The Lighting-Flame Dragon King Ch:4

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This Natsu will be Strong as Laxus when Laxus is at full power and That is without Natsu using his full power. Since Laxus doesn't Know of Natsu Lightning Dragon Slayers powers he only think that Natsu only Control The Red Lightning and he cannot eat the Red Lightning since is unique and was bestowed to Natsu by Igneel but what he doesn't Know is that Like him Natsu has Lightning Dragon Slayers powers only Natsu are stronger than laxus Natsu can defeat him whit a little struggle without activating his secret powers since like Laxus nobody know of Natsu Lacrima infusion since to the only persons that know are Erza, Mira and Zaire and He still will be goofy self and do things like in canon since Natsu is not the type of person that treat the others bad because he is more powerful and stronger than then won't be dense since he is already in a relationship with Mira and Erza they will be rather possessive and jealous of Natsu.

On With the chapter

At Lucy's House

Lucy smiled as she woke up in her new apartment. For only seventy-thousand jewels a month, it was a great find. She took her morning bath, thinking about all of the features her new home had to offer. Finished drying off, she pushed her curtain door open. Her jaw then proceeds to hit the floor.

Sitting in a chair, surrounded by garbage was Natsu with Zaire hovering above his head. On instinct, she kicked him into the wall.

"Geez, Looney." Natsu said as he rubbed his check. "We just wanted to check and see your new place."

"This isn't checking out!" Lucy screamed at the two. "This is called barging in! Plus, I think the police would call this BREAKING AND ENTERING WITHOUT PERMISSION AND IS LUCY!"

Lucy screamed at Zaire as the cat scratched up her walls, while Natsu found some papers on her escritoire. Lucy reacted, once again kicking Natsu away, clutching the papers tight to her chest.

"What was that for?" He asked once he stands up. "Man, Lucy you place is way more exciting than our house." Don't let Mira hear you Natsu". Said Zaire

A sudden knock on her door took her attention away from her two friend/house breakers. Putting the the papers under lock, she walked over to the door and opened it, revealing Mira.

"Hey, Lu-" She started to say before she was surprise a little by Lucy's attire. "Why are you in just a towel?"

"I wouldn't be, if these two hadn't broken into my new home!" Lucy screamed before moving out of the way, letting Mira see the intruders, she was talking about.

Mira entered the house and Natsu caught sight of her. "Hello Dear, Mira, I though that you were to be here on time since I can smell you but I happy you showed up."

"Natsu Dragneel."Mira said angry shaking her head. "How many times do I have to tell you!? You can't just break into a girl's room, let alone their houses when they can be naked as Natsu pales and began to sweat at the implications."

Lucy nodded in agreement, before she was taken aback by Mirajane words. 'Times? This has happened before more than once?!' "Until she realized her situation that Mira was possibly the most jealous girl she had ever met and that because of Natsu breaking into her house and because of Mira being possessive of Natsu that can mean certain death for her!.'' However, luckily Natsu save her and himself by telling Mira.

"Wait Mira babe this is not what look like I swear Zaire and Me come here to officially welcome her to Fairy Tail I swear that is not anything inappropriate you Know that I only have eyes for you and her, please don't get mad!."Said a much-panicked Natsu.

"Okay I know we are the only ones for now," Since is supposed to be Three but I am glad you tell us the truth before anything and give us the choice of accept or not. Said Mira to Natsu

"Of course Mira how I could lie or hide about something like that." Responded Natsu

A few minutes later, Lucy was dressed and sitting at her table, teacup in one hand, glaring at Natsu and Zaire across from her and Mira.

"Once you two finish, get out. Mira, you can stay." Lucy said to her respective guests.

"Wow, your are cold maybe you can give the ice pervert a run for his money." Natsu said staring at his her.

(Somewhere in Fiore)

Achoo! Come from Gray." Someone is talking about me I bet is the Dragon jerk behind my back when I see him, I am going to kick his butt. Said Gray.

"Hey dude where are your clothes". Said a random person

"A CRAP WHY THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME!". Yelled Gray as he runs around to find his clothes.

(Back at Lucy Apartment)

"What do you expected?" Lucy screamed. "You break into my house and possibly lead to my murder by an angry Mate! Don't expect any special treatment for that." She took a sip from her tea before turning to Mira. "So, why'd you guys come over here?"

"A few reasons actually. First, we wanted to see you new place. I got to admit, it's a really nice place you pick." Mira said before taking a sip from her tea.

"Well, I wanted to see more of those key spirits you keep with you." Natsu said leaning onto the table.

"First of all, they're called Celestial Spirits, and second they're not some playthings I can just call up whenever I want."

"So how many spirits do you have contracts with?" Mira asked.

"In total, six." She answered placing her key pouch on the table. "But there are different key types as well. The silver ones are the easiest to find because you can just buy them in magic shops. I've got Horologium the Clock, Lyre the Harp, and Crux the Southern Cross." She said as she raised the keys one by one.

"But the gold ones are rare. They open the gates of the twelve zodiac spirits. I've got Aquarius the Water Bearer, Taurus the Golden Bull, and Cancer the Giant Crab."

"GIANT CRAB!" Natsu jumped out of his from where he was seating at the thought of giant crab legs to eat.

"Wow, I've never seen anyone get so excited over food." Lucy said.

"So, Aquarius was the Mermaid one that send that big wave crashing into Natsu and the boat to then crash into the port messing it up in Hargeon?" Zaire asked receiving a nod for an answer an a sweatdrop at the comment

"Oh, yeah." An though came into Lucy's head. "Speaking of Hargeon, I still have that key I bought there. You guys want to see how a contract between wizard and spirit is made?" She asked leaning into the table.

"Sure, it's sounds interesting." Mira said excited.

"As long that is not a blood pact or anything like that I am okay. Said Natsu

"Is not like that!, Okay." Lucy stood up, new key in hand. "Here we go! I call upon the in the world of the Celestial Spirits! I call thee to come to my side at once, pass through the gate!" A blue magic seal appeared beneath her as her three guests looked on. "Open, Gate of Canis Minor - Nicola!" A golden bubble rose from the ground before sprouting tiny legs and arms and growing a carrot nose.

Natsu and Zaire stared at the creature for a few seconds before saying the same thing. "Nice try."

"Shut it, that's how it's supposed to work!" Lucy screamed at the two. She turned back to the spirit, only to see Mira clutching the spirit close to her.

"Aw, you are so cute!" Mira said rocking it against her face before putting it down. "Hard to believe you are a powerful spirit."

"Actually, this spirit doesn't take much power to get through the gate, so a lot of wizards keep them as pets." Lucy explained as she walked over pen and note pad in hand. "Alright, let's move on to the contract." She said as she kneeled down.

The spirit raised its paw in agreement.

"You free Mondays?" Lucy asked, receiving a vertical headshake for an answer. She jutted it down on her notepad.

"Tuesdays?" This time, she received a nod yes for an answer. Her guests watched, Mira with intrigue, Natsu and Zaire with boredom.

"Man, this is so boring." Natsu said sipping his tea.

"Who would have thought it would be simple?" Mira asked aloud.

"And done!" Lucy said as the spirit smiled.

"Well that was easy." Zaire commented, causing Lucy to grin.

"It may look simple, but it's very important. You see, the contract between Spirit and a Celestial wizard is based around the promise they make to each other. Because of that, I make it an a appointment to always keep my promises." Lucy explains.

"That's a nice moral code you have." Mira comments.

"Now all you need is a name." Lucy says before thinking.

"Isn't it Nicola?" Zaire asked.

"No, see that's the name of the species." Lucy explained. A few seconds later and she had an idea. "Oh I know. Come here, Plue."


"I think it's the cutest name ever!" Lucy said hugging the newly christened Plue.

"I don't get it." Zaire stated. "It's he a little dog, but it's not barking at all."

"Well, you aren't meowing, cat." Lucy pointed out the her hypocrisy. Plue jumped out of her arms and began a weird dance routine. Natsu stared at the dancing spirit intensely.

"You got that right, Plue!" Natsu said giving the spirit a thumbs up.

"You can understand him?!" Lucy asked, freaked out at the sight before her.

"Never underestimate my Natsu." Mira said while Zaire nodded her head.

Natsu then stared at Lucy with intensity. Freaked out by his heterochromatic eyes, she asked what he wanted from her.

"Alright, it's settled.'' You both are going to be a part of our team." Natsu flashed her his signature grin showing her his abnormally large canines.

"A Team?"

"Yeah, team." Mira said rising out of her chair. "See, even though everyone in the guild is allied to each other, the ones that get along really well will form teams within the guild. That way, jobs to difficult for one person can be done by a team. Of course, the issue of how the pay is split is another story, but for the most part, teams stick together."

"Alright, I'm in!" Lucy yelled excited. The wizards then did a three-way fist/paw bump to seal the deal.

"Great, and it just so happens that I have the perfect job for us." Zaire then took out a flier with the job they were doing. Lucy took the the paper and read it over, missing the devilish looks on her teammates faces.

"Shirotsume Village, that's not that far away." The reward is what caught Lucy's eyes to spark with money symbols. "Whoa. 200,000 jewels. Just for stealing a book from this Duke Everlue person.

"Piece of cake, right?" Natsu asked, knowing why Zaire had picked it.

"Huh?" Lucy read the last part the job. "Please note. Everlue is a dirty old man who's looking for maids with blonde hair!?" She did not like the sound of that.

"We know a Blondie, don't we Natsu?" Zaire asked in a loud whisper.

"Yup, and I bet we can find her a maid outfit." Natsu answered with a fanged smile.

"You, sneaky little... YOU TRICKED ME!" Lucy shouted at the two before falling to her hands and knees.

"Sorry, Lucy." She looked up to see Natsu, who put his hand on her shoulder. "Zaire's always like this. If she sees a job involving anything humiliating for others, she wants to take it. You're lucky all you have to do is dress up as a maid."

Lucy looked at him. "What does that mean?

"You really don't want to know". Respond Natsu.

Transport to Shirotsume

"Are you enjoying the ride today, Master?" Lucy sarcastically asked the motion sick Natsu. "Anything else I can get for you?"

"Hurl, Bag, Please." Natsu muttered out.

"Lucy, don't be so mean on him." Zaire said. "I'm the one who picked the job. You should be mad at me maybe I should tell Mira how you are treating Natsu."

"Oh no, that's not why I'm doing this please don't tell Mira!." Lucy said panicked. "Hey, Zaire, can I ask a question?" Receiving a nod, she pressed on. "You and Natsu are already a powerful team considering that you are a cat, so why'd you want me to join you?"

"Cause you're a nice person annoying but nice and I enjoy making fun of you, that's why." Zaire answered honestly.

"You're just so weird." Natsu groaned out before passing out.

"Well, I'm pumped for my first real job. I just know I'm going to rock it!" Lucy said in excitement.

"Weren't you upset about this whole thing?" Zaire asked, taking a break from looking at Natsu pass out.

"Hey, if this guy like pretty girls like me, then I'm a sooo going to get this job done." Lucy said.

"Well, all you humans look the same to me." Zaire just annoys and burst Lucy's bubble.

"Alright, onto the pay scale. I'm doing all the hard work, so I think it should be 80-10-10." Lucy explained.

"You want ten percent; wow you don't have that much expectation on yourself after all ha?" Zaire asked, causing Lucy to snap that at her for the comment and that she was the 80.

Shirotsume Town

The group arrived at the small town and began walking towards their clients house. Natsu was still feeling the effects of the carriage ride and was sluggish walking.

"Let's find some place to eat, I'm hungry." He said weakly.

"Why not just eat your own fire?" Lucy asked.

"Sure, great idea." Natsu replied. "Hey, I know. Why don't you eat Plue or your cow while you're at it?" Lucy freaked out in horror at the idea, causing Zaire to laugh at her.

"See, Lucy it's like this." Zaire explained. "Dragon Slayers can only eat their respective elements, whether is natural, artificial, or magical, but they can't eat anything they produce themselves I read in a old book."

"That's lame."

"Sweet, let's get a bit to eat." Natsu said pointing at the restaurant in front of him.

"No thanks." Lucy said as she walked away. "I've got something to do."

"What's with her?" Natsu asked Zaire. "The three of us should be eating as a team she truly is weird."

"Come on, Natsu." Zaire grabbed his scarf and led him into the restaurant. "We'll just order stuff for her."

Once in the restaurant, the group orders a lot of meat for Natsu, apple salads for Zaire. "So, we just leave the fatty stuff for Lucy." Zaire said as she stuffed her face with two giant apples.

"Since, that's the part she likes the most, it seems." Zaire agreed.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Said girl voice called out, causing Natsu and Zaire to look up. They are mouths dropped open to see Lucy in a maids outfit. "Come on, be honest. How good do I look in this?"

"Lucy." Zaire said dropping her apple. "We were never going to have you dress as a maid. We're going to storm in that mansion and take that pervert down!"

"Are you crazy!?" Lucy asked. "Who knows what kind of security this guy has?! Better to do this discretely, Zaire." The cat slumped her head in disappointment. For the rest of the meal, she sat in silence.

Melon Household

The three wizards arrived at the house and were led to an open room with a small table in the center.

"My name is Kaby Melon. It's a pleasure." The client introduced himself as his wife stood behind him.

"Melon!" Natsu said in excitement.

"Natsu, that's so rude." Lucy told her friends.

"Don't worry I get that a lot." Kaby said after a small chuckle. "Now, about the job. It's simple: Duke Everlue has a book called Daybreak in his possession. I want you to burn it for me."

"No problem. I'll burn the whole house down, if you want." Natsu said raising his finger and igniting it to prove his point.

"No way am I going to jail for arson you damn pyromaniac." Lucy told him before turning to Kaby. "May I ask why?"

"For 200,000 jewels, who cares about the reasons?" Zaire said before drinking from her glass of water she asked for.

"The reward has been raised to two million." Zaire did an immediate spit take as the other two were shocked. After a collective gasp, they stared stunned at their client. "Didn't you know that?"

"Two million?" Natsu asked aloud. "Split 3 ways!? Wow! I suck at math since Mira and Her are always is the one managing the money, but that's a lot!"

"Oh, I know." Zaire chimed in. "You and I get a million each, and Lucy gets all the rest."

"But that means I get nothing!" Lucy screamed, ruining their dream. She calmed down before turning to Kaby again. "Why'd you raise the reward money?"

"Because that book must be ash in the air and must cease of exist."

Lucy felt the heat in the room increase as she turned to Natsu, who was a blaze.

"Alright. Let's go, you two. We gotta a book to burn." He ran out of the house dragging Lucy behind him as Zaire flew after them.

Duke Everlue's Mansion

The group arrived at the dukes address and were taken back at the size of it. It was a massive three story building with solid stone wall surrounding it. The only way in was through a metal gate.

"Excuse me!" Lucy cried out to the inside. "I heard you had a maid position opening. Hello!" She looked over her shoulder to see Zaire holding Natsu back from breaking down the gate.

Before he could break free of Zaire's grip, a giant, gorilla like maid burst out of the ground and landed in front of Lucy. Not long after that, another figure burst out of the ground and this one was the Duke himself. Natsu struggled even harder to break free, while Lucy thought that this Duke looked BETTER on paper.

The Duke looked over Lucy carefully to see if she was good enough to be his maid. Deciding against it, the Duke called her ugly and told her to disappear of his property. Four more maids popped and the group could see why he thought Lucy was ugly. His sense of beauty was, to say the least, like a horror movie. It was, to say the most, disgusting.

Moments after being tossed by the burly maid, Lucy was crying by a tree as Natsu and Zaire looked down, while she comforted herself.

"You just couldn't do it, could you?" Zaire asked in disappointment.

"Leave her alone Zaire." Natsu looked up to her friend. "You saw those 'women'. This Everlue guy would call even someone like Mira ugly." He turned back to Lucy. "It's okay, Lucy. Pervs like him never go after pretty girls and if he ever said anything about Mira I burn him along with his house."

"Alright." Natsu said slamming his fist into his palm. "Looks like it's time for plan TD!"

"Yeah!." Zaire said exited in agreement.

"This big, fat ugly jerk's is going to pay!" Lucy declared. "So, uh, what exactly is plan TD?"

"Total Destruction Hahahaha!". Shouted Zaire laughing creepily.

"You can't do that what is wrong with you two!. Yelled a panicked Lucy at the intentions of her two-team mates.

Unbeknownst to them, a Lacrima sphere observed the whole scene.

Moments later, Natsu was there on the roof, trying to break in through the window. Zaire flew back up with Lucy, letting her fall face first into the roof.

"Thanks, you evil fur ball." Lucy sarcastically said as she stand up then she noticed Natsu melting the glass with his bare hands.

"Dammit Lucy." Natsu said angry and disappointed. "This isn't exactly 'Total Destruction', you know."

"I'm with Natsu." Zaire added. "We should just blow down the doors to smithereens and beaten that weird guy down."

"What part of 'I'm not going to jail' did you guys not get and again what wrong with you people?!" Lucy asked.

"But don't you want revenge on this guy?" Natsu counter questioned.

"Oh, I do." Lucy smirked. "I'm not just going to burn his dumb book, I'm going to use his tooth brush to clean the toilet." Her plan made even Zaire thinks 'That's gross.'

"Wow Lucy that the most evil thing someone can do to get back at the guy that call you Ugly? Asked said Zaire sarcastically focusing in the word Ugly as it make Lucy get a little depressing as she remember been called ugly and be throw out the entrance.'

The group entered the mansion through the now melted window, and found themselves in an old storage room or something. As Lucy walked around, Zaire popped out with a skull on her face. This scared Lucy to death while Natsu just grinned at the cat antics.

Finding their way out, the group eventually came to a long hallway filled with doors. They opened all of them, but found no trace of any books. Although they did find some weirdly unique equipment in the dukes bathroom.

"Hey, Zaire. Think you can find a library or something by flying around?" Natsu asked as they snuck along the wall.

"Sorry, Natsu." Zaire said. "I need time to rest carrying Lucy is not an easy feat since she is heavy."Hey I am not heavy you damn cat." yelled Lucy to Zaire

"I think we should take a hostage, force them to tell us where the book is by beating, then up." Natsu proposed.

"We're trying not to be seen or thrown to jail." Lucy shot that idea down. "This whole thing has to be done stealthily, like ninjas."

"Like a ninja..." Natsu said as his mind wondered of to images of himself and Zaire in ninja get up.

"How do you deal with this lunatic but don't tell Mira I said that?!" Lucy asked as sweat dropped of her. Suddenly, the ground in front of them open and the five maids from before jumped out of the hole. The short ones were carrying spears, while the largest one wasn't.

"Let's crush 'them, Ladies!" The large one ordered them. Before they could get close, however, Zaire, still wearing the skull, scared the small ones with a small growl.

"I got this." Natsu said as he conjured a magic seal on the floor below the maids. "Lightning Shock hand, foot strike!" A second seal appeared at the same height as the maids and from it, a giant Red lightning hand and foot each caught two maids and sent them into the opposite wall shocking then to paralysis and knocking them out.

The largest maid preformed a belly flop onto Natsu and seemingly crushed him. However, with pure brute strength, Natsu lifted and threw the 'woman' off him and into the air. A magic circle appeared beneath him as he jumped into the air and struck the maid with a red lightning left foot. As the maid crashed to the ground shocked, Natsu then wrapped his scarf around his head.

"We mustn't be seen or discovered." He said, holding his fingers to a point. "Because we are ninjas."

"Ninjas are quiet." Lucy pointed out to them.

Finding their way down the stairs, the four opened a large door and found themselves in a very expansive library.

"Wow." Lucy said impressed. "Who knew that jerk Everlue was such a book worm?"

"Let's start priority seek and destroy book'!" Natsu shouted.

Lucy found a ladder and climbed her way up to the top. She put her finger against a spine and began moving it across the spine. Not finding Daybreak, she let disappointed sigh. "How are we going to find this one book?"

She looked over to see Zaire ripping apples books apart page by page, Natsu shouting about finding a Dragon picture book.

"Look, this one sparkles!" Natsu shouted holding up a gold colored book.

"Will you two get serious and start looking for the book we need!?" Lucy said as she slid down the ladder. "As she reached the floor, her eyes went wide as she stared at the book. "That's the book Daybreak."

"You did it, Natsu." Zaire said as she ripped another apple book apart. "Now spark it up." She ordered. Listening to his friend, Natsu set his fist on fire and prepared to burn the book.

"Wait a second." Lucy grabbed the book out of Natsu's hand. "I didn't realize this was written by Kemu Zaleon?" She asked as she read the author.

"Zalo-what?" Natsu and Zaire asked at the same time.

"Zaleon was an amazing wizard, and an even better writer." Lucy explained before going all fan girl on them. "I'm such a big fan. I thought I'd read all of his work, but this must something he never got published!"

"Who cares, Lucy?" Zaire asked as Natsu reignited his finger. "Paper's is paper, so let's burn it already."

"Don't you two dare?!" Lucy said clutching the book in her arms. "This is his last piece of work, a priceless literary artifact. We can't just burn it!"

"But what about the mission?" Zaire asked with a glare. "Failure is not an option!"

"But I'm such a fan of his!" Lucy said as she backed away from Zaire, only to be meet by Natsu's hands on her shoulders. "Come on, guys. Let us just say we burned it. I promise I won't tell!"

"We're not liars." Natsu told her as he inched closer. Just as he was about to reach her to burn the book, a familiar voice was heard.

"Well, well. What do we have here?" Behind them, the ground burst open and a familiar figure jumped out of the ground, Duke Everlue. "So you've come to steal the book named Daybreak, have you?"

"This is because you took way too long." Natsu stated as he stared down Everlue.

"It's not so bad." Zaire smirked as she adjusted her bow. "Now we get to kick this weird perv's butt."

"I knew you lowly wizards were trying to steal something, never would have guessed it was that stupid book." Everlue said.

"Stupid?" Zaire questioned.

'This book must be important if the client is willing to pay so much for its destruction, so why his calling it stupid?" Lucy thought to herself before an idea came into her head. "That's great. So if it's so stupid, can I have it?"

"It's mine!" Everlue yelled. "You can't have it, so get your fat hands off it!"

"Greedy jerk." Zaire and Lucy muttered at the same time.

"Shut your traps, ugliest." Everlue replied as the two girl/cat flinched.

"But I am a cat stupid jerk!. Said Zaire offended that she is in the same category as Lucy.

"Will you just give me that damn book so I get this over with?" Natsu asked letting his hand hold a small fire.

"No way, You Arsonist!" Lucy said clutching the book tight.

"Lucy!" Zaire snapped at her with a serious expression on her face. "This is our job request!"

"Well I'm going to read it first." Lucy demanded as she sat down to read.

"Read it, now really?!" The others asked her at the same time. The fact that Lucy was reading his book threw Everlue into a rage.

"I've had enough. How dare you put your filthy fat hands on my possessions? Now, come forth, Vanish Brothers!" Everlue ordered as he snapped his fingers. Natsu turned his head to see a secret passage with two figures inside be revealed as two bookshelves moved apart.

"You called upon us, boss?" The short one with a large frying pan strapped to his back asked the Duke.

"These punks are really from that Fairy Tail?" The taller one asked. "Talk about a complete boomer."

"That sign means they're from the Southern Wolves, a mercenary guild." Zaire informed Natsu, who cracked his knuckles.

"So, you got weird body guards, huh?" Natsu asked unimpressed.

Lucy's eyes went wide as she read a passage from the book. "Oh, wow."

"Boyoyoyoyo!" Everlue said as he curled his mustache. "The Southern Wolves are always hungry for fresh wizards. Say your prayers, thieves!"

"Hey guys, try and hold them off." Lucy told Natsu as she sat up. "I'm not sure, but I think this book holds some kind of secret." She started to run towards door and closed it behind her.

'A secret? It must have slipped by me somehow. It could be a treasure map or something.' The Duke thought angrily as he sank back into the ground. "I'm going after the girl. Make sure that pink-haired boy doesn't leave here in one piece." Everlue demanded as he vanished.

"It SALMON!". Yelled a angry Natsu

"Yes, sir." said the mercenaries.

"Zaire" Natsu turned to his teammate. "Go help Lucy."

"Na, just let leave her to that guy he get rid her, we burn the book, then get the money to ourselves and we are free of her Hehehehe.," said Zaire laughing creepily evil again.

What wrong with you Zaire!?, "You know I am starting to regret having let Mira help me raise you when she was in her evil and scary Goth days." said Natsu remembering a super scary Goth she-demon in his younger years.

"How could you say something like that about Mira and me?. Asked Zaire in a hurt tone.

"Go Zaire. Said Natsu

"You sure you don't need me here?" Zaire asked disappointed that her plan didn't work.

"Thanks." Natsu answered stretching his arms. "But I'll be fine." Zaire nodded as she fly after Lucy through the same.

Sewers Under the Mansion

Lucy sat on the side of the sewers canals, using her Wind Reader Glasses to scan the book as quickly as possible.

"Unbelievable." She muttered to herself. "I knew this book had some secret, but this is way more than I was expecting!" Before she stands, a hand broke through the steal wall and grabbed her wrists. As her glasses fell off, she looked over to see Everlue's smug grin coming out of the wall.

"Well, well, please do share the info." The Duke said as he held Lucy's arms behind her back. "After all, secrets don't make friends."

"No way." Lucy gritted through her teeth, trying to ignore the pain. "A man like you doesn't deserve to know. You're an enemy of literature!"

"Enemy of literature? My massive collection of books and art only proves I'm cultures greatest friend!" Everlue said as he kept twisting Lucy's arms behind her back.

"But that ugly maid collection of yours proves you don't know squat about beauty!" Lucy said in defiance.

"How dare you mock them, they are the very definition of beauty!" Everlue countered back before pushing Lucy over to get a better look at the book. "What secret does it hold?" He asked with an evil grin. "Let me guess: he buried his fortune and the map's inside? Tell me, or I'll snap your arm like a pencil!" He threatened, only to have Lucy blow him some curses. Everlue gave a wicked grin before forcing Lucy to the ground. "Now's not the time to be sassy. I, myself commissioned this books very creation, therefore, any secrets it holds is rightfully my property!"

"Lucy!" A voice rang out as both captor and captive turned to see Zaire flying over the water before her wings faded.

"A flying cat?" The Duke asked still holding Lucy's arms. "Tell me, what was the point of that?!"

"It's called a distraction." Zaire throw a little piece of debris in the water splashing at then a little.

"Explosion Lacrima!" The Duke turned his head just to have a small ball crash into his face exploding at contact, forcing him to give up his hold on Lucy.

"Zaire!" Lucy called out to her friend as she got to her feet.

"Sorry it took me so long to get here." Zaire said apologizing. "He didn't do anything to you, did he?"

"No, I'm fine." Lucy told her before turning to Everlue who was recuperating from the little lacrima explosion."

"It feels good do that to him." Zaire said floating beside her

Lucy sighed as she pulled out a golden key from her belt and pointing at Everlue. "Looks like the tables have turned. But if you let me keep this book, I think about maybe going easy on you."

"But I'm still tempted to explode your butt!" Zaire added as she takes out a little Lacrima seemly out of nowhere.

"Oh, a Celestial wizard and a cat that likes to blow things up?" The Duke said unimpressed before glaring at Lucy. "But for reader, you seem a bit poor educated on your phrasing your terms. Turning the tables means that the weaker side his ready to claim victory. But there's now you ugly blonde and that cat think you can beat me! Boyoyoyoyo!"

"I've had it with your voice!" Zaire shouted as she thrown him the Lacrima. "Exploding Lacrima!" From beside lucy at Everlue, only to just barely miss him as the weirdo as he sink back into the ground.

"Boyoyoyo! You can't beat my Diver Magic!" He bellowed from the walls. Zaire looked around, another little Lacrima in her paw, trying to find the midget of a man.

"So he does that type of earth magic? I had no idea that ugly man was a wizard too." said Zaire

"Can't you control yourself from throwing that exploding things?" Lucy asked the cat. Before she got an answer, Everlue burst from the ground and tried to grab her. Lucy effortlessly dodge as Zaire throw him another one, only to barely miss again. He tried twice more, as did Zaire, but neither were able to hit their target.

Lucy flipped and landed on her feet, side by side to Zaire, and held the book up angrily. "Look, I know the whole story now! It a horrible adventure novel about a trashy little character named Duke Everlue!"

"What?" Zaire stared at the book.

"You are serious?" Zaire added.

"I don't know that I'd call the protagonist 'trashy', but yes." Everlue stated before returning into the ground. "The story is crap, and to think it was written by the great Kemu Zaleon, inexcusable!" He jumped out from the wall. Lucy managed to dodge, but he hit Zaire, sending her to the water.

She would have fallen in; if she had not spotted a hole, the Duke made overhead and flap her wings again, allowing her to reach to the side of the hole in it, leaving her hanging over the water.

"I can't believe your arrogance! You forced him to write it!" Lucy shouted as Everlue continued to drill through the sub-levels.

"Arrogant, moa?" Everlue bellowed from the walls as debris fell into the sewer. "The word doesn't even begin to apply! To tell my story is an honor, no matter the circumstances!"

"Then why'd you have to blackmail him?" Lucy asked.

"Blackmail?" Zaire repeated.

"What's the big deal?" He popped out of the wall, curling his mustache. "He just needed some extra push to take the job."

"Oh, really?" Zaire asked shooting killing stares at him as Everlue began swimming across the ground.

"Any fool would have jumped at the chance to have me as their inspiration, but he had the audacity to say no!" He dove back into the ground, went behind Lucy, and stuck his hand out of the ground. "So I gave him the added inspiration via an ultimatum. Write the novel, or his family would be stripped of their citizenship."

"But, then none of them would be able to join any of the guilds and make a living." Lucy stated the repercussions of such an act.

"You can't just go an do that!" Zaire shouted producing yet again a little lacrima.

"I can do whatever I please!" He declared as from beneath Lucy and Zaire to their shock. Everlue jumped out of the ground and into the air. "I got him to write it, didn't I?"

Lucy shot silent daggers at the man.

"But I didn't like his attitude. So I put him in one of my personal dungeons cells. Boyoyoyo!" The Duke laughed at the memories while Zaire had begun to thrown lacrimas at him. "He then rambled on and on about how he would never give into threats, BUT IN THE END I GOT WHAT I WANTED!" He shouted as he rolled himself into a ball and bounced around the chamber.

"You did something like that just to boost your self image?!" said Zaire

"You don't know the half of it,!" Lucy stated as at she began to run to him. "He was in kept in solitary confinement for three years!" She turned her head to look at the bouncing creep. "Don't you know how hard that was for him?!"

"Three years?" Zaire asked as she flew toward her fellow female wizard.

The ground before them burst open and Everlue stood ready to attack. Lucy, however, managed to dodge the hit in time. "Maybe it took that long for him to appreciate me?" Everlue asked before letting out a creepy laugh.

"More like he hated that he had spread your lies!" Lucy shouted. "But he swallowed his pride to protect his family, even if it meant going against everything he stood for as an author."

"Lucy, how do you know all this?" Zaire asked.

Lucy held the book in front of her so that even Everlue could see it too. "It's all in here."

"Impossible!" Everlue shouted. "I've read that book front to back, and Kemu Zaleon isn't in it."

"That's because you read it normally." Lucy explained. "But what you obviously don't know is that before he was an author, Kemu Zaleon was a wizard."

"Wait, did he..." Zaire started.

"Don't tell me..." Everlue gritted through his teeth.

"Once he finished this book, he gathered all his remaining strength, and cast a spell on it." Lucy explained to the others.

"That bastard." Everlue said, steaming. "He used a spell to turn a book about a great man like me into a piece of crap?! Unforgivable!" He used his Diver Magic and again dove into the ground to strike the girls.

"Oh, get off you high-horse!" Zaire shouted as she and Lucy dodged the attacks the Duke tried.

"Its true he wrote about all the horrible things you did to him!" Lucy added as they landed behind the enraged Duke. "But that's only a fraction of the book. The truth is that it's real secret has absolutely nothing to do with you!"

"Okay, now I'm curious." Zaire said staring at the book.

"What are you babbling about?" Everlue questioned.

"I won't give this book back to you, Duke Everlue." Lucy said as she put at the book behind her back before pulling out a golden key. "Because it was never meant for you in the first place! Open, Gate of the Giant Crab - Cancer!" A seal appeared on the ground and from it, the spirit rose.

"Giant crab how lame Natsu will be so sad when he knows!" Zaire shouted disappointed.

"Zaire, be quiet." Lucy said sternly.

"So, Lucy..." Cancer spoke, pointing at Zaire. "You want me to do your hair, or her Fur, baby?"

"What's wrong with my Fur?" Zaire asked scared.

"We don't need styling." Lucy said annoyed. "We need help." She then pointed to Everlue. "Take out baldy over there!"

"You got it, baby." Cancer replied as he dropped into fighting stance.

'What is that books real secret? Did that hack write down all of my illegal business deals?' Everlue thought to himself while shaking in fear. 'I can't have that. If the council actually knew how I made all my money, it be the end of me.' Everlue quickly reached into his jacket and pulled out his own gold key. "Open, Gate of the Maiden - Virgo!"

"That's your Magic, Lucy!" Zaire shouted.

The giant maid, Virgo, burst out of the seal. "Did I hear my master summon me?"

"Hold up! She's a spirit?" Lucy asked in disbelief.

"I knew something was off!" Zaire shouted, pointing at the spirit. "Even if you all look the same to me "No real human could be that big and that ugly at the same time!"

However, all three of them noticed something above the spirit and gasped in shock. Natsu was clutching onto Virgo's dress, with a confused look on his face.

"What is going on here?" Everlue demanded.

"Natsu?" Lucy and Zaire asked.

"What the hell are you doing up there?!" Lucy shouted.

"Well, she started moving, so I grab onto her. One minute, I'm about to knock her out again, then the next I'm in the sewer." Natsu shouted, answering as best he could since he was also confused.

"Wait, so that means you traveled through the gate with her?" Lucy asked before freaking out. "BUT THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"

"Virgo, clean up this trash." Everlue ordered.

"As you wish, master." Virgo replied as Natsu jumped of her, turned, and stared at the spirit.

"Eat this. Fire Dragon Roar!" He unleashed a torrent of orange flames that pushed Virgo back.

"Impossible!" Everlue shouted in disbelief. Lucy seized the moment and swung her whip.

"You disgusting little mole-man!" She shouted as her whip wrapped around Everlue's body. "Can't dig out this problem, can you? You make me sick!"

"Head up!" Everlue glanced over to see Zaire throwing an another mini explosive Lacrima, launching him over Lucy and into Cancer, who attacked with his scissors. "You're just another greedy villain." She stated as Everlue landed unconscious.

"Alright, I'm done. Does this look good or what, baby?" Cancer asked as Zaire looked at Everlue's now baldhead an clean nose.

"Wait is that the giant crab how disappointing that his." Said a dejected Natsu

"See I told you so Lucy that Natsu would not like the crab when he see it." Said Zaire with a smug smile

"Shut it fur ball." Responded Lucy back as they hear Natsu

"Nice work you guys." Natsu said standing on the steaming body of Virgo. "Baby?" The group then noticed the ground was shaking and the walls were coming apart. The group started running until they found a hole to climb out of, as the entrance was one of the first things to go.

Natsu had a grin on his as they watched the mansion collapse before them. "I like it, Lucy. Out with bang. You are definitely going to fit in at Fairy Tail."

"But aren't we supposed to not destroy things?" Lucy asked depressed of her reputation of being destructive as others in Fairy Tail.

"Well, Everlue dug all those holes so technically, he destroyed his mansion, not us but in any case we can place the blame on you." Zaire stated.

"You just can't place the blame on me for all this right." Lucy said in fear.

The tree wizards turned around and headed for their client's household, unaware that Virgo, whilst hold Everlue's unconscious body, was upright, and watching them.

Melon Household

"When I read Daybreak, I didn't think it was written by Kemu Zaleon. There's no way he would have written something that bad." Lucy explained as the group reached the house where Kaby and his wife lived.

"So, that's how figured out there was a spell on it?" Natsu asked as they entered the house. Lucy nodded as Kaby and his wife turned to them at the door.

"You're back. Did you...?" Kaby asked in a hopeful tone.

"Not exactly." Zaire muttered as Lucy handed over the book to Kaby.

"I requested this book to be burned." He said taking the book. "Why are you handing it over to me, unscathed?"

"If you really want it burned, I'd rather you do it yourself." Lucy stated as her teammates watched.

"I most certainly will." Kaby said shaking for an unknown reason. "I never want to see this trash again."

"I get why you feel that way. "You want to protect your father's legacy, because you're really Zaleon's son, aren't you?" Lucy asked shocking her teammates.

"That's correct." Kaby answered nodding his head.

"Have you read it yourself?"Natsu asked.

"No, not even the first letter." Kaby answered. "I couldn't bring myself to do it. My father told me it was garbage."

"So you were just going to burn it?" Natsu asked a bit angry.

"I was." Kaby told him. Natsu's eyes went wide and instantly, he grabbed Kaby by his shirt collar as is Red lightning crackles around his body.

"You weren't even going to look at it!?" Natsu asked as Zaire tried to pull him away. "It's the last thing you have of your dad, right? Some of us would kill for that kind of memory and opportunity!" Zaire finally managed to pry the two apart as Lucy stepped between them.

"That's enough, Natsu!" Lucy said. "Let Kaby explain himself!"

"You don't order me around Lucy only two women had that right an neither are here!". Said Natsu to Lucy as she flinch at his tone never seen him that angry before as his body continue to be cover in lightning.

"Natsu calm down there is no need to aggressive here okay". Said Zaire to Natsu as he calm down. "Sorry Lucy is not my intention get that angry is that he had the opportunity of read something about his dad while other can only dream about".

"Is okay Natsu sorry for yelling at you". Said Lucy to him in an apologetic tone.

Kaby stood there in silence before he explained everything that happened all those years ago. His father's return after being gone for three years and then cutting his writing arm off, attempting suicide, and the final conversation the two of them had before he passed.

"As the years past, all the anger and betrayal I felt slowly turned into, a sense of remorse to my father because I was never able to apologize to him." Kaby explained to Natsu's back, as he had turned around in anger. "So I decided to make amends by burning this book. It's caused so much trouble for my family; I know he would agree with this." He then lit a match and moved it to the book.

"No, you're wrong." Lucy stated, causing everyone to turn to her. The match was quickly extinguished and the book began to glow.

"What the?" Kaby asked as he covered his eyes from the bright light.

"A wizard by the name of Kemu Zaleon... no, I should say Zekua Melon, cast a spell, on this book." Lucy explained.

"What?" Kaby questioned as he stared at the floating book. The letters in the title began to rearrange themselves until a new title was created.

"Dear Kaby?" Zaire asked as she looked at the book.

"That's right. He wrote a three-year letter to his beloved son. He cast a spell on it so no one but you could be able to read it." Lucy said as the book rose higher and letters shot out and began to rearrange themselves; all present were amazed as the words circled around them.

"Wow." Natsu let out.

"This is amazing." Zaire said.

"Pretty!" Natsu added.

"The true reason he stopped writing was because he finished his masterpiece, a letter containing everything he ever wanted to tell his beloved son." Lucy stated as the last of the letters were put into place. "This truly is his greatest work."

As the glow died and the book floated into Kaby's hands, he thought back to the last thing his father said to him.

"I thought about you the entire time."

"I... never really... understood him." Kaby cried as he began flipping through the pages. "Thank you all. I won't let any harm come to this book."

"Looks like we won't be getting that reward." Natsu said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Huh?" Lucy asked.

"Think about it." Zaire chimed in. "We were suppose to burn the book. We didn't do that."

"Come you guys." Lucy said as the two began to walk to the door. "He wants to give us something, so let him. It's not our fault he decided to keep the Book. "

"Lucy, stop being so greedy you are like the duke ha." Zaire said.

"I need the cash, feline!" Lucy shouted to the cat.

"Thanks, but it will not be right if we did that." Zaire told them as she and Natsu reached the door.

"I think it's time we all went home." Nastu said before turning his head. "You too, Mr. Melon. Go on home." The group then left the house, leaving the couple shocked.

Makeshift Camp at Night

"I can't believe we didn't take that reward." Lucy said dejected at her financial status. "Who in their right mind would turn down two million jewel?"

"If we took it, it wouldn't have looked good." Zaire said waving her paw at Lucy.

"You got to think about Fairy Tail's reputation." Natsu added before digging in to the meat cooking by the fire.

"I still can't believe it." Lucy said thinking back on the couple. "They were just renting the house so people would think they were rich. By the way Natsu, how did you know that house wasn't even theirs?"

"Hum? Oh, easy." Natsu stated taking a break from his skewered meat. "They smelled like some other house. Pretty obvious."

"Sure, maybe to an wild animal like you." Lucy said disappointed. "Not me. I'm still thinking about that amazing book."

"I had a feeling." Natsu said, looking at Lucy with a sinister smile. "All those papers on your desk, you're writing a novel, aren't you?"

"Guess that would explain how you know everything about books." Zaire added.

"Please don't tell anyone!" Lucy screamed as her face turned a bright red. "I'm a terrible writer! It would be so embarrassing if anyone read my stuff!"

"Relax." Zaire said. "No one's going to read it."

"I don't think that's comforting her, Zaire." Natsu said before yawning. "Well, we should probably get to sleep soon. We'll be back in Magnolia tomorrow." The others nodded as they waited for the food to finish cooking.


"Finally, we're home." Lucy exclaimed as they passed the town gates. "I don't think I've ever walked that far in my life before."

"You got to be kidding me." They turned around to come face to face with Gray, in his underpants. "I got back from a job the same time as the Flame-Breath jerk?!"

"Watch it, Pervert Ice Stripper!" Natsu countered his rivals insult.

"What are you-" Gray looked down and noticed his lack of clothing. "Crap, why does this keep happening to me?!" He asked no one.

"Maybe you should glue your clothes to your skin." Zaire said jokingly.

"Ha-ha. Laugh it up now. You won't be in a couple of days." Gray retorted now dressed.

"What do you mean?" Zaire asked serious this time.

"Erza's is due back any day now." Gray answered, causing Zaire to sweat profusely and to gulp.

"The Erza?" Lucy asked unafraid. "The most powerful woman wizard in all of Fairy Tail? That Erza?" All three wizards and Zaire nodded. "You know, I've never seen her in Sorcerer Weekly. What's she like?"

"Wild Beast?" Gray asked.

"Hey respect her Pervert'. Said Natsu

"She is a warrior Goddess." Natsu gave his own opinion.

"Only To you."Said Gray

"An evil monster." Gray then added.

"More like a full on demon!" Zaire said.

"I Told you that stop talking bad about Erza or I will Destroy you." Said a angry Natsu

"Ok yeesh man chill out." Said Gray before he add

"I think we can all agree that she's scary." Gray said. "I got to get home!" Yelled Natsu. He took off with Zaire heading towards their house.

"What was that about?" Lucy asked.

"Erza's kind of a stickler for the rules." Gray explained. "The last time she found Natsu's home a mess..."

"What?" Lucy asked but Gray refused to finish, scaring Lucy even more.

"Natsu your mating mark is glowing so that also mean Mira know that she is already close right?.Asked Zaire in route to their house.

"Yeah she is already getting to the town but where are not going to say anything to them so that she takes them by surprise and hopefully beat up the ice pervert". Said Natsu with a maniacal smile.

"But I am happy that I get to see her again". Said Natsu

Unbeknownst to them Except Natsu Zaire and Mira, from the east side of town, a massive decorated horn entered the town. Carrying it with one hand was a Beautiful scarlet haired, armor-clad woman with a serious look on her face, entered the town, and was heading for the Fairy Tail guildhall.

Well I finally finish this one since it was difficult to me to write this much but I wanted to finish this arc in one chapter. This is my Longest chapter yet if you are confuse about the Mating Mark they are Natsu magic circle but with a Dragon head in fire in the Left and Right side of the neck of Mira And Erza respectively the girls mark in Natsu are their respective magic circle in Mira case is purple and had her demon wings in the center in Erza Case is her magic circle red and 2 sword in a X positions also in each side of his Neck but since he had his scarf they are hidden. I Added the lacrimas as a little experiment.

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