The Lighting-Flame Dragon King

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This Natsu will be Strong as Laxus and without activatin his secret powers since like Laxus nobody know of Natsu Lacrima infusion only Erza and Mira knows and won't be dense since he is already with Mira and Erza they will be rather possesive of Natsu.

-X773- Mountain in Fiore-

A boy with messy pink hair, slight tanned skin and black eyes about the age of 5 he was wearing baggy short that are tattered and he was in front of a huge boulder that look like it was seen better days in front of the boy was a huge crimson Dragon (you all know how Igneel look). I can't destroy it Dad I am too weak the boy say to the Dragon.

Yeah I can see that Natsu it seems that you don't have control of the temperature of your flames that why you can't break the boulder. Igneel said to the boy named Natsu

I have a idea that I was letting to the last moment. Said Igneel

Really what is a awesome Dragon Slayer power boost. Said the boy with sparkles in his eyes

As the matter of fact yeah it seen that you are not as dumb as I think. Said Igneel ignoring the angry look in the kid eyes

You know for a big lizard you have a bad sense of humor. Said the boy to the Dragon.

Whatever prepare But First I have a to do special ritual to you Natsu with this two things are Dragon Lacrimas the The orange one has my magic but the red one is from My Mate The First and Only Red Lightning Queen Thundra before she died she give me this so that I give to someone worthy and that I trusted this will give you more power but at the same time you will have control of the Element of Lightning the difference between yellow and Red is that red is stronger and more super heated than yellow an more powerful now let begin the Lacrima infusion put the two of them close to your chest and I will do the rest. Then Igneel commence the lacrimas infusion into Natsu body when he finish his body was overflowing with the power of Fire and Lightning orange and red lightning was dancing around Natsu body he never feel so powerful before the infusion but that not were the only changes that he was experiencing his canines grow even longer and became more sharps his senses also were more elevated than before but the greatness changes were his eyes they change from obsidian to heterocromic the left one become red and the right one became orange but both have a Draconic features and the story of the Lightning-Flame Dragon King begins.

-X777- East Forest in Fiore-

In an area known as East Forest, a 10 year young boy with spiky pink hair furiously punched one of the large trees. His fists were aimed at a target had made by his hand. On it were crude drawings of a of a teen boy with blonde hair, devils horns, and lightning spewing from his mouth, and a cocky smirk. The more the pink-haired boy hit the picture, the angrier he got.

The leaves began to rustle, and soon something fell from the canopy, hitting the boy in the head and knocking him on his butt. "Ow~" he groaned. "What was that?" He rubbed his sore head and then looked in front of himself, his eyebrow raising in suspicion. "What is that?" Upon closer inspection, it was an egg, one with strange red whit lightning orange like pattern and markings. The boy's eyes widened with wonder. "This must be a dragon's egg!" he ran grabbed the egg and ran back into town at top speed until he reached a building in the middle of town, the plaque at the top reading: Fairy Tail. He burst through the doors, holding the egg up high. "Hey, guys! Look what I found!"

Seven Years Later

A young blonde exited a magic shop in the port town of Hargeon with a new key to add to her collection. Despite her most recent purchase, her mood was much less than ecstatic. She looked at the silver key in her palm. "Only a thousand jewel discount? Is that all my feminine charm is worth?" she whined. She sighed in frustration and began walking away from the shop. "I guess that's better than no discount at all."

As she strolled the streets, she couldn't help but hear squeals from a nearby crowd of girls. "What's going on over there?" she inquired. As she drew closer to the commotion, should could hear some of the girls.

"Oh, Salamander, over here! Sign mine too!"

"No! I was next!"

"No, me!"

The blonde's eyes widened. "Salamander?! Doesn't he use magic that isn't sold in shops?! Maybe he can help me out!"

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a young man with pink hair trudged through the streets. He was exhausted from his train ride, one of the many forms of transportation he grew to despise over the years. His companion was also exhausted, but for completely different reasons.

"And you are sure this is where he will be?" the irritable voice asked the young man.

"That's what the source said." He answered.

"Did you happen to receive confirmation of this 'tip'?"

The teen sighed. "No. I didn't receive 'confirmation'. There wasn't enough time. He would have left by then."

"I'm just as eager to find Igneel as you are, Natsu. But you can't just rush off at the smallest rumor. You are likely to come back even more lost than you previously were. You should have brought Mira along like I suggested."

"Ah, she was busy. Hey look, I think I see something!" He pointed out the alleyway they were exiting, seeing a group of girls crowded around someone. "That's gotta be him! Come on!"

"Natsu, wait!"

Natsu eagerly made his way through the crowd. "Igneel!" He called. "Igneel, it's me! It's Nat-" Natsu stopped shouting when he reached the center of the gathering, coming face to face with a purple-haired man holding a piece of paper signed: Salamander. Natsu's eyes narrowed in irritation. "Who are you?"

"Me?" the man pointed at himself in fake offense. "Have you not heard? I am the one and only Salamander!" he announced to the thunderous applause of all the girls around him. Natsu on the other hand was less than convinced by the display.

When the blonde girl looked upon the intruding pink-haired boy, she slowly felt herself coming down from the influence of something unnatural. "What happened? What was that just now?" She looked back at Natsu. "Who is that guy?"

The pink-haired teen grumbled, earning a cocky smirk from Salamander. "You look down. Here." He handed Natsu the paper he had just signed. "Have an autograph."

"Not interested." Natsu deadpanned. He then turned around and walked away, returning to his partner.

"It was not him, was it?" she prompted.

Natsu could tell from her tone that she wanted to say "I told you so." He internally thanked that she didn't. "No." Natsu's ears then picked up the shouts of angry girls, he turned around, only to be mauled by Salamander's fangirls, shouting something about being nicer to their idol. Once they were done, Natsu laid a broken heap on the ground with spirals in his eyes. Salamander then walked to him, handing him his autograph once more. This time Natsu took it.

Salamander then turned to face the girls. "Remember, everyone! There is a party on my boat tonight! Everyone is invited!" He then flew off on a line of purple fire.

The blonde girl walked to Natsu, who had begun to dust himself off. "What a creep." She said of the Salamander. She reached her hand to Natsu. "Are you ok?"

Natsu grabbed the girl's hand and she pulled him to his feet. "Yeah. Thanks." He said.

"Actually, I should be thanking you." The girl smiled.

"For what?"

"That guy was using a forbidden charm spell to wow that crowd. Thanks to you I was able to break free."

"Um, you're welcome I guess. I didn't really do anything though."

"How about I properly thank you by treating you to lunch?" the blonde offered.

Natsu's eyes lit up. "Really?!"

The blonde nodded. "Yeah. It's the least I could do."

"You will be doing much worse if you feed his black hole as stomach." Natsu's companion chuckled.

"What does that mean?" The blonde asked.

"Ignore her, let's go eat!" Natsu smiled.

"Ok. Ok." The blonde laughed. "I know a restaurant near downtown. It's pretty cheap, but the food is great."

"Doesn't matter is free food. I'll eat anything!" Natsu boasted.

"He's not lying about that." His companion added.

"Good to know." The blonde laughed again.

Natsu smiled. "You're alright…um…uh…" he tried to recall the girl's name, but he didn't remember it being given to him.

"Lucy." The blonde smiled. "My name's Lucy. What's yours? It would be kind of weird if I was treating a guy whose name I didn't know."

"Name's Natsu Dragneel." The pink-haired teen introduced. He then pointed to his right shoulder. On it sat a red whit lightning orange like pattern cat with a red bow near the end of her paw. She also wore a top that consisted of a vibrant yellow and orange top with a red bow tie. She also wore a orange skirt with this top. "And this is my partner, Zaire."

"A pleasure to meet you." The Cat bowed.

Okay let eat I am dyeing of hunger. Said the Teen boy to the blonde girl

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