The Lighting-Flame Dragon King Ch:2

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This Natsu will be Strong as Laxus when Laxus is at full power and Since Laxus doesn't Know of Natsu Lightning Dragon Slayers powers he only think that Natsu only Control The Red Lightning but what he doesn't Know is that Like him Natsu has Lightning Dragon Slayers powers only Natsu are stronger than laxus Natsu can defeat him whit a little struggle without activating his secret powers since like Laxus nobody know of Natsu Lacrima infusion since to the only persons that know are Erza, Mira and Zaire and He won't be dense since he is already in a relationship with Mira and Erza they will be rather possessive and jealous of Natsu.

I will skip to the part were Lucy is kidnapped.

(In Fake Salamander Slave ship)

"I really must thank you again for coming to this party of mine," Salamander said.

"Yeah, no problem," Lucy said. So far this party seemed typical enough, if not some what womanizing, seeing the ratio of girls to guys. But Lucy would be lying if she said she didn't feel uncomfortable. Something about this guy was off-putting, but Lucy couldn't put her finger on it.

"Now, I wish to make a toast to you help," Salamander said, as he held up his hand, and drops of Lucy's drink floated up to her, "Now, drink on up!" Lucy was seriously creeped out, but she tried to hold it together. But that was when she noticed something. It was a symbol on one of Salamander's rings.

"No way!" Lucy said, swatting the drops away, "I know sleep magic when I see it!" Salamander was initially surprised, but then smirked.

"Quite impressive," he said.

"Now I do want to join Fairy Tail, but I'm not going to be your arm candy to that extent!" Lucy said firmly.

"We'll certainly problematic," Salamander sneered, "So I suppose I don't have to do this charade any longer." Then the curtains flared open revealing several thugs, each carrying at least one unconscious woman in their arms. Lucy whirled around in shock.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Look, its a long journey to Bosco," Salamander said darkly, "But it could go much quicker if you behave."

"Bosco?" Lucy asked, "But you said you'd get me into Fairy Tail!"

"You actually believed that?" Salamander responded, "I just needed to get you on the ship." Lucy reached for her keys, only for them to get knocked out her hands by Salamander's flames, and into his own hands.

"Now what's a Celestial Spirit Mage without her keys," he said, "But I'm afraid they're nothing to me, so…" He then tossed them out the window, into the water.

Lucy's fist clenched, as she began to tear up lightly. How can anyone be like this? she thought.

"You're the worst wizard there is!" she declared. Salamander just sneered with a shrug.

"Well I'm no saint that for sure…," he began, only for the ceiling to explode. Lucy looked up in shock, as two figures appeared through the dust. Lucy recognized those figures.

"Natsu, Zaire!" she said.

"Lucy!", Zaire said. Lucy looked up, and saw, Zaire only she had strange white wings.

, Zaire? Since when can you fly?"

"Its a long story," Zaire answered, "But we've got to get out of here!" she then wrapped her tail around Lucy, and lifted her out.

"But what about Natsu…"

"I can't carry two people, besides, Natsu can take care of himself no problem!"

"After them!" Salamander ordered, "We can't let them report this to the council!"

She was distracted by her partner groaning, as he lay sprawled on the ground, his cheeks inflated.

"Damn it Natsu, pull you self together!" she yelled.

"I don't have time to deal with you!" Salamander said, as held up his hand, "Prominence Blast!" A series of purple blasts launched themselves at Lucy and Zaire, only to be evaded as she lifts Lucy and herself higher into the air. ,

"Surrender peacefully, and receive only minor burns and shocks," Natsu said still in the floor, "Is that okay with you?" The yell of several thugs made him sigh.

"I guess that's a 'no'."

(With Lucy and Zaire)

"Natsu is one thing, but what about the other captives?" Lucy asked.

"You know what you are too annoying!" Zaire answered. Lucy looked up to her.

"Why is that?" she asked. At that precise moment, Zaire Tail let go of Lucy.

"Stupid fur ball!" Lucy cried as she plummeted into the water mean while Zaire looks at her with a cocky smirk. As she crashed into the water, she noticed something glint. Lucy turned, and saw her keys. Not missing a beat, she started swimming towards them.

(On the ship)

Natsu lay spread in the floor with his check still green been kicked by Salamander thugs.

"Forget the girl and the weird catl!" he ordered, "Just get this guy off my ship!"

(Outside the boat)

"My turn!" Lucy said with a smirk as she held up a key. This key was gold, with blue symbol on it.

"Open, Gate of the Water Bearer: Aquarius!" Lucy said, as she thrust the key into the water. In a surge of water and light, a blue mermaid carrying a blue pot materialized.

"A mermaid!" Zaire cried.

"Not have time to waste!" Lucy scolded, before looking to Aquarius, "Alright Aquarius! Do your thing and bring that ship back to shore!" Aquarius shot Lucy a glare that nearly made the blonde melt.

"Drop my key again, and I'll wash you into oblivion!" she hissed, "I presume that's clear?"

"As your water," Lucy said nervously. With an angry yell, Aquarius swirl her bucket around, sending a colossal torrent of water, that swept the ship up.

"What the hell is this!" Natsu yelled ironically still in the floor.

"Why me too!" Lucy cried as she was also swept away.

The ship crashed into the shore, as Lucy was spilled into the sand.

"Is it too much to ask for you to not get me caught in this!" Lucy said angrily.

"Ops Sorry I din't mean to hit the boat. She said

"You were aiming at me. Yelled Lucy.

"Yes, yes i was," Aquarius answered, "Now look, I've got a date with my boyfriend! Don't bother me." Or I will kill you with that, she faded away.

"I really like her!" Zaire compliment.

"You are a demon cat," Lucy commented.

In the beached ship, Natsu stood up.

"Natsu!" she called.

"I'm here!" Natsu answered. Zaire looked down, and saw him on the top.

"Glad to be finally on solid and sweet ground again," the pink-haired teen said.

"Natsu! Lucy called, as she ran in his direction.

"So you claim to be part of Fairy Tail?" Natsu asked.

"What do you care?" Salamander answered.

"Come a bit closer," Natsu said, "Let's take a better look at you."

"I don't even need to," Zaire said, "I know every member we've ever had." With that, Salamander's thugs made a stupid mistake running at him.



"Don't worry!" Zaired said, as she hovered over Lucy's head, "I should've told you sooner, but he is mage too!"


One guy charged Natsu, only to be backhanded like he was nothing by a lighting coated hand. Another went for his side, swinging down his sword, which shattered against his forearm "I am Natsu Dragneel!" Natsu said, "I am part part of Fairy Tail, and I know you're not one of us!"

"Are you kidding?" Lucy said, "He is as Fairy Tail mage!" That was when she noticed a red symbol on Natsu's shoulder. The symbol of Fairy Tail.

"That Mark is legit. Said one of the thungs.

"He the real deal a Fairy Tail member, Bora!" one thug said.

"Don' call me that you idiot!"

"I know that guy!" Zaire said, frowning, "He's from the guild Titan Nose, Bora the Prominence."

"Bear in mind that i take our guild's name very seriously," Natsu said darkly, as Red lightning and orange flames dance around Natsu who is looking at Bora, "And i can't have you potentially used it to make you slaver

operation have better opportunity to kidnnap girls to sell then like they are nothing but mercandise they have families that worries about them you know that make me sick and now you are going the get burn because of that! " Natsu grinned, as steam leaked from his mouth.

"You know I like my food really burn at night in home, but say what do you say we move it up to right now?" he asked looking at his enemy. "You can arrange that right Natsu," Zaire said. Bora just yelled in anger, as a storm of purple flames jetted at the couple, resulting in a huge explosion.

"NATSU! Lucy yelled. Bora sneered at the sight.

"Typical, all bark, no bite," he said, "Let's…"

"This fire tastes disgusting!" Everyone whirled around. The fire was being sucked down… into Natsu's mouth!

"You sure you are a fire wizard because that fire is nasty.

"I've tasted rocks that were better!" Natsu said.

"He's eating fire!" Lucy said in shock. Natsu wiped the side of his mouth.

"That's all good," he said, "Now I"m all Charge up!"

Natsu then inhaled deeply.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" In a massive explosion, an enormous jet of orange fire came from his mouth, blasting away all the lackeys, though Bora managed to escape on his fire.

"Now I remember!" one of the thugs said, as he weakly looked up, "The man with Pink hair and the scaly scarf, The Red Lightning and Orange super hot Flames.

"He is The Lightning-Flame Dragon King from Fairy Tail one of their strongest wizards. He yelled

"The Lightning-Flame Dragon King the wizard that is said control the strongest and unique Red Lightning along with the hottest orange Flames. Natsu then charged at Bora, before launching at him, and punching at him.

"That magic, what is it?" Lucy said, "Its almost like a…"

"Dragon?" Zaire said, "That's because it is! It's a Lost Magic called 'Dragon Slayer magic'! Along with is Red lightning Igneel taught him That!"

O men!" Natsu said, sounding disappointed, "I wanted you to be at least a little challenge.

"He is unbelievable Lucy said. Why do you think he have his reputation?" Zaire asked with a wink.

"Time to end this! Natsu said before jumping up uniting his hands coated in Lightning and Flames.

"Fire Dragon's Shocking Flame!" Natsu said, as the fire coated with lightning blasted into Bora, sending him flying away.

"That was… really kind of terrifying," Lucy said, "He efforsly destroyed half the town!" She was yelling when she heard a sound that alerted then to the sound of marching.

"The army's here!" she cried, only to be grabbed like a potato sack by Natsu, and dragged away.

"Come on, we need to get out of here!" Natsu said.

"I'm sure you have plenty of questions, but we can explain later!"Zaire said.

"But where are you taking me?"

"You said you wanted to join Fairy Tail, right?" Natsu asked. Time seemed to suddenly stop for Lucy as she looked at The Teen and Cat team smiling at her.

"You know it!"

(In the town of Magnolia in front if Fairy Tail guildhall)

Lucy was initially somewhat overwhelmed. There she was, standing before the doors of a massive building: the guild hall of Fairy Tail.

"Am I really here?" she muttered, "The Fairy Tail guild hall?"

"Are you?" Zaire said, as she floated up to Lucy and started to poking at her, "I can hit you." Lucy waved her away.

"It can be a tad imposing to new members," Natsu said, smiling at Lucy, "But don't worry, you get used to it quickly." Lucy took a breath, before pumping her fist.

"Let's go!" Natsu and Zaire grinned at each other, before she gave a gesture.

"Hey, we are back!" Natsu yelled as he kicked open the door, "The King is home!" What greeted the blonde upon that, was a complete overwhelming of the senses. Somehow, every single one of them, even taste and touch, were being activated by being in the guild hall.

"Welcome back Demolition team!" one guy commented, "So how…" He was interrupted when Natsu kicked him away.

"You were wrong about that Salamander guy!" he snapped.

"How is it my fault that a rumor I heard was wrong?" that guy responded. Natsu was about to retort when a table hit him in the back of the head.

"Who threw that?" Natsu yelled.

"Maybe you're stupid for thinking what you did!" a guy with buckteeth that in another universe would have make a famous rabbit jealous yelled.

"Are you insulting me jerk Natsu demanded, as he stepped forward, his eyes glowing, and his shadowing them flaring almost demonically.

"He is terrifying," Lucy said nervously, taking a step back.

"That's Natsu for you," Zaire piped up, "But they really should…" She was interrupted when someone who was going to "greet" Natsu but in turn he was kicked away, sending him pin-balling away across a table.

"Zaire save me!" Lucy cried out. Not soon after, an all out brawl erupted amongst the group.

"So Natsu's finally is back!" Lucy looked over, and saw a young man, about Natsu's age, standing up. But what attracted Lucy's attention, was that he was in his boxers. This young man is Gray Fullbuster. Now don't be fooled, he's a good mage, but he got a estrange… odd habit of taking his clothes anywhere.

"Its time you and I settled this Lightning-Flame jerk!" Gray declared, as he started marching towards the brawl.

"Why so that I left you in the ground twitching and burned like every other time. Said Natsu

"All That times were pure luck. Yelled back the naked wizard.

Keep telling it yourself to feel good. Said Natsu

"Maybe you should put on some clothes first," a woman with long brown hair, and lacking clothing carrying a wine glass said. This beautiful woman is Cana Alberona. She's quite capable in her own right, but the important facts are, most people know her as Fairy Tail's heaviest drinker. Cana let out a sigh, as she looked at her wine glass and set it aside.

"And here I was hoping to take it easy before my date," she said, before grabbing a huge barrel, and starting to chug it, much to Lucy's horror.

"That could kill you!" she cried out.

"Natsu's home?" a beautiful voice said from behind them Lucy turned, to see a gorgeous white haired woman. Lucy instantly knew who she was.

"You're Mirajane!" Lucy said, completely star struck. The woman just smiled back. This is Mirajane. Facts are you've seen her before in Sorcerer Weekly's centerfolds and one of the most beautiful woman in fiore. She's an employee at the guild.

"Shouldn't we stop this?" Lucy asked, pointing towards the brawl.

"Nah!" Mirajane said cheerily, "Its actually kind of… she stopped when a hand grab a bear that was in collision course to her face.

"Mirajane!" Lucy cried.

Natsu who was in front of Mira crush the bottle and turn to the crown what they see will give then nightmares Natsu was looking at them with demonic glowing eyes and he ask

"who throw this to my Mira all of the people of the guild went silent until one brave idiot said Is Not Manly claim that she is yours(Guess who said that)

"Natsu turned toward him as the Manly man paled You said Something. Said Natsu The man respond is not manly to yell and not answer when you get a question asked to you. He said looking at the crown who in turn

look at Him with a are you serious look. "Well is someone going to answers me who throw the bottle everyone point to a poor man behind a turned table trembling as Natsu get close everyone think that this are the man

last moments but the guy had a life saving plan he then turn to Zaire and tell her to save him to which she answer you know the price. Said Zaire The man check his pocket to bring a rare apple that the exceed is

addicted to it and throw it to her to wish she catches it happily before turning to Mira And prepare to sell her Foster parent by telling the formed she-devil "Mira Natsu took Lucy on his shoulder without the necessity of doing it an hold her tight at!. That moment Natsu stop and

began to sweat as if the hottest of fire were burning him despite being immune to fire when he turn he almost faint at what he see Mira was encased in a pitch black aura that only you could see were her glowing

demonic red eyes when she in a demonic voice said Natsu! By this Lucy has fainted do to fear of the she-devil Natsu tried to fight trough the fear and. said ''Mira I am sorry please don't kill me before his scream and

pleas were heard in all of Magnolia. By the beating he was getting by his White haired Mate as everyone in the Guild look him with pity but no one dare to help him in fear of get the same treatment from the Demonic Beauty. "You Know Natsu when Erza come back we are gonna have a talk with her. Said Mira. With that she continue with the beating toward her mate.

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