Hi everyone! I'm so sorry that I haven't updated "Lost and Found" for a while. I've been stuck trying to figure out how I want the story to flow. For now, I'm going to write this story to help get the creative thoughts flowing again.

I really like the idea of Matt and Jun ending up together, especially since Davis and T.K. have not always seen eye to eye. There are very few fanfics on here that have Matt and Jun as a pairing, and less with Jun not being bashed in any way. I understand that Jun's character is a bit annoying, but I think that –as a side character- Jun's personality was the most natural. Many people "fan girl" or "fan boy" over celebrities.

This I plan for this to be a three-part. I might make it longer, all depends on reactions.

Pairing: Matt/Jun

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, the characters, or the idea of Digimon.

NOTE – Thoughts. Jun's P.O.V unless stated.

Anyone who looked at Matt Ishida and Jun Motomiya would see the rock star and his crazed fan. Truth was, Jun didn't want to be seen as that. She had developed a minor crush on Matt during the Convention Center incident when she and her family (and every other family in town) were taken prisoner by some Broadway freak. At least now she knew that that "Broadway freak", as she had previously assumed he was, was actually a monster out to kill a child. This monster, a Digimon known as Miyotismon, was trying to kill Kari (a friend of Jun's younger brother, Davis). Digimon were Digital Monsters, from the Digital World. She had never been there, but she knew of it due to Davis being a DigiDestined –and catching him with DemiVeemon. This meant that Davis worked with the good Digimon to fight the evil digimon and keep their world safe.

Jun sighed after thinking about all the days between the Convention Center and now. She was two weeks from turning 17, still single, and utterly disappointed in how her life had been recently. There were a few positive things going on in her life though. She was getting along with Davis, more and more every day. She made a few new friends, although they were all friends with Davis. First was Kari, the girl his brother still liked (even though he had calmed himself around her, but denied –much too strongly- that he still liked her). Kari seemed nice, although Jun didn't seem to connect too well with her. She was quiet, like seriously quiet to the point Jun had wondered whether she was a mime, but she was very nice. It made sense that Davis liked her. It also seemed T.K. –Matt's younger brother- liked her as well.

Actually, Kari seems to attract a lot of guys… I don't see her going out of her way to get attention. Mimi said that Kari hates being in the spotlight.

"Odd." Jun murmured to herself, with yet another sigh. "What's odd?"

Jun jumped at the sudden voice. "Aiee! Kari, don't you know not to sneak up on people!" Jun turned to see the usually quiet brunette looking apologetically at her. "Sorry Jun. But I waved hi before walking over here. You seemed lost in thought and said something about being odd? Or someone is odd?" Kari looked thoughtfully at the sky. I wonder if I could ask her…

"Uh, Kari? Could I ask you something?" The girl in question turned back to Jun, "Technically speaking you just did, but what do you need?" Jun sat back down at the metal table she'd previously been sitting at, motioned for Kari to join her, and decided to risk it. "How do you attract guys?"

I'm pathetic… I'm asking a girl my brother's age how to attract guys. A girl that, to my knowledge, has never gone on a date —well, I've never gone on one either but still—this is crazy.

Kari was quiet for a while, longer than Jun liked. She probably thinks I'm a loser. "Well, Jun, I don't really know what you mean by 'attract guys'." Kari proceeded to air quote "attract guys". So innocent. "But, if you're trying to ask how to make a certain blonde like you, then I'd recommend just giving him space and being yourself."

Jun almost fell out of her chair. Be yourself? She has got to be kidding me. She probably has no idea how. I mean, I never see Tai on a date. If he's not hanging out with Davis and Ken plying soccer, then he's with Matt. WAIT! THAT'S IT! According to Mimi and Yolei, Matt and Tai are best friends and have been for years. So maybe she's on to something. After so many years, she'd have to have learnt something about the people her brother hangs out with right?

"Uhm, Jun? Jun are you okay?" Kari watched Jun's face go from disappointment and annoyance, to realization, and finally ending on happiness. "I'll just let you think. I hope Sora, Mimi, and Yolei hurry up…" Kari whispered to herself. At least Kari didn't have to wait too long. Not even five minutes later, down the street came Yolei (another DigiDestined and girlfriend to Ken), Sora (Matt's girlfriend/DigiDestined), and Mimi (fashionista, gossip queen, and DigiDestined). Jun was still spaced out, wondering about what qualities if hers Matt would like, and if he would even split from Sora. It didn't seem that he would, bringing herself down a bit again. I should go get a haircut. I always feel better after getting one, plus I have been thinking of new style... I'll just go.

Mimi and Yolei, who was trying to get Sora to spill over a topic (that Jun had already zoned out from the beginning), were now being told to give Sora some space by Kari (who was playing the peace keeper, as usual was her role). Jun got up and hurried off to the salon, not bothering to say "hi" to the three or "goodbye" to Kari. I'll tell her thanks later. Maybe I can invite her over to the house for dinner. That should perk Davis up anyways, after his embarrassing fall in front of her.

It had been quite embarrassing for Davis, who had been trying to show Kari a new soccer shot that he came up with. Let's just say, he ended up face first in a mud pile with bruised pride and a sudden desire to run home.

Jun's mind continued to wonder as she told the stylist to pick a style that would flatter her and still be feminine (she felt that she couldn't have a feminine hairstyle, since they never flattered her). She didn't even notice that Matt had not wondered into her thoughts. They mostly focused on how her hair would look or if having Kari come over would actually bug Davis. Jun's hair had grown a bit, and she was tired of trying to keep the wild spikes under control, but she was not expecting anything that great to come out of this haircut. Boy was she surprised to see herself in the mirror afterwards. Her hair had been cut quite short. The front, on the sides of her face, parts were slightly longer than the rest, just reaching her jaw line in length. The rest was only an inch or two shorter, but it framed her face nicely. No spikes whatsoever.

Very feminine. Still cute and good for sports. Wow. I'm really surprised, and I feel great.

Jun left the salon feeling like a brand new person, without any thoughts of Matt, and ready to be herself.

~Kari's P.O.V. ~

I feel like slamming my head on the table. Don't they understand I play peace-maker enough…

Kari sighed as Mimi and Yolei finally agreed to let Sora sit down and explain. Whatever Sora had to explain, well, Kari had no clue. Mimi started back up the instant Sora sat down. "Why did you and Matt break up?" Mimi huffed out, including her "I can't believe you didn't tell me sooner", aka miffed, look. "What?" This was news to Kari. Surely Tai would've said something. Although, Tai had seemed different in the last week. He seemed nervous and a mixture of happiness and sadness. Kari had learned not to ask why Tai was feeling a certain way, he could never explain it anyways.

Sora sighed. "Matt and I broke up almost two weeks ago." She paused taking in the shock on the three girls' faces. "Wh—"

Yolei stated to ask 'why?' but Sora stopped her by putting her hand up. "We broke up because it just wasn't right. We're better as friends, and although we care about each other deeply, it's not n a romantic way. And well," Sora paused, looking a bit uncomfortable. "I like someone else, and Matt said that if we weren't right then we shouldn't stay together. He said he also felt bad because he asked me out even after knowing that someone else liked me, and it's bugged him."

Kari knew the "someone else" that liked Sora had to be Tai, it had been pretty obvious for years. If I noticed it, that's saying something. Mimi always says I'm a late bloomer when it comes to romance. Yolei seemed to recover first, asking the ever important question, "Who do you like?"

Sora shook her head, "I'm not telling anyone until I talk to him." With that said, Sora stood up and hurried off. Mimi, finally snapping out of her shock, stood up and yelled, "NO FAIR!"

~Jun's P.O.V. ~

Since I got my hair cut yesterday, I've only gotten compliments. It's quite nice. Definitely a nice change.

Jun hummed as she walked to the "meeting place", aka the computer room at the middle school. She had talked to her parents last night, who were glad Jun seemed to be in much higher spirits and were very excited to have Kari come over for dinner. Now if Kari says yes. Jun worried, but it wasn't that bad. If Kari had plans, they could move the date. It would be good though, Davis had stayed home playing sick so he wouldn't have to go see Kari and be an embarrassed idiot, so having her come over wouldn't let him avoid it.

Having finally reached the hall, Jun started to walk towards the room. As she went to open the door to the computer room, someone called out. "Sorry, but we're having a club meeting in there. Club members only, you know." Matt came rushing down the hallway, and stopped in between her and the door. "Matt, it's me." Jun was slightly annoyed that Matt didn't know it was her. I haven't changed since Friday. Oh wait, my hair cut! Does it really make me look THAT different? I thought everyone was just being nice.

Jun straightened her thoughts, and turned once again towards Matt –who looked confused. "Matt, it's me, Jun. Jun Motomiya. I got a haircut yesterday." The look on Matt's face was priceless.

~Matt's P.O.V. ~

Is that really Jun Motomiya, his biggest (and craziest) fan? The same girl that tried to get is attention every time she saw him? It couldn't be right? Because this girl in front of him was really cute. There's no way that's Jun. No way, right?