The Lighting-Flame Dragon King Ch:5

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On with the Chapter.

Fairy Tail Guildhall

"Mira, can we get three beers please?" A guild member called out to the barmaid.

"Be right there with you." Mirajane replied with a tray of beer mugs in her hand.

"So, Mira, when are you and I going to go on a date Mira?" Wakaba asked, blowing heart shaped smoke from his pipe.

"Wakaba, how many times does she have to say no?" Laki asked from across table.

"Wakaba, there's one problem." Mira said as she snapped her fingers. A magic seal appeared in front of her face. With a poof of smoke, Mira changed her appearance. "You already have a wife and I had a Mate."

"Why do you keep doing and saying that!? It's not right!" Wakaba shouted as he jumped out of his seat, causing Laki to laugh before she got up herself.

"Am I ever going to be able to drink here in peace?" A nearby Cana asked before bringing her mug to her lips.

"Maybe if you didn't drink here every day." Macao commented.

At the bar top, Natsu was leaning onto the counter while Zaire sat on it eating an apple on it. "Looks like we need to find another job." Natsu groaned.

"Yeah!" Zaire agreed. "We're down to our last bit of food money."

"Zaire, is all you can think about food?" Lucy asked as she walked up to them.

"If we had taken that 2 million jewel reward, all three of us would be sitting pretty." Lucy added, still annoyed at the fact. "And I can't let myself forget that rent is due next week. Looks like I need to find work too." She walked over to the request board before scanning it for a job she wanted.

"Finding a magic bracelet, removing a spell on some cursed cane, reading a love horoscope, taking down a volcano demon." She read off jobs that had nothing in common, except a reward and that they were on the job board. "I had no idea that wizarding jobs were so varied."

"Just let me know if you find one you're interested in taking on." Mirajane told her as she walked up to the board. "The Master's away at a conference, so I guess I'm temporary the one to mark the jobs."

"What kind of conference?" Lucy asked.

"One for guild masters. Every once in a while, they all gather together to talk about the state of things. It's kind of like the council, but not..." Mira explained before turning to a rather round member of the guild. "Oh, Reedus, could I borrow a Light Pen?"

"Oui." The now dubbed Reedus reached into his pocket and handed her the device.

"The council, Era, is the most powerful organization in the magical world. It's only one step below the actual government." Mira explained while drawing a diagram at the same time. "It has ten members, and it's their job to uphold every magical rule and regulation, and if a wizard breaks magical law, they would be tried by the council." Lucy listened to Mira with baited breath. "Then there's the different Guild Master Leagues, which are local groups who work together. Then the individual master. It's their job to pass on the decrees of the council and communicate with other guild masters. It's a pretty stressful job."

"Wow, who would have thought that all the guilds were interconnected like that?" Lucy said as she stared at the diagram.

"Its important that we cooperate with each other." Mirajane told her. "If we didn't, the whole guild system would collapse."

Lucy felt a small scary flame appear next to her and a scary voice ring in her ears. "AND THEN THE GUYS IN BLACK WOULD SHOW UP!" Before Lucy could turn around, she felt something grab her ankle, causing her to scream.

"Haha! Man that was almost too easy! Nice work, Zaire!" Natsu laughed as Zaire had a lucy in her paw appeared on the bar wall like a chameleon, from it Zaire emerged.

"You two trying to scare me to death?" Lucy asked holding her pounding heart.

"Maybe I am trying I don't know about Natsu". Said Zaire like it was nothing as lucy look her in a little panic.

"But seriously those people Natsu is talking really do exist." Mira said as she walked over to Lucy. Mirajane continue writing with the Light Pen and began to draw something separate from the main diagram before turning to the blonde-haired person. "There the dark guilds. The bad apples of the bunch and most are involved in magical crimes."

"That's a scary thought." Lucy stated as Mira handed the pen back to Reedus.

"You don't have to worry about them, Lucy." Mirajane said trying to calm the new member. "The only time you have to worry about them is on higher level missions."

"Lucy, quit acting so scared and pick us a job already." Natsu casually said as he walked up beside the girls.

"And why would I want to do that?" She asked angrily.

"We're a team, aren't we?" Zaire asked.

"No, you and Natsu are a team." Lucy said crossing her arms. "As far as I'm concerned, I was just a temporary member. Besides, the only reason you guys wanted me on that job was because you needed a blonde, not because of my skills or anything."

"Don't be ridiculous." Natsu told her. "That's not the only reason we chose you. We picked you because you're so nice." Lucy just stared at him in disbelief.

"You don't have to force yourself to team up with those losers." Gray called out to her. "Plenty of wizards work here. A strong wizard like you, you'll be drowning in offers to join up with others."

"Gray, your clothes." Cana pointed out while drinking a beer barrel, causing Gray to freak out.

"Jerk." Natsu added, causing Gray to jump out of his and slam his face into Natsu's,"Did you just called me jerk Dragon Boy, sparking another round of insults between the two.

"Why don't you join a team of love with me, Lucy?" Loki asked as he walked over to Lucy, ignoring the disbelief glare of Lucy was giving him. "Maybe tonight, just the two of us?"

"Wait, what?" Lucy asked confused and scared.

"You're just so stunningly gorgeous." He complimented, adjusting his sunglasses. "I have to keep my shades on while I'm looking at you, or else I'll go blind from your beauty." He was looking through his glasses with adoration and lust, but Lucy wasn't buying it.

"Girls really fall for this crap?" Lucy said bluntly.

"Loki." The man turned slowly before facing Zaire, bouncing a small Explosive Lacrima in her paw. "What have I said about molesting with the new girls?"

"C-calm down, Z-Zaire. I was just making her feel..." His voice disappears as his ears pick up. He looked down to Lucy's belt and noticed the keys hanging from their loop. His eyes went wide and he jumped back a bit. "You're not a Celestial Wizard, are you?" He asks in fear.

"Yes, she is." Zaire answered for Lucy .

"Yeah, she's got cows and crabs and stuff." Zaire added with another apple in her mouth.

"Ahh!" Loki shouted, before turning on his heels. "Cruel fate! Why must you toy with me! I'm sorry but you and I can't be together my dear!" He called out as he ran out of the guild.

"It was never a us together." Lucy yelled to then ask.

"What just happened?" Lucy asked blinking.

"Loki has a bad history with Celestial Wizards." Mirajane told Lucy.

Mira then move Lucy from the collision course of Natsu courtesy of gray throwing him

"Thanks, Mira." Lucy said before turning to Natsu, who was on the ground. "Would you two just knock it off already?" Unfortunately, they wouldn't knock it off. After getting off the ground, Natsu went right back to insulting Gray. Amazingly, everyone in the guild just started laughing as if it was a bucket of something naturally.

"Natsu starter it am just following through. Said gray.

'"And how exactly I started flashing perv?''. Said Natsu starting another insult round with gray

"We've got trouble!" Everyone looked to the door to see Loki panting and covered in sweat. "Erza, she's is on her way here!" The instant he said those dreaded words, the entire guildhall broke out in a panic. Even Natsu and Gray stopped their fight one in Happiness and the other in fear.

"Wow." Lucy was in disbelief that the once lively guild was now a house of horror faces. "Just say her name and the whole place freaks."

"Well she is the strongest female wizard we have. That's a more of a bit intimidating." Mirajane told Lucy.

The noise died as the sound of heavy footsteps caught people's attention. So, a large shadow was seen through the door way Loki left open.

"That's definitely going to be her." Laki muttered from beside wakaba.

"Those sound like her footsteps." Wakaba said quietly.

"Even air has gone completely still." Macao said.

"What from this kind of reaction you think she is, some kind of demon or something?" Lucy asked scared.

"Na, that just how people think of her but she is really nice." Said Natsu.

(Only to you and Mira) Was everyone thinking in their minds

Everyone watched in fear as the shadow grew closer and closer to the door. Soon, Lucy could make out the figure; a armor clad red head carrying a large horn, decorated in jewels and other trinkets, over her head. Once inside, the woman, who Lucy guessed was Erza, placed the horn on the ground, the sound of it slamming echoed throughout the building.

"I have returned." The woman declared. "Where is master Makarov?"

"Wow, she's pretty." Lucy said blushing.

"Welcome back Erza. The master's at a conference, but he should be back by tomorrow." Mirajane told the woman.

"I see." The now dubbed Erza responded.

"So, uh, Erza, what is that huge thing?" One brave wizard asked.

"This? It's the horn of a monster I defeated. The locals were so grateful; they decorated it and gave it to me as a souvenir." She responded before giving a curious look. "Do you have a problem with it?"

"No, not at all!" He replied in fear.

"I bet she's heard about Mt. Hakobe." Cana whispered to Macao, who began sweating profusely.

"You think so oh men I and a goner." Said Macao to then add

"...I'm doomed."

"She's nothing like I imagined." Lucy stared at the sight of the now quiet guild.

"Wait for it." Zaire told her.

"Now then, listen up!" Erza shouted as her eyes narrowed looking around the room. "While I was on the road I've heard you've been causing trouble again. Even if the master forgives you, I won't."

'Here it comes.' Many thought as Erza turned to Cana, who was drinking out of a barrel like normal.

"Cana." The brunette froze as soon as she heard Erza's voice. "You need to start controlling your drinking! Vijeeter. Take the dancing outside! Wakaba, get rid of that filthy habit right, now!"

"Nab." She began, causing him to nervously look over his shoulder for the request board. "I had a feeling I'd find you stalling at the request board. Just pick a damn job!"

She then let out a long sigh before rubbing her temple. "Everyone of guys give me so much trouble, I've almost given up completely."

"She's really tearing into everyone, isn't she?" Lucy whispered to Mirajane. "Is she like a disciplinary enforcer?"

"That Erza for you." Zaire told her.

Erza looked at Macao who had gotten off still I don't even know where to begin with you. "Mira, are Natsu and Gray here?"

"Yeah." Mira answered happily pointing to the two who now had their arms slung around each other with Natsu trying to remove a fear froze gray from him that look at Natsu with a look pleading that he do not do it if because he is finish.

"H-hey, Erza." Gray nervously said. "We're just hanging out like good friends tend to do."

"Hey Dear how was your mission I have missed you" Natsu added.

"Why is Natsu talking like that to Erza?" Lucy asked.

"That went good Natsu I also missed you. I'm quite pleased to see the two getting along.

"I wouldn't go as far as saying we're getting along." Gray nervously told her.

"Let me go dirty striper."

"What's wrong with Natsu?" Lucy was now officially confused at Natsu behavior.

"They're scared and in Natsu case happy to her." Mirajane explained. "A few years ago, Natsu challenged Erza to a fight but accidentally touch her in places he should have not but she enjoy and she beat him up pretty bad."

"No way, that Natsu!" Lucy could not believe that someone had beaten Natsu in a fight for such actions.

"Yeah but that is in the past know they are together with me and we are pretty happy." Said a happy Mira to Lucy.

"After that, she found Gray walking around naked, so she beat him up too." Macao added.

"Then, she also found Natsu going through her romance smut novels for reference, and taught him a hot lesson." Mira told Lucy.

"What kind of lesson did she taught to Natsu." asked Lucy dreading the answer.

"Well that is a private secret between Natsu, Erza, and Me." Said Mira blushing to the stunned blonde who was trying to process what she was been told

"And let's not forget when she beat up Loki for hitting on her." Cana stated with a smirk. "He deserved it though."

"Not surprising." Lucy was not that shocked at Loki's outcome.

"Yeah but also Natsu beat him up when he return from a job and was informed by a guild mate of Loki actions''.

"Natsu, Gray. I need you three to do me a favor." Ezra spoke, snapping then out of their huddle. "While traveling, I overheard something rather troubling. Usually, I would consult with the master, but I regard this matter as urgent. You two are the strongest wizards here. I need your help. You'll come with me, right?"

The whole guild was muttering to each other in disbelief. Never before had Erza asked for help on anything, let alone from other people apart of Natsu.

"We'll meet at the train station, tomorrow morning." Erza told them, not waiting for an answer. The two asked were looking into each other's eyes, trying to comprehend what just happened.

'Me, Natsu?' Gray thought to himself.

'On the same team?' Natsu was having the same thought as Gray.

'Something big is going on.' Natsu was having his own thoughts on the matter

"Wait Erza you know I would help you with anything but we don't need the ice pervert." Said Natsu as he walk to Erza and give her a Hug and Kiss leaving Lucy even more stunned until she remember Natsu words Mira is not the only one.

"So that mean that Natsu wives are Erza and Mira!? Asked yelled Lucy as the guild act like nothing.

"Yeah they have been together a long time ago that the guild stopped caring about anymore oh and that Natsu don't heard you but he call then his mates."Said Cana from beside Lucy

"How can be that two of the most beautiful women in fiore are with the same guy? Asked Lucy

"No one ask since is their private life but Natsu must be pretty good to be with two women's like Mira and Erza." Answer Cana with a sly smirk.

"Yeah he is but that is none of your business." Said Mira to then add

"Erza, Natsu, Gray working together? I never saw that one coming." Lucy looked over at Mirajane, who was thinking out loud. "This might be the strongest team in Fairy Tail."

The Next Day

Magnolia Station

"Agh!" Natsu groaned in anger. " I hate this! Why does that My Erza need your help?"

"How should I know?" Gray replied just as angry. "Besides, even if she does need our 'help', I'm more than sufficient."

"Fine, then why don't you stay here by yourself and put some clothes?" Natsu asked back. "I don't want you to go. In a Bench Lucy with Plue in her lap, and Zaire were sitting on before turning to Lucy. "So, what made you want to tag along anyway, Lucy?"

"Mirajane asked me to." Lucy begrudgingly answered.

"Natsu and Gray are going to be at each other's throats when Erza's not looking.. Think you can tag along as a mediator?" Said Mira to lucy

"You're not doing a very good job, Zaire said apple in mouth commented.

"That's because they're hopeless." Chimed Lucy. "They've never gotten along since, well, the time i had know then."

"Sorry I'm late." Erza's voice called out to them, making Gray and Natsu stop fighting. "Have you been waiting long?"

"No, not-." Lucy gawked at the massive amount of luggage Erza was pulling, singlehandedly, on a cart. "That's, TOO MUCH LUGGAGE!"

"Time to go, good buddy." Gray, in false happiness, told Natsu.

"Stay away from me jerk." said Natsu to gray

"Erza you know that I wait all day if is for you." Said Natsu

"I know that Natsu you are so considerate." Replied Erza kissing Natsu cheek

"Hrmm?" Erza looked over at Lucy. "Zaire, who is this? I think I saw her in the guild yesterday."

"This is Lucy." Zaire told the red head. "She just joined the guild. She is actually a annoying wizard. Mira asked her to tag along so she could learn some things. T-That is not a problem, right? Cause if it is, we can always send her back to the guild."

"No need, the more the merrier." Erza turned her head to Lucy. "I'm Erza. Wait, you're the girl I heard about." She gave a quick glance over her shoulder to Natsu and Gray. "I was told you defeated a mercenary gorilla. Very promising."

"Well, actually-" Lucy started, but Zaire quickly covered her mouth.

"Yep. That's her. Right Lucy?" Zaire asked giving a look that said 'if you want to stick with us or I say to Erza about what Natsu did to you, just say yes when she asks you a question'.

"Hey Erza, I don't know what this task is, but I'll go with you. Under one condition." Natsu bravely told the red-head.

"Shut up, man." Gray mumbled to his rival.

"Tell me." Erza said.

"Okay. I want to fight you when we get back to Fairy Tail."

Lucy and Gary gasped at Natsu's statement.

"The hells the matter with you? You got a death wish or something?" Gray asked, worried not about Natsu, but about how his death would look to the public.

" I want to test myself with you." Said Natsu

Erza's face grew a soft smile as she leaned forward. "Yes, I can tell you are even more powerful from our younger days. But sorry I won't accept your challenge, don't you remember what happen in our last fight." said Erza with her face of the color of her hair.

"But that not was my fault that you Re-Quip into your seduction armor when we were alone in the forest having our fight.'' Said Natsu blushing as well as the other look at them with disbelief and shock with that they enter the train.

(20 Minutes Later in the train)

"Natsu, you really are pathetic." Gray mumbled as he looked over to the prone, motion sick, Natsu. "One minute, you're picking a fight, the next, you're like this. Honestly, I feel bad for Erza and Mira."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Natsu asked irked.

"He'll be fine. Natsu, come here and sit with me." Erza ordered as a nervous Lucy changed places with Natsu. "Now just relax." With a little sleep magic kiss and a powerful gut punch, Erza knocked out Natsu. "There, now the trip should be easier on him."

"Erza, I think it's time you filled us in"." Gray said to Erza. "What kind of mission are we going on?"

"Of course." Erza began. "I was on my way back from the job, when I stopped by a bar in Onibus, a town where mages tend to gather. Some folks there caught my attention."

"Stupid waitress, where's my booze!?" A man with a square head and black hair shouted. "Why are you so slow?!"

"Byard, don't get so angry." A man with a pharaoh headdress like hooded told his table mate.

"How can I not be irritated at this?" The dubbed Byard asked, using telekinesis to move the beer in the waitress' mug into his own. "We finally found that hidden lullaby, but it was all sealed up! How'd they do that!?"

"Idiot! You're too loud!" Pharaoh head told his friend.

"I'll take care of the rest." A man with his black hair in a short, spiky ponytail old the others as he got up from the table. "You guys can go on and head back to the guild. Please let Erigor know, I will definitely come back with the lullaby in three days."

"Did you figure out how to break the seal?" Byard asked.

"Good job, Kage." The large, green haired man told the now dubbed Kageyama.

"Lullaby. Is it some sort of magic that puts people to sleep?" Lucy asked scared.

"I don't get it, Erza." Gray told the red head. "So you came across some folks who wanted to break a seal off of some unknown magic. How do you know it wasn't a job?"

"I thought that as well." Erza's look soon shifted into a dark one. "Until I remembered the name, Erigor. The ace of Eisenwald. He only accepts assassination requests, so he's earned the nickname Erigor the Reaper."

"He kills for money?!" Lucy asked scared.

"When the council prohibited assassination request, Eisenwald decided that money was more important than the council." Erza continued. "So, six years ago, the guild was kicked out of their league. Eventually, their master was arrested and they were ordered to disband. However, that did not stop them. They disobeyed orders and remain active to this day, as a dark guild."

"Okay, I'm going home now." Lucy said while dripping in a cold sweat.

"Lucy, why are you all Juicy?" Zaire asked.

"It's sweat, fur ball." Lucy snapped back.

"It was a mistake on my part." Erza told them, slamming her fist into poor Natsu's head. "If I had remembered the name Erigor back then, I would've put them all in a blood offering."

"So if I got this, Eisenwald's planning to do something, and you want to find out what it's is, because of what you heard it's something bad?" Lucy asked.

"That's correct." Erza answered. "I'm not foolish enough to believe I can take on an entire guild by myself. That is why I asked you two to come along with me. We're marching into the Eisnwald guild."

"Sounds like fun." Gray smirked.

"I should have stayed at the guild." Lucy muttered, sweating even more. A few stops later, Lucy had bought everyone some snacks and was curious about Erza. "If it's not too rude, what kind of magic do you use, Erza?"

"That's not rude at all." Erza told her.

"It's really pretty." Zaire her eyes sparkling as she told Lucy. "She makes her enemies bleed, a lot."

Lucy sweat dropped. "I don't know if that's pretty."

"Personally, I think Gray's magic is much more beautiful than mine." Erza said as she cut a piece of her cake with her fork.

"What, this?" Gray asked, holding his hand out. A seal appeared, and cold steam shot out before he lifted his hand away, revealing an ice sculpture of the Fairy Tail emblem. "I use Ice Magic."

"Oh, that's why you and Natsu don't get along." Lucy declared as if she had solved a super mystery. "He's fire and you're ice. Talk about opposites."

"Nah, we just hate each other's guts." Gray told to his friend.

(Onibas Train Station)

"You think the Eisenwald guys are still going to be in this town?" Gray asked.

"No idea." Erza told them. "We can only hope they still are."

"Um, guys." Zaire said. "Aren't we forgetting something?" The other three gulped as they realized what she meant. Natsu was still on the train.

"How could I just do this to Natsu?!" Erza shouted in anger. "I was so focused on explaining I forgot about Natsu. Natsu hates all forms of transportation I should know that more that anyone. One of you please hit me for this stupidity!"

"No way, Erza. Just calm down." Gray told the red head.

Erza made her way to a conductor standing in front of a stop switch and began to argue with the man into letting her stop the train.

"I'm starting to think everyone in Fairy Tail is crazy in some way." Lucy muttered under her breath.

"Not everyone." Gray who was in his underwear answers back.

"Then where are your clothes?!" Lucy asked

"Please, it's for our comrade." Erza told the conductor.

"Look lady, I'm sorry." The conductor told her. "But we can't just stop the train for anyone who asks. If we did, the trains would never get anywhere. Besides, I'm sure your friend can just get off at the next stop."

Erza eyed the switch behind and a small smirk graced her lips. "Zaire!" She shouted and the flying cat flew past the conductor and flipped the switch. An alarm rang and a signal was sent to the train via Lacrima wire. "Let's go get Natsu."

"And how do you propose we do that Erza?" Gray asked. "Even if we start running, the train's just move again once they figure out it's a mistake."

Erza closed her eyes and rubbed her chin, knowing that Gray was right. She opened her eyes and spotted a magic mobile sitting by the road. "That's how." She declared, walking over to the vehicle.

"Great, now we can add grand theft to our charges." Lucy said as she dejectedly slung her bag over her shoulder.

Erza hooked the S.E. plug to her wrist and the mobile took off like a rocket. Gray, Lucy and Zaire managed to get inside before it left the station.

"Erza, slow down!" Gray shouted, from inside of the car as it bump in the road as he made his way to the roof. The vehicle sped toward the train and eventually reached the cart that Natsu was in, only to see it had a massive hole in its side. As they approached the train, it began move again.

"Natsu!" Zaire cried out to her friend. As if on cue, he jumped out of a window and a began a horizontal free fall. Soon, he and Gray crashed into each other and both fell to the ground. Erza pulled the magic mobile to the side, unhooked herself, and leapt out of the seat.

"Ouch." Natsu groaned as he rubbed his head. "Hey, it look you do serve for something more than annoy me ice pervert"

"Yeah, Wait what do you said fire-breathing jerk!." Gray replied.

"Good." Natsu pulled himself to his feet,. "Why'd you guys leave me on the train especially you Erza?"

"We're sorry, Natsu." Erza spoke up. "It was my fault. I'm just glad you're okay you may hit me. Kyaa! "Natsu not in public." Said Erza as Natsu spanked her "She then grabbed Natsu's head and slammed it into her breastplate to avoid be hit once more.

"How am I okay?" Natsu asked angry. "A weirdo tried to pick a fight with me when I was in that Steel Death Trap! What would he say? Ei... Sen... Wald?"

"You idiot!" Erza shouted before slapping Natsu so hard he went flying a few feet backwards. "Eisenwald is who we're after on this job! How could you let him get away?!"

"What the?" Natsu asked rubbing his check. "This is the first I heard about it."

"I explained everything on the train." Erza told him. "You need to listen when people are talking to you!"

"She totally forgot that she knocked him out, didn't she?" Lucy asked aloud. "This woman is unbelievable."

"Erza you know that I hate when you or Mira use sleep magic to K'O' me in the Death traps''. Said Natsu to her

"That's Erza." Zaire commented. Erza hopped back into the magic mobile and hooked herself up to the SE plug.

"Well Natsu you know that sleep magic via Mira or my Kiss is the only way to affect you since your magic burn the effect of sleep from the outside, beside is for your own good since you cannot support moving things. Said Erza to Natsu

"So Natsu, what was this guy like?" gray asked as he climbed into the vehicle.

"He didn't look like someone from a dark guild but had a weird smell on him." Natsu said before a thought entered his head. "But he did have this weird flute thing. Looked like a tri-clops skull."

Zaire noticed Lucy shaking for some reason. "What's wrong, Lucy?"

Lucy was too deep in thought to hear her friend. "If that flute is the cursed song... Lullaby, sleep, death. That flute is Lullaby. Lullaby, the music of Death!" The other pairs of eyes went wide at the mention of death magic.

"A cursed song?" gray asked. "Like an incantation?"

"I've read about them in books but, there are some deadly spells out there that are forbidden to be used by anyone." Lucy told them.

"That's right. There are black magic spell that will kill those that have it casted upon them." Erza said, adding to Lucy's point.

"Well if I'm right, Lullaby is even worse." Lucy said. "It's a mass murder flute that can kill thousands!"

The magic mobile pulled up to them, and Erza looked at them. "Get in, now." She ordered and they complied, except for Gray, who had to climb out to the roof. Once all were on board, the vehicle took off, barreling over rocks and ravines as Natsu is dying inside the car with a unhealthy pale green face

"Erza, slow down!" Gray shouted from a top the vehicle. "You're using too much of your power driving this thing is going to mess up!"

"You heard what Lucy said, didn't you?!" Erza shouted back. "I have to press on, we don't have much time. If Erigor gets a hold of this Death Magic, Thousand of lives will be lost!" 'What does he hope to accomplish? This is madness.'

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