Garet after mock-insulting for the fifth time in three days, he suddenly noticed a nondescript little shop tucked away in the side of the hill. He whispered, "Cloak!" and vanished, running into the shop.

Stepping into the light, he phased back into normal vision. He leaned against the shop counter, and rang the bell on the counter. Eventually, a young woman, about his age, walked out of the back door and into the dimly lit shop.

"May I help you?" she inquired, hands starting to travel to the shelves.

Ivan thought it over. "Well, if you've got some sort of weapon that doesn't actually hurt, but annoys, and especially annoys Mars Adepts..."

The shopkeeper smiled. "I think I've got something that's just right for you. Let me go get it." With that, she disappeared back into the back room.

Moments later, the shopkeeper returned. She was carrying something that looked like a staff, but it had a trigger and a little barrel to hold something in it, and a long, thin nozzle. She laid it on the table. "This is a water gun. Pull the trigger, and water squirts out in a long, thin stream. It does run out of water, so be careful."

Ivan picked it up, and tested it out on the wall. Just as the girl had said, a stream of water hit the wall with surprising force. Ivan grinned. "I'll take it!"

"300 gold coins."

Ivan promptly took out his private coin satchel, and laid the right amount on the counter. "Thanks!" he yelled, running out the door.

* * * * *

Ivan stood in the middle of Altin, cocky and unafraid. Garet ran around a corner. "There you are!" he yelled, beginning to charge.

Ivan smirked. "I seem to recall that Mars Adepts don't like water very much."

Garet stopped to blink. "Yeeeeah, and?"

Ivan smiled, and Garet could have sworn he saw an angel's halo being held up by two red horns. "If I were you, I wouldn't come any closer."

Garet sighed at what he thought was uncharacteristic Ivan dumbness, and lunged for Ivan.

Ivan pulled the trigger of the water gun.

"AGH!" Garet cried, the front of his tunic becoming wet. "What IS that thing?"

Ivan was gleefully trying to stop himself from bursting into evil laughter. "It's called a water gun. Heheh."

Garet glared, then a sudden thought hit him. "But it runs out of water, right?" He smirked. "And you're no Mercury Adept, so you can't get yourself free refills."

Ivan thought it over, then bellowed, both mentally and physically, "MIIIIIIIIIIIST!"

Inside the Altin Inn, Mist flew out of her hiding place in Mia's robes and zoomed out the open window to aid her first master. Mia, not having heard Ivan's yell, blinked at her Djinni's odd behaviour.

All was deathly still on the Altin plain, Ivan waiting for his secret Mercury Djinni, Garet wondering the effects of calling for Mia's Djinni. They both got a reply soon enough, however. Mist came from the direction of the Altin Inn flying at full speed, with a *whoosh* she allied with Ivan, granting him Mercury Psynergy.

Ivan smirked. "What was that you said about free refills?"

Garet went back to the Inn soaking wet and sulky that night.

The next day, Ivan went back to the store to thank the shopkeeper. But to his surprise, the shop wasn't even there. It had mysteriously vanished.