Summary: Ichigo always knew that he been different from everyone else. No normal kid could see the dearly parted, monsters with bone mask face, and have voices in their head. One day he meets a girl in black who asked, "Just what are you?" Ichigo answer, "I'm just a human".

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Ichigo will know his Zanpakatou name, have his Quincy powers and have a good relationship with Shiro/ Hichigo meaning he can hollowfication.

No he won't be super over power of Aizen yet, but he can kick the Arrancar butts

Will master Bakai in 3 day that's the two weeks under Urahara when Rukia is taken back to soul Society

Keep his Hell power and full bringer

Kaien will be with him

Ichigo will be smarter and stronger

Shiro has more special abilities other than healing power, such as can't be poison and drug, can see a person life span including hollows mean each soul/slayed save Ichigo gain half of their live span and no he do not steal it and gain it like EXP, can review a person life when look in the eye by choice and create things out of thing air

And yes Ichigo will lost his power when using Final Getsuga Tenshou for the first time

Ichigo: First time?

Yea, I want to see black hair Ichigo aka Mugetsu more, I added a nice plot where you can use Final Getsuga Tenshou without losing your power after the Full bringer arc

Ichigo: I'm so awesome in this fanfic

Yea but a long time before we get there

Ichigo: Really?

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"Hell version Ichigo"



I don't own Bleach if I did I would gave added Ichigo hell power in the episodes too

Chapter 1 Ichigo Kurosaki The Day everything starter

Everything was perfect, his was going to protect mommy when he grow up. His name was Ichigo Kurosaki, he as orange hair like his mother with browns eyes like his mad crazy yet funny father. Ichigo look over to river to see a young girl going to jump in. He let go his mother hand to try and save her. That's when wheel starter turn, the Wheel of Destiny.

"Ichigo!" His mother yelled, "Oka-san?" He replied before blacking out. When Ichigo regains content his mother was dead with her blood over him and her body what was look like was rip in two. "Oka-san!" Ichigo yelled as he shakes her gentle. "AHAHAHHA! Little child you may live today for I'm so full after devouring that human, the next time we meet you will be dead." Ichigo slowly turn his head to see a giant green hag monster with a frog mask with what look like a rod on his forehead. It laughs again before jumping away into a black void.

Ichigo crush his knuckles tight after hearing what that monster said. Ichigo starter to cried again and mutter, "This is all my fault" Then when Ichigo hear a voice with madness yet gentleness "Oh really?" Ichigo nodded to the voice "Yes, If only I have power I would been able to save Oka-san" the voice answer "And what will you do with this power if have it?" Ichigo froze and stop to think for a bit.

If- if I have power would protect my family and friends to never lose them again Ichigo thought. "Good Answer" Ichigo lift his head to see where those were came from. "Now Ichigo, we are your power that's hidden deep inside you. My name is ^$$&^% . The mad creepy voice from earlier is $!# &# while other one is #&^$Z ^* ." Ichigo then said softly "Mr…I didn't catch any of your names, all I hear was beep". "Wow tough luck guys we try, lets try again when his older" "Not so fast $^%&%, If Ichigo can us but our names means that he is awaking soon. We must bring into his mind" Ichigo eyes wide and starter to panic.

"Wait what?!" Ichigo shouted before being drag into his own mind. When Ichigo woke up he was on side of an every tall building. Ichigo mutter, "This is my mind, what the heck?" "Damn King little!" Ichigo turn his head to see a boy around his age. "You're the one to talk Shirosaki" an older Ichigo spoke. Ichigo spoke "Shirosaki that's your name" That catch them off guard. "Whoa, whoa, whoa you didn't even hear my name outside your head few minutes ago and now you know my name! What the Hell man!" "Shirosaki shut up! As Kaien" The older Ichigo wave his hand "said before I'm Zangetsu, but called Shirosaki, Shiro for short." Ichigo nodded and stare them each taking in ach figure. Shiro look just like him but pure white with black eyes balls with gold eyes which was fill with madness and craziness, Zangetsu looks like an old man with long with sunglass with black clock who had wisdom, while Kaien look goat face but younger and with purple black hair with green eyes instead.

"You said I could protect my family and friends with this power but I don't see it" Ichigo spoke as he looked around. Shiro snore "We're your power king! Zangetsu represent your….our mother's power" "Wait our mother?" Ichigo asked.

"Let me explain Ichigo" Kaien explain while Ichigo nodded, "When Shiro meant our mother is because we are you, well part of you anyways, each of us represent a part of soul, Zangetsu is your Quincy power which comes from our mother, his soul represent your wisdom and courage. Shirosaki is your Hollow power, Shiro represent your anger, hated and desire to fight in other words his your dark side, while I, Kaien am your Shinigami powers, I represent your desire to protect, help people in other words I'm your good side, the hero half." Ichigo blink one then twice, "Oh, so Zan-Zangetsu is my wisdom, Shiro is meanie half" Zangetsu chuck while Kaien snicker at Shiro who was pouting "and final Kaien is good half…But you haven't explain how called upon my power?" Ichigo questioned.

Before Kaien could answer Shiro cut in "Well it quiet simple King, now that you know our names you can now called upon our powers. When you wake we're start to train you, but the training won't be easy!" Ichigo nodded "Then let me at it, I do it another thousand life if I have" "Good cause I don't won't to be the Horse of a weak King" Shiro grin like crazy while Kaien roll eyes, Zangetsu spoke "I believe its time for you to wake up now Ichigo" Ichigo nodded "Okay later other me"

When Ichigo woke up, he was in a hospital room. A Nurse just walk in at the time and gasp, "Doctor! He wakened up! Contact Mr. Kurosaki!" After Ichigo dad was contact he rush over with Karin and Yuzu. "Oh baby boy is up" His father grab on into a hug. "oni-san" Yuzu and Karin cried in happiest. Yuzu cried "Oni-san you were coma for 2 weeks" Ichigo thought 2 weeks! Isshin spoke "Yes 2 weeks, my son you scare half to death with our mother death" As he starts to cry with anime tears. "Oh Misaki you protect our son from a idito car driver" Ichigo try to speak but close his mouth It's no use telling Otou-san Karin and Yuzu a giant fur monster killed Oka-san. Ichigo just turn his head to away. I was to weak if only I had power...power that's right Kaien, Shiro Zangetsu can you hear me…, "Damn straight I can" Shiro replied, Ichigo thought back Your real I thought that "we we're just your imaginary nope" Kaien smirk in his head. "Indeed Ichigo do not fear we are here with you now" Zangetsu smile. Ichigo thought with a small yet soft smile Thank you….

Wheel of Destiny truly turn on that day….


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