Naruto: The Weapon Master

Chapter 1: The Awakening

In the clearing of a forest located in Konoha or the Hidden Leaf Village, a boy sits reading a large scroll. His name is Uzumaki Naruto, a pariah of the village, he has been abused and mistreated ever since he was born. He aspires to become Hokage so that he could protect the people he cares about as well as gain recognition from the people around him. However he failed the graduation exam at the ninja academy twice with yesterday being his due to not being able to properly Bunshin no jutsu. One of his teachers Mizuki told him of a makeup exam which involves taking a scroll from the Hokage's office and learning a technique in order to pass.

"Well I was able to learn the Kage Bunshin no jutsu but maybe learning another technique would increase my chances of passing this makeup exam" thought Naruto who was wearing a rust orange jump that just screams "I am right here! Kill me!" and green goggles with blue ninja sandals.

As he goes through the scroll, Naruto gets a paper cut and mistakenly drips his blood on a seal that releases a box and a small scroll that drop to the floor. Curious about the box, Naruto opens the box which reveals a bracelet inside. It is silver in color with a dragon and phoenix motif on the metal with a large red gem.

When Naruto reached out touched it, he forgot that he was using the very hand that was bleeding slightly which a drop of blood fell from and onto the bracelet. Upon making contact with the blood, the bracelet glowed brightly, forcing Naruto to close his eyes from being blinded. When he opened his eyes, Naruto noticed that the bracelet was attached to his left wrist, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get it off until he remembered the small scroll and opened it to find out what is going on.

To who anyone who reads this, inside the box contains the Jigen no tamashi no rinku, this weapon has been created by the gods of different worlds to serve the person who is pure of heart and a sense of justice. Should anyone of evil intentions touch it, their soul will be destroyed without hesitation but should a person who is pure of heart drop his blood onto the bracelet, it will bond with the person and can never be taken off until his death or when he falls to darkness which results in his soul being destroyed.

The Jigen no tamashi no rinku has the ability to grant the wielder the weapons or gears of legendary heroes from different dimensions. The level of their power depends on the amount of energy the user possesses, the more energy the wielder sends to the bracelet then he is granted more access to the potent power of the weapon.

We hope that the wielder will use the Jigen no tamashi no rinku for the salvation of his world instead of its destruction.

Naruto was surprised that he now has the most powerful weapon in the world but at the same time he was happy. As he was about to examine the bracelet, Naruto felt someone come into the clearing. It was his other teacher from the academy, Umino Iruka.

"Looks like you found me Iruka-sensei, I only had time to learn one jutsu from the scroll" said Naruto with a foxy grin.

"He has been practicing out here until he wore himself out" thought Iruka looking at the blond.

'Anyway if I perform the jutsu properly then you would let me pass right? Those are the rules, anyone who learns a jutsu from the scroll passes" said Naruto with excitement.

Iruka looked shocked "Who told you about this" he asked with tension.

"Mizuki-sensei told me about it, I thought that since you are here, you knew as well" said Naruto.

Hearing a sound from behind, Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way only to be hit by kunai which was thrown. "Like I thought, you planned all this Mizuki!"

The said ninja laughed out loud "You were always too smart for your own good Iruka, now Naruto hand over the scroll.

"W-what's going on?" asked Naruto looking at the two teachers in confusion.

"Naruto! Don't let him have the scroll! It contains the forbidden techniques that could destroy our village, he used you so that he could steal it!" said Iruka.

"Don't listen to him Naruto, Iruka has been keeping secrets from you, him along with the other villagers that concerns you, don't you wonder why they hate you so much?" said Mizuki with an evil smile.

"Mizuki don't tell him! It's a village secret!"

"What is this secret that everybody knows except me" asked Naruto desperately wanting to find out why he was hated.

It's a secret that you should never be told" said Mizuki with his smile growing wider.

"MIZUKI DON'T TELL HIM!" cried out Iruka.

"What is it, tell me already!" said Naruto.

"No one supposed to tell you that you have the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed inside you. You are the one who attacked the village twelve years ago, the one who killed Iruka's parents, YOU ARE THE NINE TAILED FOX!" shouted out Mizuki laughing maniacally.

Naruto just stood there stunned at being told the reason why he was hated. He could find sense in the reason they mistreated him.

"Die! You demon!" shouted out Mizuki before throwing a large shuriken at Naruto who was still in shock to move until Iruka tackled him to the ground and received the shuriken on his back.

"W-why did you save me? You were supposed to hate me as well" said Naruto looking at Iruka in surprise.

"It's because I know how it feels to be alone, like you I used to play pranks and fool around just to get attention but deep inside I felt alone which Is why I wanted to be there for you" said Iruka amidst tears. Naruto looked at him for a moment before running off with the scroll despite Iruka calling for him.

"You are so pathetic Iruka, crying for that demon. I am going to kill the demon brat and get the forbidden scroll before I come back to kill you" said Mizuki before taking off.

Naruto was running through the forest when Iruka came beside him.

"Naruto don't listen to Mizuki's lies. Pass me the scroll so that we can keep it safe from him" said Iruka. Naruto leapt at Iruka and slammed him to the ground before sitting down and leaning against a tree. Iruka disappeared in a puff of smoke to revealed Mizuki "How did you know that I wasn't the real Iruka"

'Naruto' smirked at him before disappearing in a puff of smoke as well to reveal Iruka "That's because I am the real Iruka" Nearby was Naruto hiding behind a tree with the scroll in his hands.

"Why do you defend that demon brat? If you were the Kyuubi, I am sure that you would keep the scroll for its power" said Mizuki.

"Yeah you right" said Iruka.

Naruto bent his head down "Like I thought Iruka sees me like that just like the rest" thought Naruto and was about to fall into despair when he heard Iruka's next words.

"The demon would do that but not Naruto, he knows the feeling of pain and is a hard worker if you look through his clumsiness. He is a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, he is Uzumaki Naruto!" said Iruka with sincerity in his voice to which Naruto was struggling to hold back his tears.

"I thought to kill you later but now I've my mind. You will die now!" said Mizuki running in to finish Iruka until Naruto jumped in and landed a head-butt into him, knocking him back.

"If you as much as take a step anywhere near Iruka-sensei, I WILL KILL YOU!" Naruto declared with a glare leveled at Mizuki.

'Smart talk demon brat, I can finish you in one move" said Mizuki.

"Just try it Teme! I'll return it a thousand times more!" said Naruto while crossing his index fingers before crying out the jutsu. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" a large plume of smoke appeared and cleared to reveal copies of himself only that they are solid. Iruka was shocked that his student was able to use a high ranked jutsu with no issue.

"Okay everyone, attack!" said Naruto with his clones charging at Mizuki. However Mizuki was able to defend himself and defeated the clones with his kunai.

"Is that all you got, you demon brat?" Mizuki taunted as he slowly approached Naruto and Iruka.

"Damn, what else can I do to beat this guy, my clones aren't enough" thought Naruto until the bracelet glowed and he heard a feminine voice.

"Do you wish to use this power to protect the person you care about?" the voice asked Naruto. He was confused at first but he confirmed.

"Yes I want to protect my precious people no matter what even if it kills me!" he said to the voice.

"Then channel your chakra to the bracelet and yell out the word that comes into your mind" said the voice. As Naruto did so he heard the voice of young man saying something and yelled out what he said.

"Journey to the west!" he yelled. The bracelet glowed brightly and when it faded, it revealed Naruto holding a golden staff, as he held the weapon his head was filled with information of how to use it. He smirked at Mizuki "Get ready Mizuki-Teme, I am about to go all ape on you"

Naruto dashed in spinning the staff before planting it into the floor and vaulting off it and landing a fierce kick on Mizuki's face. Grabbing the staff and spinning it again, Naruto began bashing Mizuki continuously until he was a mess of bruises, broken teeth and bones. "This is the end!" said Naruto sending chakra into the staff, increasing its size and swung at him, sending Mizuki crashing into a tree knocked out. "Now that was a homerun" Naruto said laughing.

"What weapon is this?" he thought before the voice answered him.

"It is the golden staff which was once wielded by Sun Wukong who goes by the title Great sage equaling heaven with this weapon, he defeated many soldiers of heaven until he was imprisoned by Buddha but was later released to escort a monk on a journey to the west"

"WOW! So I wielded the weapon of the legendary monkey king!" thought Naruto excitedly after the cudgel disappeared from his hands.

"Yes and you can wield the weapons of other heroes as you grow stronger but for now you should check on your sensei" said the voice.

Naruto immediately turned to check on Iruka "Iruka-sensei are you alright?" he asked with concern.

"Yeah, but come over here and close your eyes, I need to give you something" said Iruka while smiling. Naruto did as Iruka requested.

'Okay you can open them now"

When he did, Naruto noticed that Iruka wasn't wearing his forehead protector anymore but rather he is.

"Congratulations Naruto. You are now a ninja" Iruka said smiling

Naruto couldn't hold back his tears anymore and embraced his teacher.

Hello this is Hussbek online, I thought of making a story like this for a while aside from current ones but don't worry more chapters will soon come.

Here are the list of weapons/gears that I plan to bring in

Sunlight heart = buso renkin
Blades of chaos = god of war
Golden Staff = journey to the west
Love is blue = bayonnetta
Dragon sword = ninja gaiden
Rebellion = devil may cry
Belmont = castlevania
X-gloves = hitman reborn
Dragoon = Kirby air ride
Mechabeast = Slugterra
Air treks = Air gear

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